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Noble Products Gray Dish Rack and Glass Rack Dolly with 36" Handle

Item #: 274RKDOLLYHT
  • Compatible with all standard size dish and glass racks
  • Raised handle allows for easy and comfortable movement
  • Indented platform keeps racks in place
  • Durable polypropylene construction with stainless steel handle
  • Can hold up to 132 lb.

Easily stack racks of dishware or glassware on a convenient, compact mobile platform with the Noble Products gray dish rack and glass rack dolly! Made of durable polypropylene plastic that can carry up to 132 lb., this dolly is built to last! It has four 4" casters for convenient mobility and its 36" high stainless steel handle lets you easily move it around your business or roll it under most tables for convenient storage.

This dolly features a 21" x 21" square design with an indented surface to securely hold standard size glass racks from all the most popular brands, including Noble, Cambro, Carlisle, Vollrath, and many others. For assembly, simply use a rubber mallet!

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 21"
Width: 21"


Product Reviews

- Eric K.

This is a good mobile glass rack! It is pretty easy to assemble with little effort!! Easy to stack at least 5 to 10 racks!!

- Chris C.

Dish rack Glass rack whatever you want to call it, it does the job well. The handle makes it a little sturdier so you can pull the rack and not have to bend over and push it, worth the extra cost.

- Angela L.

these carts are a must for every restaurant with a busy flow. dishwashers are able to take 8 racks of glasses at a time to waitress station.

- Bottega L.

Great cart! Dish washers no longer have to worry about carrying one by one into the polisher room. Less back injury from both of the teams.

- Luciana K.

I ordered this dolly for our staff to transport glass rackes from our storage room to our event area and they absolutely love this product. It is easy to manage and also great to store the glass racks.

- James E.

I bought this to help move glass racks around on property. it went together quickly and has held up over repeated uses. i would purchase again!

- Tiffany C.

Good quality dolly - honestly the handle is more sturdy than the more expensive Carlisle brand. The dolly will fit any standard glass rack, regardless of the brand.

- Skylar B.

This is a really useful little dolly. I am very happy I purchased it and have thus far been very pleased with the quality of the product.

- Josefina A.

Completely love this little cart. I have been using other carts to move our glassware from event to event and have struggled with them. This little cart is great.

- Kristen N.

This one is MUCH better than just having the platform base! Being able to use the extra long handle helps save the back when it's empty and lessens that chance of the stack toppling (I have had that happen before!)

- Jeff J.

Glass racks fit on the dolly securely. Makes moving stacks of glasses around the kitchen easy and safe. You can easily stack 8-10 racks on this.

- Mary A.

Heavy duty and holds several glass racks, which is needed in a high volume store. Easy to maneuver and wheels roll easily, no issues of tipping over and being hard to roll

- Benjamin C.

I absolutely love this item! It neatly keeps my unused racks off the floor and shelves freeing up valuable space. It moves with ease and little effort. Works great with the Cambro CamRacks.

- Zachary S.

This Dish cart is a great product. Not only is it functional for its purpose but it also serves as great storage and transportation of cleaned glass wear. Careful when building I pushed to hard when inserting the handle and popped the plastic stopper off. Although I was upset I broke it out of the box the product is built well enough that it does not effect the performance. I will be purchasing again when I need another one.

- Victor P.

Cart came as discribed. Is used everyday and havent had a single problem. Would buy again, but i fell like i wont have to due to sturdy construction.

- Geoff S.

Great product easy to ensemble , easy to use , the resistant wheals moves smoothly making the process of storing and transporting your dishes faster

- Craig W.

We use these to store dishes and glasses in our winery. They have helped tremendously with organisation and easy access. Also, much easier to move our inventory around.

- Michael W.

I am getting older so i can't lug these dish racks around anymore. This little cart has been a savior! It glides across the floor with ease.

- Adam W.

Wow! What a life saver this has been. We can stack multiple glass racks on it and roll to where ever need be. We have also used it to move things like ice bags from one part of the restaurant to another. Great buy!

- Matthew S.

Great for storage: All four wheels swivel, making it easy to maneuver in and out of tight spaces, as well as easy wheeling for service. The handle attaches securely.

- Paldin K.

This dolly is an essential item for any rental or catering business! This makes transporting racks extremely easy! The price is very reasonable as well.

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