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Noble Products Large Powder-Free Disposable Blue Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice - 100/Box

Item #: 394405LBOX
  • 100% latex-free, 3.5 mil thick design creates a consistently safe and flexible fit
  • Ambidextrous style provides versatility
  • Perfect for food handling and food prep
  • Lightweight design fits large-sized hands
  • Perforated box allows for easy glove dispensing

Designed for a consistent, comfortable fit on large-sized hands, choose Noble Products powder-free disposable blue vinyl gloves for all your foodservice needs! These lightweight gloves are a perfect tool for food prep. The blue color makes it incredibly easy to identify glove fragments during food handling, helping you keep your meals delicious, safe, and sanitary. Plus, there's no need to worry about powder coating coming into contact with food. These non-sterile, disposable gloves have a smooth finish and are also ambidextrous for added versatility!

These gloves are made of durable, 3.5 mil thick latex- and powder-free vinyl, reducing the potential for certain allergic reactions to develop. Additionally, they feature the exceptional flexibility of vinyl, giving their wearer unhindered mobility and performance. These large-sized gloves are perfect for a wide variety of applications in restaurants, hotels, and schools. The perforated box helps you stay organized since it doubles as a dispenser, allowing for easy glove removal.

Overall Dimensions:
Thickness: 3.5 mil


Product Reviews

- Roni L.

Great product they are durable, price is so much better then from any other source. They fit we'll and fixable. We had been buying them for years. You can't go wrong with them.

- Bernie R.

Great gloves for the price. Could not find these cheaper at any other web site or store. I purchase these gloves on a regular basis.

- Joann C.

I go through a ton of gloves in a week and these gloves I really like. My employees like them as well because they don't have powder.

- Lucas P.

These gloves are perfect size for most people and work extremely well - since they are powder free, they are probably the most safe you will find for food use and at this price, are great for anyone not wanting to waste money!

- Darrell S.

I love these gloves. We used to use the cheap saran wrap type gloves. I bought these and we'll never go back to the others. great price too.

- Patricia B.

I ordered these for a Halloween project for the kids at the Ronald McDonald House. They're the perfect size. I needed clear and these fit the bill perfectly.

- Jeff B.

Good gloves are hard to find and gave these a try. Great gloves for the money. Durable and stands up to long use and fits well. Will be ordering quite often.Highly recommend.

- Audrey N.

Good value at an excellent price. I priced many vinyl gloves and found these to be the best. We order them in cases for our pizza line makers.

- Elizabeth A.

These are more cost-effective than the gloves at our local warehouse store. We use these gloves every day in our after care snack program. Medium size fits our female staff well.

- James W.

Excellent gloves at a great price. I use this for slicing and chopping garlic and hot peppers like jalapenos and serranos. Keeps your hands from smelling like garlic for days and eliminates the risk that you'll rub your eye with a finger that just sliced peppers.

- Anna S.

Bought these to see what the difference was compared to the mediums - same quality, not prone to tearing - I am usually a small (5'2", small frame) and would definitely recommend these for someone maybe a little smaller than me. They fit for just one of our employees - she's about 5' and 100 pounds. The medium seems to be the "fits most" size!

- Bill L.

Very good product at a great price. We've reordered this item many times because we like these gloves so much. They hold up well for the cooks in our restaurant.

- Wendy H.

Great gloves and a good value. They hold up to heavy use like cleaning but are supple enough to do fine work in them as well.

- Aaron T.

The gloves are wonderful, it is very durable compare to all the branded name. The price is unbeatable, I definitely will buy again and recommended

- Charlotte S.

for the price you cant beat these gloves, we were getting them from one of our suppliers, now i order them from here they are at least half price here then where i was getting them great quality

- Stephanie A.

These are great standard-size powder free gloves. We use them in various applications and I appreciate being able to buy them in bulk! They might be a little large for some of our smallest workers, but they're still pretty strong!

- Wesley O.

Outstanding value for the money. Very economically priced, yet heavy duty enough for rigorous cleaning jobs. Keep them on hand for kitchen, restroom, and utility room cleaning jobs. Great for meat handling, as well.

