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Noble Products 1" x 2" Permanent Food Rotation Label - 500/Roll

Item #: 322PFR1002
  • Helps promote proper food rotation practices
  • Blanks for Product, Date, Use By, Employee, and Manager ensure complete labeling
  • Durable, permanent adhesive
  • Black-and-white, sans serif design is easy to read
  • Supports FIFO organization for quality food service and minimized waste

Maintain health code standards and proper food rotation practices with the help of this Noble Products 1" x 2" permanent food rotation label. Keep your back-of-house areas as organized and efficient as possible with this label. It's perfect for use with a First In, First Out (FIFO) system of perishables to ensure proper food rotation practices, promote food safety, and help minimize food waste. It features blanks for Product, Date, Use By, Employee, and Manager in order to ensure complete labeling.

This label's durable, permanent adhesive sticks securely to most surfaces and allows for long-term use with back-of-house storage containers. The preprinted design saves your business time by eliminating the need to create a custom label from scratch every time. Plus, its black-and-white color and sans serif design makes it easy to read. This label makes it easier to maintain proper food rotation practices and conform with health codes at a variety of establishments, including independent restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, delis, coffee shops, buffets, and food trucks.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 2"
Width: 1"


Product Reviews

- Lucas P.

These labels are the perfect size, especially for restaurant operations. They are very easy to write on and place even on wet containers and super easy to remove. We will certainly continue to purchase! As usual, great price.

- Erica E.

Nice label that does what it says. The dimensions are listed on the product page, but they still seem smaller than expected. These are best for labeling smaller items.

- Mike M.

we use these dissolving product labels for labeling everything we put in storage containers, very good that it dissolves when the container is washed and you don't have to worry about peeling off label

- Eric K.

These are nice labels for simple daily tasks! Easy to use and easy to see! We use them to label to go lunches! You dont have to worry about removing them to place a new label on, They Dissolve!!!!!

- Randall H.

keeping up with daily labels is a very important step when insuring food safety. and this easy to use and read product label has helped us for sure.

- Anne O.

These are so useful! We normally use masking tape to mark containers and I HATE the gunk left behind on containers. With these, there is no gunk.

- Joseph H.

Nice labels, an upgrade from the masking tape we've used for years. You really can use anything to write on them with, and the dissolving feature works great too. My only complaint is the need some type of dispensing system, as the roll unravels when sitting on the counter. Even if they came in a cardboard box. Will buy again

- Cheryl T.

Very satisfied with this product. Perfect for keeping track of inventory and freshness of products. perfect size for any size container. Dissolves easily when hand washing or using dishwasher to clean containers. The dispenser is also handy and easy to use. Fair price and great quality.

- Fernando B.

These product labels have helped our cooks, waitress, busboys become accustomed with where things must be placed at. Also there are no more confusions being made

- Patrick J.

Great price for these! Dissolve with no problems. We use these in place of the day stickers and just write on the date for rotation. Will order again.

- Joseph B.

i dont like these because they dont stick good .they fall off and then you dont know what you have or how old it is ..

- Angie A.

We use these labels often. I like the fact that they dissolve easily when you wash them and they don't leave a sticky residue on the containers.

- Tom K.

These are very good generic expiration dissolvable stickers for a good price. I highly recommend these!


These labels work to accomplish what we are trying to do with labeling food with expiration dates, however the lines are a little to small

- Nathan A.

we operate a coffee/ bagle with all food service the health dept wants lables this has made everybody happy the employees love ease of use

- Michelle S.

Functional and informative labels that do the job. They come in a convenient roll too so that makes them easy to use. Good value as well.

- Andrea H.

These labels are so great! They make sure everyone is accountable at our restaurant since they have to fill so much out and they are simple to understand. They also are easy to remove from products unlike other labels.

- David S.

These are perfect to date meats and cheeses for board of heath requirements. They was off the containers very easily without leaving residue. Great price and fast delivery.


The Noble products 1” x 2” dissolvable product label with dispenser carton 500 roll does as described. I will re-order again the next time needed.

- Kristin A.

Just purchased these labels and have been happy with them thus far. Have noticed that at times they do not want to stick to lids if the lids are cold. I wish they were a little bigger so that is could be written on a little more easier.

- Jeannie A.

Run these labels under hot water and they peel right off. They are great for labeling our containers, desserts, literally everything in the kitchen. The label will go in the dishwasher on the item and when the item comes out of the dishwasher there is no's magic

- Jack V.

Love these, no residue left after removal, no run or smear with writing, makes it easy to identify contents and who placed them when, and they come right off every time with either washer or by hand washing.

- Michael E.

