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Noble Products 8 Compartment Half Size Grey Flatware Rack with Handles

Item #: 274RKFLTWHG
  • Great for keeping flatware organized during washing and prepping in a high volume kitchen
  • Made of dishwasher safe polypropylene
  • Wire handles that fold down make storage and transport easy
  • Holes allow soap and water into the rack for better cleaning and airflow while drying
  • 8 compartments for easy sorting and rolling

Keep your flatware organized throughout the warewashing, rolling, and transportation process with this Noble Products 8 compartment half size gray flatware rack! This flatware rack is made of durable and dishwasher safe polypropylene plastic. It's perfect for high volume kitchens! An open design and holes allow for easy cleaning and drying of vertically stored flatware in your commercial dish machine, while a rich gray color enables quick and easy identification in a color-coded kitchen. Also available in brown, you can use the different color options to distinguish your clean sets of flatware between back of house, prep areas, or catering needs.

The handles can be used to easily remove the rack after soaking flatware prior to putting it into the dishwasher. This means you dont have to submerge your hands in messy water! This flatware rack's fold down handles make it easy to transport the rack quickly and efficiently. Pull them up to carry the rack, then put them down during warewashing and storage. There's no need to worry about losing loose pieces in the bottom of the dishwasher - this 8 compartment rack keeps flatware in its place! For added convenience, you can also put up to two racks into the dishwasher to maximize output. Streamline your dishroom operation even more by transferring your clean flatware directly into flatware cylinders for efficient drying and storage.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 16 1/2"
Width: 8"
Height: 5 1/2"


Product Reviews

- Perry F.

Great product to have to make it easy to organize flatware before and after running it through your dish machine. This flatware rack is high quality and has shown little wear and tear after a great amount of use.


These eight compartment silverware racks are acceptable but not great. the rack itself it fine. the issues lay in the metal handle. if they are heavily loaded the handle will fall out

- Alexandre B.

This flatware rack is well made. It is more greenish than grey to me. It is large and sturdy. I will buy again for my dishwashing station.

- Jesse N.

This flatware rack was purchased to help us utilize our three compartment sink in a more efficient manner to sort and store flatware. Being that we have very limited drying space, we needed a way to store large quantities of flatware in a small space for air drying. Further, this rack fits perfectly between our sinks, so we can sort the silverware as we go through the steps of washing and sanitizing. The construction of this basket seems well made, and the handles are a sturdy addition for carrying. Being relatively inexpensive, I would highly recommend this product.

- Hallie M.

This is one of those must have for anyone with a dishwasher in a restaurant because when washing any type of spoon or butter knife without it flying all over the dish washer.

- Helen T.

I purchased this to keep my utensils organized while they dried, and I must say it is my favorite kitchen item! Additionally the handles on the side make it easy to move my utensils!

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