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Noble Products 1" x 2" Removable Blank Label - 500/Roll

Item #: 322UBLNK1002
  • Blank design is versatile for a variety of uses and customization
  • Removable, mild adhesive is best removed in dry conditions and won't leave residue
  • Ideal for back-of-house use at restaurants, bakeries, and cafes
  • Can be used to support FIFO organization and minimized waste

Clearly label ingredient bins and food containers with this Noble Products 1" x 2" removable blank label. This label's blank design allows for complete customization, making it a versatile addition to your operation. It can be used to label ingredient bins and food containers, or dated to support a First In, First Out (FIFO) system of perishables to ensure proper food rotation practices, promote food safety, and help minimize food waste.

This label's convenient, removable adhesive backing easily comes off of surfaces and is best removed in dry conditions to avoid leaving a sticky residue behind, which can occur if it becomes wet. It's ideal for keeping back-of-house operations running smoothly at restaurants, bakeries, delis, and cafes. With its multi-purpose, versatile design, this blank label is an ideal addition to keep on hand at your business!

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 2"
Width: 1"


Product Reviews

- Cheryl T.

These are very convenient for labeling product without having restrictions. They dissolve easily when hand washing or using dishwasher to clean containers. worth the low price for the convenience.

- Reva S.

These convenient labels make dating your food products very easy. They wash off with warm soapy water and they do not leave a sticky residue

- Joseph B.

good product works better than most, sticks great and is easily removable its a must in a commercial kitchen too, can write on them with anything...

- Stefan F.

These make it less of a hassle to label containers, and then worry about getting the sticker off. The dissolve in the dishwasher, and even scrubbing under hot water gets them off with ease. Easy to write on and apply.

- Joshua B.

Talk about save money these labels are outstanding and works so well they dissolve in the dish machine without heavy scrubbing it is a great product buy multiples to save money on shipping.

- Peter H.

A great product that does just what it says, washes off with no residue. Just remember that the labels wash off with *any* moisture, not just the dishwasher, so if they are exposed to drips they will start to degrade.

- Patricia L.

You kind of have to press really hard for it to stick properly, I don't know if it is because it dissolves though. The size is great and I kind of like that I don't have to be washing away excess glue.

- Luciana T.

I love using these to label various plastic containers. When your done using them, they easily wash off with warm water leaving little to no residue.

- Jacqueline A.

These Noble Blank product labels definitely do the job. They stay on and dissolve when needed. This keeps you in line with health department. We use them for everything in our refrigerator.

- Charlie C.

These sticker are perfect for small items that need stickers to identify them. Dissolve in the dishwasher or by hand washing. Really works well on hard or plastic wrap.

- Audrie B.

These labels are the best! You get a large roll at a great price and no preprinted lines to get in the way. We've been purchasing dissolvable labels at twice the cost and 1/2 the roll size from our distributor. Glad I found these.

- Laurence G.

I like the way the labels wash off. A little soapy water and they are history. They are an excllent way to label the food trays.

- Debra M.

I have had a wee bit of a problem with these in the freezer however they are great in the fridge. I really like labeling all of my products and I also like to label a product when it is opened so this is handy for me with the fridge. I just wish I had a label this size that worked well in the freezer (I need them for popsicles).

- Cassandra B.

I love these labels!!!!! They wash off easily and do not leave any sticky residue behind. These are a must buy for any food establishment.

- Erin E.

These labels are similar to paper tape. They stick to almost every surface and are super easy to remove and to write on. We love them!

- Brenda F.

Was not a big fan of these they did not dissolve as easily as I would hope for we had to switch to a different label.

- Bo G.

These labels work very well, they stick well, and are just the right size for labeling vacuum sealed packages. Two things that would make them better is if they had a surface that didn't absorb moisture so easily (when writing on them with permanent marker the writing bleeds) and if the dispensing box was sturdier that would be great.


The noble products 1” x 2” blank dissolving product label with dispenser carton 500 roll does as described. We use these all the time and will buy agsin.

- Jack R.

We use a lot of labels in our restaurant and these are perfect. You can't beat the price and the quality is top of the line. These little labels are super sticky but wash off easily in the dishwasher. i highly recommend this product and WILL be buying more in the future

- Joyce T.

You will love this dissolving product labels as it is very nice to write on and very easy to remove when washing! I highly recommend!

- Marjory K.

I often lose track of leftovers I've tossed back into the fridge or freezer and with these, I can easily label and date my items and re-use the containers. They melt right off under running water. I never even knew these existed until I found them here, and I'm glad I did!

- Julia W.

Placed the the Noble Products 1" x 2" Dissolving Blank Product Label with Dispenser Carton - 500 / Roll on my homemade pressure canned Asparagus mason jar. Arrived very fast. Great product, which I would have gotten sooner.

