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Noble Products 25-Compartment Gray Full-Size Glass Rack with 1 Blue Extender

Item #: 274RK251
  • Great for color coded systems
  • Stacks underneath your other brand glass racks
  • Perfect for storing glasses after washing
  • Comes with a blue, 25-compartment extender
  • Open sides promote thorough cleaning from all angles

This Noble Products gray full-size 25-compartment glass rack gives you the flexibility you need with the outstanding adaptability, versatility, and durability you want in today's food service establishment! This rack comes with a single blue 25-compartment extender that locks firmly in place so that you can wash taller cups without needing to purchase a separate glass rack. When used with racks of different colors (sold separately), this rack makes a great addition to a color-coded warewashing operation.

The open sides of this rack allow for complete rinsing, rapid drying, and quick glass cooling for spot-free results every time! It's great for storage too, providing excellent protection to minimize costly replacements of broken pieces. Plus, its 25 individual compartments help to prevent chipping and breakage during machine washing!

This glass rack is perfect for integrating into your existing warewashing system. Simply stack it underneath Cambro, Carlisle, or Vollrath brand glass racks to instantly expand your glass washing and storage system without sacrificing quality and convenience. Keep in mind, however, that Noble Products glass rack extenders are not interchangeable with other brands of glass racks, despite their stackability with the big brand names.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 19 1/4"
Width: 19 1/4"
Height: 5 5/8"

Compartment Dimensions:
Length: 3 1/2"
Width: 3 1/2"
Height: 4 3/8"


Product Reviews

- Michael O.

These racks are 1/4 inch smaller than all the name brand glass racks. I bought a few looking to save some $$ not thinking the 1/4 inch will make a difference. Unfortunately it makes a huge difference. The racks will not sit square in the dishwasher ( champion undercounter model) causing the racks to slip off into the wash arms during the wash! They also get pretty soft during the high temp rinse causing even more loss of stability. Next time I'll spend the extra $$ for a better quality product

- Sean A.

Nothing but Noble for us! These are priced so much better than the competition brands. They are built just as good or better than Cambro or Carlisle... and are just as durable. I'd highly reccommend these to anyone.

- Jennifer B.

This full size rack works great and makes cleaning the glasses easy! The hole is big enough to hold our glasses and deep enough to keep them from flying around while going thru the dishwasher.

- Chookiat S.

Finally we found it! This glass rack with blue extender fits perfectly with the tall glass that we use in the restaurant. Good material and good quality product. We will definitely order more in the future!

- Vasilios S.

This is an excellent rack for the money. it is well worth the money to change out the old chewed up glass racks. Thank you websteraunt store for the great service

- Josefina A.

I cannot sy enough about these racks and the ease of carrying them. They stack and lock really well together and are just awesome to own and use.

- Christina L.

This 25 compartment full size glass rack Works great for us. We upgraded to add an extender to keep our wine glassware upright while washing.

- Nick J.

Awesome super durable material. We use these racks for rocks glasses and hi-balls and it works great. If you buy multiple racks you can also store glasses and stack neatly after they are clean. This prevents stacking glasses on top of each other and greatly reduces the risk of breaking glasses. Every restaurant needs a few of these!

- Lawanda K.

Extremely satisfied with our Noble 25 Compartment Glass Rack with blue Extenders, the racks are very solid and sturdy but not so heavy that when the classes are loaded you cannot load. Not to mention the organized look they create.

- Bistro L.

This is a really great 24 compartment full-size glass rack I got mine with the one extender on it it's the perfect size to fit my 16 ounce beer glasses and my 20 ounce plastic tumblers

- Fernandes F.

I was looking for a rack that would not only be durable but be able to sustain travel. This one is perfect to store and port 'old fashioned' bar glassware.

- John S.

Great for washing pint glasses which is what I use this one for. Fits a standard 16oz mixing glass. The extension is neded to stack them with 16oz glasses in them.

- Tyler S.

Nice rack for running dishes. Not quite big enough to hold our 18.5 ounce wine glasses, but holds all other glassware that we use perfect.

- James M.

This is a good dish rack. I wouldn't say it is a bargain deal. But it is is good quality. I accidentally dropped one and it bent. But then it just molded right back.

- Bruce M.

great rack for my 16oz beer glasses, wine glasses and flutes, keeps them from banging into each other, very nice heavy duty racks should last a life time

- Sara R.

The Noble Products 25-Compartment Gray Full-Size Glass Rack work wonderfully with our Core 15 oz. Stemless Wine Glasses. They are easy to get together and are the correct size for our dish washer. We have not had a need to use the extender since we only have one size of glass.

- Sayat O.

This is a great 25 compartment full size glass rack with blue extender. The extender allows for storage of taller glasses. It is also great for storage.

- Danae S.

I was not sure what size I needed for my Noble dishwasher that I bought but these are standard size and perfect and I love this product.

- Rebecca C.

Strong sturdy rack with removable extender. Hold cups and glasses without them shifting. Glad my mason jars fit in there even with handles. Overall very happy with this and definitely recommend it!

- Cristin K.

We ordered this product strictly for storing the 12 oz plastic tumblers that we had purchased. It holds the cups well, even allowing us to stack 3-4 in one compartment. It fits nicely on our shelves, keeping the unused cups out of the way and more organized. It feels well made and of good quality.

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