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Noble Products 2" x 4" Permanent Green Universal Day of the Week Label - 500/Roll

Item #: 322PL4002
  • Universal design allows for use on any day of the week
  • Space for day label and blanks for Item, Shelf Life, Use By, Employee, and Manager ensure complete labeling
  • Durable, permanent adhesive
  • Green, sans serif design is easy to read
  • Supports FIFO organization for quality food service and minimized waste

Maintain health code standards and proper food rotation practices with the help of this Noble Products 2" x 4" permanent green universal day of the week label. Keep your back-of-house areas as organized and efficient as possible with this label. It's perfect for use with a First In, First Out (FIFO) system of perishables to ensure proper food rotation practices, promote food safety, and help minimize food waste. This label's universal design allows it to be used on any day of the week. It features a space for a day of the week sticker and blanks for Item, Shelf Life, Use By, Employee, and Manager in order to ensure complete labeling.

This label's durable, permanent adhesive sticks securely to most surfaces and allows for long-term use with back-of-house storage containers. The preprinted design saves your business time by eliminating the need to create a custom label from scratch every time. Plus, its green color and sans serif design makes it easy to read. This label makes it easier to maintain proper food rotation practices and conform with health codes at a variety of establishments, including independent restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, delis, coffee shops, buffets, and food trucks.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 4"
Width: 2"


Product Reviews

- Randall H.

we all know how important proper date and labels are, and the biggest problem ive faced in this bizz is the lables that say washable, and clearly are not....these really are removed after wash great buy!

- Shelah M.

Great date labels are a must for kitchen prep work. They are easy to write on, doesn't smudge and a breeze to remove the labels

- Jean B.

Good size to write on. Sometimes hard to have a pen catch on if greasy. Also sometimes harder to remove than I would have liked.

- STARTER's -.

Great quality label , easily removable but only when you want it to be, does not come off during use in the walkin's or freezer , great value for money

- David D.

These stickers are the trick. They are easy to use and if you use the right pen, the ink will stay and will clearly read what it says.

- Scott S.

My staff was quite surprised by these labels and their durability. For the price you just can't beat the quality of the labels anywhere else.

- Joyce B.

decent stickers that are pretty easy to remove. very economical but my staff still don't take the time to record all the info that they should.

- Nee H.

theyre priced affordable and does the job but they do not always come off as easily as we like. they sometimes leave behind some sticky film that it harder to take off than usual

- Dan C.

These labels are a must for any food service business. Our inspectors love that we use them. It makes it so easy to identify products and when they need to be used or further processed. The labels peel off when dry very easily. Not so much when damp, but a nonabrasive scrubbing pad and a little soap and water and they'er gone.

- Rushabh P.

For a restaurant, these are probably not the best labels to use , they are removable, but they also don't stick as well as they should. We are going to stick to the dis solvable kind instead.

- Dave M.

Great product for the price, easy to read and the best part they stick, no need to use an expensive sticker. these guys do the trick.

- Nicholas Q.

these Nobel 2"x4" labels are good, they have plenty of space to write the important product information on, and can be removed without much elbow grease.

- David B.

Nice size label but they really aren't removable. They don't come completely off leaving paper and adhesive to build up on outside of containers. Great value but don't work as advertised.

- Corissa R.

The price on these is fantastic, I would order them in bulk to make it worth the shipping. Makes it easy on the staff and we are always in step with the health code.

- Zhong T.

Nice stickers, right size and price, but it requires another day of the week stickers. So we need to do 2 stickers on one product.

- Hana W.

These labels are large and easy to write one. Compare to the other ones, these ones are thicker and easy to remove. Color is so vibrant and easy to see.

- Marcus S.

These are easy to wash off, but partly because they don't stick really well to begin with. If there's any moisture, heat, or cold, they seem to peel off on there own.

- Amro K.

We switched To the the 1x2 " Dissolvable " labels because they left residue They are ok. too much adhesive and Be careful with them incase your health inspector is picky.

- Haras S.

These are phenomenal! The price is amazing, the quality is great. Before our vendor was price gouging us, we were paying almost 3x the price of this.

- Joan R.

It is hard to believe that a product really exists that will enable the label to stick firmly on the container, but then it is not extremely difficult to remove when you need to. This product does exactly that. It is a must-have for code dating food leftovers.

- Tia H.

These labels are large and are easy to write on. They do not stick well to cold items and are not easy to wash off. They must be scrubbed off.

- Arlene M.

Very handy labels. We are fairly new to the restaurant industry and this system makes keeping stock in compliance very easy. They go on easily and remove with ease as well.

