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Noble Products 2" x 2" Blank Dissolving Product Label with Dispenser Carton - 250/Roll

Item #: 322DB4800
  • Blank design leaves ample room for handwriting or printing custom labels
  • Ideal for FIFO organization of perishables
  • Versatile usage throughout your business
  • Easily dissolves in 30 seconds in commercial dishwasher or under running water
  • No sticky residue left behind

Use this blank Noble Products 2" x 2" dissolving label on your food pans, boxes, and storage containers to clearly identify the contents, use-by dates, or cooking instructions. This labels is great for First In, First Out (FIFO) organization of perishables at your restaurant, deli, or catering business! The blank surface provides ample space for handwriting or presenting opportunities to print custom labels. Furthermore, this versatile label can be used elsewhere in your business, including quick alterations to your menus, as well as labeling ingredient bins or sundae toppings.

This label easily dissolves in 30 seconds in a commercial dishwasher or under running water. Eliminate the hassle of peeling old or unreadable labels off of your containers, by using this dissolvable label. Plus, it won't leave behind a sticky layer residue!

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 2"
Width: 2"


Product Reviews

- Jeff B.

I absolutely love these for my kitchen. We used to use printed versions, but these allow you to write anything without having to worry space on the label.

- Joyce B.

These work pretty well but they don't come off as easily as I'd prefer. It actually takes a couple of trips through our dish machine.


These labels are great. I use them on canning jars for dressings we sell at the farmers market and at home. Washes off with ease and allow a clean resuse of the jars. Easy to write on with a perm marker.

- Stefan F.

I do a lot of meal preparation using individual plastic to go containers, so I need to label a lot of individual containers. These are the perfect size when I need to write a description of the product within. Lot of writing room. The fact it easily dissolves under hot water is the big sell. Stays put on containers especially those you freeze as well.

- Joshua U.

A necessary product in our business. We use these labels for all of our food products; dating and identification. inexpensive and good quality, I recromend this to anyone in food handling.

- Allissa V.

These labels are PERFECT for labeling canning bottles when using Tattler reusable lids. (since you can no longer write on your lids to label your food) You use a sharpie to write out your label and when bottle is empty it only took me 5 seconds of running water, 4 easy scrapes of my thumb nail, and another 5 sec of running water and a little rub and it was completely dissolved and gone!!

- Luciana T.

This is a great label that does wash off pretty easily. I usually use it to label my storage containers and they work well for that purpose.

- Marjorie C.

These labels do not stick at all, we have tried using them multiple times on plastic containers and we end up using scotch tape to hold them in place, Not good for a Restaurant at all! Waste of money!

- Don R.

Love these and the dissolve well when staff "forget" to take labels off before it goes through the dish washer. No more gummy stickers on the containers after they get washed.

- Mishel S.

This is the coolest thing ever! Labels stick nicely on containers and come off with such ease. Just rinse off with some wate and the label is completely gone! No sitcky residu, no mess. I absolutely love these labels!!!

- Ashley B.

These labels are amazing. They dissolve in water, so I don't have to sit and scrub them if I have something that is labeled. They are easy to write on.

- David B.

Our local Health Department requires these. they work exactly as advertised. They peel off easily or dissolved on one cycle in the dish machine and a quick scrub.

- Chad F.

These labels are decent and are easily dissolvable. They go on easily and come off easily which is what we need them for. We would buy again.

- Chris I.

I love dissolvable product labels. The only reason i didn't give 5 stars is i wish they sold larger ones that were affordable by the noble brand

- Katherine S.

Nice blank dissolving labels. These work very nicely, and dissolve with ease, which makes it very easy to temporarily store goods in tubs or containers and change them out. The only reason for the one less star, is I wish they made them in bigger sizes, but these still work great!

- Bistro L.

These are A decent size an the fact that they dissolve in water is cool. This are great for labeling products in your restaurant and the fact that they wash off is great

- Kase L.

Nice and strong labels for dating ! Easy to peel and use. Easy to write on. Sticks really well too. But, I felt the price could be better! 3 stars!

- Shinji U.

Great labels. Good size, to see clearly whats on the label. Dispensing box is great also. Soak for a short time and the label dissolves, like magic! Amazing!

- Yvette M.

These work perfectly as they are not too big for smaller containers. Sometimes I don't need a huge sticker to write all of the ingfo

- Mary C.

These are a good size for simple labeling needs and pretty good quality. They do what a sticker should do! Can't complain about anything. Would buy again.


These are by far the best washable food labels I have found. And much cheaper than most. They easily wash off once water touches them. Would most definitely recommend.

- Andrew M.

These are fantastic labels. I use these as a home cook to label leftovers, salad dressings, and sauces with date and day of the week. I also use them to label the date of last feeding for my sourdough starter. They dissolve perfectly in the dishwasher and leave no trace behind. The price here is great, and a package will last me a long time.

- Jamie P.

For the price, these are awesome! They come off very easy in warm water, and are easy to write on and see. Sometimes the dispenser (box) gets jammed, but it is an easy fix.

- Matthew M.

These are absolutely invaluable. I use them as a home chef (who's eyes are often bigger than his stomach) to keep track of dates on dishes that I make, especially things like mayo and homemade sauces and stocks.


I love these labels because they dissolve in water! They do tend to not stick so well to plastic food storage covers. They stick to the plastic food storage bins fine, but the lids are textured a bit and it doesn't stick as well. You can use permanent marker or pen to write on these. I think I would prefer a rectangle longer label than the square ones, but it works. Sometimes I cut the labels in half and get two labels! Yes!

- Levi K.

These labels will get the job done. They dissolve well in warm water. The reason I’m only giving them three stars is because they do not stick very well to begin with. If the surface has even the slightest coating of grease, they will fall off

- Jeramy L.

These labels work exactly as advertised. We've been using them for awhile now and really like them. They're a good size, stick well. They come off almost effortlessly in the wash. Sometimes it needs a light scrub with a bar towel. Excellent price compared to other brands. Great experience! I'd recommend these to anyone!

- Norman T.

There's nothing better than dissolving labels! I hate nothing more than grabbing a container that has five old labels on them. These particular labels work very well. I recommend them highly!

- Oh M.

Perfect for labeling things that get washed that you can't find the perfect label for! I use them to write flavors and manufacture dates on them for tubs of Italian ice.

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