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Noble Products Wash, Rinse, Sanitize, and Water Level Permanent Sink Labels

  • Great for 3 compartment sinks
  • Assigns a compartment for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing
  • Waterproof, glossy stock
  • Permanent, clear adhesive backing
  • Includes 2 languages; generates positive results from health inspectors

Clearly label each sink compartment's function with these Noble Products wash, rinse, sanitize, and water level permanent sink labels. Made of waterproof, glossy stock with a permanent, clear adhesive backing, these labels firmly adhere to your sink and will not peel off in the damp environment. Plus, the wash, rinse, and sanitize labels feature both English and Spanish to effectively communicate each compartment's purpose to a multi-lingual kitchen staff. Health inspectors love to see these in use, as it ensures optimum sanitation!

Each Sheet Includes:
- (1) Wash label
- (1) Rinse label
- (1) Sanitize label
- (2) Water level labels

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 8"
Width: 2"


Product Reviews

- Bernie R.

These labels are a must have in our store. They are very strong and durable and have not peeled since we began using them. Very good for helping workers understand where things should be cleaned, rinsed, and sanitized.

- Crystal T.

These are colorful and helpful to those washing and sanitizing dishes in a three compartment sink. Text is good size and easily read. Very pleased with this purchase.

- Lisa M.

Good price and are very good for marking our bar sinks so that the servers and bartenders actually all know the proper sinks to wash glasses in

- Jeff B.

These labels are worth having. They help to keep the sinks labeled for the proper cleaning and help to keep the proper water level time after time. The labels are a great value for the money.

- Anna S.

these are awesome, especially if you ask the Dept of Ag...colorful, not boring, and it's easy to wipe down right over them, so they don't stay dirty.

- Jeanette H.

These are really nice. They stick in the sink to mark the activity allowed. We got extra so we could mark the water levels for the sanitizer, so we get the right amounts. They don't come off in the water!

- Stephanie A.

These labels are great to have at the sinks. They are very distinguishable and the bright colors make them easy to spot. They do not rub off and are easy to read.

- Wesley O.

Get your employees in a consistent habit of doing things the right way. Take the guesswork out of your sink concentrations by having that visual reminder of the water level. Professionalism, consistency, it all adds up to better efficiency and better product. The adhesive on these decals won't let go, either!

- Michael S.

Perfect! The health department loves them, my employees no longer overfill the sink, no more wearing away or marks that we made with a marker and it saves on chemicals.

- Eric K.

Great professional item to have! Easy to read and water proof!! Nice for manual dish washing sinks! Great way to identify how to use a sink easily!!!

- Austin B.

Very useful! It helps out the employees and myself so I know where the water needs to be in order to have to proper concentration of chemicals! LOVE!

- Mary M.

Stickers are slightly larger than I had hoped, but they adhere well and provide the required visibility. The water-level stickers were too large for our small sinks - but most others probably won't encounter that limitation.

- Shane G.

These stickers work great! I was scepticle that they would stick in the sink, but they do. They make using the three bay sink correctly for my employees very easy.

- Eric H.

For the cost these sink labels cant be beat. They were easy to apply and so far have held up very good to being submerged in water.

- Cheryl T.

Great Item can't wait to put it on my 3 compartment sink, looks good for health department inspection,great asset for any commercial kitchen. help employees remember.

- Michelle D.

Pretty much what you see is what you get with these. Very simple to use, very sturdy and I can see would last a really long time.

- David A.

Perfect for ensuring that the same water level is used in each sink, takes out the guess work. A dream for sanitizing sinks, just fill to your required level and drop in your tablets. It can;t get any easier!

- Franks A.

Stick well, easy to read, very bright, and in English and Spanish- Not to mentions affordable- Health inspectors dream come true. All around a great buy for that added piece of mind priceless

- Tom M.

these permanant 3 bay sink labels are great. especially for the cheap price. its nice to have your sinks labled so there isnt any confusion amongst staff.

- Christopher B.

Perfect for what they're supposed to do. Mostly beneficial for getting the right sanitizer to water ratio in the sanitizing sink. Health department seemed happy to see things labeled too.

- David D.

These labels are a must if you mix your own sanitizer. They are great too to make sure that employees keep the water levels where they should be.

- Gale D.

