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Noble Products Full-Size Combination / Flatware Rack with Closed Sides

Item #: 274RKCLFLTWR
  • Made of durable polypropylene for maximum strength
  • Comfortable handles on all sides for easy carrying
  • Sides ensure that all dishes remain securely in place
  • Ideal for cleaning utensils, ramekins, and other small items
  • Stacks with other racks for convenient storage and transport
  • Allows for superior cleaning, rinsing, and drying

Streamline your warewashing operations with the Noble Products full-size combination / flatware rack! Made of polypropylene, this flatware rack is sturdy and durable, perfect for years of heavy use. The comfortable built-in handles allow for safe and easy transportation by your staff. Best of all, the handles are molded into all four sides for simple dish machine loading, without ever needing to rotate racks. Positive stacking from either direction makes this rack compatible with most major competitors.

With no restricting compartments, this full-size polypropylene rack is able to hold all of your irregularly-shaped dishware for washing in multiple spray, high pressure dishwashers. This design allows for superior cleaning, rinsing, and drying of all your flatware, ramekins, and other small items. This convenient Noble Products full-size combination / flatware will make your warewashing easier and more efficient than ever before.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 19 3/4"
Width: 19 3/4"
Height: 4"

Compartment Dimensions:

Height: 3 1/4"


Product Reviews

- Lisa M.

These dishwasher racks are priced right and very durable and would definitely buy them again. The racks perform well and do what we need them for

- Scott S.

Durable and easy to use. Had to replace several dishwasher racks due to age and these worked just fine! I would recommend these for sure.

- Chris D.

The noble full size combo flatware rack and closed sides are very well built and sturdy for the price. One of the lowest you will find and are holding up well.


Classic these are made out of is wonderful they do not break or get brittle inside the dishwasher and I recommend that you buy multiples to save money they will ship direct.

- Thomas B.

The full-size flatware rack stacks perfectly with our other racks and makes cleaning silverware easier than ever. The closed sides make it impossible for anything to slip out. We have used this for bigger platters, bowls and plates as well. Very durable and versatile.

- Kevin C.

This rack is standard fit for most dishwashers. We use it as a drying rack for hand washing, but it works well just the same.

- Brian B.

Good product and they match up well with our existing name brand ones and the price is so much lower that I will not hesitate to reorder.

- Deborah D.

I tried to reorder some old ones but apparently they upgraded these. Only difference is the closed sidewalls. I didn't think I would like it at first, but after saving the headache of knives sliding out the sides...I am a fan!

- Tina F.

This Noble full size flatware rack is great for all flatware and smaller utensils. No worrying about loosing anything through the small holes. The only complaint I have is that the handles our on the bottom. The hot water from the dishwasher drips on our hands as we pull it out.

- Perry F.

Dish washers dream here. These are perfect for silver ware, ramekins, or any small items you may be washing. Durable product as well. This is recommended.

- Lisa M.

I bought these to dry soap on them. The size is perfect for me. I'll be getting more but with the open sides this time.

- Moesha T.

perfect for my needs, was not sure if I could use it, but was pleasantly surprised, great quality and great price, just what I needed.

- Diane L.

Love this item. It is very heavy duty and works well in our business. I highly recommend this product and the brand and will buy again

- Neal K.

This is great plastic flat ware rack with closed sides. This was great addition to our dish washing area and helps us be able to run our silverware.

- Russell H.

Full size flatware rack with the clothes size fits perfectly in our new dishwasher. We just ordered a couple different racks from Noble and I'm sure we will have to pick up a couple more great price can't beat it

- Stacey K.

This flatware rack is was perfect for our food truck. We used it to store glass cups, dry dishes, and other appliances that needed storage. They were light, yet heavy duty, and easy to clean!

- Kristy P.

These are great for washing flatware as well as larger items that don't fit on plate racks. We use these for large bowls, pots, steam table pans, etc.

- Kendra D.

