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Noble Products Gray Dish Rack and Glass Rack Dolly

Item #: 274RKDOLLY
  • Compatible with all standard size dish and glass racks
  • Fits underneath most tables for convenient storage
  • Indented platform keeps racks in place
  • Durable polypropylene plastic
  • Can hold up to 132 lb.

Easily stack racks of dishware or glassware on a convenient, compact mobile platform with the Noble Products gray dish rack and glass rack dolly! Made of durable polypropylene plastic that can carry up to 132 lb., this dolly is built to last! It has four 4" casters for convenient mobility and its compact design means it can be stored out of the way when not in use. This dolly features a 21" x 21" square design with an indented surface to securely hold standard size glass racks from all the most popular brands, including Noble, Cambro, Carlisle, Vollrath, and many others.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 21"
Width: 21"


Product Reviews


This Glass Rack Dolly is really easy to use, do a favor to your employees making their work more easy for them and avoid them any injury by caring heavy Racks

- Kam W.

Does the job that it's supposed to do, casters are high quality and it fits dish racks nicely. Be sure to clean these regularly though as they tend to get overlooked in our kitchen.

- Debbie L.

So happy with this product. We have added to our glass inventory and really needed something to store them on. This is a sturdy dolly and easy to clean.

- Chris D.

This dolly helps move the glass racks around. It is solidly built and moves quite easily on all types of surfaces. A great deal for sure.


Perfect for holding our glass racks and can be easily moved around. We don't have a lot of space, wheels move well and better than keeping them on the floor.

- Leila W.

A nice solid dolly for the dish and glass racks. Keeps things neat and easy to move and clean. Much less expensive than the alternatives.

- Jen T.

Is there not overpriced many cart dollars for dish racks are way overpriced you will save a lot of money by buying is don't buy them through your local dish machine company.

- Thomas S.

We love it! It cleans easy, isn't too heavy and is the perfect size for all of our dish racks. Wish I bought it sooner!

- Thomas B.

The Noble Dish/Glass rack dolly works perfectly! Great design and heavy duty, stands up to the abuse and at a great price when compared to other models.

- Misha A.

This dolly is very sturdy and wheels stay straight for easy steering. And you won't find a better price anywhere - trust me, I've looked

- Rosa H.

Great dolly, really great for small kitchens. We stack our glass rack on top and store all the glasses on top of each other. Can be easily moved around, I wish I bought the one with the handle so we can use to push our garbage or use it wheel things around.

- Barry H.

With our small cafe, we really didn't want a rack dolly with a giant handle sticking out, but even those without were so unbelievably expensive. Until I found the Noble brand one. Not only is it made just as well as any other dolly that I've used, but the casters on it are also 4", rather than the 2" and 3" that I've seen in the past. So, overall, this thing is superb, especially at this price.

- Emily W.

If wheels are an option always get wheels in a restaurant! This will save your dish person from hauling racks of cups back and forth by hand. Instead they can stack rack and your FOH can empty them. Highly recommended.

- Sean A.

When you have as many racks as we do these dollys are a requirement. I just wish that it was built a touch more durable, it feels a bit cheap... but does the job we needed it to do.

- Rachel V.

Wonderful product, super heavy duty, those wheels hold some major weight! We needed something that could hold considerable weight and this is perfect for our needs. Shipping was quick too. I'll be sure to return for more needed items.

- Herman H.

You can not go wrong with this great product the Noble Products Gray Dish Rack and Glass Rack Dolly What can we say the name says it all

- Robert M.

Great product at a great price. We use these for transporting our glasses to and from events. The height is perfect for strapping down glass racks without rolling around in the back of a truck.

- Sandy M.

We purchased a couple of these along with the 25 compartment glass racks and they have made things so much more efficient for our staff. This dolly removes the need for unnecessary lifting and it does roll smoothly. We are very happy with this purchase.

- Louis C.

