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Noble Products 3/4" and 1" Day of the Week Label Dispenser Carton

Item #: 322DAYDISPEC
  • Holds 3/4" or 1" wide labels
  • Cost-effective way to keep labels clean and organized
  • Integral part of an effective food rotation labeling system
  • 7 separate slots make it ideal for day of the week labels
  • Great for FIFO organization for optimal quality and food freshness

Organize and dispense up to seven 1" wide label rolls with this Noble Products dispenser carton! Perfect for your restaurant, catering business, kitchen, or deli, as well as your office or education facility, this dispenser keeps your labels organized and quickly accessible. Including seven separate slots, this dispenser is ideal for day of the week labels. The dispenser lists the corresponding days of the week for consistent organization and quick identification of the desired selection. You can also use it for "sell by", "use first", "use by", or even blank labels. This dispenser can accommodate 3/4" and 1" wide labels.

Add this dispenser to your complete food rotation labeling system to ensure First In, First Out (FIFO) organization for the highest quality food and minimal waste. This unit's design makes it easy to load the labels. Thanks to its disposable design, you can easily discard damaged or dirty cartons after use. Use this dispenser as a cost-effective way to protect your labels (sold separately) and quickly dispense them at your busy business!

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 9 1/4"
Width: 5 3/5"
Height: 3 1/6"


Product Reviews

- Travis F.

A simple box that does a nice job of keeping food labels organized and in one place. Helps save us room and allows us to always know where the labels are.

- James D.

Inexpensive, simple, perfect. This container ships flat and is very easy to assemble. I especially like how it makes the labels pop off the backing so they're easy to get without battling a streamer of backing in the kitchen. It holds 7 rolls with some room to spare. For the price, it's just right.

- Daniel D.

The best thing I can say about this dispenser is that once its set up, it does function for the most part. However, there are a number of issues with the product. Loading labels into it is a PAIN - it took me almost 1/2 hour to load 7 rolls of labels. There is no bar or mechanism inside to hold the rolls, so you have to thread them through and then set them down, and then sort of hold them all up and push them together when you close the box. Threading them through the three different holes they feed through is a pain. And no directions are included, so you have to figure out how to thread them through correctly - there is only one correct way, as if you feed them the wrong way, when you fold the box closed there is a panel on the top that won't let the box close if they're not feeding around the back and oer that panel. For the price it's a functional and working product, but I wish I had purchased the more expensive plastic dispenser.

- Russell H.

This is a great way to label your items in the cooler. the day label dispenser helps you not go past the expiration time

- Frederick F.

We purchased the day labels for dating our products at our custard parlor. The labels work very well and make it very easy to keep our products fresh.

- Juanell P.

Noble Products 3/4" and 1" Day Label Dispenser Carton holds your for day labels it's made of card board yet I know it will do what need to be done

- Jason H.

If you purchase the noble day of week labels this box makes organizing them much better. It easily holds all seven rolls and prevents all of the labels from getting ruined.

- Kase L.

We love Noble products label dispenser carton. Each label is color coded for each day of the week. We recommend. We gave 4 stars.

- Eric I.

Didn't last very long, it is made out of cardboard and after a few weeks of use started to tear in a couple of spots. Would work well for light use, but would recommend the metal/plastic version for heavy use.

- Shea-La G.

I bought this for the nobel 1 inch removable day of the week label rolls because i didn't buy a storage for them. It took a minute to set up and put the stickers through, but its cheap and it works great! glad i bought it

- Athenia P.

I bought these in order to organize my products. I thought it was just the holder and to my surprise it had the actual stickers and I was happy. The are easy to write on with any type of pen.

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