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Noble Products 9-Compartment Black Full-Size Glass Rack Rack Extender

Item #: 274RKEXT9
  • Economical choice
  • Protects your decanters, pitchers, and other large glassware during the washing process
  • Great for color coded systems
  • Allows versatility with your existing Noble Products glass racks
  • Adds height to your 9-compartment glass rack

This Noble Products black full-size 9-compartment glass rack / decanter rack extender gives you the flexibility you need with the outstanding strength, adaptability, versatility, and durability you want in today's food service establishment! The 9 compartment design allows you to add height to your glass racks so that you can expand your beverage serving capabilities without having to worry about buying all new glass racks. This extender is also a great addition to color-coded systems since it allows quick identification with one glance!

This glass rack extender is perfect for integrating into your existing warewashing system. Simply snap it into a Noble Products glass rack (sold separately) and stack underneath Cambro, Carlisle, or Vollrath brand glass racks. You'll instantly expand your glass washing and storage system without sacrificing quality and convenience. Keep in mind, however, that Noble Products glass rack extenders are not interchangeable with other brands of glass racks, despite their stackability with other brand names.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 19 1/4"
Width: 19 1/4"
Height: 1 3/4"

Compartment Dimensions:
Length: 6"
Width: 6"
Height: 1 1/2"


Product Reviews

- Thomas B.

The 25 compartment Noble glass rack extender is durable and fits our needs. It stacks fairly well and is compatible with our other glass racks making washing/drying a breeze.

- Gretchen U.

These racks are perfect for water and wine goblets. The extenders allow you to customize the height of the rack to meet your individual needs. Extenders were fairy easy to assemble to racks but they do take a little time to put together depending upon how many you want to stack.

- Michael P.

Good add on to the noble glass racks. My only grip is that they do not stack well with the bottoms of the full size glass rack, making them slightly unstable.

- Josefina A.

Very durable high construction rack extenders. I have been very pleased with how they snap in place and hold under all the weight of glassware. Highly recommend!!!

- Jill W.

Great glass rack extender - we use this to house our wine glasses fully. It definitely helps prevent breakage in the commercial dishwasher. Highly recommended!

- Marian G.

These rack extenders snap right onto our cup racks. They fit well and don't fall off. Make sure you order the correct racks as we had to return the first set because they weren't compatible.

- Bistro L.

This is a really great blue glass rack extender I did not know if I would need an extender on my glass rack and I did so I ordered this it's really great very expensive

- Denise P.

This extender is a great option when you have tall champagne classes that do not fit the racks. Now we can stack without cracking our glasses.

- Debra V.

We got this to keep bottles sturdy in the trunk of the car, although It didn't work for what we bought It for I still wanted to review the quality. This is a very sturdy and well made product. It would work perfect for what It is made for.

- Adina H.

This is a very good product. It turns your regular old glass rack into a glass rack that can accommodate much taller glasses, which is great for preventing breakage.

- Boris N.

We always buy these rack extenders with a small reserve, as it allows there to use at the height of our glasses that we have. Perfect works!

- Kelly E.

We are very pleased with these glass rack extenders. Nothing too fancy about them. They work well, they snap on and off very easily, and they are affordable!

- Daniel W.

You will be happy if you want a good colour coded extensions for you glass racks that helps easily identify glass/compartment size and are a good quality product at a competitive price point. I was happy after receiving first order so placed another order for more.

- Missy B.

This item helps with my tall glasses and the stems from being broken. The rack is great because I can just slide right into my dishwasher for washing. Great purchase.

- Amber C.

This extender fits the glass racks perfectly. Is very easy to transport and allows for easy storage of a variety of glassware. A necessity for any commercial kitchen

- Paldin K.

These extenders are made for the 25 compartment racks and they make life so much easier. They allow you to stack racks full of glasses on top of each other with ease!

- Tom M.

Needed this extender in order for my wine glasses to fit in the rack and not have the stem stick out above the rim. Snaps in easily and holds strong.

- Jeffrey C.

These are great to keep the cups stable and from shifting around constantly!

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