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Noble Products 8 Compartment Half Size Grey Flatware Rack without Handles

Item #: 274RKFLTWOHG
  • Great for keeping flatware organized during washing and prepping in a high volume kitchen
  • Made of dishwasher safe polypropylene
  • Save space with no handles
  • Holes allow soap and water into the rack for better cleaning and airflow while drying
  • 8 compartments for easy sorting and rolling

Keep your flatware organized throughout the ware washing process with this 8 compartment half size flatware rack. The rack is made of durable and dishwasher safe polypropylene, making it perfect for high volume kitchens. Its open design and holes allow for easy cleaning and drying of vertically stored flatware in your commercial dish machine, while a rich gray color enables quick and easy identification in a color-coded kitchen. Also available in brown, you can use the different color options to distinguish your clean sets of flatware between back of house, prep areas, or catering needs.

This no handle option allows you to save even more space when washing flatware! No need to worry about losing loose pieces in the bottom of the dishwasher, this 8 compartment rack keeps flatware in its place. Additionally, you can also put up to two racks into the dishwasher to maximize output. Streamline your dishroom operation even more by transferring your clean flatware directly into flatware cylinders for efficient drying and storage.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 17"
Width: 8"
Height: 6 1/2"


Product Reviews

- Rory V.

These flatware racks are great because they are compact but store a lot of utensils at once. They are very important during Friday and Saturday service because we need our utensils to be cleaned quickly.

- Lisa F.

This rack is very brittle. First one was shipped broken in about 6 places. Replacement was sent but it is also broken. We decided to keep it but for the future, we will order a better rack. It works as it should, it is just very fragile.

- Denise P.

These flatware racks are really good quality. They hold a lot of flatware and keep them well organized. I highly recommend this brand. Great price too.

- Santo

We use this to hold our wet utensils after wash, it works great. Drain all the water and air dry in one holder. Easy to clean too!

- Daddy D.

These flatware racks are very heavy duty and nice. They are a must for drying and sorting silverware. After receiving the first one, I ordered 2 more immediately for sorting our other serving utensils on the rack.

- Andrea F.

This product has been very helpful in preventing utensils from falling into the dish machine. It does hold many items in the 8 compartments that it has

- Sinphaseuth T.

Unfortunately, when we received this item it was cracked but we still used it! It’s a great item and helps keep our sink area organized, especially when it comes to all our mixing spoons, scoops & utensils. We are satisfied with how well it works even though it was slightly damaged.

- Joshua G.

The plastic has a nice solid feel to it. Works great in our commercial dishwasher with no complaints. Holds lots of flatware and the eight compartments have been great for keeping everything organized.

- Kyle F.

Bigger than I expected but a great silverware drying rack. We put it on top of our plate drying rack and it works perfectly. It doesn't fit our 3 compartment sink, unfortunately.

- Nordic B.

I would say this is not as robust as you'd hope. I think it's going to crack soon. We do fill it up to capacity thought.

- Vorakorn P.

This flatware rack is a pro, we can put all utensils, cooking tools, with longer handle and they stayed. Because of the perfect depth and width of each compartment. Material is good too, no problem using it for year.

- Lizbeth

We love this silverware rack, we use it to store our clean silverware ready for our servers. I would recommend this to any business to store high volume of silverware.

- Onur P.

this is great size cutlery organizer. 8 compartment is really helpful and we use this for our silverware.

- Howard G.

If you have a dishwasher you need to wash smalls forks, spoons and knifes are perfect. its also goof for scoops and small service items that would be thrown around the dishwasher if they werent help down.

- Troy V.

We purchased rack to put our sauce in to make sure it doesn't slide and it works well.

- Michelle S.

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