These items have a very professional look. I have them on my sinks in my mobile commercial kitchen trailer. Any function you are working, you do not have to worry if the board of health appears. They want to see things marked.

- Jean M.

I really like these sink labels. We have them in our concession trailer. They make it so there is no confusion as to which sink to use. Health dept. loves them too.

- Susan C.

Perfect for our hotel kitchen sink. Will make the Inspector happy and make sure my staff knows the right procedures. We did however write the minimum water temps required at each sink for further help in keeping with proper codes.

- First B.

These labels provide guidance to those who are not familiar with proper sanitation in the kitchen. Having the water level makes it easier for individuals to know how deep to fill the sinks.

- Jacob L.

I received a request for sink labels which was a new one for me. Of course webstaurantstore had them and at a cost i couldn't refuse. Now i know where to go for them.

- Silver S.

Needed these for our health department inspection and they clearly indicate which basin is for which task. Our employees also like the reminder for which basin is used for what.

- Sangryun K.

Serve the purpose and the glue behind is strong as it does suitable specially for our 3 comp stainless steel sink. Love this item. Would recommend it to anyone.

- Thomas B.

They are simple wash sink labels, but they are a requirement by the health inspector. Inexpensive and quick shipping make this purchase a no brainer.

- Stephanie S.

Purchased these over two years ago. They have held up nicely. We have two in the sanitize sink so my team knows exactly how many steramine tables to put in.

- Jason A.

I have to say these labels have lasted us a long time.. They are strong and durable. I love that they are still going strong after all this time.

- Tisa P.

I just love the design of these when I had my last health inspection the inspector was very impressed with the quality they stay on great and haven't faded.

- Rick H.

A great label. Price is fair and reasonable price for the quality you will receive. I would recommend this product to all that depend on a quality labeling product.

- Jacqueline A.

These labels are perfect for our kitchen. They take the guesswork out of filling the sinks each day. They are a durable plastic and they stay on and don't peel off.

- Ross T.

These permanent sink labels do just what they are intended for. We put them on and have had no issues with them falling off or looking faded.

- Karrie R.

Health inspector liked the fact that we had these in our sinks! Also makes it easy for special needs employees to remember what goes where!

- Jenae N.

These were great for an Opening Health Inspection. the Health Dept loved them. Made them more confident n our procedures for ware washing than a traditional posted graphic. They look slick too and are thin enough to easily clean without peeling off.

- Matt B.

Great labels. Do just what we needed. When wet they do not deteriorate. They stick very well and after 3 months of heavy water splashing on them they have yet to begin to peel.

- Michael E.

I love these stickers. They are nice looking, bright and last a long time once placed on our three compartment sink. They do not fade quickly and last a long time.

- Kimberlee M.

Very durable labels. Easy to read see and understand. Overall great product for any store. Very easy to order and received in just a couple of days

- William P.

These sink labels were a true value at this price. They are Easy to install stick well. Easy to clean. A must for every kitchen

- Eric H.

One of those little extra's Noble is great for. Great value and waterproof make it a must have for your kitchens. Easier than printing out your own labels.

- Leah W.

Pretty simple to adhere, a perfect size for a 3 compartment sink, and the handwriting is easy to read and on a brightly colored background.

- David C.

You definitely need these in a restaurant or cafe. My health department said these are great and are what they want to see in the kitchen

- Allison H.

I love the size and colors on these stickers. I dont plan on using the water level ones but the price was great for the other ones!

- Joyce V.

I bought these stickers to use on our 3-compartment stainless steel sink. They stick well. They are very bright in color and exceptionally useful for everyone to see.

- Kenna B.

I am actually about to reorder these because I decided to change out the direction of my wash rinse and sanitize sinks so I will let you know how hard the adhesive is to get off. but they stick well and are bright and easily read

- Linda K.

These labels are very durable. I have used them for more than a year now and they still stick very strongly to the sinks. The letters are big and very visible. Overall, good quality product.

- Dan A.

Good thing to have on the side of the sink bays, the health inspector really liked seeing these. Also great for new staff as well.

- Amro K.

great product , great price, what more could you ask for. . Better quality then what you would buy at the online. Staff now has no problem using the right sinks for the job.. . i bought for all my locations

- Russell H.

Great product. Something so simple that will solve a lot of problems..Now the employess know what the water level should be. Great price on the lables.

- Travis R.