Very nice label at a very reasonable price. Helps us meet all the local requirement of the health department. Sticks well to our containers and easy to remove.

- Jacqueline D.

These are a must-have item for my store! I love the dissolvable labels, as they are easy to remove from our containers when washing and do not leave any residue. They come in a dispenser carton, which I have never been able to use in my store -- the employees seem to rip it apart and then the labels don't last. I simply remove the roll from the carton and leave them on top of a shelf to protect them.

- Adam S.

Really small. Most labels are easy to wright on these however are not so much. Don't get me wrong they work but they are just really small.

- Eun J.

These are great for labeling foods and juices and abiding by health code standards. Surprisingly durable and dissolvable. easy to write on and easy dispenser.

- Bill P.

great pricing

- Amber L.

A necessity in any business is labeling your products after preparation or for storage, these labels are easy to see and write on. An added bonus of self sticking dissolvable glue for easy application and removal makes these labels a better option for your business.

- Ryan R.

These are just what I needed! I got tired of trying to peel off the sticky glue on the sticker type labels. These just was right off. Be careful not to get them wet though because they don't take much to dissolve.

- Patricia H.

We really like these new labels. They are a little smaller than we had been using, but they remove easily and there is still room to write what we need to on them.

- Melanie K.

These labels are great . we were constantly having to scrape off labels from our lids but with these you just put the leave it in the sink and wash it in the label is completely gone .

- Joyce V.

I would highly recommend these labels. They dissolve easily and quickly just like described. I use these almost every day, and they are easy to write on.

- Jeff B.

Great for labeling pans. 1/2 the cost of other dissolvable products. Labels remove very easily with little to no scrubing. No sticky residue left on pans.

- Joseph G.

These labels are just ok,They don't totally dissolve in water when washed.You have to scrap off the extra paper.Also they don't stick as well as other labels.

- Travis W.

These are great. I much prefer these to the classic day label. What is that mixture in that mixing bowl? Oh, it's streusel topping. The beauty of these labels is that they give you the ability to write exactly what the product is rather than leaving it up for guesswork.

- Pizza F.

This is a great product. We use a ton of these! They hold up well, stick to the containers well, and dissolve in water quickly and easily.

- Amro K.

We switched from the 2x4 " removable " labels because they left residue and to the "dissolvable"labels . They are ok. not much adhesive and sometimes like to fall off . Be careful with them incase your health inspector is picky.

- Russell H.

We label many items in our restaurant from food to supplies. What we like about these particular labels is how easily and completely they can be removed from the containers they are placed on. A little hot water from the tap and it comes right off. No muss, no fuss!

- By:Milton L.

The labels intent was for us to use on our prepackage bags which are vacuum sealed. We discovered it doesn't stick very well to plastic bags only on containers. very little refrigeration or cold or moist environment label wont stick as intended. we don't recommend use on vacuum sealed bags

- Delaine S.

Love the ease of removal of these labels. No more scraping or scratching off the old labels. They just rinse right off. The only complaint is if they get moisture on them they can become difficult to read.

- Kate H.

These little guys are essential to our business! We use them to label all kinds of foods, sauces, and beverages on my coffee truck. They melt away cleanly and never leave a residue on the item you're trying to clean.

- Carey W.

These labels are great for keeping track of use-by dates. They stick well and dissolve easily. No one likes sticky residue and these come clean without issue. Please note two things. They are small (1 x 2 is not a large area) and although they come with a "dispenser carton", it is really just a cardboard box which just barely contains them. Overall, for the price - this is a good deal.

- Anita S.

If you run a restaurant these are an absolute must have. They wash right off no hard scrubbing or picking at it for ever anymore!

- Hung L.

These are really helpful because you wouldn't need to make your own and write it, these are already labeled for you and all you need is to write the date of when you made it, when it expire, and who made it, what it is. Very helpful.

- Cristel N.

We love this labels, they are easy to remove and easy to use. We are a busy restaurant and this dissolvable labels save us a lot time every that we have to watch dishes.

- Jasmine M.

We stopped ordering these and turned to just regular masking tape. The labels were too flimsy and did not stick to the product well enough.

- Carla H.

These are GREAT! Once on, you never have to worry about taking them off, they fall off or dissolve if you forget. They stick really well.

- Meghan B.

The only problem that we have with these is that the person who bought them (me) didn't realize that 1x2 was quite small so we sometimes use two. But other than a little "user error" problem, the stick and come off great!

- Heather R.

These labels have worked well for our little business. We have 30+ items that are prepped daily and the labels are the perfect item to mark the date and the name of the person doing the work. I left off one star because although they wash off pretty easily after a soak or having water run over them for a few moments and wiping them off, it seems like they could come off a little faster. However, the price is right and the product serves the need. I have already re-purchased multiple times.

