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Noble Products 36-Compartment Gray Full-Size Glass Rack

Item #: 274RK36
  • Protects your glassware during the washing process and in storage
  • Great for color coded systems
  • Stacks underneath your other brand glass racks
  • Open sides promote thorough cleaning from all angles
  • Convenient handles for easy carrying

This Noble Products gray full-size 36-compartment glass rack gives you the flexibility you need with the outstanding adaptability, versatility, and durability you want in today's food service establishment! When used with racks of different colors or colored extenders (sold separately), this rack makes a great addition to a color-coded warewashing operation.

The open sides of this rack allow for complete rinsing, rapid drying, and quick glass cooling for spot-free results every time! It's great for storage too, providing excellent protection to minimize costly replacements of broken pieces. Plus, its 36 individual compartments help to prevent chipping and breakage during machine washing!

This glass rack is perfect for integrating into your existing warewashing system. Simply stack it underneath Cambro, Carlisle, or Vollrath brand glass racks to instantly expand your glass washing and storage system without sacrificing quality and convenience.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 19 1/4"
Width: 19 1/4"
Height: 3 7/8"

Compartment Dimensions:
Length: 3"
Width: 3"
Height: 2 5/8"


Product Reviews


This glass rack is perfect for our small wine glasses that we use. It helps to keep them protected and safe from damage. When you use this glass rack you will find that the inside of the glass is sprayed out very nicely by the water from below due to the more then large enough sized holes. This product will hold up just as well as the more expensive products!

- Thomas B.

The 36 compartment glass rack with green extender is durable and does a lot without taking up a lot of space, perfect for smaller kitchens. Fits in our dishwasher perfectly and leaves glasses and mason jars clean.

- Jamen M.

In addition to the drying rack, the extra extenders have been good to save space when trying to leave our lids and toppings scoopers out to dry over night. These are a really good product for any small business with not much extra space in the kitchen.

- Sura K.

For small glasses this is awesome! Very easy to clean a ton of cups at once when the rush hits. Very very happy with the result of this one.

- Sean A.

There is nothing better than Noble glass racks. We used to buy the other national brand (starts with a C") and then we were turned on Noble. Far more affordable and built just as tough! Love it!

- Matt G.

We use two of these side-by-side for drying our glassware. We use for mason jars (up to 32 or even 64 oz), glass bottles, glass jars, plastic squeeze bottles, etc. They dry very efficiently, but we have found it somewhat tough to clean these drying racks. Otherwise very good product!

- Gretchen U.

These racks are perfect for water and wine goblets. The extenders allow you to customize the height of the rack to meet your individual needs.

- Debee B.

I ordered these trays with 2 extra tray attachments and they are perfect. These trays are a very good quality, sturdy and just the right size for my needs.

- Patricia D.

Love these. We don't use them for washing. We use them for storage and transport. They work great for our flutes as they are the taller flutes. If you have the 8" flute they won't work as well as the base of the glass when upside down aligns perfectly with the opening and the glasses will touch through the opening.

- Bolanle V.

This is made from heavy duty plastic. You would have to go at it with a hammer for a while to crack it. It takes most size rimmed glass. With the extender, we can add on another stack of cups. It’s true to colour and well made

- Peter K.

These glass trays worked great for our bourbon tasting glasses. The size was perfect and the racks were half the price of others we had purchased previously.

- Wanda C.

Purchased 3 of these to transport and store champagne flutes for my wedding business. Durable but not s nice as Carlisle products. Would purchase again.

- Josefina A.

These are very light weight even with the champagne flutes added in the racks. I highly recommend these for any business in the food industry.

- Jill W.

Great glass rack - it is perfect for champagne flutes. While it's bulky, it definitely prevents breakage in any commercial dishwasher. We recommend this product!

- Wesley Y.

Perfect for the libby 7 oz cups. It was difficult finding a dish rack that would hold so many small glasses. This specific one has 36 compartments so its perfect!

- Jeff J.

Perfect size compartments on this rack to store and transport champagne flute glass. The rack is well made and the plastic is strong enough to make moving a full rack of glasses feel safe. Racks easily stack on each other.

- Brandon G.

We purchased the Noble Products 36-Compartment Gray Full-Size Glass Rack - 19 3/8" x19 3/8" x 4" to store our CAC PC-204 Bright White Porcelain 4 oz. Creamers in. This is a dishwasher friendly rack and also stack with our other carries and noble racks. Very easy to carry and put though a commercial washer. We highly recommend this product. Dig & Serve is A Speakeasy Underground Supper Club in Albuquerque, NM. We produce experiential dining events featuring local food from our farm and other farmers we know and trust. Check us out at and follow on instagram and facebook @digandserve #digandserve #webstaurantestore #popupdinner #supperclub #localfood #nofarmsnofood #experientialdining #nmtrue #albuquerquefood #farmtotable

- Nora A.

this rack is good for smaller glasses don't work for 16oz glasses the holds are too small for them. They do work good for wine glasses and smaller beer glasses.

