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Noble Products Full-Size Open / Bowl Rack with Closed Sides

Item #: 274RKCLOPBWL
  • Made of durable polypropylene for maximum strength
  • Comfortable handles on all sides for easy carrying
  • Textured finish improves durability, resists scratches, and provides extra grip
  • Allows for superior cleaning, rinsing, and drying
  • Ideal for cleaning bowls, containers, cutlery, and irregularly shape items

Streamline your warewashing operations with the Noble Products full-size open / bowl rack! Made of polypropylene, this open rack is sturdy and durable, perfect for years of heavy use. Plus, the textured surface resists scratches to keep your rack looking new, while also providing increased grip. The textured design, paired with comfortable built-in handles, allows for safe and easy transportation by your staff. Best of all, the handles are molded into all four sides for simple dish machine loading, without ever needing to rotate racks. Positive stacking from either direction makes this rack compatible with most major competitors.

With no restricting compartments, this full-size polypropylene rack is able to hold all of your irregularly-shaped dishware for washing in multiple spray, high pressure dishwashers. This design allows for superior cleaning, rinsing, and drying of all your bowls, containers, cutlery, cookware, and more. In addition, the sides ensure dishes stay securely in place and prevent small items from falling out during transport or washing. The sides also create a more enclosed design when stacked with other racks, helping to keep dishes cleaner during periods of long storage until they're needed for service! This convenient Noble Products full-size open / bowl will make your warewashing easier and more efficient than ever before.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 19 3/4"
Width: 19 3/4"
Inside Height: 3 1/4"
Overall Height: 4"


Product Reviews

- Lisa M.

Love these dish racks, durable, priced right, light weight, and work as intended. Would definitely recommend and buy again. Thanks again for a great product

- Joseph S.

This noble dish rack is a perfect alternative to the more expensive brand names. It fits into our Moyer Diebel machine as well as the one that came with the machine. Save a few bucks and buy this one

- Perry F.

Washing mutliple dishes at the same time has never been easier than with this bowl rack. No matter what size bowls or dishes you are cleaning, the open interior allows you to fit multiple pieces in one wash at the same time.

- Christopher S.

The "Noble Products Full-Size Open / Bowl Rack" is a great product. Easy to stack easy to use and easy to clean how can you go wrong.

- Tina A.

I purchased this item about 1 year and a half ago and it is still standing strong through numerous dishwashings. Nice color and very sturdy.

- Delaine S.

This rack is very nice. We like the color as it does not get dingy like light color racks we have. They are not too heavy and work well for our kitchen.

- Juanita F.

I purchased this to cure soap in on a wall rack. It will hold 40 large bars, give or take, depending on size. In retrospect, I should have gotten the flat wear rack, especially for guest bars and samples, as the holes in the bottom of this are more suited for large bars. Also, once it is full of soap, I realize it is heavier than I would like to be hoisting up to 10 feet high. Next purchase will be 1/2 size racks for the highest shelves. These are great quality though for the price and will allow air to pass through them since my racks are vented metal shelves. Would have liked to get open sides, but could not beat this price. Regular soap drying racks just did not suit my situation and these did.

- Andrew H.

Very heavy duty rack. Takes all the abuse we dish out well. Still looks new. Fits a ton of items and they always get clean.

- Erin O.

This is a great open rack for our commercial dishwasher We use it for pots, pans and bowls as well as other over sized items.

- Wesley Y.

Perfect for plates and bowls. Easy to use and light weight. Good quality racks. Closed sides so nothing falls out. Can hold a lot of plates and dishes

- Weston D.

These work really well for a dish drying rack. The inside surface allows the pans to catch just enough to be stood on their side for drying. They stack nicely.

- Jennifer T.

This is a great rack for not only washing but also storage of Cambro/Dinex bowls. They stack very nicely. Great quality at a great value. Why pay more for a name brand rack. This one is perfect for my nursing home washing and storage needs.

- Terence P.

Keeping a kitchen organized is key and this product helps us with that. The dishwashers use it for tops and we dont have to worry about loosing them.

- Mike B.

Basically all dish racks are pretty much the same so it comes down to price right? and even with shipping, it's impossible to beat Webstaurant prices. Noble Products are durable and long lasting. We can't rave on these enpugh!

- Allison M.

This racks not only look nice but they are pretty affordable compared to other brands still feeling like a good quality product. Makes it worth the buy!

- Kelly E.

This rack is great! It's very durable and light weight. Can easily stack the racks when you're not using them. Very affordable compared to other places who sell them.

- Dallas S.

After a year of daily use, our racks look like they did when we bought them. There is no need to purchase name brand racks.

- Joshua G.

It's flat and open with lots of ability to drain away excess water. I will probably be sticking to Noble brand for my future cleaning racks.

- Isabel D.

I really like this tray perfect for soap drying and storage. They are stackable. Very hard plastic, durable perfect sizes. I would absolutely buy more.

- Hallie M.

A useful tool to help you wash any type of bowls you have in your kitchen or caffe and very easy to stack and put away when the job is done.

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