Great Product! I needed something to manage our glassware but didn't want to spend a ton. Beats the more expensive option with great quality and value!

- Simon M.

this product is great quality and value, sturdy and still function great, no need to spend a lot on a dish rack, i'm buying another one next month ,

- Tommy Z.

Great Product such a space saver stack all unused rack or use it for the cups makes moving a whole lot easier durabile and cheap at great price

- Mary J.

In the catering world you can never have to many wheels! These are awesome and we use them all the time! If you are looking to make life easier - here is where you start!

- Stephanie W.

The Dish Rack and Glass Rack Dolly is very sturdy. It can hold several full racks and still be able to roll it where you need it to go easily.

- Lisa M.

Fantastic cart! It rolls very easily with just a nudge. Even with 6 racks totally loaded with bars of drying soap out still rolls easily.

- Patricia H.

This is a nice dishwasher rack dolly and the price is so much better than what we would have paid from our food supplier that we are happy.

- Douglas I.

This is a good product at a good price. It's very necessary for your staff to be able to move items around as to clean under them. The ONLY thing I don't absolutely love about this product is that it's solid throughout, enabling items to be caught on the bottom of this dolly.

- Zhong T.

Using this for our stack of dish racks. They works great. Wheels are nice to move around the kitchen. Nice to have, good product :)

- Mark S.

Was a bit of an impulse buy when i bought it, didn't think it would be used too much. Yep was wrong about that, used everyday now for over a year. Built sturdy and can take quite a load.

- Gabby G.

This dolly fits all standardized glass racks that I have. It it good when putting dirty glasses away because all the beverage residues fall onto the dolly and not onto the floor.

- Ashley S.

Holds our cup racks just fine. Catches anything that may fall. We use (Noble Products 16-Compartment Gray Full-Size Glass Rack with Yellow Extender - 19 3/8" x 19 3/8" x 5 3/4") on this and fits perfectly and keeps them off the ground. Would buy again.

- Jared C.

This was exactly what we needed. We change our glassware from day service to night and we are able to roll the necessary glassware around the restaurant, and store the racks we don't need out of the way. Great product!

- Tony M.

When we took over the restaurant, they didn't have one of these. Buy this one piece of equipment has probably saved me from throwing out my back multiple times.

- Cameron W.

Our business appreciates the deeper base for catching water after glasses and dishes have been run through the washer. This is a great product and have yet to have much problems!

- Marsha F.

I can't imagine using glass racks without these. They slide under other equipment for easy storage. we stack glasses 6 racks high and move them easily around the kitchen.

- Ahmad

Love this rack dolly. It is very dependable and works well. the wheels turn easily and do not get stuck when driving around. Great product.

- Lawanda K.

Extremely happy with the purchase of this Glass Rack Dolly. Very durable and moves at least 8 racks of glasses without issue, the wheels roll and turn without any issue. Will be ordering more very soon.

- Sarah B.

Very well constructed and lightweight. Arrived quickly and fully assembled. I will be buying a few more to help with my glassware storage and transportation.

- Chi H.

We love this dish rack dolly. It serves the purpose for us very well. The wheels are so easy and soothes to get around. We shop so many different stores before we bought this one. The price is so reasonable for the quality of it. we definitely will buy this product again if we need another one in the future.

- Chris E.

Basic and awesome. The dolly is durable and moves several racks of glasses without issue. The wheels don't lock and the dolly hasn't cracked even after tough use.

- Christopher A.

Probably one of the things i never even realized i needed until we had them. These keep the racks off the floor and easy to move.

- John S.

I love this thing. I stack 8 glass racks on it and it moves around freely. I should have bought one of these waaaaaaay sooner!

- Punwasa C.

It is useful. I love it. It is also durable and work very well. Easy to move a lot of racks as much as you need.

- Thomas C.

This glass rack dolly makes moving your clean or dirty glassware a lot easier. Casters roll smoothly on the ground they do not leave any marks on the surface.