These stickers have held well being around water everyday. The sanitizer one is our most important because we know how many sanitizer tablets to add without using a strip every time.

- Sharon T.

I love these. The peel and stick worked well and they stay in place. I bought several so that I can always have a nice looking label. The price in itself takes was the reason that I purchased it.

- Michigan F.

These shinny bright colored sink labels are not just nice too look at they are useful. Its waterproof and has an adhesive back so its easy to assemble.

- Kristy P.

These are a great looking stickers except they arrived all bent and wrinkled. We have to label our sinks for the health department and if they arrived in better shape they would've received 5 stars.

- Kristy P.

These are a must for health department code. They stick to the sink well and are easy to wipe clean. Would recommend for three compartment sinks

- Tina C.

These lables are just what I needed to label my three bay sink for the inspector. They are the right size and very sticky. Perfect

- Christopher B.

The stickers are great and will be an acceptable method of designating the proper order of washing in our three bay sink. I removed a star due to the delivery method - the sheet was loose in our box and arrived creased.

- Lawrence S.

I got these labels for the requirements of my local health department. They adhere perfectly and look very nice and neat. They seem to be very durable.

- Jenn S.

The signs help make the intended use for each basin clear. They are large enough and easy to read, plus the color coding helps with clarity. So far the adhesive has been completely successful, which is great for a permanent placing.

- Bistro L.

What a nice set of permanent sink labels very nice easy to read for setting up the water level is really inexpensive product great thing to have on your three compartment sink's

- Randy S.

Noble Products Wash, Rinse, Sanitize, and Water Level Sink Labels are both a requirement and fool-proof way to label all of our 3 compartment sinks in our restaurant.

- Jon C.

We needed a way to mark our 3 bay sink and these sticky labels work very well. We ended up sticking them to the back-splash part of our sink and they have held up to multiple cleanings without pealing or edging. We didn't need to use the water level labels so I'm not sure how they will hold up inside a sink.

- Darlene L.

Board of Health required these on our sinks. Very satisfied with this purchase and the price was right. Would highly recommend this product to anyone.

- Mustafa T.

These labels are really good while training employees and explaining the requirements of using three base sinks. Colors are vibrant and they are easy understand

- Alden J.

These are much more professional than using a label maker and they have the fill lines already printed on them. These look so much better than what we had.

- Ashley J.

This are great to stick on my three compartment sink to make sure my staff is using them and filling them properly. Just be careful when initially applying as they are permanent.

- Joan M.

These are perfect for a 3 bay sink., We use this in our deli. It helps the staff to maintain water levels so sanitizing in easy .

- Martha C.

Great, very easy to peel and instal. Must install on all the sinks to meet health dep requirements. For us this is very handy and good price

- Michael V.

These are great for identification. The health inspectors will love you knowing how serious you take the health and sanitary standards. Can't beat the price either.

- Jen H.

An easy solution to meeting the health department's needs for labeling three bay wash sinks. They stick well to the sink, are easy to clean, I'm not sure about removing them i've had mine on for over a year

- Sherri H.

Once you measure inside your three compartment sink by the gallons, and mark by gallons, these decals adhere to the sinks for the water level, making it incredibly easy. The next three signs wash, rinse, sanitize, make it idiot proof, and we all know in business we need more of that.

- Matthew H.

Slick labels! They went on great, they have all the information needed to provide safe warewashing. They have a glossy finish so I'm hoping they last a very long time. I ordered these and they showed up the very next day, amazing!!

- James P.

Put these on your dish sinks and watch your health inspector smile. This seems so simple, but reinforcing the idea of wash/rinse/sanitize to a new employee is simple when you lay it out with clear, large, labels.

- Willson C.

Exactly what we needed to label the three compartment sink. Very clear labels. Easy to install. Looks professional and what the inspectors were looking for.

- Christopher B.

These labels function very well in a wet environment, (as far as the water level labels go) I thought that would be an issue, however that wasn't the case. For the price of this product you can't beat it. Really helps for Food Safety compliance.

- Christopher S.

Wash, Rinse, Sanitize a must need on all kitchen dish pit sinks - these ones hold up well, did not fade or i should say have not faded as of yet (2years and Counting)

- John K.

These are great for staying Heath Department code compliant. Very reasonable price. These labels easily help employees identify the Wash, Rinse, Sanitize process to be used.

