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Noble Products 1" Dissolvable Day of the Week Label Rolls

Item #: 3227DAYDKIT
  • Kit includes 1 roll for each day of the week, 1000 labels per roll
  • Eliminates the need to mark food storage containers
  • Dissolves completely in less than 30 seconds
  • Safe for all sewer and septic systems
  • Trilingual label for English, Spanish, and French speaking employees

Use these Noble Products dissolvable day of the week labels to keep your kitchen and pantry organized! Great for First In, First Out (FIFO) organization of any perishable items, these 1" square labels feature a colored border on the bottom and colored print on a white background, making them easy to identify. A blank space allows you room to write initials or dates, so you can keep track of how long food items have been in the fridge or freezer! Plus, this trilingual label also features each day of the week written in French, Spanish, and English.

These labels dissolve completely off of any container in less than 30 seconds when run through the dishwasher or placed under hot or cold running water, which means that you can safely put these labels on any food storage container without worrying that it will be marked up! Plus, since these labels are safe for all sewer and septic systems, you don't have to worry about residue building up in your drains. Not to mention, they're conveniently microwave safe, so you don't have to go through the hassle of switching containers to reheat food!

There are 7 rolls (one of each day) per kit. The colors correspond as follows:

Black - Sunday
Blue - Monday
Yellow - Tuesday
Red - Wednesday
Brown - Thursday
Green - Friday
Orange - Saturday

Overall Dimensions:
Label Width: 1"
Label Length: 1"


Product Reviews

- John H.

These are the best date stickers to have. they stick to anything, do not fall off very easy, just the right amount of space to write on!

- Chris B.

We use these for 30 + products that are prepared fresh throughout the day and they are perfect. Easy for our employees to use and and read. Highly recommend them. Great price.

- Patricia L.

I really like these labels... besides the colors it comes handy that they come in both English and Spanish since I work with various Spanish speaking people. They stick well and don't leave a lot of residue if you remove them correctly.

- Oliver C.

My wife uses these in her alteration business to let her know when items are promised to be ready. Easy system, color coded...makes it easier to look at a glance on work needing to be done. Can't ask for better products streamlining an operation, they're easy to use, standard size and fits on her tickets well. She loves them.

- Beth B.

These labels work great for us! They help us to keep our bakery items organized and easily tracked for freshness and to make sure our customers get the best items available.

- Troy S.

Labels work with ease. These labels remove easily from their backing and provide my business with the safety I need when it comes to knowing when a food item was prepped.


Use these all the time and work great to keep track of everything. I will buy these time and time again. Great labels to use.

- Chelsea T.

These labels are great. They are easy to read and mark with a proper date. They remove easily from storage containers as promised. Great way to make sure your food is as fresh as possible!

- Michael E.

Very nice day labels. Large roll for a very reasonable price. They stick to the containers easily and are easy to remove. We order these often and are our choice in labels

- Trey P.

These labels work really well. They spray off instantly with hot water in a classic 3 bay sink so my employees are happy. I will buy them again.

- Daniel D.

Great for meeting health department requirements for labeling food. I appreciate that there is some white space under the day on the label where you can write in the date with a pen if you want to. They come off the backing a bit too easily - I wish they stayed on a bit better so they didn't pop off in the dispenser so quick - but that's to be expected given it's a removable label. Work well for what they are.

- Haley R.

Love these little labels, great refill for our original order, keeps food safe & fresh. A must for food prep & storage, fast shipping & great price


We like these labels even though they won't dissolve in water, but still will come off easily. Work great in our kitchen and the price is much better than anything similar we've looked.

- Susanne K.

A great day label system. It works great. The labels are nice and big for a 1" day label. I will make sure to order this one again.

- Zhong T.

Great stickers, nice with different colors for different day of the week. Happy with the stickers but we also required to label the product name so we need another sticker on each product.

- Artur A.

A very good set of rolls. Was buying it together with the San Jamar T-wrap Dispenser, and even though it said it would fit, it actually does not. I had to take 5 ft out from each roll in order to make them fit in the dispenser. Very odd, but the roll itself it great and every kitchen should use them.

- Mardee B.

We find this product is easy to use, can be removed, and has the space to include a date if needed. We make lots of corsages for prom and these will help us organize them. We coordinate an order with a letter and number, C1 being corsage and B1 being for bouts. We use a sticker for the product of C1 on the corsage box and B1 on the bout. We put our orders and product in numerical order so they can be found much easier than an alphabetical name.

- Travis W.

I personally am not too big of a fan of day labels as they are small, depending on service days and levels you may run out of one day of the week but have an abundance of another, and they don't afford the opportunity to label exactly what the product being labeled actually is.

- George L.

Health inspectors will love you. they wash off easy from the containers looks very organized in your coolers when everything is color coded with dates

- Christopher F.