Good product, excellent price and high quality, we use mainly for table ware and it works well, used about a year and shows no significant wear

- Delaine S.

I like these racks in our kitchen because the holes are small enough to keep even small pieces from falling into the bottom of the dishwasher.

- Avery D.

This tray makes all of the difference. You can throw just about anything into it and it will be safe from falling into the bottom of the dishwasher.

- John V.

I love this silverware dish rack! The silverware no longer falls out the sides. The grey is a nice neutral color too which believe it or not is hard to find. I'm using all of the racks now including the one for dishes and glasses. Durable and great price point!

- Carmen J.

Work great. And as I said in another review, these are super economical compared to other brands hold up just the same. We put it in a 20x20 dishwasher and it fits great.

- Lisa F.

decent flat rack for silverware. some of the holes are a bit larger than I would prefer, so occasionally some spoons will slip through the holes. other than that, its great for the price.

- Christopher B.

Well made - very solid. We are utilizing these in our shop to store extra 5 oz. tasting glasses in - wonderful addition to our supplies.

- Lorraine L.

Our kitchen staff needed to replace their 10-year-old flatware racks. I purchased this product through Webstaurant knowing I will receive a great product with competitive pricing. We will reorder again.

- Jill W.

Great, must-have rack. We use this to wash and sanitize our silver ware. Works just as described- flatware will not fall through. These are very sturdy racks that will undoubtedly hold up to years and years of use.

- Jacob E.

These Noble racks are amazing. Flatware wont fall thru. They work so well at the restaurant that I bought one for my house. Great price point compared to my local restaurant supply store.

- SMB B.

This rack fits perfectly on our sink, this is a requirement by our health department while washing dishes and it came in very handy, very sturdy!

- Rashelle S.

You need some clean ones of these. They are tidy and helpful. When the old ones wear away get these and never see them turn black and grey.

- Hannah P.

Excellent flatware rack! These are made of sturdy plastic that I think will last a good while! The sides allow us to stack more than just flatware, the pattern on the bottom is tight enough we don't have to worry about small wares falling through! Will purchase again.

- Craig T.

I bought this rack for my outdoor kitchen. This works perfect for what I wanted. It also makes clean up a breeze! The rack is extremely sturdy and light weight.

- Bistro L.

This is a really decent flatware rack the clothes size or nice so you’re flatware silverware will not slide out when you’re going in and out of your dishwasher

- Brittany J.

So much cheaper than other brands and you get the same quality as you would from the more expensive ones! Great product! Will buy again

- Erin O.

We love the quality and durability of this flatware rack for our commercial dishwasher. We use it when we have lots of cutlery to wash all at once.

- Cecilia C.

i use this to store and level out my closet you can stack them without it falling down a good size a very heavy duty plastic.

- Jacquelyn J.

These racks are solid, stack well and made of durable material. We use these to stack the Carlisle Compartment Flatware racks and large pans and bowls.

- John S.

This rack is great for cleaning forks, spoons, etc. They just do not stack well with other noble products. They slide around once stacked and need some sort of knob to stick out and catch the racks to hold together.

- Adam D.

Comes in box and is very well made. What you see is what you get. Use for extra place to dry cups and utensils in my bar.

- Cengizhan K.

First I was afraid of quality while purchasing but it turned out perfect , very good solid product , our health department likes it ,

- Wesley Y.

Perfect for sauce dishes and bowls. Easy to use and light weight. Good quality racks. Closed sides so nothing falls out. Can hold a lot of plates and dishes

- Debbie B.

Works perfectly for silverware, pots, pans and larger items. Light weight items may not stay in basket depending on the strength of your water pressure.

- Jeff J.

I really like this silverware wash rack. the sides do not allow silverware to escape and the perforated bottom allows for most grunge to be sprayed away down the drain.

- Corner G.

Great dishwasher rack! Fits into our ecolab machine perfectly. Lots of holes for water to flow through easily, but we don't lose small tools like with our pegged dishwasher racks. Huge help at a fair price!