- Eva D.

Some of the best labels. They do not stick and can be removed easily to wash containers. We have tried other labels but keep coming back to these.

- Juanell P.

These Noble Products 2" x 4" Removable Product Day Label - 500/Roll Are very handy for keeping track of what's in your containers food bags

- Penny B.

the tags work great with plastic lids freezer paper everything washers off easy as well. good size to write all the info you need to put on package or container.

- Janice J.

This label is a good size. It is a little difficult to remove. The longer the label is on the item the more peeling you have to do. Disappointed but would still buy again

- Samantha N.

Love this product. Easy to use and easy to read. I like the big words and you also get many in 1 roll. Cheap as well

- Samuel S.

Before I was using tags that were hand made and would easily rub off. It was a constant struggle to keep our products in order. Since this is removable and has the sections I am able to serve our restaurant better.

- Mustafa T.

Removable product day label is a must in all kitchens and unfortunately this product is not being removed easily and add an extra work to clean where the label is put


these are not water proof but they stay on for a pretty long time. the 4 inch width makes it great for writing more info on the label. the only down side for most people would be the difficulty to remove it after a while. the glue holds on even after the paper is washed off

- Laura O.

I liked the size of these labels, but prefer the dissolvable ones. We have so much sticky residue left on our reusable containers. Definitely peel off before sending to dish washer.

- Corey C.

The stickers are perfect for labeling prep products and keeping your kitchen organized! They have a space for all the information you could need to record!

- Troy L.

These label are great. They stick very well to the stainless pans, but they are also easy to remove and do not leave any residue

- Brian B.

These labels make it very easy to label your products and keep track of the date that they were pulled. Very easy to apply and write on. Would buy again.

- Brandon S.

I really love these labels! They are super professional and have everything I need to know for my food. Helps us keep things organized and sticks well even in cold conditions.

- William A.

This is a shockingly pathetic product. These labels are NOT REMOVABLE AT ALL. Holy cow. They leave an absolutely awful sticky residue on every surface we used them on. This glue does NOT wash off. The only solution is to throw away your containers or soak them in gallons of Goo Gone to try to remove the mess. DO NOT BUY. I repeat, DO NOT BUY! I have purchased many, many items on this website and almost always have had a good experience. Unfortunately, this was not one of them. I am currently in the process of trying to get a full refund - we will see how that turns out.

- Samantha/Kevin M.

Our restaurant loves these and so does the health department. They are easy to clean off in water and doesn't always leave the sticky residue, and even when it does, it is easy to clean off with a stainless steel scrubber.

- Zachary S.

A great product but understand these are "Removable" not "Dissolvable". There is a big difference. We use these for products that are wrapped in food wrap and try not to use them on actual containers. Remember they do not dissolve and if your dishwasher tries to dissolve them in the dish machine he will have a hard time as the hot temperature really makes the glue stick something fierce. Again Removable not Dissolvable. We will keep buying these as we need them.

- Nick C.

This is a good size with plenty of room for an item description, date, use by date. They easily remove without leaving any tacky residue.

- Cuong H.

These removable product day labels from Noble Products are a great size and allow us to to label our products with enough information needed to pass health inspections. There is a space for the name of the item, shelf life, use by date, and a place for an employee and manager to sign off. There's also a section to add a Day sticker but I find no need for that.

- Fabio P.

This is product that does what it is supposed to do. Works just fine. It has all the information you need, sticks perfectly and it is easy to remove. I recommend it.

- Jason F.

This label does not come off. Before i bought 4 rolls of these labels all of my dishes were without residue. Now all my dishes that get a label have gross label residue marks. I would not recommend buying these if you are going to remove them.

- Jenavies

- Dabir A.

Good price and great quality, easy to peel off with out damaging pans, all sections are describe extremely good, Also health inspector like those Great for Fifo

- Danielle A.

We use these day labels on everything in our fridge, freezers, and pantry! We go through about a roll every two weeks and have complaints yet!

- Antonio T.

This product allows you to specify your item, it’s shelf life, and the time your product need to be used by. Very simple, but extremely useful

- Liliana P.

Nice labels easy to use. The employees feel more comfortable using this labels the really stick to the containers good quality and easy to use.

- Meagan P.

Great product to help keep the kitchens organized and products labeled. Easy to write on and sticks to any surface without falling off, even with time.

- Howard G.

Not that easy to come off. Next time we go the easy off labels These stay on for a while. you can start to get them off, but most of the time we cross them off and put on a new one.

- Matthew W.

They are not removable in the sense that they completely come off. They always leave a residue. Very unhappy with this product.

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