Perfect for keeping track of how old food and ingredients are. Easy to read and apply. Huge amount that lasts longer than expected. Great buy.

- Tonya A.

Nice day labels. We always wrote on lids. trying to teach crew to use lot easier to clean lids also to see dates with different days and colors.

- Jason

These come in handy and save a little bit of time so you can just slap the sticker on either a container or plastic film so you know what day your items from as opposed to having to write it down

- Russell H.

Perfect and must have for any restaurant. Never a need to worry about what day you put an item in the frig. great price on the roll

- Frederick F.

These labels make it simple to mark our food for storage and be able to know when it needs to be used. Easy way to keep up with our perishables.

- Jennifer B.

Great price for these date labels. I wish they would remove the print at the bottom of the label to give you more writing area. Also, I've had some issues with some of them sticking properly. I just dab a bit of water on it to make it work. For the price, it's a good deal.

- Ahmad

These labels make it easier to stay by code for the health department. They help you stay organized and keep each food labeled so you will know when it will expire.

- Bistro L.

I decided to try these noble product Day labels they showed up packed all together and rubber band so I didn't have to search for them this was a good price on here even with the shipping added

- Brittany J.

Very nice to have. It helps to have colorful labels for the days and dates when food needs to be changed out for the new!

- Kate K.

These stickers make labeling our food prep so easy, we also use them to close peoples take out sandwiches without making it difficult for them to open when theyre ready to eat them.

- Jennifer B.

We use these stickers on about everything in our business to keep track of when food and drinks were made and when they were cleaned.

- Matthew E.

A must havwe for any restaurant kitchen they are easily removed and biodegrade well A great product.make sue to stock uo sharpies too as they work perec tly

- Thomas H.

buy the whole week even if you don't need sundays or mondays if your closed.. cheaper to buy 7 than only 6 individual rolls

- Jessica L.

These are necessary for any kitchen! You can write on them easily and no need in spending 5 minutes trying to remove each label to be washed. The are spendy, but time is also money. I'd rather my employees be productive in completing other tasks besides removing labels!

- Andres K.

The perfect help to date all your food and prep. the colors helps you know the days that the food have been storage. Dont forget you need to put the date as well.

- Anthony T.

Nice day labels. Exactly what you would expect. What sets these apart like most things from webstaurant, is the price. Can’t be beat. Only thing is a holder would be helpful. Still 5 stars though

- Kady C.

Very useful product! So nice that there's a space you can write the date and have the weekday labeled on it too. Must have product for all food service place!

- Matthew H.

These are so much better than our old labels. They leave zero residue and come right off in water or hot water. There is enough space to write the product type on the label as well. Don't get them wet and keep them in a dry area

- Eric I.

Replaced hand written tags with these easy to use labels. They are bright and colorful, which makes checking food dates on containers much quicker than before. Great price!

- Bari F.

Simply Easy and affordable way to track time in your food items, preparations an anything you need to time date. Be Ok with the Food Code and don't let Inspector cite your restaurant.

- Shea-La G.

I do meal prepping for my animals and I got these to put the days of the week on the containers so I know what to feed when. I really like them and will purchase more if I ever run out! Does not come with the despiser!

- James F.

Good product. Holds up well on containers in the fridge and freezer. They help with keeping right stock used first and rotation of products has been achieved.


Not only they are useful for placing dates of products, there is enough space for adding names and quantity of them if it is necessary

- John M.

Stick nicely. Remove easily. Health department loves them. Employees can't mess them up. I don't know what else I can say positive about this product. Buy it!

- Priti N.

This product keeps food well organized. Prevents wastage. Easy to use. Definitely a great thing to have in any kitchen. Highly recommend this product for your restaurant.

- Jasmyn W.

Working in food service, date stamps are a necessity. We like that these stickers come on a roll and are color-coded. They wash right off, which is extra super duper.

- Jonathan G.

These labels are exactly the same as we were using, but they are only a fraction of the price! Great product all in all! We will continue to order as needed!

- Zu A.

These stickers are a great way to make sure you're using the oldest stuff first. They stick great and they are easy to write on. The color coding makes it easy to know what's what. Great product!

- Richard T.

We use the removable day of the week labels for organizing the kitchen. The stickers stick well and are useful for confirming freshness dates for products.

- Terence P.

Organizing is key and labels keep us compliant with the health department. We tag everything as we prep. It also allows us to check for freshness.

- Ronald P.

Some food businesses like to use tape and a sharpie to label their food, but we like using these stickers. They stand out on your labeled product.

- Schuyler G.

Excellent value! The stickers don't fall off the items in our fridge like most of the expiration/date tag labels. It is a perfect amount of sticky but still allows us to peel the sticker off when we want to wash. A+ purchase, for sure!

- Matt K.

These tags are great for tagging food products in our business. Color coding is very helpful and the sizing was accurate to fit within our existing racks for storage. Will definitely reorder.

