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Noble Products Open Gray Full-Size Glass Rack Extender

Item #: 274RKEXTOP
  • Economical choice
  • Great for color coded systems
  • Stacks underneath your other brand glass racks
  • Allows for superior cleaning, rinsing, and drying while protecting glassware during the process
  • Fits all Noble Products glass racks

This Noble Products gray full-size glass rack extender gives you the flexibility you need with the outstanding strength, adaptability, versatility, and durability you want in today's food service establishment! The flat, open design allows you to wash glasses in a secure, sturdy rack by extending the height of any glass rack.

Promote thorough washing action, complete rinsing, rapid drying, and quick glass cooling for spot-free results every time with this classic open style rack extender! It's great for storage too, providing excellent protection to minimize costly replacements of broken pieces.

For your convenience, this glass rack extender also stacks underneath most other brands of glass racks so that you can integrate this glass rack into an existing warewashing system. This rack extender will stack underneath Noble, Cambro, Carlisle, and Vollrath brand glass racks to help you economically expand your glass washing and storage system without sacrificing quality and convenience.

Not compatible with 274RKAPPEG, 274RKFLTWR, 274RKCLFLTWR, 274RKCLAPPEG, or 274RKCLOPBWL.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 19 1/4"
Width: 19 1/4"
Height: 1 3/4"


Product Reviews

- Leila W.

These glass racks are great. They hold our glassware securely; the colored extenders make it easy to tell what is what; and you can't beat the price. Just be sure you put the extenders where you want them. They are very hard to get back off.

- Mark M.

Well made, good fit, extends flatware rack lip enough to get the job done. A no brainer if you need more space for odd sized objects.

- Michael P.

These allow you to raise the height of the glass racks and allows you to stack them easily. They are easy to attach. Great product.

- Ashley S.

We bought four glass racks that were too small for our mason jar cups. Bought these so they would click together and they work great!

- Bruce M.

these work great for the peg racks and also to add height to any rack these are heavy duty well made extenders should last a lifetime

- Julie K.

These extenders are fantastic! Being open on top will not keep tall glasses from clinking but I plan on putting a compartment extender on the top and these open ones in the middle for my taller glasses.

- Kyler R.

We purchased over 10 of these extenders. They do their job perfectly, hook on tightly, and protect all long stemware. They do not tarnish in the wash.

- Daniel W.

The Noble glass rack extender is a handy add on or accessory that I suggest ordering a few of as it seems some glasses just tend to be slightly bigger then most and stick up just past the height of the racks.

- Missy B.

This item is strong & durable. It allowed me to fit the glass rack right into my dishwasher to make the washing easier of my glassware.

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