- Erin W.

Product as described with 3" maximum glass diameter. Tried it with glasses just a hair over 3" and they don't fit. But plastic is tough, will probably tolerate rough handling with no problems.

- Jessica A.

I'm a caterer and I use these to dry store my wine glasses and water goblets safely while not in use. Drop them back in after use and run them right into the dishwasher for speedy cleaning. It saves time by going directly from the dishwasher to the storage racks.

- Kim H.

I have a lot of glass ware that I own. This make storage easy and compact. Nothing breaks when stored properly in this tray. I am happy with this product.

- Sheree

I own a banquet company and needed something to store and transport the glasses. This compartment and lid worked perfectly. Sturdy and you could even use this to wash & dry glasses.

- Gale B.

We purchased this glass rack for the Anchor Hocking H001238 Excellency 7.25 oz. Flute Glass. Perfect fit! The compartments are sturdy for easy transport to prevent breakage.

- Ashley H.

Purchased these for our champagne wine flutes and they fit a good amount of glasses in the container, which helps with storage. They are also good, because the spaces are small and prevents the glasses from moving around too much when moving around. Some people find it difficult to get the glasses out because it is a little tight in the compartments.

- Andrew Z.

These glassware racks are very sturdy and protective of our barware. They are exactly what I was looking for to protect our glasses during routine handling and washing

- Eric S.

We ordered these: Core 6.25 oz. Flute Glass - 12/Case to place inside the containers. There is no other way of transporting these. This is the best way to clean and store. As a rental company it is super important. However, the racks were a little tall for these glasses, but it works out.

- Kyler R.

Holds our water cups perfectly. The best feature of these racks is how lightweight they are and how many glasses you can fit in each one, and they stack on top of each other perfectly.

- Odunayo K.

The goods is nice and wonderful. I love the product very good and is really great and one of the the best products and nice for cups.

- Michele C.

This glass rack with extenders is extremely useful. However, the clips that were used to keep the extenders in place snapped off a little too easily. Although, you can easily fix it using zip ties.

- Brian D.

They dish glass racks worked very well for us. We got them for sparkling white wine flutes. It looks odd because of the 3 extenders but you really need the size right on glass racks or steams from different wine glasses will rock and move around and chip.

- Matt L.

Stackable 36 comparment racks perfect for drying and storing the economy 8oz tumblers. Fits well with other drying racks. They don’t fit as well with the noble full size all purpose peg rack on top of them, but peg racks can stack below.

- Distribution W.

Noble Products 36-Compartment Gray Full-Size Glass Rack - 19 3/8" x19 3/8" x 4". Competitively priced, though the quality can be a little lacking compared to other models.

- Kyler R.

We think the noble products 36-compartment gray full size glass rack with two green extenders is wonderful! it fits our glasses perfectly. The vibrant green makes it easier for our employees to differentiate between our many glass racks.

- Daniel W.

Great quality product! I shopped around and this was a great price so I ordered one to check the quality and was super impressed with the quality and price point so I put in a second order right away and am already working on a third order as you can not go wrong with Noble glass or dish racks.

- Joe O.

36 count makes it perfect for washing sauce bottles. Keeps them in place and fly around the dish machine. Makes routine cleaning a breeze instead of a hassle.

- Jesse N.

We purchased this rack to fit 12 ounce cups we recently purchased. We are not passing this through a dishwasher but instead using it to hold the cups to dry. The construction is great and it easily fits the cups we have.

- Daria R.

- Jessica L.

this rack is great. the extenders make me a little nervous that they are going to come off when i lift it up but there has been no indication that this will actually happen. I'm gong to order 2 more racks from this collection

- Kenneth H.

Unfortunately despite being title “full size glass rack” the grids are too small for a standard wine glass. Do not buy if you need a wine glass rack. This won’t work. Additionally, return shipping fees and costs are massive. Ended up losing about $50 to “try” this rack.

- Kaitlyn L.

I utilized this glass rack for my floristry business. It is the perfect container to transport designed bud vases onsite with no need for packing paper. It was efficient for my business which was the goal when I purchased it. Great customer service too!

- Michelle P.

The racks were what I needed, but they came the wrong size. The video was misleading for the size I thought I was ordering. It wasn't until I spoke with the company by email I found there was a size chart I needed to use for the glasses I needed. Because of this, I loose about $ in restocking and shipping fees since I had to return them. If they were the right size for water and wine glasses, they would have been perfect. Loved the product, but was disappointed I couldn't use them.

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