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Noble Products 16-Compartment Gray Full-Size Glass Rack with 4 Yellow Extenders

Item #: 274RK164
  • Stacks underneath your other brand glass racks
  • Perfect for storing glasses after washing
  • Comes with four yellow, 16-compartment extenders
  • Open sides promote thorough cleaning from all angles
  • Convenient handles for easy carrying

This Noble Products gray full-size 16-compartment glass rack gives you the flexibility you need with the outstanding adaptability, versatility, and durability you want in today's food service establishment! This rack comes with four yellow 16-compartment extenders that lock firmly in place so that you can wash taller cups without needing to purchase a separate glass rack. When used with racks of different colors (sold separately), this rack makes a great addition to a color-coded warewashing operation.

The open sides of this rack allow for complete rinsing, rapid drying, and quick glass cooling for spot-free results every time! It's great for storage too, providing excellent protection to minimize costly replacements of broken pieces. Plus, its sixteen individual compartments help to prevent chipping and breakage during machine washing!

This glass rack is perfect for integrating into your existing warewashing system. Simply stack it underneath Cambro, Carlisle, or Vollrath brand glass racks to instantly expand your glass washing and storage system without sacrificing quality and convenience. Keep in mind, however, that Noble Products glass rack extenders are not interchangeable with other brands of glass racks, despite their stackability with the big brand names.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 19 1/4"
Width: 19 1/4"
Height: 10 7/8"

Compartment Dimensions:
Length: 4 7/16"
Width: 4 7/16"
Height: 9 1/4"


Product Reviews

- Heidi G.

These racks are fantastic for wider cups or cups with handles. We can also double up our espresso cups and shot glasses in one if needed.

- Charlene H.

Noble Products 16-Compartment Gray Full-Size Glass Rack with Yellow Extender - 19 3/8" x 19 3/8" x 5 3/4" great product and durable plastic. It fit a size vases the is 4 x 4 perfectly. Glad I purchased it.

- Thomas B.

The Noble Products Full size rack with 2 extenders works for all of our glassware and has been a lifesaver in our kitchen. Makes it easy to clean and dry with no chipping or breaking.

- Jamen M.

Weve used the Noble Gray glass rack for years for all of our glassware. The material is hard and very sturdy. It also is very open in the bottom to allow water to drain through. A must for any kitchen!

- Sura K.

Maybe need the tilt version as the detergent has a tendency to just stick to the flat parts of the cups. But for the price these work OK.

- Sean A.

We love our noble racks! So much more affordable than the "other brands" and fit just as well if not better together. I would highly recommend Noble over any other brand.

- Ashley S.

We bought glass racks that ended up being too small for our mason jars so my husband ordered these and they are the perfect size! Works great as intended and holds our glass wear now.

- Tracy B.

Ordered 4 of these and they are so cheap that three of the yellow extenders broke while assembling them. would not recommend or order again.

- Neal K.

This is a great little 16 compartment full size gray rack with yellow extender for glasses. Easy to stack and color coded for easy dishwashing.

- John M.

Perfect for our large wine glasses, stems do not bang, nor do the glasses rattle around. Easy to put together and they stack well. As a bonus, martini glasses also fit without rattling around. Good quality, good price, good buy.

- David A.

I have several noble products trays, This one is awesome because I can fit different size mugs in it. There is room for the handle out side of the square. Great rack!!

- Sarah B.

Works perfectly, delivered quickly, just what I needed! Fits with all of my other glassware racks. Even has a perfect space to label the glassware type.


This works really well with tall wine glasses. It holds them upright and there has been no breakage in our under counter commercial dish washer

- Christopher A.

Great simple and affordable. We had large coke glasses that coke sold a rack for. that one was was more expensive. This 1 is affordable and does the same job!

- Ashley J.

These are the Perfect size for my wine glasses. The quality is very good and they do not break easily. From other companies they are much more expensive.

- Terri E.

I love all of the Noble Products glass racks. The 16 compartment works great for storing champagne glasses as well as tall skinny drink glasses. This is a great product!

- Jack H.

Hi another great Noble product to buy ! I recommend this rack to all my friends and family thank you it is appreciated enjoy shipping available !

- Michael P.

Big fan of these Noble glass racks. They're durable, and stay very clean looking after years of use. Great quality construction, these are perfect for our wine glasses!

- Bruce M.

great rack fits my margarita glasses with a firm fit, really speeds up my glass washing and keeps my glasses right where I need them

- Laura S.

great product! sturdy and firm, they are on the light weight side (comparing them with our older ones) my back thanks me! (not sure if they will last as long, but we had them for 6 months now and they work great!)

- John R.

This works great for the plastic tumblers, I was very happy with the price and the quality. description should include which tumblers, I had to do research before ordering right one

- Eric S.

This was a measurement twice and order! Luckily these were perfect! I was so shocked how great they worked. I orderd my coffee cups from another company and they are considered cappuchino cups! I LOVE THESE! As a rental company don't cheap out with MILK CRATES! By the right crates and it will be less of a headache. We used to stack them in milk crates. Not worth it. Presentation is great and easy to clean and store!

- Adina H.

These are perfect for storing wide rimmed glasses that don’t fit in a regular glass rack. It’s pretty light so transporting them are very easy.


We needed a glass storage solution for our inventory room. This rack allows us to store glass containers of different widths and heights due to the removable extenders. The dividers keep the glass separated and safe to avoid breaking. Even if the rack is shaken, the glasses do not move around. These things are great. Just measure what diameter and height you need and these are a great storage solution. The extenders are a little challenging to snap off. You have to use the metal tool they send you. But it can be figured out after a try or two.

- Boris N.

I successfully used this rack in my (non-commercial) Bosch dishwasher. I used string to secure Duplo blocks to the 4 corners of the rack to raise it up enough so the water arm can rotate. It saved me an hour of hand washing stemware when we had a large group over for dinner. Worth every penny!

- Kelly E.

We purchased several of these glass racks. They are fantastic! We store mugs in them and we are able to stack them which allows us to take up less space in the kitchen.

- Jennifer S.

We purchased these to store martini glasses at our newest location. They were exactly what we were aiming for allowing the glasses to fit perfectly and still giving us the ability to stack them in storage for use at larger banquet functions.

- Jacob W.

We utilize these to wash and store reusable plastic cups for our facilities. These work well for us and i highly recommend them as an option to more expensive versions of the same type of item. We utilize them in conjunction with their rolling racks for versatility.

- Matt L.

Stackable 16 comparment racks perfect for drying and displaying typical mugs and the economy 8 oz Core mugs we bought on the same site. Also fits a couple stacks of the 8oz tumblers as well.

- Daniel W.

These are the best priced glass washing and storage racks that I have come across. I was very happy with the quality when I received the first batch sand have already processed multiple orders since.

- Angaza M.

These glass racks are amazing. Cost effective and efficient. They are extremely durable and space saving. I would definitely recommend these over spending double from competitors.

- Michael M.

These Glass racks are the perfect solution for our larger wine glasses that need the extra height and protection from a solid and sturdy glass rack!

- Tom M.

I bought these for off premise catering events. They were pretty simple to put together. They are hard plastic and have held up nicely getting thrown in and out of the van.

- Robert S.

Great product for what we are using these for. Had one come in damaged and sent photo of damage and with little time had replacement in days. GREAT customer service. Only complaint is the extensions are difficult to remove or snap back in. My guess, if they weren’t hard to snap off you’d probably have more of a problem so not a big deals

- Daria R.

- Katie F.

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