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Noble Products Full-Size All Purpose Peg Rack with Closed Sides

Item #: 274RKCLAPPEG
  • Made of durable polypropylene for maximum strength
  • Comfortable handles on all sides for easy carrying
  • Closed sides ensure that dishes stay clean in storage
  • Holds dishes at the best angle for high-pressure dishwashers
  • Ideal for cleaning plates as well as small platters and trays

Streamline your warewashing operations with the Noble Products full-size all purpose peg rack! Made of polypropylene, this peg rack is sturdy and durable, perfect for years of heavy use. The comfortable built-in handles allow for safe and easy transportation by your staff. Best of all, the handles are molded into all four sides for simple dish machine loading, without ever needing to rotate racks. Positive stacking from either direction makes this rack compatible with most major competitors.

Boasting 3" tall pegs, this full-size polypropylene rack holds all of your dishware at the perfect angle for multiple spray, high pressure dishwashers. This design allows for superior cleaning, rinsing, and drying of all your plates, platters, small trays, and more. In addition, the closed sides ensure dishes stay cleaner during storage. This convenient Noble Products full-size peg rack will make your warewashing easier and more efficient than ever before.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 19 3/4"
Width: 19 3/4"
Height: 4"

Compartment Dimensions:
Height: 3 1/4"


Product Reviews

- Lisa M.

These dishwasher racks are priced right, functional and very durable. I would definitely recommend to anyone who needs dishwasher accessories. Would buy again for sure

- Scott S.

Durable and easy to use. Had to replace several dishwasher racks due to age and these worked just fine! I would recommend these for sure.

- Joyce B.

I was going to buy these through Ecolab but I thought I would check here first. Half the price of what they had on special and they work just as well.


These Peg racks are wonderful for washing dishes there a lot less expensive than buying them through your local dish machine company I buy multiples and they will hold up great

- Thomas B.

This full-size Peg rack is durable and easy to use. The 3" pegs hold cups, plates, bowls at theperfect angle for the best cleaning, rinsing and drying experience.

- Brian B.

Full size peg rack is just what we needed. The quality is great and we can not complain about anything with this product. great so far

- Pornrawin H.

You could not get this price from some where else and it is a good quality ,we used it everyday thank you websrestaurant and i an glad i got it

- Luciana K.

We bought this rack for our commercial restaurant kitchen and it has worked really well. Very good quality and sturdy. It works well in our commercial dishwasher and I believe it will last a while.

- Tina F.

This full size peg rack works great with all our commercial dishwashers. It is very sturdy and easy to load and unload. The only complaint I have is the handles being on the bottom. Our dishwasher gets extremely hot and the water drips on our hands as we pull it out of the dishwasher. Our old ones have them on the top.

- Perry F.

Every dish pit needs them. These work well. Durable and can withstand the punishment. These make a dish washers job much easier. Highly recommend to use.

- Bill P.

Great price and fast shipping


Sturdy plastic and well built peg rack. I have always like having an extra one of these on my 3 compartment sink drainboard to help dry some frequently used items.

- Bm M.

This Peg rack is a must have for any type of restaurant to drying out your pots, pans, plates bowls cups etc. it does the job.

- Lisa D.

I purchased 3 new ones and threw away my stained ones. They were a fraction of the price that I was quoted through my dishwashing company.

- Nelson G.

bought 4 1 already broken, and retain a lot of water on the sides because they have no drain. good size fits perfect but I don't recommend it.

- Diane L.

We use this in our shop and the quality is amazing. It is super heavy duty and it is used daily. Have had it for over 2 years and it still looks brand new.

- Mike B.

great quality and right size, etc. my only complaint is that the decor on the sides hold water so when you turn the rack sideways, water gets everywhere... :(

- Doan N.

Much cheaper than other products I have looked at, and for the price, it performed comparably to other dish racks. I used them to stack food trays and pan lids, and it helps to keep my kitchen organize.

- Tracy F.

Great packing, great item and we purchased a bunch, and they stack perfectly. We have a smaller drying area in our kitchen so these were ideal. The price was unbeatable.

- Neal K.

This is a great full size all purpose peg rack with closed sides. This fits all of our popular dish types here in the restaurant.

- Russell H.