- Kevin K.

These racks are so durable they resist shock impacts throwing metal relatively heavy flat ware inside them eveyday sometimes falling from counters or sink it is simply indestructible thx!

- Brandon G.

The Noble flatware rack is great. This can go through our commercial dishwasher and it also stacks on other glass and cup racks. We use this to dry dishes, wash dishes, and sometimes transport things for catering events. We would highly recommend this product for cafe's, restaurants, and catering companies. Dig & Serve is A Speakeasy Underground Supper Club in Albuquerque, NM. We produce experiential dining events featuring local food from our farm and other farmers we know and trust. Check us out at and follow on instagram and facebook @digandserve #digandserve #webstaurantestore #popupdinner #supperclub #localfood #nofarmsnofood #experientialdining #nmtrue #albuquerquefood #farmtotable

- Sara L.

Great price and value! The full size flatware rack appears to be of good quality and is currently holding up well. After searching on line these came back at the right price and I am glad that I ordered them.

- Lenny L.

Very great and useful, it fits everything not just silverware, we also use this for pots and pans. Very great value and sturdy we are going on one year and still in great shape.

- Brian B.

We love the flatware dish washing rack. The closed sides make it easy to grab, and it ensures that we won't have any flying glassware in the washer.

- Jennifer T.

This is a great rack for not only washing but also storage of Cambro/Dinex bowls. They stack very nicely. Great quality at a great value. Why pay more for a name brand rack. This one is perfect for my nursing home washing and storage needs.

- Victoria L.

Very strong rack! It is also good looking and easy to move everywhere. It is very big and a lot of pots fit very nicely. Recommended!

- Benjamin C.

From manual washing to automated this Nobel Products Full Size Combo Flatware Rack with Closed Sides will become your best friend in the dish pit. It is light weight, crafted from quality material and construction.

- Kevin M.

This flatware rack works great for washing a decent amount of silverware at once. The utensils lay flat on here and are able to washed thoroughly due to this rack.

- Jimmy T.

Finally a rack without huge holes! On our previous racks we have always had to place utensils carefully so they did not fall through. With this one I can just throw them in the rack with no worries.

- Cassady C.

Easy to use and seems impossible to break. Throw on the silverware, give it a shake, and a rinse and the rack slides easily into any dishwasher.

- Connie A.

This flat ware rack fit perfectly in my dishwasher. The quality of the plastic is very durable and very inexpensive compared to other vendor brands.

- Kali G.

No problems so far. Has worked well with no issues. Is what was expected based on description. Good for the price. Will order again when needed.

- Garrett A.

Great for washing silverware and some pots and pans in. Nothing falls through the holes so it works great running small items through your dishwasher.

- Ciro D.

Great drying rack for your dishwasher or your sink keeps everything nice and organized and I would recommend this for anyone . Also it’s made of great material .

- Mike D.

Great quality rack for washing my flatware and small tableware. Using two of these stacked together also allows for washing deli containers without them flying all over the place.

- Allison M.

I never bought this brand before but when you have a budget you are open to buy out of your comfort zone. That been said, I wont regret the buy. Even with daily use this racks still look brand new.

- Tammie B.

This is perfect for the end of our three compartment sink he keeps our dishes from sliding into the water and put in things falling off the sink

- Sarah H.

Easy to use, light, very convenient to rinse and clean silverware. Fits into our commercial dishwasher easily. Keeps all the silverware inside rack, even small cute utensils like cheese knives.

- Andrea F.

Works well for utensils and smaller items. Fits in a ventless hobart dishmachine. Have not had any issues with it and the plastic is thick and sturdy.

- Kelly E.

This rack is very light weight and the handle allows us to easily pull from the dishwasher. The holes are big enough to allow for fast drying, yet small enough for us to put small objects in the rack to wash.

- Christopher E.