- Lily K.

I have no regrets trying these gloves the first time I ordered. Great product at a great price and we've continued to order these for our store

- Tom B.

Fit well and perfect for mixing/handling meat for meat loaf, meatballs, etc. Also when cleaning greasy grill/smoker or mixing oily items like homemade croutons! No powder is perfect!

- Bernadette L.

These gloves are durable and provide a perfect fit! They have many uses in our child care facility, and they provide good value for what they cost.

- Phil R.

These vinyl gloves are sturdy and durable. They're powder free which means your hands don't feel gross after using them. The small size is great for our employees.

- Tabitha L.

Just your basic food service gloves. They aren't too difficult to slip on and off, but they do easily tear at the cuff when removing them.

- Dan L.

These are excellent gloves that fit well and are of an excellent quality. They are great for use in food service environments. The price is great and we purchased a case to get an even better deal!

- Julie G.

These are fine, basic latex-free gloves. They are not quite as stretchy as I expected, though I was using latex gloves before I ordered these. Easy to get on and off.

- Faye S.

These are great in preserving the sanitary virtues of your kitchen. I use them to prepare foods as well as for decorating cakes. I won't hesitate in reordering these great multi-purpose gloves.

- Kim Z.

These gloves are great to use and the best value around. Highly recommended! They don't tear easily and are great for so many tasks. Since I've started buying these, I've never used any others.

- Candy L.

These gloves are nice quality, but run smaller in size. It said "medium", but most our staff have troubles getting their hands in. They fit more like "small". We would order size "large" next time. Good material though.

- Amy H.

Gloves often vary greatly by manufacturer, so I only ordered a single box of your Noble Medium Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice to be used in my bakery; I wanted to see how the quality and size compared to my current product. They are WONDERFUL! Size is the same and quality seems even better. Once again, nice job Webstaurant! I will be ordering by full cases from here out!

- Ross B.

High quality glove for the money. Best price I found on the internet. Be sure to bulk buy with items like these to save on your shipping.


These are sturdy and work for using them in preparatio serving and assembly. My only problem is the shipping adds so much to the price.


If you want to show a clean impression no matter your business type is , you need to buy these gloves. They are comfortoable to use and very useful. Recommended and great price.

- Deborah G.

At first I ordered the small but, found that they were way too small. The medium fits my hand perfect. Snug, comfortable, and like a second skin.

- Daniellan L.

My favorite disposable food gloves. I have small hands and they fit me well, however most standard hands for men and women are larger than mine, so I'd advise getting a medium for everyday staff use. I buy these because they're powder free. I don't think powder should be going into peoples food. On a scale of 1-10 for strength, I give them an 8. They hold up, but after a bit of use, they will tear and need to be replaced.

- Elaine B.

excellent packaging and delivery. this product fills the need for employees when putting out hot dogs and buns in our steamer for customers at our internet cafe.

- Daphne C.

These gloves fit very snugly so you really must have small hands. If you do, they are great and allow you to work with gloves without the extra plastic hanging around.

- Keo P.

Economical and easy to use. It fits perfectly.It won't stick to the hand and be tear easily. High quality product. Highly recommended for any type of uses.

- Lisa A.

These gloves are perfect and they were cheaper to buy here then from our regular supplier (Sysco). I plan to purchase more in the near future!

- Eric K.

These are a great brand of food service gloves! Nice fit that comes in all sizes! Great for prepping chicken or other raw protein items!

- Cynthia B.

I really like these gloves for messy projects. I recently purchased a large quantity of raw chicken breasts that needed trimming and packaging for freezer storage. These gloves were great for the job. They stay on. They fit great. No tears, no leaking through, no slipping. I don't like to touch raw meat and these gloves were the right thickness to spare me from feeling that surface and helped me to get the job done without much fuss. I bought size large so that anyone in my family could wear them. I think I would probably wear a small to medium, and these gloves in size large worked with just the fingertips being a little longer than needed. They still fit my hand and worked great, stayed in place, etc.