- Nancy I.

Dissolving labels are the way to go! You don't have to peel and pick them off before washing. The water will wash them away. Love them!

- Kelly M.

These labels make things so much easier. No more trying to scrape off regular labels with my nonexistent fingernails! Be careful, they really do dissolve quickly, so watch the condensation. Also, don't lick them just to see if that will work. It does and they don't taste great :)

- Gina S.

These are a great alternative to marking items with sharpie. They are easy to write on, and the perfect size for labeling. They also truly wash off under hot water.

- Stephen B.

We use lots of these stickers daily. They work very well. I have never had a problem with them, I like how they are boxed so it makes my purchase that much better when I ordered these ones vs the other kind

- Leah W.

These are very nice as it is hard to find blank dissolving labels. There is also a dispenser you can buy that I recommend, for keeping them tidy.

- Ashley B.

I love these labels because they make it SO easy to write on, slap it on my product, and move on. They dissolve in water so they aren't hard to get off at all, and customers love them!

- Anna M.

Awesome little product where you can place a label and if it doesn't peel right off when needed; just wash it! Great for food labeling and other food essential products.

- Allison H.

These labels are fantastic! They really do dissolve in water! Most of the time I just peel it off though, they come off very easy.

- Artur A.

Very nice labels. We've started using them immediately as they got delivered. Easy to write on. Would prefer if they weren't so transparent, but it's not a big deal.

- Donald H.

A little small but we found other applications for them. They stick well to plastic containers and I will buy again but probably a bigger size.

- Sam E.

Use these everyday, easy to apply and easier to clean. Labels come off with our high pressured water sprayer, or just a little water and a small scrub. Can't beat the easy clean up for excessive dating of products. Couldn't live without it.

- Wantong S.

Easy to use date stickers.I write on the date and flaver on the package. They work very well. Easy pell of not like traditional sticker labels.

- Mark W.

Could not be happier with this box of Noble 1 x 2 inch blank labels super price and quality a great way to keep your kitchen organized and helpful for your staff to find foods quickly when preparing dishes we will definitely buy again from WEBstaurantStore

- Aaron L.

We order in large batches. Sometimes the stickers we receive hardly stick, sometimes their fine. Also, the "dispenser box" they come is is so flimsy, it only holds up for a couple of days before falling apart.

- Lawrence S.

I use these daily, they stick well and come off in the sink when washing. Of course they don't stick well if the container is damp or frozen.

- Josh G.

Easy to use and write on, great prices compared to other labels in the business. Dissolves perfectly without causing any clogging issues in our sink.

- Zackery B.

These labels are blank which is what I wanted. They don't really stick all that well though. I probably wouldn't really recommend them to anyone.

- Charles J.

This label is good but it doesn't stick well to frosted bins...aka....if the bin isn't bone dry it won't stick very well. I guest that's what makes them dissolve. They're great when you wash the bins and they don't leave residue. I will probably buy them again but now I know their limitations.

- Tomas S.

great sticker for additional information. We use this sticker mostly for name of the ingredients or products in our plastic ware or squeeze bottles. Easy to wash down in the dishwasher.

- Bistro L.

This is a great size dissolving label with dispenser carton they dissolve in the sink which is awesome they're very cheap here I've seen them for a lot more glad to have them and I like that they are blank

- Katrina B.

Such an amazing price for the amount and quality! The shipping was fast, safe and secure! Perfect for the use of anything, with the extra ability of dissolving when needed! Will purchase these further in the future!

- Wendy Z.

Nice to have the blank dissolving label to use in general will continue to reorder using the rapid reorder with its a nice feature for a busy restaurtant.

- Pamela T.

Great labels to mark the meal prep containers of my clients. Finally something that doesn't not leave a sticky texture behind or ruins the container itself.

- Dustin D.

This product is highly recommended to anyone in a restaurant business. Labels are very important to most state health departments. These labels are very easy to use

- Mark A.

These labels from Noble are fantastic for organizing your kitchen containers wether at home or the restaurant very inexpensive and easy dispensing roll , thanks WEBstaurantStore for fast delivery

- Christopher A.

We use a lot of labels in our food business and these are great for organizing our food storage and stock. The dissolving property makes for easy cleaning when they are being washed. No more scraping and scrubbing off old glue and residue like traditional sticker labels!

- James P.

These things are so handy to mark containers of food. They really do dissolve almost instantly in water. No mess, no fuss, and they stay on whatever you put them on.

- Amber T.

I'm not gonna lie...these weren't the best. The adhesive isn't very strong, so they don't stick very well. They seem to stick better to paper/cardboard than they do to plastic packaging. I had a tough time working with them, so I will not likely be ordering these again.

- Andres M.