This rack is the best. It arrived quickly and DOES ITS JOB, which is more than I can say for my employees. I wish I could promote this rack to upper management. Easy to clean and store. Also unlike an employee.

- Johnny L.

Very durable and works exactly well for what it was intended for. The small holes don't allow too many things to fall thru, anything that can fall thru you should probably be handwashing anyway as to not lose it.

- Augustus G.

Very nice dishwasher rack. Lite weight and easy to handle, but sturdy and will probably last a lifetime. I will be ordering more for my kitchen.

- Danae S.

These are a perfect size and standard for the Noble dishwasher that I bought. The product is really sturdy and durable and I would buy it again.

- Shawna

These flatware racks are great. They work just as well as the expensive ones. We use them a lot and never have any problems with them. Will buy again.

- Matt L.

Great price for a flat rack that we’ve used for drying pots and pans. Stacks empty with the peg rack and can be stacked with the compartment racks although they can be a bit snug.

- James G.

This flatware rack is sturdy, easy to clean, and stacks well with other racks. It is very durable and has held up well to constant use.

- Joshua G.

It works great for cleaning pots and larger items. It quickly drains water out of its crevices. For flat wares I am getting another one with smaller mesh on the bottom.


Great quality dishwashing rack. It has a sturdy built and the best price is here on webstraurant. Standard size for silverware and other smaller dishware.

- Davilan B.

Like it's pegged brother, these racks are awesome! The gray plastic hides any staining or discoloration much better than lighter colored racks! We've had these racks for a couple months now and they've stood up to the abuse like champs, with no gouges, deformation, or discoloration! We highly recommend!

- Willard W.

These trays are great for washing silverware or small utensils the tray definitely helps the water and detergents get to the items to watch properly


I love it because I can wash my silverware perfectly, I am not having any kind of problem with my dishwasher machine, this is a great material.

- Daniel W.

The noble flatware rack with closed sides, is another great complementary rack in the line of Nobles washing and storage racks. Another great quality product at a great price point. My only feedback would be that the extenders should fit this as well as the glass racks.

- Anthony

Works just like expected, and like they are supposed to. Just not real heavy duty. I've only had them a couple months, and they are starting to crack.

- Ronald L.

This rack is great for utensils and other odd shaped items that need washing. The plastic is really high quality and I think it'll last a lifetime

- Jack M.

Me and my team are highly satisfied with this product. I recommend the closed sides for all flatware as it keeps items from sliding out the sides and jamming the moving parts and drains on your dish machine. Saves my dishwashers a lot of time and frustration.

- Andrea T.

The quality of the rack is great! We use these every day, multiple times a day and there is almost no wear on it yet! We can see that these will last us a good while!

- Hallie M.

Another must have tool to help make sure all the bowls and utensils the same time washes it evenly and clean from any dirt or food that could still be stuck with its wide square opening design.

- Johnny D.

Noble Products Full-Size Combination / Flatware Rack with Closed Sides that we use in our dishmachine and holds knives spoons and forks plus other items.

- Elizabeth S.

These trays are everything I need and more! As a soapmaker I have to find options for curing my soap for several weeks at a time. These trays are just the perfect size and height to hold over 50 bars of soap each! And the open bottom and top allow for plenty of airflow between the trays to help maximize the circulation and allow the soap to cure properly! The stackable feature on these were very helpful when I used 6 or less trays, but the trays get very heavy and once I upgraded to 10 trays my husband built a wooden rack to hold the trays so that I don't have to unstack the entire pile to get to what I need. These trays are great! Thank you!

- Paldin K.

Holds a ton of different flatware and it can make transporting and cleaning the flatware very easy. This is a must have for any business.

- Christian R.

Ordered these to be a curing rack for my soap. They are perfect for this. All the holes are great for maximum air circulation. If and when I amp up my production I wlll be ordering these again.

- Ashley A.

We use this for our silverware, and small things. It works good, and we are happy with the outcome! Will order again, and use in the future. It is sturdy, and stays in color.

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