- Jessica K.

We use these labels to identify the day that our to-go items were prepared for our in-house prepared foods. These labels are easy to read and easy to use, making them exactly what we need for this purpose.

- Perez J.

These are extremely useful when it comes to dating our perishables by the day they were opened. Here at Batter and Dough, these labels are very important when dating our fruits and dairy.

- Athenia P.

These are very good to have in the food industry. The health department looks for things like this to ensure that food is being properly labeled and timely served. I need to get the time stamp as well.

- Cindy B.

These are great dissolvable labels. They fit well in the dispenser and wash off easily. Have to be careful your hands or container or not damp or they will start to dissolve.

- Karen D.

These labels are exactly as shown. They don't dissolve easily in water so, don't be afraid to wash your containers and reuse the labels. This product is perfect for my business. It's a fraction of what i use to pay for labels and i found them by accident while searching for something else.

- Blaine D.

This is a very well priced set of replacement date stickers. They stick to the containers like they should, even in cold and humid environments, but they are not too difficult to scrape off when washing.

- Lyudmila F.

bright and beautiful stickers that are very useful for kitchen production and restaurants. Convenient packaging makes it easy to use. I recommend it for every store!

- Kevin M.

The 1" removeable day of the week labels are perfect for knowing when you need to get rid of food and the color codes help to keep track easily.

- Justin N.

It’s good to know what products are fresh enough to be served another day. These serve that informative purpose saving money and keeping customers safe!

- Joseph W.

These help keep stock in date. We use these along with use first stickers. Only thing i have found these wont stick to is squeeze bottles.

- Nathan G.

These are great. We use them for our restaurant so we know how long before needing to dispose of it our sauce or food that we vacuum. or for FIFO, which stands for "first-in, first-out,. They’re very easy to apply and take off which makes them a lot better than other stickers

- Ashley B.

These do exactly what they are expected to do and remove off of the containers easily. They are large enough for us to write the dates on them as well as what the item is. These will last a long while, but we will order them in the future. My only recommendation is to sell each day of the week separately due to restaurant being closed certain days and no need for labels.

- Christopher M.

These food day labels are awesome. We use tons each and every day. Important step to portioning and storming we keep these stickers close by on our prep tables.

- Maher T.

These labels are awesome! We use so many labels as we are always stocking products. They stick super well so they don’t fall everywhere but they also come off nice and easy to not ruin our containers.

- Danny

These are nicer than the undissolvable ones. It is more expensive but if you end up handwashing everything you will be happy to switched. OR you find yourself picking off all the stickers.

- Robert H.

These labels are great , they totally dissolve in water so it is easy to remove them from any surface. I use them every day and would recommend them to anyone who has to date items in the fridge with reusable containers.

- Evgeny B.

They just work as intended. A little small for labeling product, but as a day or date sticker it is the standard for a reason.

- Ainel S.

This labels are pretty good, colorful! I work in food services if I make mistakes it's easy to pull the sticker off. And also easy to write on.

- Tyler H.

Adhesive on the back is not very strong. Plenty of space to write onto. Very easy to put to use. Only difficulties come when attempting to get them to stick onto something.

- Onur P.

noble products 1" removable day of the week label rolls are easy to use and very affordable price. whenever we put back anything in the walk-in cooler or freezer we always use this labels. so easy to track what day we made or when is it going to be expire. I really recommend this product.

- Wagdy B.

I reorder it all the time, price went up by double but still cheaper then other places.

- Andrew M.

Sticker stick very well on storage bins regardless of the temp. I have no complaints at all. Markers do not bleed over on to storage bin.

- Troy A.

Easy to use and clean off surfaces just as easy. Helps to keep food labeled and dated in accordance to the board of health standards. Also bought the Noble dispenser to use with these labels.

- Nikkoleen A.

Easy to use quality labels. They come off the containers so easy with just a simple spray of water they instantly start to dissolve. But if your container begins to sweat the stickers seem to remain in tack.


Love these stickers/labels. They're color coded for easy organizing. They stick well and won't peel off but they come off easy when you need to remove them and replace them with another label. A must for rotating your food and making sure your older stuff gets out first.

- Jesse G.

These are great! They stick well and the amount given should last us a good amount of time, for sure a good bang for your buck!

- Sabina M.

I recently purchased the Noble Products 1" Removable Day of the Week Label Rolls from Webstaurant Store, and they have revolutionized my kitchen organization. These labels are the perfect size for various containers and provide ample space to clearly write the day of the week. The removable adhesive sticks securely but comes off easily without leaving residue. With color-coded rolls and durable labels, I can quickly identify and rotate items based on freshness. The affordability and generous supply make these label rolls a smart investment for any kitchen. Say goodbye to confusion and waste with Noble Products Day of the Week Labels.

- Mutaz F.

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