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Noble Products Manual 8" Triple Bar Glass Washer

Item #: 274BARBRM3
  • Base acts as suction cup to surface
  • Features long-lasting nylon bristles that promote thorough cleaning
  • Screw-in removable brushes for easy replacement
  • Light weight design; dishwasher safe brushes
  • Removes tough soils, lipstick, and fruit pulp

Make sure that your glassware is cleaned both thoroughly and with the most care available, even before it reaches the dishwasher. This Noble Products 8" manual triple bar glass washer takes a dedicated approach to removing tough soils, lipstick and fruit pulp from glassware. In doing so, you create a safe and sanitary environment for all your guests.

The base acts as a suction cup to the surface, allowing for quick and hassle-free scrubbing. Long-lasting nylon bristles are designed for tough, commercial use and will accommodate glasses of virtually any size or design. This permits users to clean multiple glasses within a matter of minutes, all without applying a consistent twisting motion. Finally, each brush can be removed and screwed back in for easy replacement.

The Noble Products 8" manual triple bar glass washer serves as the perfect pre-scrubber for your dining operation.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 9 3/4"
Width: 4"
Brush Height: 8"


Product Reviews

- Bill L.

We have used this glass washer for about 2 years in our bar sink and have been pleased with how well the bristles hold up. The suction cups hold up also, but do degrade a bit over time. Still very satisfied with the quality for the low price!

- Phil R.

This triple bar glass washer makes washing dishes fun! It's good quality and gets the job done. It's so convenient! Every commercial kitchen should have one.

- Thomas B.

The Noble 8" manual glass washer is sturdy, the bristles are stiff yet soft enough to clean well without scratching any surfaces. The suction cups hold the washer in place which has helped make clean up even easier.

- Sarah Z.

This sturdy manual glass washer is stiff enough to clean and soft enough not to scratch or break the glasses. The suction base makes it easy to remove when sink is drained.

- Jodi B.

we prefer manual glass washers to electric. have purchased this one twice, lasted around a year before it needed replacement. would highly recommend to any bar!

- Caleb T.

This bar glass washer is ok. It does a great job cleaning glassware for about 6 months, but then the brushes need to be replaced.

- Jonathan P.

A great manual triple bar glass washer that is perfect for our place. The product is a great price and very durable. The brushes do a great job cleaning all our different sizes of glasses.

- Simon M.

great for the small bars without automatic dishwasher, the product fits the 8 oz decanters other glass washer we had didn't fit the decanters , this product is good fit

- Eun J.

This is perfect for our busy bar. When we need to quickly wash our bar utensils, this brush does the job. It is very useful.

- Karen D.

Works just fine as far as washing the glasses. Does not suction reliably to the bottom of our sink, however. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Kind of a pain because our last one always stayed suctioned but I could not find that same brand.

- Ryan V.

This works pretty good. The suction cup isn't that stable but for the price i really can't complain about it. Good for coffee mugs not for lipstick though.


This triple bar glass brush set is a life saver during rush hour in the bar. All ready and set you can be confident that these three will do the job great.

- Steven G.

Bought this for my triple sink behind the bar to replace an older worn one. This fit the bill perfectly. The price point is great and it looks like it will last us a while, although we don't use it as often as a busy bar but we use it at least every day and it is holding up well.

- Scot L.

Great product for sure! These are great for glasses. We use these all day long and at night too. Great product for the price, thank you!

- Christopher S.

The Noble Products 8" Manual Triple Bar Glass Washer is a great addition to a small bar. It cleans pint glasses well and is quick to use

- Tonya A.

Brushes are not as hard as our old one that was missing a brush. lol. But this one works great. Glad to have new one.

- Dan A.

If you need to move fast behind the bar, you need one of these. Suction isn't perfect when submerged in water and the brushes sometimes unscrew a little from their holders, but is completely functional.

- Neal K.

These are your typical bar brushes that you find used for inside the sink. Brushes are stiff and that base has great suction power to not move.

- Deborah P.

Very economical alternative to the electric glass washers out there. Just pop it on the bottoms of the sink and go. Suction pad on bottom is very strong and hold the brushes in place.