- Michael H.

Vinyl gloves are necessary for any food service application. These definitely stood up to the challenge. The vinyl was not too thick and not too thin and got the job done. I would recommend going with size large, for more universal use and less tearing when trying to put on. The mediums are good for small hands, but you have be careful not to handle too roughly when putting on larger hands. Good value and recommended product.

- Randall H.

when It comes to food safety any step to take that keeps your customer safe is a must. these vinyl gloves are a must have. the work great and the price here is way less than my normal supplier. great vale and product.

- Brandy W.

Wish I could give 3.5 stars. What I like: thickness, durability. The gloves stand up to real work. The "average" rating comes because the gloves do not grip as well at the wrists, and the wrists are not very high. For most uses like chopping an onion, this is okay. It can be annoying when mixing a meatloaf, or cleaning. Overall though, a pretty good product for the value.


This Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice is ideal for your staff, we use it on all our catering event for food preparation the the powder free is a plus

- Curtis C.

These non powdered gloves are very easy to use and help us insure the safety of our food, particularly for salads and desserts which aren't going to be baked.

- Lina B.

These are the best gloves and priced right. The medium size fits smaller hands, we usually use the large size however I like to have the medium size around also for employees with smaller hands.

- Jessica S.

These gloves are well sized and comfortable, and a must have in the kitchen to follow food safety best practices. As I have a latex allergy, I appreciate being able to confidently use vinyl gloves without fearing a reaction.

- Teresa M.


- Wr S.

Went to a local Big Box Chain for this product and could not believe the price. Bought them anyway, because I really needed them. Should have looked here first. The quality and price are great!

- Jessica R.

We now use these gloves in our lunch room. They are cheaper than the latex and the staff like them. The price is lower than the latex. We have purchased these before.

- A. N.

good quality.good price much cheaper than the other places. it is working for us as we have a fast food place and employees have to change gloves often.

- Wendy Z.

These are disposable vinyl gloves that last for a long time. It's stretchable and also durable. Comes in a huge amount for that low price

- Amanda B.

These gloves have made cake pop preparation wonderful! They make rolling the cake into balls mess free and sanitary, which is very important for me and my customers.

- Michonda W.

All of these lovely horsdoeuvres were laid out while wearing gloves! Since ready to eat foods can not be handled with bare hands, gloves are an absolute necessity not just in our kitchen but along to every event. Can't live without them!

- Mary M.

The sizing on this brand of glove is a little different than gloves we have used in the past. We like the quality and fit, however had to buy 2 different sizes to accommodate everyone who needs to use them.

- Janeen S.

we use the disposable poly gloves at work, and they are ok. but these vinyl gloves are much better and don't rip like poly gloves. I buy these for at home to use when doing all sorts of projects. they work great.

- Bruce N.

We use a lot disposable gloves in food prep and have used a lot of other brands. These are working very well and a good price.

- Stacy S.

I have small hands and prefer to use vinyl gloves vs. latex. These were perfect! Fit my hands and fingers just right. Feels like I'm not wearing gloves so they do not get in the way of my food preparation and handling which is very important.

- Caroline M.

the gloves were great as they did not have powder and they did not make the hands sweat as reported by the caterers. Easy grip on items with gloves on.


All businesses must comply with health standards, these gloves offer quality, and ensure customers a safe food handling. Its proper packaging and design are signs of a good product.

- Aileen F.

These gloves are sturdy and won't rip when you put them on. They don't go on extremely easily but that's true of any food service gloves.

- Aaron H.

These gloves have a very nice fit to them. No matter if your hand is big or small. No mess on yours hand after you take them off.

- Mary M.

Great value! I love these gloves! I use them everyday and they are a great value. I recommend getting the wire rack to hold them (keeps them right at hand).

- Allyson S.

Though we don't go through many of this size of these gloves, we do use these gloves of different sizes all day everyday and have been doing so for year. These gloves have never given us any reason to think about switching brands.

