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Noble Products Monday 2" x 2" Dissolvable Day of the Week Label - 250/Roll

Item #: 322D6122002
  • Blue print readily identifies Monday design
  • Blanks for Item, Date, Use By Date, Time, Employee, and Manager ensure complete labeling
  • Dissolves completely in less than 30 seconds
  • Trilingual design for English-, Spanish-, and French-speaking employees
  • Supports FIFO organization for quality food service and minimized waste

Maintain health code standards and proper food rotation practices with the help of this Noble Products Monday 2" x 2" dissolvable day of the week label. Help keep your back-of-house areas as organized and efficient as possible with this label. It's perfect for use with a First In, First Out (FIFO) system of perishables to optimize your kitchen's food safety and help minimize food waste. Its blue print readily identifies its Monday design. Each label features blanks for Item, Date, Use By Date, Time, Employee, and Manager to ensure that every food item in your kitchen is efficiently labeled.

Each label dissolves completely off of any container in less than 30 seconds when run through the dishwasher or placed under hot or cold running water, which means that you can safely put these labels on any food storage container without worrying that it will be permanently marked up! Plus, this label's trilingual design accommodates a variety of staff members, with the name of each day of the week written in English, Spanish, and French. The preprinted design saves your business time by eliminating the need to create a custom label from scratch every time. This label makes it easy to maintain proper food rotation practices and conform with health codes at a variety of establishments, including independent restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, delis, coffee shops, buffets, and food trucks.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 2"
Width: 2"


Product Reviews

- Jake B.

Finally Webstaurant has large daily labels!! Great, affordable price for a simple but practicle product. We purchased all days of the week of this new product.

- Jake B.

Monday day label stickers great product that make your kitchen efiicent and make sure there is less mistakes as your employees can actually read the label

- Jake B.

At our restuarant, we use these labels on all the prep as well as during accepting product. We put on the date and who recieved the product.

- Jake B.

We used to order small daily labels and just put the initials and the date, but the staff prefers these bigger labels. They stick much better to the containers, but are very easy to remove when washing dishes

- Jake B.

I used to purchase these labels from US Foods, but for half the price you can now find them on Webstaurant. Same quality and will fit the holder if you own one.

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