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Noble Products Tuesday 1" Dissolvable Day of the Week Label - 1000/Roll

Item #: 322D613B
  • Yellow print makes it easily identifiable
  • Eliminates the need to mark food storage containers
  • Dissolves completely in less than 30 seconds; safe for sewer and septic systems
  • Trilingual label for English, Spanish, and French speaking employees
  • Assists in your complete food rotation labeling system

Use this Noble Products Tuesday dissolvable day of the week label to keep your kitchen and pantry organized! Great for First In, First Out (FIFO) organization of perishable items, this 1" square label features a yellow border on the bottom and yellow print on a white background, making it easily identifiable. A blank space allows you ample room to write a product description, so you know exactly what you're pulling out of the fridge or freezer! This trilingual label also features "Tuesday" written in French, Spanish, and English.

You can safely put this label on any food storage container without worrying that it will be marked up! The label dissolves completely off of any container in less than 30 seconds when run through the dishwasher, or placed under hot or cold running water. The label is safe for all sewer and septic systems, so you don't have to worry about residue building up in your drains. It's also conveniently microwave safe, so you don't have to go through the hassle of switching containers to reheat food! Create a complete food rotation label system with this day of the week label.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 1"
Length: 1"


Product Reviews

- John H.

poor. if you are looking for a sticker that sticks do not buy this one. They will not stick. they do dissolve with the tiniest drop of water.

- Kwan C.

These date labels are great. I love the larger size and they stick and adhere well. They also come off easily in water. Dissolvable as it says, will buy again.

- Aaron B.

This is a great product. I use it to label everything. its also great that the dissolve in the water so you don't have to worry about pealing them off and leaving a mess.

- Matthew S.

Purchased these by trial to see how they hold up. So far we have been using them for over a week with no issues. They dissolve through dish just fine and are 1/2 the cost of competitor labels. Will continue to buy these labels. Thank you for a great product.

- Ryan V.

The dissolve-able stickers are really cool and definitely come off without any assistance if you run them through a dish machine even at a lower temperature.

- Shannon I.

I love these dissolvable stickers. We use them on all of our products to label the dates. They wash off clean super easy. Makes keeping track of dates very easy. We buy them all of the time, that being said, have received rolls that seem to be defective. They won't stick to the containers.

- Chad F.

We highly recommend these tabs for anyone who is looking to keep track of things daily. We have Sunday through Saturday tabs and they make life so much easier.

- Jason O.

These are a great product! I love that they dissolve and they Are bright and durable. The roll makes them so much easier to use too!

- Tanner J.

Love these stickers! We label and re-label every single container we use, multiple times a day. They dissolve easily without much work to remove. Will keep reordering!

- Jason H.

These lables are great because i can label the day I buy or make something and when I'm done with it the label washes right off of the container. takes the guessing game out of it. There is also a spot you can write on as well


I love the size and fact that each day is a different color. It Helps to make inventory and accountability of production dates easy for the staff

- Andy S.

These dissolvable day of the week labels are super helpful in our kitchen!! Also nice to just be able to clean dishes without having to worry about peeling off stickers, recommended!!

- Christopher B.

These labels sure do make keeping safe food fresh a breeze! The bright color and easy to wash adhesive are great qualities of this product.. We will continue to order.

- Tyler K.

These labels are awesome! You don't have to peel the labels off before you wash the dishes; they just wash right off on their own! These also aid in keeping in line with health inspector regulations.

- Jon

These are great! Disolve in water just as they were designed to.

- Maher T.

These labels are great. They stick super well so they’re not falling off our containers but they also come off really easy so they don’t ruin our containers.

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