- Terri E.

The glass rack dolly is an item I cannot live without. No more lugging glass racks around, simply pile them on the dolly and roll them to where you need them.

- Brent E.

Wow! You cannot go wrong with these carts, compared to the Traex brand we've bought for years, they are 60% less expensive! We've only used them for a week but they seem heavier duty than our prior units. Will buy these from now on.

- Justin H.

The Noble Dish Rack Dolly is a great bang for the buck. Holds up to the daily abuse of the back of the house operation. Rolls easily under a full load, no problem. Highly Recommend.

- Mostafa T.

We move a lot of glassware. These dolliies have cut down breakage and paid for themselves. I would highly recommend to those who need a durable product

- Dat L.

Great cart it hold at least 5 glasses carts. The wheels are strong and holds all the weight no problem. It’s a perfect space saver too

- Richard T.

I bought this dolly to go with nobles all purpose peg racks. The dolly easily holds multiple racks so you can transport them from one place to another

- Young L.

There are more expensive options out there but this one has held up very nicely. We bought these wheels to give them a try because they are so much cheaper and they have worked great.

- Sean A.

What a great deal! I originally was going to order Cambro's until I found these dish racks from Noble. A lot more affordable, great quality! Super happy with them!

- Kyler R.

These are great quality compared to other rack dollies used in the past. Very stable and sturdy and easy to push around. I would highly recommend these over other dollies.

- Allison M.

I am in love with this dolly. Specially because there was no need for assembling. Came in a big box ready to use and pretty quick delivery too!

- Odunayo K.

this product is very resourseful it makes it easier for me to get my stuff around instead of me having to carry it i just have to push it

- Aimee W.

We use this to cart clean glasses to the bar and we can stack multiple glass racks on it so it only takes one trip. We have one dolly to load dirty glassware and one to move clean glassware. It makes it super efficient and doesn't put strain on employees' backs.

- Boris N.

No more carrying racks of glasses. My back is very happy! Strong, easy to manoeuvre, good buy. Arrived in good time! Perfect condition at the very reasonable price!

- Matt L.

Durable rack dolly that won’t get bogged down with racks of mugs and cups stacked and drying on top of it. Solid wheels. Moves well and has a nice groove in it to catch the liquid from the stuff drying on it.

- Daniel J.

This a very sturdy dolly, we have had it stacked with 6 full racks of mugs and small cups and the wheels move smoothly. We also like the inset set area on the dolly to collect water drips, so racks right out of the dishwasher can be immediately placed on it without fear of puddles on the floor. A great value.

- Jacqueline E.

The dolly works well. It rolls smoothly and with ease even while it is loaded. I think you can attach handles to it but we do not use them.

- Ryan A.

This Noble dish rack dolly is super useful and definitely worth considering when comparing to more expensive options. The wheels roll exceptionally well even under heavy weight from the glassware we stack on it. We opted to not add the handle to the unit so we could get it tighter to the wall and it still rolls fine with a light push.

- Tiffany C.

We love this dolly glass rack with the Noble Full Size Glass Racks. We are able to stack multiple racks on this dolly and easily move it to unload or load. So far the wheels have worked great, no issues. Would purchase this product again and we recommend.

- Hallie M.

A wonderful tool to keep your dishes and utensils dry by placing it on this dry rack dolly while you let it air dry while you work.

- Johnny D.

Noble Products Gray Dish Rack and Glass Rack Dolly has been working very well for us. we use it daily for all our glasses and dishes.

- Paldin K.

This dolly is an essential item for any rental or catering business! This makes transporting racks extremely easy! The price is very reasonable as well.

- Vincent C.


You must have a dolly for your racks! Easy way to tranasport heavy glasses from our dishwasher to the bar.

- Daria R.

- Ellsworth C.

- Katie F.

- Marissa H.

Great price for a rack dolly, works just like other dollies.

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