Course is very obvious what this is used for. But we do use it on a daily basis and hair dishwasher. It's very well-made constructed in very durable and no doubt that it will be around for a long time

- Tina A.

Way cheaper than other competitors prices! I was amazed at how much cheaper and of better quality this item was than others I have purchased in the past. Great Product!

- Seth P.

It does everything we ask it to do and more. It has held up well and would purchase again. Solid product and at a competitive price.

- Arlene M.

This is a nice hefty dish rack. Good size fits perfectly on the three-sink shelf area. I think I need another to use in other area to keep dishes off prep area.

- Maryjane C.

This full size all purpose peg rack is made of strong quality product. Does the task, over and over, quality product for a great price! Thanks!

- Carmen J.

We used these versus the pricier hobart model and they work great. For the value you cant beat this and of course it works just fine!

- Lisa F.

This is really the only plate rack you need. it can hold a ton of plates/bowls. we use these for all our plates in the restaurant. they are sturdy and work perfectly.

- James C.

A great rack! the color makes it always look clean, and the standard size fits the machine perfectly, and has held up to daily use for over a year.

- Glenda D.

This peg rack is great for getting all of the medium-sized flat items, such as plates , cutting boards, and small cookie sheets into the dishwasher. The handles make it easy to carry and the design on the side is really cute, as well.

- Jill W.

These racks will last a lifetime. They come exactly as described and are a standard fit in most any commercial dishwasher. Very sturdy and well-made.

- Jacob E.

I love this Noble rack. It holds anything and everything and you can pack it as full as you want. Works so well I keep one at the house, too.

- David A.

This Noble reg rack works great for our plastic trays, but its also offers a pretty universal option for spaces that are limited like our shop.

- Jesse R.

This is a great rack. Durable, properly sized and spaced. Holds up to all kinds of abuse. Replacing all my racks with this product. A steal at twice the price.

- Kevin L.

Not a great buy as I had hoped. We bought several of these to use with the brand's under counter dishwasher. Functionality, it works, but picking it up from a high temp washer and it becomes a major inconvenience. These racks don't have handles high enough to grab hold of.

- Ahmad

Great product. This is a must for every restaurant. This rack is reliable, and sturdy plastic material. I have purchased several for my new restaurant.

- Hannah P.

Wouldn't we all be lost without our dish racks? These are great! Closed sides allow for more to loaded in without worrying about it falling and the grid pattern is tight enough we don't have tomworry about silverware and small wares falling through! Will be purchasing more soon!

- Craig T.

I bought this rack for my outdoor kitchen. This works perfect for what I wanted. It also makes clean up a breeze! The rack is extremely sturdy and light weight.

- Andrew H.

This is a very heavy duty all purpose rack used for 90 percent of our dirty dishes. This takes the abuse well and still looks new.

- Troy B.

In our kitchen we don't have a designated dish washer, we all take part in cleaning. So these racks make our lives easier. Mostly all our dish wear fits easily into each spot. Sometimes have problems with pots and bowls. Overall, a great product.

- Bistro L.

This is a pretty decent full-size all purpose pack rack I really don't like to close sides to much I have hard water where I am and the creosote buildup really bad on the sides of it but other than that it's a good rack

- Charles A.

This is an awesome product and a great value! I can purchase it from Webstaurant Store for less than half of the price of my national food service provider!

- Brittany J.

So much cheaper than other brands and you get the same quality as you would from the more expensive ones! Great product! Will buy again

- Erin O.

I love this all purpose peg rack. Holds mugs, glasses, and plates/bowls in our Miele dishwasher. Keeps dishes from touching one another during the dishwashing cycle.

- Gerald H.

We'll give it 4 stars, because the racks are sturdy and a great value at the price. Not gonna get the 5th star though, because the closed sides are no bueno. They make the rack difficult to pick up/ carry securely (almost impossible when it's in the dish sink ) when it's full, because there are no good handholds. Also, the pattern in the sides tends to hold water, so picking the rack up after it comes out of the dishwasher is almost guaranteed to dump water on whoever picks it up.


This works really well for our dinner plates and for our plastic bowls. It holds about 16 plates and with the minute and a half was time on the commercial under counter dishwasher, our catering dishes are done very quickly.

- Ashley S.

I had opened my bakery about 3 months ago and this had been a big part for dish washing since we don't have a dishwasher. Its a little big for our sink but we make it work! Would recommend.

