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Noble Products GP1250 Glass Genie Commercial Five Brush Electric Glass Polisher - 120V, 1250W

Item #: 274GP1250
  • (5) 230 RPM microfiber polishing brushes, large heated blow tube keeps brushes dry
  • Polishes up to 330 glasses per hour, accommodates most types of glassware
  • Takes 1/4 the time required to polish glasses by hand, with no polishing liquid necessary
  • Brushes are easily removable and dishwasher safe
  • 120V, 1250W

Make polishing glassware a quick and easy task with this Noble Products GP1250 Glass Genie electric glass polisher! This unit features 5 brushes made from twisted microfiber twine to cover every angle of every glass in your arsenal, including pint glasses, hurricanes, wine glasses, stemware, rocks glasses, and other types. It can handle up to 330 glasses per hour, which amounts to approximately a quarter of the time it would take to polish by hand. The microfiber design is gentle on glassware to minimize the potential for breakage and employee injury, and since you won't need polishing liquid it helps you cut down on costs, too. Cleaning the brushes couldn't be easier! Simply twist to remove them and wash in the dishwasher. A rigid stainless steel body, blow tube, and brush shafts make cleanup a breeze while maintaining an elegant appearance in the front or back of house, and it is built to last and provide continuous daily polishing.

The blow tube maintains a steady stream of air at 120 - 140 degrees Fahrenheit over the polishing brushes, so that they are always dry and ready to use. Other features like built-in carry handles for easy movement and portability from front to back of the house, a simple on/off rocker switch, and fuse reset make it easy for employees of all skill levels to operate this glass polisher. This commercial glass polisher is key to crystal clear glassware in hotels, caterers, bars, restaurants, venues and glassware rental companies where brilliantly polished glassware is vital to maintaining their reputation. Clean and polished glassware is sure to leave a lasting impression on customers and increase satisfaction by reducing the number of spotty glasses and adding an elegant, polished appeal to your glassware. It comes with a cord and plug for an easy setup.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 12 3/4"
Depth: 11 3/4"
Height: 19.75"


Product Reviews

- Jeffrey C.

A significant investment for polishing glassware, but it is potentially faster than doing by hand. It takes time, the glasses have to be completely wet and the polishing/drying takes time, around 30 seconds for a wine glass. If they aren't wet, the spots won't come off, and the drying process takes longer than you'd think. Remember, if you're doing the base as well as the glass too, it will add more time. Not sure there is a faster way to get the entire glass polished but keep this in mind. Also, the brushes have the polishing microfiber twine glued on them. We had one come unglued at the top and started to unravel. Pretty upsetting if you look at how much replacement brushes are. This happened after 4 months of use at a small restaurant! We wouldn't care about just replacing a brush but they are expensive. Would I do it again? Not sure. It's not that much faster than by hand, but it does a very good job. You'll need to clean the brushes fairly often because they'll streak when they are dirty. We do ours every 2 weeks. You can definitely tell when the brushes need to be cleaned. If the replacements brush sets weren't so expensive we could give this a 4 star rating.

- Deborah D.

I have been using this for over a month now and LOVE it. I waited for years debating back and forth. I have heard mixed reviews from other rental companies about these types of machines. I choose this brand because it offered 8 heads allowing polishing of two glasses at the same time. This has been and certainly will be a labor savor...and shoulder savor (hand polishing gets old).

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