- Jeff J.

At first, I wasn't sure what to expect out of these labels. I got them because I needed a better way to describe how we would use our sinks. This did the trick! No one gets confused with the dishwashing process anymore.

- Su K.

Helped us organize employees by labeling wash, rinse, sanitize and water level sink labels. Clearly marking the designated water levels and usage was amazing. Also the labels are vey sticky and stay on our metal sinks.

- James B.

These signs are bright and colorful. They clearly identify the task at hand.

- Benjamin C.

These were a great idea but after 6 weeks of daily use they eventually failed to adhere. We were slightly disappointed but they served their purpose.

- Joann H.

I like how colorful these sink stickers are. They were easy to apply and the health inspector was pleased with them. I highly recommended them.

- Daniel L.

My compartment sink is very small and these labels are the perfect sizes for it. They are water proof and the bright colors makes them perfect for anyone to see.

- Sara N.

This was a great addition for our kitchen and bar sinks... it helps my newer staff know exactly which sink is for what. very professional looking as well.

- Tammy S.

Very colorful labels, exactly what was needed for our food truck three sink unit. Easy peel sticker, and strong adhesive. It is very hot inside our food truck and these labels are still in place.

- Schuyler G.

I was hesitant to order these because they were so cheap and I was afraid they weren’t of value. Upon receiving them I was surprised! Easy to use and looks great. Two months in the sinks now and still look new!!!

- Jonathan I.

Our health inspector loved these stickers for our 3-compartment sinks. They are helpful for our employees, as it makes dish-washing efficient and consistent. Will re-order as needed.

- Newmountains L.

These stickers are handy to place on your three compartment sink. They also stick well. Really good to have when training employees on which vat is for what chemical.

- Jessica K.

These labels are precisely what we were looking for to properly label our three bay sink. The item arrived as represented and meets our expectations.

- Karen K.

Applied these to the sinks three years ago and they are still in perfect condition. Good adhesive and print quality. May never need replacing at this rate.

- Phil S.

Straight forward signage, will help to train employees quickly. Though not always required by health departments having these will make your inspector a happy inspector. And a happy inspector makes your life easier.

- Brittany K.

These stickers for the 3 basin sink stick well and fulfill the requirement for the health department to have these sinks labeled with stickers or signs like this.

- Athenia P.

This came and for the price I thought it would be flimsy but the quality if perfect, its noticeable and they stick right on your sink

- Muhammed Y.

These product is very quality. All dishes must be done according to certain standards and this sign helps us do that. Thank you webstaurant store

- Johanny F.

this sink compartment labels are perfect cause the material is a good one,the size is the right and easy to stick on the sink compartments

- Sarah H.

These are bright and have visible demarcation for water levels in sinks but adhesive on stickers wore off after several months, also have a tendency to crack and peel.

- Nancy R.

These Wash, Rinse, and Sanitize labels look great attached to the front of our 3-compartment sink. They are colorful and draw your attention so that you know exactly where to perform each operation. I won't have to continually repeat instructions.

- Anastasiia R.

Plainly marking your three-compartment sinks is an incredible method to actualize a compelling work process. With every compartment's motivation unmistakably stamped, you can guarantee your staff pursues the correct strides to keeping your dishes and kitchen devices clean and sanitzied!We required something to mark our 3 compartment sink to tell the representatives which sink gets.

- Philip S.

These wash, rinse, sanitize, and water level permanent stickers are wonderful markers for our sinks. They're easy to read, easy to clean, and have stayed adhered after many uses.

- Joshua L.

So far these labels have adhered onto my sinks well and can withstand the water. They do not appear to be peeling off serves it’s purpose. Labels are easy to read and the different colored labels make it easy to differentiate.

- Victor R.

Within minutes of receiving these we adhered them to our sink. It was very easy to install and they are easy to read. Great product.

- Jenavies

- Matt L.

Love that the stickers had both English and Spanish (at least for the 3 compartments. Didn’t have Spanish on the water level stickers. They seem to be holding up well after a few months. Have not noticed any peeling or fading.

- Distribution W.

These labels work well for our store. they stick in the sink and so far, haven't shown any sign of wearing down. We use them in all our stores. great value.

- Cameron G.

Pretty straight forward product. We needed something to label our 3 compartment sink to let the employees know which sink gets. The bright colors help differentiate which is which.