- Stephanie F.

SOLVED! Dish overload holiday crisis! Way too many dishes for a sink ( I have a huge double).These really did help during Thanksgiving, instead of spending a good day cleaning all my dishes, I banged it out at once. Got exactly what I expected a sturdy plastic peg dish rack. Nothing fancy, but it works. Issue is that there are hard to grab and carry especially if they are stacked. For the price will worth it even if I only use a couple times a year.

- John S.

I use these for my glass flight cups. Holds a bunch of them and they stack well with the other trays. I would buy again.

- Wesley Y.

Perfect for plates and bowls. Easy to use and light weight. Good quality racks. Closed sides so nothing falls out. Can hold a lot of plates and dishes

- Debbie B.

Works well and fits in our washer perfectly. "prongs" are a bit closely spaced, so would recommend making sure that the width of the product you intend to use this for works with the spacing dimensions. This has only been an issue for us with pans and larger baskets.

- Anne J.

This is absolutely going to be the best deal you find on an all purpose peg rack. It also seems built to last and is made of a very hard plastic. Highly recommend!

- Michelle M.

I don't have an industrial dishwasher, but this works well as a drying rack for smallware, dishes, glassware and utensils. The material is thick and looks like it will hold up well.

- Rebecca V.

These were just what I was looking for to keep flasks upside down in the glass wash room to dry. They are stack-able to save space when not in use and work nicely for a wide variety of glassware.

- Michelle S.

The racks arrived quickly and well packaged. The dimensions listed on the website are accurate and fit our dishwasher perfectly. The racks a reasonably priced.

- Brandon G.

The full-size peg rack by Noble is a must have. We use this when washing dishes. It will hold a heavy cutting board, cups, plates, bowls, and even large lids. It is safe to run through the dishwasher and stacks easily with other cambro and noble racks. We highly recommend this product. Two thumbs up! Dig & Serve is A Speakeasy Underground Supper Club in Albuquerque, NM. We produce experiential dining events featuring local food from our farm and other farmers we know and trust. Check us out at and follow on instagram and facebook @digandserve #digandserve #webstaurantestore #popupdinner #supperclub #localfood #nofarmsnofood #experientialdining #nmtrue #albuquerquefood #farmtotable

- Sara L.

The price on the full size all purpose peg rack cannon be beat. They are of a durable plastic that is so far holding up quite well.

- Ut N.

Inexpensive and pretty durable. The material is easily cleaned and colors are neutral which is a plus! If your in the market looking for a peg rack look no further.

- Charlie I.

Great product that every kitchen should have. Inexpensive yet quality product that does the job. This full-size all purpose rack fits several dishes and helps the kitchen staff.

- Lenny L.

This is useful for everything; pots, pans, cups, plates, bowls and etc. The pegs keep everything from flying around or out and fits perfectly in dishwasher.PLUS very very very affordable! .

- Nora A.

this rack makes a nice drying holder for your dishes and other items. Nice size not too small and not to big. don't have a dishwasher yet, but I know they will work great in that application.

- Pam H.

We bought these to use as drying racks on the drain board of our three compartment sink. They have been a life saver and make cleaning up the kitchen so much easier!

- Eric M.

Great dish washing rack. Sturdy and durable that is able to withstand to intensity of a busy kitchen. Holds all sizes of plates, silverware, cups or pots. Easy to store when not being used.

- Karen D.

Love this all purpose rack! They work great for espresso cups, cups and plates. A great way to organize and air dry all of our dishes.

- James M.

Very dependable piece of equipment. Like other dish racks available, this one does a great job. The ability to stack multiple racks at a time is huge plus. I would highly encourage any restaurant to purchase these!!

- Kathleen W.

This rack is a work horse in our kitchen. It's a Good value for the money. grid pattern is tight enough that cutlery doesn't fall through.

- Michael P.

Big fan of these Noble peg racks. They're durable, and stay very clean looking after years of use. Great quality construction, these are perfect for our plates, and bowls!

- Sharon M.

Just what we needed to for our operation. It is heavy duty and can handle the heavy plates well. I like that the handles are on all sides.

- Bruce M.

very nice heavy duty rack, works well for our plates and small appetizer trays, really love the way these can be used for just about anything you put in a dishwasher

- Jean R.

