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Noble Products Elevated 7-Slot Dispenser with 7 Removable 1" Day of the Week Label Rolls

Item #: 322RDISPKIT2
  • Complete set with dispenser and removable labels; 1000 labels per roll
  • Elevated design for easy dispensing and label rotation
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Convenient shape and size to fit on counters and work tables
  • Great for FIFO organization for quality food service and minimized waste
  • For optimal and easy removal, avoid getting the label wet. It works best to remove it in dry conditions

Elevate your complete food rotation labeling system with Noble Products 7-slot label dispenser kit! This kit provides your restaurant, bakery, or catering service with optimum organization and efficiency. Equipped with 7 separate rolls of removable day-of-the-week labels, you have a roll for every day of the week. Each label has white space for writing, and has the day written in three languages, English, French, and Spanish. Best of all since the label is preprinted with the day of the week, this saves your staff time writing out the label. This label is the perfect addition to your labeling process so you can create a system helping your establishment conform to health code standards. Afterwards, this label's convenient, removable adhesive backing easily pulls off surfaces without leaving a sticky residue behind, unless it becomes wet, so you don't have to worry about it building up in your drains as well.

You can organize and dispense up to seven 1" wide label rolls (included) with this 7-slot 1" plastic label dispenser. Help keep your kitchen staff or other employees as organized as possible and ensure food safety with this dispenser! It's great for First In, First Out (FIFO) organization of perishables for high quality food and minimized waste. With this unit, hold and quickly dispense labels for your complete food rotation labeling system.

Its design lets you see what labels are stored in each row, and it keeps labels protected from water, spills, and other liquids that may be on the counter top. Complete with a lifetime guarantee, this dispenser will always be in top operating condition!

Kit Includes:
(1) 7-Slot Label Dispenser
(1) Noble Products Sunday Removable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case
(1) Noble Products Monday Removable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case
(1) Noble Products Tuesday Removable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case
(1) Noble Products Wednesday Removable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case
(1) Noble Products Thursday Removable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case
(1) Noble Products Friday Removable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case
(1) Noble Products Saturday Removable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 9 1/4"
Width: 5 3/5"
Height: 3 1/6"
Label Diameter: 1"


Product Reviews

- Holli C.

These stickers make labeling food easy and the dispenser keeps them all together in one place. They stick well, but come off without leaving a sticky residue.. PERFECT

- Michelle D.

Great quality and VERY convenient! I love how the day labels "pop up" when you wrap the papers around the metal spools. It makes it easy to grab a sticker when you only have one hand free.

- Dustin P.

Well worth the money. Every kitchen should have these (home kitchens alike). Easy to read and write on, the color codes leave little room for error knowing how long a product has been stored and keeps the FIFO system moving smoothly.

- Danielle R.

good quality dispenser to use for the dots and durable when it occasionally falls off the counter! Noble product day dots work great for daily use.


We purchased this day label system in replace of another one because it was less expensive. The quality of this dispenser is just as good if not better

- Bobbie W.

Excellent product for the price. Very sturdy and durable. Perfect for storing date sticker used daily for labeling products. Not too large, and sits easily on any shelf.

- Ali A.

They work as intended.

- Tracy L.

This dispenser is great for helping my team keep up on their proper rotation. The stickers easily peel off of containers without leaving residue behind. Would recommend.

- Ronald B.

Works perfect in prep area. No longer have to look for roll of stickers. Each day of week a different sticker with the handy case a huge improvement for proper labeling of product

- Stephanie W.

Perfect for labeling our food containers and makes it easy to identify. Saves on clean up and we don't have to worry about scrubbing with it's dissolving capabilities when being washed.

- Leah W.

Love this little dispenser, makes it to so simple to keep the various types of labels organized and neat. Also makes it pretty obvious when you are about to run out of a specific type.

- Jason B.

These stickers are very expensive but also work very well. If you have products that need labeling for fifo reasons these are the top of the line.

- Susanne K.

WOW. A great 1" dispenser of day labels. I like everything that noble makes, they really know how to make a great working day label system.

- Valorie V.

Great product. I like have the dispenser for the day labels. It makes it much easier to keep up with them and we don't waste any this way. The dissolvable labels wash right off containers.

- George L.

This dispenser keeps the labels very nice and organized. Looks great and professional. The health department loves them. Would highly recommend. Great price on here

- Sara G.

Perfection when it comes to a heavy duty day sticker holder. Plus it comes with every day of the week. what else could you ask for.

- Russell H.

no this is a nice product. very well made and worth the money. will make food inspector happy to see this and in use. great price.

- Ida M.

These labels work great. There is plenty of room to write on them, the colors are clear as are the days of the week, and best of all they stick to the container but are easily removed.

- Kristy P.

These are great to keep up with food dates and will keep the health inspector off your back. We know when our products were made and what to use first with these stickers.

- Diana T.

I absolutely love these stickers! They cine very handy in my coffee shop. With them, it's easy to see which product needs to be used first to prevent the expiration dates

- Damira T.

Love these because it reminds me of my products expire date and I use different colors for different colors like veg is green and meat is red and so on

- Jennifer B.

This product works well for my business needs. it is solidly built and looks nice. The one thing I would change is to take the writing off the bottom part of the label - with the day on the top and the logo on the bottom, it leaves little room for writing.

- Stephanie I.

These are great for labeling & dating food ! I gave 4 stars because sometimes these give me trouble when trying to stick it onto cold containers! Otherwise it's a great way to keep track of the expiration of food!

- Mark C.