- Scott F.

i had never used vinyl gloves befor but these worked great. the event i used them it was my first and ease of use was important becouse i would be changing often. i was very happy with these.

- Mike G.

We love these gloves as a replacement for the expensive latex gloves. Though they don't stretch as well as latex, they are strong and do the job for us.

- Gerard S.

wasn't real inpressed with these gloves. I was hoping for a better fit and more dourablity would be good for light duty work but not for long term work. Sorry

- Daniel S.

I expected these to be lower quality then they were. Rubber gloves are a necessity in this industry, and these gloves get the job done every time.


I gave this product four stars because they are exactly what I was looking for, including size, but I didn't know the size I ordered has a snug fit. Next time I will order extra-large. Otherwise, these are the best food service gloves I've found.

- Eha D.

Definitely recommend these gloves for everybody working with cake decorations and more delicate details requiring more of a "bare hand feel", they are very durable, and more comfortable than latex gloves.

- Elizabeth H.

this noble vinyl glove is a true value product. it slides on easy and hold up very well. and with this price its an easy choice for us. shipped super fast to.

- Eric H.

We are happy with our purchase of these disposable vinyl gloves. They are very good quality and easy to pull on and off. We would recommend.

- Joseph C.

Powder free gloves are the way to go if you don't want dry hands, but you must have dry hands to get them on. Works great.

- Donna R.

I use plenty of gloves on a daily basis.This is a great price for these gloves. Great fit. It to put on and take off

- Lynn B.

Great! They feel nice on and there's a more custom fit, so they don't interfere when working on more intricate foods. They do run small, so keep that in mind.

- Angela H.

These are great vinyl gloves,powder free no itchy hands due to latex allergy, great for cake decorating also nice fit,Not loose on the hands good fit.

- Shannon B.

I use these gloves daily. They are priced right, go on easy, are durable and one pair lasts me for three hours while cutting up meat.

- Xiaolu H.

This is a great product for my small hands. Especially convenient for when I'm rolling cake balls for cake pops and handling cake gems or chocolate truffles.

- STARTER's -.

We use at least two cases of these a week , which is to less than we used to due to the fact that they do not tear when you put them on.

- Roxane I.

I like these gloves for their snug fit. I've used other brands of the same size that don't fit my fingers as well and it's harder to take care of small problems with my cookies. These work great!

- Tristan M.

Best value for food service gloves. We like these because your hands don't get all sweaty In them. We always wear gloves for food related items as required by local health code.

- Veronica H.

My workers used theses gloves this pass weekend for an event. They really did like how thin they were but still a good quality glove.

- David A.

Great gloves at an unbeatable price! They last longer than gloves that are twice the price! We keep plenty of all sizes in our kitchen at all times.

- Allan M.

These are great gloves to have in the kitchen. If I am handling raw meat they easily prevent cross contamination, especially when dealing with chicken. I should have bought these years ago.

- Aldo P.

I love the powder free option on these gloves. I also ordered them during a promo and receved free shipping. The cost per case is cheaper than what our food service provider has.

- Michael F.

All around great gloves. They are great quality for a great price! Love that these gloves are snug enough not to fall off but are not uncomfortable to wear at all.

- Sanjay S.

We've been using these gloves for a few years now. They're higher quality than the ones we used to get from our foodservice supplier. Powder-free is a bonus. Compare prices and save at Webstaurant!

- Delete A.

We have not been able to get the correct size gloves for our kitchen from our old distributor, so we tried these and they are the perfect fit for our female kitchen staff. They have a good grip and don't slip which is very important in a kitchen environment.

- Toni L.

We go through a lot of gloves, and these are very nice for the price. Occasionally the tops tear if attempting to put onto wet hands because they're powder free. Seem to run true to size.

- Liliam D.

Very good quality vinyl globes, these are my go to globes, we use it for cooking and they are strong enough to withstand a bathroom scrub....

- Patricia Z.

These are my GO-TO gloves when making my product. They are strong and easy to use. I like that they are easy to slide on and off but do not rip/tear. As you can see in the picture, they come to about wrist length. I have "average" female hands and the Large size fits perfect. Perfect for protection!