Nobel Products Full Size Peg Rack is the perfect rack for all our restaurant needs. Made of a sturdy plastic that stands up to our daily rigorous use. Easily accommodates all size dishes, bowls, large utensils, pots and pans. Stackable for easy storage. Love them!

- Richard T.

This all purpose peg rack is a must buy . You can use it to wash in a dish washing machine or store your plates glassware or pots. Fits all sorts of items at a great price

- Jimmy T.

One of the most affordable dish racks I have seen. Excellent quality and I am sure it will last years. The pegs prevent glasses from shifting and breaking. Love it!

- Janis M.

This is a fantastic deal for the price! We were quoted a similar product through a cleaning company that was 5 times the price of this one with the same value. Would definitely recommend!

- Connie A.

Fits perfectly in my dish machine! I’m so glad webstaurant sells these at such a great price too! They also came fairly quickly. Great product.

- Justin B.

These racks are of great quality and extremely durable. I use them as drying racks for the time being while we get a dishwasher, but they are heavy duty enough to withstand the rigors of a commercial kitchen and stack easily. I would readily recommend these products to stand up against any name brand dish racks.

- Louise K.

Simple, clean, reasonable price. I make wine and mead and recycle bottles. This drying rack holds alot of bottles to dry in a small space. Solved my problem handily.

- Brian B.

These are a super good quality. Has held up after hundreds of uses. Still looks like it did the day it arrived. Have used several different styles from Noble and they all work excellent.

- Kari A.

I purchased this tray to dry my lotion bottles after cleaning. I was worried that the pegs would be too large for the bottle openings but they fit perfectly. Thanks for a great product at a equally great price.

- Walter B.

affordable for 6 of these,well worth the purchase. fit's perfectly into the(C44A) dishwasher. heavy duty,withstands bumps and drops,can fit 18 full size plates,saucers,small bowls.awesome product.

- Ciro D.

What a great rack for your dishwasher or for your sink Q saw your plates nice and organized and I would recommend this for anyone .

- Jonathan H.

These noble products all purpose peg racks are great! They are quality built and do their job extremely well. We put them on our drainboard and they securely hold a lot of dishes.

- Jonathan I.

Item as described. We use these racks to hold and store our milkshake cups after they have been washed. This is a nice size. I wish it came in white!

- Grace K.

This black dishing washing rack is a perfect match with our dish washing machine. It is heavy duty made which will last for the duration of our business.

- Sayat O.

This is a full size all purpose peg rack with closed sides. It works very well in all standard size diswashers. It can do an unlimited number of cycles.

- Jessica K.

What a life saver! We have a really small dish area and our drainboard is too small for our needs. We bought this and use it on an adjacent drain rack. Good quality - would buy again.

- Mike D.

Great dish rack for my plates, bowls, and other medium sized tools. The small holes allow for cutlery and small tableware to fall through so get a flatware rack in conjunction with this.

- Jaime S.

Great product for a great price! These are very heavy duty and support even large heavy dishes very well. They also have nice space between the pegs allowing for easy use with a variety of dishes and bakeware. Love this!

- Allison M.

One of my favorite things about this rack is the color. You dont really see the particules that build up in the plastic with contstant use.

- Mariel E.

Durable, lightweight and functional. Perfect size for my small dish machine and it holds dishes securely. It still allows for multiple size dishes with proper loading.

- Muhammed Y.

This product is very useful. As you can see from the picture, they stack very easily. I am happy to buy this product. Thank you

- Sarah H.

Replaced an old rack with this beauty and never looked back! This is great, pegs are perfect length and hold all racks and bowls pretty well.

- Andrea F.

Fits perfectly in the dishwasher. Have not had any trouble with it. Sturdy and hold many dishes and utensils. Will be buying again. Should fit any standard dishwasher. We have a ventless hobart and fits.

- Kelly E.

We purchased these for our dishwasher in our kitchen. They were wonderfully! We are very pleased with how well they hold up and look after several uses. Holds the dishes great!

- Daniel S.

For the life of me I cannot find a bigger one as we would like one big enough for our sink. We settled for this size and we love it just wish it was bigger.

- Christopher E.

I dont tell the other dish racks this, but this one is my favorite. It makes washing plates and bowls a breeze, and is so sturdy I think it could survive anything. I dont think the others will do that.