- Damien D.

This is perfect for our busy bar. When we need to quickly wash our bar utensils, this brush does the job. It is very useful.

- Dirk B.

These washers are fairly heavy duty for the size, they definitely do there job. They could be a little taller for the deeper sinks but they work. All in all I would order them again.

- Carl B.

Very Sturdy for the price, less than half what I was paying through my foodservice distributor, Stays secure in the sink which is very helpful!

- Maryjane C.

If you ask any of my bartenders, we wash ALOT of dishes every day! This triple bar glass washer makes the task easy and holds up to the job

- Marsha F.

These things work great and last for a long time even in a restaurant environment. We use them in the bar and in the kitchen to remove lipstick stains

- Macey B.

These are just what you need for any bar. If you are needing a product like this these are a great price, and will do the job!

- Kyle K.

At this very inexpensive price we can afford to change these bar glass washers more often so they never look ragged or get rusted at all.

- David A.

I used one of these back in high school and washed many cups so when I saw that webstaurant carried them I had to buy one! works as advertised!

- Amanda O.

This glass washer is nice, we had a 2 head one that didn't seem to get the glasses as clean as this one does, it suctions into the bar sink without popping up, and stays in place

- Elissa P.

Base is too big to suction on our bar sink, so it is a hassle holding it down and cleaning the glasses. Shouldn't have thrown my old one away before I used this one. Brushes on it are fine, but not great.

- John S.

What do you buy when you cant afford a more expensive electric one? THIS! It works well and suction cups to the bottom of my car sink.

- Paula L.

Good for the money. I have to replace it about twice a year . This product is used to wash bar glasses daily. I would recommend it.

- Dustin D.

This product is perfect for washing cups. Any Tyler. Cleans well and is durable. We personally put soap on the actual brush before washing and helps to decrease the cups as well

- Ashley J.

This cleans glasses very easily. My only complaint is that some of the brissels do come off easily. I guess you get what you pay for.

- Thomas N.

My only complaint is that it does not suction down all the way like it should. The brushes work perfectly on our 16 and 20 ounce glasses.

- Dan N.

This is a very economical way to avoid an electric glass washer. These have lasted anywhere from 6 to 9 months for us before we replace them.

- Karma B.

This is awesome!! Yes, we were washing completely by hand before...many many glasses and cups. This really speeds things up! Hoping to get an automatic version some day soon.

- Charlie I.

This manual bar glass washer has worked great in our bar. Produces clean glasses, and is of great quality and value. Would recommend purchasing this product.

- Jeremy S.

This is a really cheap way to change the speed and cleanliness of your glasses. We wash everything by hand and this small thing has changed the way we do dish. Great product!

- Katie G.

This washer first perfectly in the bottom of the four compartment sink we salvaged to use for our bar area. These help scrub the inside of glasses for sanitary bar procedures.

- Ivan M.

This Triple Bar Glass Washer is a must item to have in the kitchen. Very well built and price right. Makes the cleaning glasses effortless . We recommend it

- Erin

I have a hard time getting this to suction in my small bar sink. It might be the way my sink curves at the corners, so there isn't a completely flat surface to stick to. I think it might be better in a larger sink. Otherwise, when I can get it to suction, it works exactly as it should.

- Bruce M.

very nice brushes cleans inside and out at the same time, really speeds up washing a sink load of glasses, also good for cleaning plaits before putting in dishwasher

- Jason P.

Best product out there for the price. works great and have had mine for over 6 months and still holding strong despite heavy daily use.

- Terence P.

This brush is perfect to clean our food objects. It's hard bristles make it easy to clean objects and get those hard to reach places in the cracks of the glasses.

- Daniel C.

The brushes are too soft and flimsy. I constantly have to replace the brushes due to them crushing down, so they do not clean our beer glasses properly.

- Cassady C.

We hardly ever have a dirty glass because our employees enjoy using this so much! It helps to save time and clean the bar glasses at the bar instead of sending to the back of house.

- Connie A.

I’ve always wanted the automated glass washer. But it is out of the budget right now. In the mean time this glass washer does the job!