- Wendy Z.

very convenient nice not to have to scrape it off the containers every time you use it. much better than masking tape. will continue to reorder

- Casandra B.

I ordered these "dissolvable" labels for our reusable dishes. They do not dissolve that easily. They are just ok. I probably won't reorder. Just ok

- Dave L.

A great product label that is easy to write on and even more easier to clean off of storage bins when they need to be changed.

- Marc B.

We switched to the Noble labels after we were unhappy with the day dot guns- These wash of pans easily, leaving no residue behind. They prompt the team members to properly label the item, thanks to having what information they need to fill in already on the label. My food prep team prefers using these to any other products we have tried. The price doesn't break the bank, so we can order many at once.

- Jessica F.

These labels are really easy to write on. make sure to stick them to a dry surface or they will not stick at all. Dissolves when you wash them.

- Mike B.

At local restaurant supply stores this type of label is a little pricey. These work just as well and wash off quite easily just as advertised

- Donna P.

Labels serve the purpose for which they are intended. If surface is not completely dry, the label will not stick. Writing space is very limited due to tiny lines. Labels come off in the water, but do not totally dissolve.

- Karma B.

We use a lot of milk products and bases, so these are wonderful for marking dates and contents. And, yes, the really do dissolve in water. The only thing to watch for is when wiping down a container with this type of label on it, it's easy to damage the label from the water. Otherwise, sticks to containers just fine.

- Jeremy D.

Works good for us. Saves space since we don't have to have a huge dispenser. Easy to write on, sticks good enough, let it soak a min or two and it comes right off.

- James Z.

These labels are small, don't stick well and are expensive for how many you get. There are better products out there. They do dissolve, but they don't hold well in the freezer.

- Antony S.

these stickers are a must get for you just to keep everything organized and clean, especially if you work in a kitchen to keep your things up to date and organized.

- Carla L.

These labels come in handy for marking new products upon receiving. It is also a nice feature that they are water soluble and dissolve during washing.

- Suzana S.

We went through a lot of labels before we found these. We are a scratch kitchen so properly labeling our prep is important. These do dissolve with no residue left on the container. Only issue is if you freeze or it gets wet before its end date then we have to re label. Although they are on the smaller side for the price they work great. We did use the larger ones but for the price difference it wasn't worth it. We tried out many labels before these and we are now set.

- Melinda S.

we use these labels on all our prepared items on our wiener wagon. they are easy to write on and come off easy when we wash our dishes.

- Megan B.

Order labels to use at our coffee house. Labels are made of high quality and has nice dispensor carton. These labels meet requirements for the health department.

- Mahesh H.

They are good and serve a purpose. They could be a bit bigger the size makes it very hard to read. But they still serve t he purpose.

- Kayla B.

We needed a label that was easy to get off of our dishes and found these. Now it’s as simple as washing the label off instead of picking it off!

- Zachary S.

Understand that these labels are much smaller than the typical labels most kitchens use. They are about half the size of traditional Cambro labels. We use these for fresh baked products and dressing bottles. I would not recommend them as food labels for prep items just because they are so small and in a rush the kitchen needs to find the right product quickly. We will continue to buy these as they serve well for products not meant to last more than a day.

- Greg M.

These labels work perfectly. They are small, easy to write on, and dissolve much better than the other ones I’ve tried. We had issues with sticker residue being difficult to remove in the past. Not an issue with these. Will definitely be reordering again.

- Joshua C.

These are great dissolvable labels and are perfect for bar store and pours with prepped juices and mixes. One run through the dishwasher and they come right off with ease.

- Jason I.

They will wash off, so long as you're washing soon. Not a rinse-off item - they do take a bit of scrubbing, especially if they were ever frozen - but overall a good option for budget-friendly labels. A step up from using masking tape!

- Ever G.

Perfectly sized labels with lines and space to write down all the essentials. Labels come off easily after a soak or a run through the dish machine.

- Sean A.

These labels are super easy to remove with just hot water! No lasting effects of sticky adhesive residue on our food storage containers. Highly recommended!

- Daddy D.

These labels work great and encourage great kitchen habits (proper labeling, proper rotation, employee accountability). They dissolve easily and are well worth the money! Webstaurant is the best place to get these things!

- Sarah A.

We use these labels a LOT, boxes each week, they work very well, stick enough to hold and can take writing from most utensils, the best plus of them is also the greatest drawback, they are very, very, VERY dissolvable, you will never be fighting to scrub them off afterwards but be careful not to get them wet!