I think for this labels, you basically get what you paid for. I was really expecting slight better quality. I lost over 10 labels just by opening the box it came from. They also come off very easily so make sure don't use them on any wet surface.

- Jamie P.

good small sized labels for commercial kitchen use. We use for dates on plastic containers, squeeze bottles, plastic lids etc. They stick well, but still wash off with little problems.

- Christopher M.

These are a must have in my kitchen both at home and for my business. They dissolve right off in washing but stay put for shelf, fridge and freezer storage.

- Pamela O.

These labels are exactly what I was looking for, and I couldn't find anything like it anywhere else. We use these to label everything, and it has made life so much easier. Now everyone can find anything, quickly, without opening every container to see what is inside. These labels mean way less food is wasted. Our refrigerator at home has all the leftovers labeled so it's easy for everyone to find something to eat when Mom isn't at home to show them where the food is. We use them in the refrigerator and freezer and we havent had any trouble with the moisture ruining the label. The labels are thin, but that's ok with us. The labels dissolve easily in the dishwasher, without fail. I find that I can fit about 4 words on the 1 x 2 inch size when writing with a fine point Sharpie marker. (For example "Asian Chicken Stir Fry"). A sharpie works better for us than a pen on these labels.

- Megan B.

Labels are used for bakery items are sturdy to not tear. Meets all requirements with the building department. Seals nice however is easy removable. Able to print or write on without smearing.

- Michele R.

So these I am on the fence about. We ordered a lot of them and some rolls have been great. The stickers have stuck to everything and washed off no problem. Others the stickers just don't stick. About 15% of the rolls we bought just don't work (or part of the roll doesn't work). So you might get lucky and have the whole thing be great, or the whole roll not stick.

- John R.

These dissolved very easily in dishwasher. They could of had a little better adhesive on them. Overall they do what we needed them to do.

- Cori A.

These labels have so many different uses its amazing. I have them on my rollups, containers and files. If I need to remove them they tear off so easily or wash off with some warm water without leaving any adhesive residue. An awesome product to have as a back up for multiple uses or for kitchen dating/labeling.

- Daddy D.

These product labels are very inexpensive and get the job done. They dissolve easily off when washed and can be used for anything you want.

- Beth T.

Easy to use date stickers. You can write on them with any pen and they wash off in the wash water. Great for health department compliance.

- Jerry R.

This item is great. Very sturdy and fits a lot of food for to go portions. The black color stands out and is really an eye catcher. Will purchase in the future all the time.

- Eric I.

A great dissolving label. We use these keep dates on our foods, and the labels come off quickly before we wash them, and any adhesive left behind quickly washes up.

- Jennifer W.

I wanted to like this product, as the other sticker labels we use are nearly impossible to remove even after washing the food storage containers. But the problem with these is that they don't seem to stick to anything! We've tried them on many different packages and containers and they fall right off. They are also hard to write on with anything except a sharpie.

- Rebecca J.

Love these labels!!! So handy to stick on things for a temporary need! Great for leftovers in the refrigerator! They dissolve very nicely! They do sometimes have an issue with sticking to some rougher surfaces, but we just stick them on smoother ones to fix that!

- Anthony

These work great, will definitely be ordering more. No more worries about peeling and scrubbing labels off, just to put new ones on. These save alot of time.

- Heather M.

These are a dream come true! you can apply them and then write on them. It makes dating items so much easier. And they wash right off the surface they were applied to leaving no sticky residue.

- Quynh N.

These labels are pretty nice. They are big enough for labeling my food and drinks. They stick on glass but not as much on plastics.


Great labels for canning or other food services. Stick easily and pop out nicely from the role. Works great on mason jars, different styles available with preprinted sections

- Daniel F.

These are pretty good labels for my intended purpose, which was to stick to the tops and sides of glass spice jars at home. They take a permanent marker (sharpie) well, and can be easily removed without any remaining residue. I did try to stick one to a small plastic squeeze bottle, which was about 1.5" in diameter, but the label pealed itself away from the surface, indicating that they are not great at sticking to tight curves. They come in a box, and the labels can be pulled from a slot in a corner. The backing paper is semi-glossy, and it's easy to remove the labels from it. After pulling out the label roll a bit and removing the labels I need, I'll tear the remaining backing paper to keep the tail short.

- Belinda S.

So many household uses with this label, I live the easy peel design

- Brandon F.

I have been buying this product for a few a long time and loved them- very dissolvable and easy to use with a great price, 5 stars. unfortunately, this year (2022) the product has changed. They are very thin and do NOT dissolve. they have to be scraped off and still end up leaving a sticky residue. I will no longer buy this product.

- Maria T.

These labels just don't adhere very well. I'm constantly finding that they fell off, which is not very helpful. They do dissolve when washed. It takes a little bit but eventually they dissolve.

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