- Michelle B.

When you cake decorate, you need gloves that fit well around each finger. I can use these gloves without having to worry the tip of the fingers will drag in the frosting. Holds up great for hours of use!

- Gail P.

These gloves are very economical. I had a problem with the large gloves, but these fit the guys in back perfectly. Shipping isn't too bad with these either!

- Christopher B.

Cheap disposable gloves. Frankly they're cheap enough that they sometimes tear at the wrist as I pull them on. But I need them to be both close fitting and thin.

- Jo-Ann B.

Love these over latex. So comfortable and great for rolling fondant and working on sugar pieces. The fit is good and the are super comfortable.

- David D.

These gloves are a must have for any food service establishment. The vinyl is very comfy and they don't rip or tear. Great price on this site too.

- Rebecca D.

These gloves rule. I wish I had the money to buy 100 packs so I would never run out. They are a very comfortable fit. They do not slide or break.

- Kevin J.

In our shop, gloves are a must. It is not only more sanitary, but shows the customer you care about food safety. These are about as economical as you can get and still do an excellent job.

- Darlene S.

I like the vinyl gloves as apposed to the latex. Latex for most people create break outs! I am fine without the powder, but will give that a try next. Great price!

- Margaret S.

These are the best gloves I've ever used. Once I got the right size, they fit snugly and comfortably, and I never had to worry about accidentally getting bits of latex glove in my food.

- Brittany W.

The vinyl gloves are wonderful when we are frosting cupcakes or decorating cakes. They are not bulky and do not tear easily. Perfect for our bakery.

- Angela E.

We use these all day long. We love them!!!! They are a great price too, especially if you order them by the case:) Thanks Webstaurant!

- Marianne S.

This “Medium” is a true fit for me. Feels secure while working with sticky products but then easy to take off when finished. It’s a good value product I’ll order again.

- Michael K.

These gloves were very useful. Shipping was quick, and the price could not be beat! Size was exactly as promised, and the thickness wasn't too thick or too thin. Plus, the price was less than Restaurant Depot, even with shipping!

- John P.

Buy then in bulk to realize the savings. Saving me a couple of bucks from buying them at Sams. Very good quality and good texture to do foods that require "hands on" preparation.

- Anita T.

i love the powder free gloves, it is a good quality product . light in weight, you can service most any foods . it is a great buy . thanks webstaurantstore.

- Wendy Z.

Wonderful product to have not just in the restaurant but also at home. I use them for cleaning and also for food preparations. a must have item

- Domenico F.

We used to buy the large size but now we just go with the XL, they seem to fit every employee pefectly. You cannot beat this value for high quality vinyl gloves. My Sysco rep can't believe how low the price is. Save money and buy these in bulk, you will not regret the purchase.

- Mary B.

I love these gloves for serving food powder free strong and easy to put on they are easy to remove from hands don't stick on your hand

- Leticia S.

I use these to handle fondant, they help for when you color fondant (so the food color doesnt stain your hands as you incorporate it and knead) as well as to keep the fondant from sticking to your fingers. This was my first time using vinyl as opposed to latex and I have to say vinyl is a lot more "plastic" feeling and it felt harder to stretch. I have small hands and these fit to the T. I would get latex next time, but these got the job done.


I love this disposable gloves. It is easy to put on and also tough enough to sustain long hours of use. It also protect your hands.

- Wila B.

It's so reliable. The fit is great and not very snug that it cuts off circulation like other brands. The best part is that it's translucent, and will last the whole 2 hours of the shift we spend at the food service line.

- Peter H.

These gloves are a great, inexpensive, great quality product. My entire staff loves them and I will purchase them again. Great job Webstaurant store!!! Thanks for carrying such great products!

- Scott S.

Cheapest place to get gloves.

- Eric K.

These are great food service gloves for handling ready to eat foods. They are nice for handling bagels and croissants when making breakfast sandwiches. A must have item to always stock up on.

- W. P.

