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Noble Products Plexiglas Label / Sticker Dispenser with 1 Disk

Item #: 322WD01
  • Adjustable to hold any combination of labels that adds up to 4"
  • Made of light weight, transparent Plexiglas
  • Provides optimal organization and storage; includes one disc divider
  • Great for restaurants, offices, schools, delis, and more
  • 3 metal rods help with peeling

Optimize your business's organization and efficiency with this Noble Products Plexiglas label dispenser! Perfect for storing labels, this dispenser provides ultimate protection, keeping rolls from becoming tangled, ripped, or stained. Meanwhile, its light weight Plexiglas construction is water-resistant and transparent, allowing you to easily see if your label supply is running low. Made to fit four 1" rolls, two 2" rolls, one 3" roll, or one 4" roll, this dispenser provides a label for any need. Thanks to the unit's adjustable design, you can fit any combination of labels that adds up to 4" in total. In order to separate your label rolls and keep them from sticking together, one transparent disk is included. Additional disks are also available for further flexibility (sold separately).

In restaurants, this dispenser is great for storing your day of the week labels and food safety labels. Plus, its versatility also makes this label dispenser great for use in offices, schools, libraries, or other environments with inventory or labeling needs!

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 5 1/4"
Depth: 4 1/2"
Height: 7 1/8"


Product Reviews

- Nancy B.

I hung this beside the walk in cooler and have not had the problem of items not being labled before being put up for storage. the lables that fit on it are perfect size to write on.

- Lina B.

The Plexiglas Label Dispenser is very well made & a must have item to keep your labels organized. I have it on my counter for easy use with a 3" label (purchased here also) with room to add another 1" label. You can also attached to the wall.

- Sebastian S.

This is a very effective label dispenser. The labels easily peel off while at the same time the roll does not become loose and fall out. This is also easy to clean and sanitize.

- Jeff B.

Great product! Having all of our labels in one place and ready to use is a great time-saving tool. Would recommend it to anyone that labels a lot.

- Rich D.

Great item I did not see it when I first ordered my labels months ago and just tied them up on a string, this looks better

- Stefan F.

Easily put together item for holding my labels. Configured in a manner where I can pull a label off, and then grab another one later without struggling to grab the end. Good size too. I can put some backup rolls of labels in the container under the ones in use!

- Chris C.

This is a very simple little gadget that has made my life a lot easier. I only ever saw much more expensive label holders, but this one does the trick just fine. We have it mounted to a post and it works great. Nothing special, just works.

- Bottega L.

Love this label dispenser! It was prepossessed for a ribbon dispenser, easy to cut ribbon at an accurate length. A must for a someone that wraps product multiple times a day.

- Erin T.

a nice concept - works best with more than one roll of stickers - very sleek look, only seems not so durable - not great for fast paced food service.

- Leah W.

The labels that are used within this holder are extremely messy - pull it a few inches to take one off, and before you know it, the entire roll will come unraveled. I would say the labels are nearly useless without the holder. It does require 5 whole rolls of labels to keep them pressed close enough to make this work properly though.

- Amro K.

Awesome product, works exactly as described and our health inspector is very impressed . We bought 3 for each of our prep stations. and our staff loves them

- Dovid H.

Love this product. We use it to put our logo stickers on and it is perfect because it keeps the stickers from rolling all over the place and keeps them neat and tidy.

- Tomas S.

Great for organizing removable day of the week labels and other. We love this system. Looks great and it's always accessible. We can't imagine to run our deli without this.

- Didier A.

The label dipenser is great and easy to handle. Too bad the actual labels are not.Hopefully will find another kind of labels more user friendly.


We got this dispenser to put the 'Use First' & 'Product' Labels in so they are easily accessible and easy for the cooks to get a label to put on something & it works very well and the cooks and other employees have had no complaints!


This thing works great for our Noble 2x2 blank dissolving product labels! We put two rolls on at once and it works wonderfully. It was a bit bigger than I thought, but it works fine. We found a spot for it in our kitchen. It's lightweight. i have not dropped it yet, so I'm not sure how strong it is. It feels like it would be fine though.

- James B.

I have dropped my Dispensers on the floor several times and didn't break. These Label Dispensers are made very strong. I use mine for shipping labels and in the kitchen area.

- Jonathan I.

I really really wished this item would separate the sticker from the backing, but it doesn't. We use these holders for the 3" labels mainly as just that- a holder.

- Jenavies

- Bill S.

Works great for our labels. Mounted to the wall by our prep station. Labels peel with ease if you thread them thru the bars at the bottom! Nice product!!

- Maricela E.

Nice helpful mount for your rolls of stickers. Very versatile with different sized rolls. Easily mounts to the wall and can be positions to where it is most convenient.

- Christina C.

I needed something to hold my large spool of curling ribbon. This item has improved my speed of packaging, and decorating my product. I am very happy with my purchase

- Sarah R.

Like another reviewer stated, the sticker does NOT automatically partially peel off as indicated by the photos. That is misleading and inaccurate, and I am fairly disappointed considering we work in a foodservice environment and wear greasy gloves, so we NEED to be able to grab a sticker with ease. Other than that, the contraption itself is fine. It doesn't work fully as intended, but I won't be returning as Webstaurant charges for returns.

- Freddy K.

Very easy to use and nice very sleek and saves room on the counters plus has room for more labels and that makes it so nice

- Elizabeth K.

Although it works as a holder, it doesn't effectively separate the adhesive from the roll. Therefore, we still have to manually remove each sticker.

- Anna J.

This is a great sticker dispenser! I currently use it with 2 stickers, but I will be using it with 3. It’s very easy to use and way better than having to deal with just the rolls

- Ellianos- M.

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