The dispenser makes this easy to store and use anywhere. The labels are a little smaller than some comparable labels, however there is sufficient space to write all that is needed. The best part is that these are literally a fraction of the cost!

- Jessica K.

We like these product labels - they work are advertised. They are a good size, easy to apply, and dissolvable. Would recommend and buy these labels again.

- Kathryn V.

These are wonderful because truly with a spray of water they fall right off the item the label is attached to. The price point is also very nice.

- Trinhity H.

Easy to wash off when it’s on the product. We use this to label all of our item. Just be careful before writing bc if your hand is wet it’ll get ruined.

- Samantha K.

These stickers are wonderful for date labeling containers. They stay on when you need them to and come off easily when it comes time to wash them off.

- Dallas S.

Maybe it's a matter of the stickers being dissolvable, but they are not very stick and regularly come off if brushed against or rubbed with another container.

- Cameron G.

Very easy to use day labels. These are clearly marked and they come off very easy when washed in a 3 compartment sink. They stick on any kind of container with ease.

- Andrew B.

These labels work great and clean up. They allow you to keep an eye on how well your employees are rotating stock. Really a must buy.

- Donald W.

These are great food labels. They do exactly what we need them to do and they wash off and dissolve when we are done with them. We use so many of them every single day it's nice to be able to save some money by buying them through WebstaurantStore.

- Eric I.

These are really nice dissolving labels. We also use the blank labels, but this is nice so everyone remembers all the information they need to put on the label.

- Carlene G.

very good product and a very competitive price. The labels pull out of the box one at a time for easy dispensing.They disolve quickly in water.

- Danielle A.

These dissolvable product labels are fantastic! You do not have to scrub them at all, as they just come off automatically in the wash. We will never go back to the non-dissolvable ones!

- Jon

These are great! Disolve in water just as they were designed to.

- Keith S.

These labels are really great. Ink dries on them almost instantly so no smearing when you're doing a lot of labels. They dissolve pretty easily and leave no residue. I do wish they wouldn't have wasted 25% of the label on their logo, though. Otherwise, I'd have given it 5 stars.

- Noah L.

These dissolvable labels make refrigerator and freezer organization a snap! They stick well and do not come off once attached. I recommend attaching to a room temperature item. Condensation on your container impedes the adhesive. This is exacerbated at freezing temperatures! Put sticker on, then freeze. When it comes time to wash, these labels disappear almost immediately upon hitting warm water!

- Joe C.

These dissolving labels are great, they make it really easy to label and date food items. Come off with little effort so it’s easy to change them when we need to. The employee initial spot help with accountability. I recommend this product.

- Jyll Q.

Love these labels! They wash of well and dissolve in the water. They are very useful in the kitchen to label jars and containers. Easy to write on!

- Thaime N.

The Dissolvable Product Labels are perfect for food storage. The label peels off very easily and does not leave behind a residue on the container that it is placed, the roll comes with a lot of labels and they last a while. We definitely recommend this label!

- Tom S.

We were very satisfied by these when we purchased them in January, but in the past few months they have progressively gotten less and less sticky. They are now completely unusable and we cant get them to stick to anything. If you can use them in a few months they will work for you- but if you can't they'll quickly become more than useless.

- Erin M.

I'm not a huge fan of these. Are they dissolvable? Yes. Are they good quality? Not in my opinion. I used a permanent marker on them & with some condensation, the marker ran all over and the labels were a soggy mess. I was super disappointed & will not be ordering them again.

- Adam B.

Wash off and dissolve solving the problem of sticker over sticker in a kitchen. I love these things and will definitely be re-ordering when needed.

- Chris H.

Absolutely do NOT stick to anything we have tried! Not sure if these were "old stock" but based on other reviews we have seen, these just aren't a quality product. Do yourself a favor a look at the "normal" labels, as the tradeoff for being "disolveable" makes these unusable...

- Roman H.

definitely a must have if you need to label all items in the walk in to have confidence in your foods shelf life! easy to write on .

- Jimmy W.

These dissolvable labels are great. I have written on them with a regular ball point pen and a sharpie. They dissolve quickly while being hand washed and do not leave any residue on stainless or plastic dishes.

- Oh M.

Great for the price! It's just sometimes hard to write the product name because the top of the label is printed narrower. The logo on the bottom should be smaller, so we can write on them better.

- Guy W.


We love to be organized and you must label your food to know when it was made. What it is or what the container contains. Who made the batch, etc. Helps our staff be responsible and these labels are easy to write on.

- Rachel S.

water dissolvable and convenient. you want these for labeling. i swear by them/

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