These Noble Day of the week labels are perfect for organizing all our daily made products and keep within our standards of freshness. Easy to use, store and cost effective to refill. Non messy even if washed to remove.

- Kyle K.

Who doesn't need Day of the Week labels or Day label? These are easy to read and the 7 slot dispenser is a very high quality piece.

- David A.

The stand is built pretty well its plastic which if you read the description it would tell you that it is but if you picture shop like I do some times it looks like metal. Overall I'm happy with it.

- Jennifer B.

We use this everyday in our business and have never had any problems with it and keeps the stickers all together and in one place.

- Debbie B.

This product is as described, easy to use and holds up well. Sometimes can be a little difficult to remove if moisture had gotten on it.

- Christa G.

These day labels do the job for keeping track of items and knowing which need to be used first. I thought I was ordering disposable day labels which I prefer because I'm just use to throwing the items in the soapy water. When these get wet they turn to glue and you have to scrape them off and possibly use goo gone to get the sticky off sometimes. Otherwise they are fine for their purpose.

- Dave L.

The dispenser and labels do their job for us every day of the week. Our previous dispenser (different brand) was constantly messing up on us. No problems at all with this one.


This product is exactly what the food inspectors are asking for. It has every day of the week with enough space for your notes. Every day has its own color so you can recognize your items faster. The dispenser is refillable y the price is great.

- Michael M.

This has helped FIFO for my store. easy to use, durable base. have not had to buy any replacements rolls of stickers yet but so far so good with this one.

- JIM W.

This day of the week dispenser is better quality than we had imagined, especially for the money we paid. We would recommend it to anyone.

- Candy M.

Use these daily. Have used them for a year so far. Haven't bought refill yet. Worth every penny, easy to use . Works great. Will need a refill soon!! :)

- Timothy P.

A must have for any restaurant. Great indicator when something needs to be thrown out or used before then. Plus the price can't be beat. Looked at this exact thing at a wholesale store near us and it was over double the price! So getting it here was the best choice!

- Brian M.

Love these stickers, they are easy to clean off and sticks well to many different surfaces. Would definitely keep buying these at a great price!

- John M.

Love this product. Helps my employees keep date stamps on all our product. Have to scrub a little to get them off, unless you let them soak. But this shouldn't deter you from purchasing these.

- Priti N.

This dispenser is great for keeping your food labels organized. Easy to store and use. We keep it on our prep table to label veggies, meats etc.

- Amanda K.

Good dispenser, wish the plastic was a little more clean-able though. Maybe if it was made of metal it could be wiped down, but the only way to clean it thoroughly as it is, you have to take all the rolls off and soak it, which is just a bit of a pain.

- Frank R.

This stickers have been great for use on our fresh squeezed bar juices! I wish the area to write was just a tiny bit bigger so that we could more easily write the date AND description of what juice is inside (lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, etc). They are easily removed from glass, metal and plastic bottles with no sticky residue.

- Todd T.

This label dispenser is easy to use, economical and makes my Department of Health inspector and my kitchen staff happy! This was well worth the purchase.

- Michael P.

A necessary tool in every professional kitchen, these day labels are easy to remove by hand, or by washing in the machine! They're simple and small with very limited space for writing information, but perfect when just the day label is needed. Easy to see for good product rotation.

- Boris B.

True to pictures. Easy to assemble. Day stamp stickers are easy to use with the dispenser. Easy to load in dispenser and area to write the date on labels.

- Jorge A.

We use these everyday for all sorts of food we prepare, desserts, fresh cut up produce. Have not been happier with the quality and price!

- Jamil Z.

I love the stickers, as it makes it much easier to see what day an item is expiring. There is enough space to write on them as well. The only negative is that the dispenser is a bit flimsy. Other than that, an excellent product.

- Robert D.

Great way to keep day dots clean and organized. Prior to buying this we had our day dots hanging from a rod on a shelf. Helps to add a bit more professionalism to our kitchen.

- Ethan M.

This dispenser is fantastic! Was previously using the same style day of the week label rolls hung on a bungee string, and it was a constant battle to keep the rolls tidy and raveled. This dispenser makes tidying up so easy, I'm kicking myself for not trying it years ago. Very easy to replace the rolls.

- Muhammed Y.

Noble Products Elevated 7-Slot Dispenser with 7 Removable 1" Day of the Week Label Rolls is very good quality product. Thank you so much for fast shipping.

- Lirije A.

I really like it how easy it is to label them by dates now none of my employees have trouble of labeling correctly! Love them!

- Jenavies

- Jeffrey G.

Very nice holder dispenser for date labels. The different colors make it easy to know what's good and what to toss and the dispenser itself is very sturdy. Not to mention health inspectors love to see this and in use

- Joseph W.

This dispenser holds up well to high volume stores and continued use. Day dots work great on everything except squeeze bottles they seem to fall off.

- Christopher M.

Noble dispenser for day date sticker rolls. The container has 7 slots for the sticker rolls to be divided and easy to obtain daily food stickers.

- Danny

Great set to have around. It easily dispenses the sticker and also makes it easy to switch out when you need to replace them. I always have a spare too.

- Todd G.

Super happy with product. Keeps things very organized. We like that we can change out the stickers we use more often than the others. Not super easy to clean though.


The slot is amazing for keeping all of your label rolls organized. Seven slots for the seven days of the week. It's durable and the slots at the bottom are designed to tear off the bottom of the roll with ease.

- Rochelle L.

These are great for keeping track of when items arrive in the store. Sometimes it is very hard to keep track of first in first out and this is a great product to maintain freshness.

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