- Brittany L.

Works perfect for doing dishes in our bar. Simple and does the trick also super easy to clean and change the brushes when that time comes.

- Marla H.

These scrubbers are the best! We can wash up to two dishes at the same time, cutting down our closing time. It's a must buy.

- Jason I.

Doesn't stick to the sink too well, but works great for a quick wash/rinse/sanitizer sequence at high volume bar back. Got the glasses as expected.

- Scott A.

Really great product to use for washing glasses in the sink. Stays in place very well making it easy to wash glassware quickly and effiently

- Brian B.

These are a must for any bar. Super durable and has lasted without problems for many months. Will definitely order another if this one ever fails.

- Christine H.

We love using this for all our glasses and milkshake tins. We have seen a huge improvement in the cleanliness after using this instead of just spraying things out.

- Francesca F.

We haven't used this much to wash our glasses because it seems a bit more light weight and cheap, most people would rather wash the glasses by hand. However, it will probably come in handy- just wish it was a bit more heavy duty.

- Dontavious Y.

This awesome gadget is perfect for our little cafe. We use it all day long to wash our cups. Glad we chose to buy this!!

- Nima F.

Great product and is very easy to fit into the sink to clean cups and mixing shakers easily. Suction sometimes comes off but is worth the price.

- Laurie F.

This glass washer is working great. It is easy to clean the glasses, not too tight but just enough. I would definitely recommend this product

- Fabio P.

Love this product. Makes it easy and quick to wash the glasses. It is at a good price point and it last for a couple of months. Recommend it

- Peter S.

These fit nicely in our triple compartment sink and let our staff wash two glasses at once. Great scrubbing surfaces, these work equally well with all of our beer and wine glasses.

- Carrie C.

Our bartenders love these glass washers as the suction works great in the water and never wears off. The brushes has worked well and keep up well.

- Nikolai Z.

This triple brush glass washer is an incredible time-saver! It allows two glasses to be plunged at a time, literally halving the time it takes to get barware clean and back into circulation. A must-have on busy weekends nights!

- Andrea J.

These just wear out over time. Either the bristles or the screw base wear down so this was a replacement piece for us. It’s still doing well.

- Michael W.

It is a really good cup brush. It lasts much longer than the other brand that I was using. My only complaint would be the suction could be better.

- Jessie V.

The bristles on this triple brush have lasted much longer than the ones I was buying in Amazon. The price is also less than half of the Amazon ones.

- Aaron K.

This cup brush is so much better than the more expensive one I was using. The bristles on the more expensive one flatten out really quick. The bristles on this brush hold up much better.

- Domnick F.

Great for washing bar glasses Suction cups on the bottom work well they only seen the last few months but for the price you can not go wrong

- Jennifer L.

We have been using this glass washer in our bar and kitchen sink for almost a year. The brushes have held up great. The base provides a very strong suction. It stays in place without moving.

- James E.


- David P.

These glass washers work well in our bars. They have the suction cup on the base of it so it sticks to the bottom of the sinks. And it cleans our glasses well.

- Bradley M.

Works great with the glass Root Beer Mugs we have at our place. Only Downfall is that it needs to replaced a couple times a season.

- Dana R.

Works miracles when needing to deeply clean lots of glasses after a long day in the diner with lots of customers making sure scrub them clean.

- Howard G.

We put these in the wash and rinse sink to make sure everything is clean. we also use them to run plates through to scrap them and get everything off prior to wash.

- Marie V.

This has been my only bad purchase from Webstaurant Store. I cannot for the life of me get it to stick to any surface. we use a lot of deli containers, I was hoping to use this to help clean them better when I've got a lazy bones on the dishes. Ill try a different brand next time I order. I can repurpose the brushes for other cleaning tasks and call it a wash. Really, for the price its a great quality, I just needed it to stick to the sink..

- Eduardo S.

exelent article, practical, functional, and of very good material, 100 porcent recommended, especially for a good cleaning glasses after a long day of work in the restaurant


The brushes are amazing in cleaning our glasses. The bottom sticks well to the sink.

- Denise L.

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