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Noble Products 7 1/2" Replacement Glass Washer Brush for Electric Washers

Item #: 274BARBRSH75
  • Designed for use with select Adcraft and Bar Maid electric glass washers
  • Full, rounded head prevents chipping while thoroughly cleaning your glasses
  • Boasts black polyester bristles
  • Removes stubborn lipstick stains and food items like pulp

Working to clean glassware thoroughly and with the utmost care, this Noble Products 7 1/2" standard glass washer brush can be used to replace those that come with select Adcraft and Bar Maid electric washers. The black polyester bristles are designed for tough, commercial use and will accommodate most sizes and styles of glasses.

With its densely filled round top, this brush will protect your glassware and help prevent chipping. It can be removed and screwed back in to your compatible electric glass washer for easy replacement. Ensure that all glasses in your restaurant or bar are sparkling clean with this Noble Products standard glass washer brush!

Overall Dimensions:
Height: 7 1/2"


Product Reviews

- Christopher B.

The brushes are great for cleaning glasses. Removes lipstick very easily from our glasses. Good construction and reliable for a sufficient amount of cleaning use.

- Charlie I.

This manual bar glass washer has worked great in our bar. Produces clean glasses, and is of great quality and value. Would recommend purchasing this product.

- Richard T.

The noble products replacement glass washer brush is perfect to replace my glass washer brushes when they are no longer cleaning glasses as well as they should. I am happy with the price of this brush and can replace them regularly without hesitation.

- Jamil Z.

We go through brushes for our powered washer at a pretty good clip. However, now that I've switched to these Noble brand brushes, we're getting a bit more time out of them, which makes them an even better value.


Great quality, however I did purchase too tall replacement brushes. Compatible with both of our glass washers, and they seem to be holding up after several months of heavy use.

- Jason S.

A great replacement brush for our automatic bar glass cleaner. It was easy to install - only a matter of seconds. It does the job and looks like it will last for quite some time

- Devin G.

We've always used barmaid brand replacement brushes when needed through the years. I tried to save a couple dollars with these and I wish I hadn't. Although they did the job during the shift, I had two of them break while getting cleaned at the end of the night. We cleaned them the same way we've cleaned the barmaid brand ones; they just didn't hold up.

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