- Steve H.

For a mobile food trailer we use 3 portable wash bins that often get mixed up. This solves that problem ! And the water level stickers are great too for the holding tank and the wastewater tank. So yes they work great in mobile kitchens.

- Vorakorn P.

Nice and all in one. This is easy to apply onto stainless steel compartment sink. Bright and clear difference colors. The water level sticker is clever idea to indicate the water level needed when using sanitizer.

- Karey N.

These stickers are very durable! I’ve been using them for almost a year and they haven’t started peeling and the color is still just as vibrant!

- Jacque P.

I received the stickers they were kind of crumpled up from just getting beat up with the other things I ordered. They were not torn and look good above my sinks. So installed them and seen one was not centered on sink. I peeled it off and reapplied it with no problem, stuck just as good as the first time. So don't be scared if you need to pull it off stainless steel. Can't say on other applications if that would be true. Happy with them.

- Pedro G.

These sticker saved me money. They are very resistant and comply with the health inspection to have everything identified. For the price they are well needed in the kitchen. It is better to have everything identified.

- Kyle F.

Great stickers. They aren't as large as the ones that come standard on the sinks but they get the job done. Easy to peel and apply onto the sink.

- Flint R.

These labels are awesome! The are quite the time saver. They are great for new employees that you are training. The stuck well to the sinks and pressed out great with no air bubbles.

- Carol M.

Put up on sink they hold up to name employee knows different in sink.. In time will order more after wear and tare Thanks live store

- Jae L.

These stickers have very good adhesion and very easy to put on. We put these on over three months ago without any issues. The local health department liked it too.

- Alexandr C.

I used these to label a multi-drawer storage system and I haven't had a single issue with labels falling off or not sticking properly. These are amazing.

- Sweet F.

It is always a good idea to have clear markings in any commercial kitchen, especially when it comes to food safety, and these labels make it such a clear instruction!

- Aileen G.

These stickers labels works great for 3 compartment sink we have in the restaurant. The adhesive sticks every well and doesn't come off easily when water gets on it and the size of the label is perfect.

- Tri V.

Although I would say these are not necessarily needed, they are definitely good to have and informative for our staff who may not be familiar with water levels.

- Dale T.

This is an essential part to running a fluent kitchen. All dishes must be done according to certain standards and this sign helps us do that.

- Alessandro R.

Both quality and price of these stickers are great! I really like the fact that they also have Spanish, in California it is definitely helpful.

- Pamela G.

These stickers were applied to our compartment sink, and they make my health department inspector happy. They have stood up to water splashes very well, and they're not peeling off or showing signs of wear. I'm happy with them.

- Stefania A.

I Purchased these for my newly licensed home bakes bakery and they are still on the sinks and no issues with them what so ever.

- Brodie H.

These are the perfect stickers needed for your kitchen to mark and indicate everything required by your local health department. And they were cheap too which is always a plus!

- Onur P.

I love this stickers. water level stickers I'm using inside my 3 compartment sink and makes easier for my staff how much water they need to use. so noones wasting water anymore.

- Heather O.

Nice and bright. Easy to apply. Keeps things labeled nicely and holds up to water use. We needed our sinks labeled for health department request and these were perfect and a great price

- Melissa M.

Purchased these Stickers to go on my 3 Bay sink for my Nutrition Club. I had my state inspection and the lady was very happy to see that they were on there. They have not peeled. Once an has been a great purchase. It also shows customers what we do at our sink, which is great for them.

- Kaylee W.

Came right one time and was exactly what I expected. Im glad that I was able to get my need met with this site. Very Happy with my purchase.

- Jason K.

The Noble Products stickers are perfect to label the 3 sink wash station. This satisfied my health inspector. The adhesive used on the back of the sticker is very durable. Jason K.

- Jennifer M.

Very nice stickers- size of lettering is easy to read, and colors are great vs many other unattractive options. I have them stuck to inside my sinks, to make it easier to fill to proper level (and didn't want to apply them to my brand new aluminum cabinet doors below),; they're still looking new, with no issues. Impressed.

- Kaden M.

This product is perfect for any kitchen, if you need wash, rinse, sanitize on your three-compartment then you should get this product (also comes in spanish)

- Dianna F.

As described, god quality, good pricing

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