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Noble Products 7-Slot Dispenser with 7 Dissolvable 1" Day of the Week Label Rolls

Item #: 322DDISPKIT
  • Complete set with dispenser and dissolvable labels; 1000 labels per roll
  • Quickly and easily dispenses day of the week labels
  • Labels are safe for septic and sewer systems
  • Durable, clear plastic dispenser protects labels from spills
  • Great for FIFO organization for quality food service and minimized waste

Provide your restaurant, bakery, or catering service with optimum organization and efficiency with this Noble Products 7-slot label dispenser kit! This kit comes complete with 7 separate rolls of dissolvable day-of-the-week labels - a roll for every day of the week. Each label has white space for writing and has the day written in three languages: English, French, and Spanish. Once put in the dishwasher or placed under hot or cold running water, these labels dissolve off the container. Safe for septic and sewer systems as well as microwave safe, these convenient labels are perfect for your food service establishment. This kit comes ready to use and is ideal for hosting your complete food rotation labeling system!

Be able to organize and dispense up to seven 1" wide label rolls (included) with this 7-slot 1" plastic label dispenser. Help keep your kitchen staff or other employees as organized as possible and ensure food safety with this dispenser! It's great for First In, First Out (FIFO) organization of perishables for high quality food and minimized waste.

The dispenser lists the corresponding days of the week for consistent organization and quick identification of the desired selection. After you run out of day of the week labels, you can also use this dispenser for sell by, use first, use by, or even blank labels. This dispenser can accommodate 3/4" and 1" wide labels. Thanks to its disposable design, you can easily discard damaged or dirty cartons after use. Use this dispenser as a cost-effective way to protect your labels and quickly dispense them at your busy business!

This Kit Includes:
(1) 7-Slot Label Dispenser
(1) Noble Products Sunday Dissolvable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case
(1) Noble Products Monday Dissolvable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case
(1) Noble Products Tuesday Dissolvable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case
(1) Noble Products Wednesday Dissolvable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case
(1) Noble Products Thursday Dissolvable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case
(1) Noble Products Friday Dissolvable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case
(1) Noble Products Saturday Dissolvable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 9 1/4"
Width: 5 3/5"
Height: 3 1/6"
Label Length: 1"
Label Width: 1"


Product Reviews

- Debbie L.

This is a must have for every kitchen. So nice to have them all in one place and with easy access. plus getting replacement stickers is a breeze.

- Chris B.

We purchased the dispenser for our day label system and it makes it easy for our employees to keep the rolls in one place and convenient. By allowing the stickers to be kept orderly by date our employees are using them for all products. Great price and quality.

- Cheryl B.

Makes keeping track of food use a breeze! These stickers apply well and they remove just as easy. Color coding is simple and easy to train new staff with.

- Charlie C.

Everyone in the food service business needs a dated sticker system. This one is nice and compact. It has every day of the week stickers and replacements that can be bought from WEBstaurant.

- Sergio A.


- City G.

They really do dissolve without much effort which is great for many applications, but not all. We find they don't hold up long when exposed to any moisture or in a humid cooler. For dry storage, they're great, washable labels.


Work okay. A lot of them tend to just fall off the rol lthey come on but otherwise they did the job. I got the removable day of the week labels on the next purchase instead.

- Anna N.

These sticker week labels are easy and simple to use. Here in our cafe we use these to mark off our ingredients, boxes, food, etc.. with the date of when it was made so we can keep track of its freshness/expiration.

- Nicholas T.

Love these labels! Easy to use, very helpful for quality control, color coded, easy to remove. Definitely will be reordering this product for our kitchen.

- Haley R.

These labels have cut down on our waste & tracking food freshness is now much easier for everyone. A necessity for any kitchen, great for pre-made items.

- Chad F.

This dispenser is Great for keeping the weekday tabs in order. We use this daily and it makes life so much easier. Highly recommend this for everyone.

- Chad B.

This item makes it fast, easy, and safe for the first in, first out approach. Labels stick on pretty much everything. Highly recommend this product!

- Russell H.

Seven slot if Spencer day of the week labels or a must-have for any restaurant, deli. Great way of knowing what day your product was open or what day it's going to expire. The health department looks for items like this when they come into our Deli for checks.

- David A.

I bought this set thinking that it would be easy to use but the cardboard box makes it kinds of hard to use with out ripping the box.

- Samantha N.

This must be a popular product bc it was out of stock and didn't come until almost a week or more after the other products. Looks convenient, but I haven't gotten around to use it yet

- Paul V.

So simple and yet I don't know where we would be without them! Good visual for employees to remember to date all food . And they stick good!

- Kate S.

Dots work well to label the back of our pastry signs with the date they were received. Enough room to write a date range. Box got beat up rather quickly, but that's because it's stored in a drawer that gets opened/closed/jostled/rooted through frequently. If you go through a lot of these, a sturdier holder would be a good investment.

- Donald W.

Very handy and very convenient food labeling stickers. Keeps your prep food totally organized by date made or date to sell by. Works well with the plastic label dispenser that can be purchased separately.

- Sandy W.

LOVE these labels. Easy on, easy off, colors are bright, text is clear. They are exactly what I wanted to keep on top of production dates.

- Joseph W.

We started with the disposable dispenser and have now switched to the other dispenser as it will hold up much better over time. If you are low volume this will work well.

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