- Augustus G.

Very nice dishwasher rack. Lite weight and easy to handle, but sturdy and will probably last a lifetime. I will be ordering more for my kitchen.

- Danae S.

This fits my Noble dishwasher perfectly and I was really happy with it. They work really well with my 10" square dishes that I bought as well.

- Shawna

These all purpose peg racks are a great bargain for the price. They are the same quality of the more expensive ones and they work well in our dish machine.

- Dallas S.

After a year of daily use, our racks look like they did when we bought them. There is no need to purchase name brand racks.

- Matt L.

Great price. Works well if you don’t need to stack AND store things on them. Will stack just fine without anything on them. But NOTE: There is NO extender that you can buy separately. We had to buy the 16 and 36 compartment racks in order to stack and store mugs and cups.

- Distribution W.

oble Products Full-Size All Purpose Peg Rack with Closed Sides are very well priced, though the product is a little lacking in quality. Very affordable though.

- Ryan B.

My team is not happy with all of the nooks and cranny's on the exterior of this rack as it accumulates a lot of excess water after the rinse cycle.

- Scott C.

We recently had a new dishwasher installed at our location in Slippery Rock Pa and needed new racks. We ordered 2 of these and love them. They were shipped promptly and arrived in just a couple days. Seem durable and reasonably priced... much less than our distributor was asking for... like 1/2 the price! Thanks Webstaurant!


Your typical restaurant dishwashing rack. Hides scratchs and imperfections better in this color in my opinion. Great for heavy restaurant use and good product for the price.

- Kyle F.

Great for dish drying rack. We use this in our coffee shop and are able to fit plates and glass' on it as well as mugs.

- Davilan B.

What can I say? these racks work just as well as their more expensive counterparts, and the gray plastic hides any staining or discoloration much better than lighter colored racks! We've had these racks for a couple months now and they've stood up to the abuse like champs, with no gouges, deformation, or discoloration!

- Willard W.

This a great rack for dishes the rack definitely helps keep things get cleaned better and the tray itself is easy to keep in good shape from the wear and tear of doing dishes all day

- Daniel W.

I am very happy with my purchase of the Noble All purpose peg rack. It’s a great addition to my collection of washing and storage racks and the quality and price point are greatly appreciated!

- Anthony

Kind of flimsy and started cracking some after only using for a couple of months. But you can't get these for this good of a price anywhere else.

- Ronald L.

These dish racks are well made and great quality for the price. As you can see from the picture, they stack very easily. Because of that I would not hesitate to buy as many of these as I have room for.

- Shai M.

Great sturdy dish racks that are durable as any other brands. I have bought multiple Noble Products dish rack with and without pegs. Great value for its price.

- Jihui L.

This cup rack is nice because of all the closed sides. This is nice because this means the cups won't fall out of the rack.

- Rosita E.

Very nice quality product. Thick plastic so it doesn't bend when the tray is full of dishes. Will definitely order this product again or a similar product in the future.

- Rachel M.

Solid drying rack. Good construction and easily hides away out of sight when not in use. Will likely buy more sometime soon -- they are very useful!

- Andrea T.

After buying flat racks, we realized having some peg racks would be great for plates! These hit the same mark as the flat racks. Great quality. Great price! Will buy again!

- Paldin K.

This can hold large plates, small plates, cups, glasses, and several other things. This is truly an all purpose rack that is a must have for any business.

- Joshua D.

Absolutely love this! Holds my sheet pans perfectly and allows the to air dry nicely without them touching. Very sturdy! Dropped it off my counter and not a thing happened to it. Will definitely be ordering more of these not only to use when I bake, but to have one to use for my everyday dishes. This works so much better that any dish drainer I've ever owned.

- Jack H.

Purchased ten racks so far this year. I found this brand durable and have no issues when used in hot water. Goes well with the flat rack

- Anant A.

These racks and sturdy and fit the dishwasher perfectly. They can handle heavy loads well and the groves are well made with heavy duty plastic.


Handy rack to keep around. Easy to use with our dishwasher.

- Daria R.

- Ashley A.

Great for both small or large dishes.

- Jaclyn V.

This Noble dishwasher rack is amazing. super strong and a great value for the money. Packaged well and shipped out really fast. Highly recommend the dish rack.

- Harry T.

great for my dishes!

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