These are great for handling food of course, but in a pinch, these will also work for doing dishes. They are perfect for all the small messy jobs you have to do, including polishing silver, stainless, or copper.

- Michael L.

Nice to have for the food prep areas. We got the small size and they do run small, but work great for those with petite hands.

- Pat L.

I have become somewhat of a germaphobe in my own kitchen. I like being able to throw on a couple gloves and really get my hands in it when making meatloaf.

- Midori H.

These little gloves are handy to keep around; I use them for cooking, cleaning, first aid situations, crafting. Instead of double gloving for tougher jobs, I am also ordering boxes of thicker gloves this time.

- Brent R.

These gloves are great for the kitchen and for any deep cleaning projects that the staff needs them for. They fit snug but not to the point where they are uncomfortable.

- Joseph B.

great gloves , great price what could you ask for more... fit is ok maybe a little snug for larger hands but serves it purpose/ pun intended..

- Neema B.

These gloves are the perfect fit and use - just what I needed! No powdery residue left on your hands, and they are a perfect thickness to serve food. Highly recommended!

- Mrujal P.

Noble gloves are excellent choice for food service business. very sturdy gloves will not tear with rough use. I highly recommend it buying it from WEBstaurant as you cant find it for this price any where else.

- Kathleen J.

We really appreciate these gloves, because one of our employees had a latex allergy and had a very bad reaction to the gloves that we used to have. Better to be safe and latex free.

- First B.

Great price for great gloves. We use alot of these so case works great for us. Large enough for bigger hands and very easy to use.

- Yuefang H.

The quality used to be pretty good. The gloves were pretty thin for my last order, instead of using one, we have to use two to do the same job.

- Tom K.

I love these disposable gloves. I go through so many in my ice cream business and because the price is so good I stop caring about how many we go through per day.

- Trudy B.

I give these glove a thumbs up! I use them for every day cooking to baking and decorating, to cleaning. They fit your hands there not too loose just grest it's like a second skin. For all the cake decorators out there invest in these gloves if you don't want your hand to be stained with color and its good for handling chocolate decorations as well.

- Silver S.

We use these gloves for baking in a hot kitchen. Despite not being powdered they slide on easily, even with wet/sweaty hands. Price is good and size is perfect.

- Christine P.

Very strong and long lasting. I'm really glad I pitched this. The price at my local restaurant provider was considerably more compared to this site.

- Jennifer V.

We have been using gloves more than ever during this Covid 19 craziness. These gloves fit great are easy on and off and don’t rip easy. Perfect purchase.

- Rhonda S.

These gloves are powder free and wonderful. This place has just about everything we are looking for. I have had a couple questions and sent emails My emails are always answered within minutes and WEBstaurant is GREAT to deal with.. Thank You!!

- Tammy M.

We have used these gloves to serve food at several events. They are sturdy and easy to put on or take off. We will continue to use this brand.

- William G.

We bought these gloves to serve prepared food to our guests for the 20th anniversary and they worked great. they held up nicely and were easy to get on. We were very pleased with this purchase.

- Kedby K.

good price, not the best i will say the purple ones are by better than these but for the price i guess `these are great


WE have used lots of gloves over the years, always come back to Noble being the preferred brand of all of our staff. Works great for easy removal but not too big

- Michael G.

We use these glove in both of our schools for work with children. They are the perfect solution and the price is the best that I've been able to find anywhere. As well, we usually get our order the next day which is very helpful.

- John H.

We have tried all kinds of different brands of gloves. The workers keep coming back to this brand as it just holds up much better .

- Suzanne B.

These gloves are ok. Maybe because they're vinyl and not latex, i'm not used to them. They make your hands sweat and if you're hands are wet, theyre almost impossible to get on when youre in a hurry. Maybe i'll purchase the large size next time and see if that helps.

- Karen E.

These gloves I love to use. Very study and they hold up and doesn't tear easily. I recommend this to all the baker especially if you use dye a lot.

- Stefan F.

I used these for kids cooking classes to avoid the hassle of allergies. They are great. Easy on and easy off. The fit was well for kids ages 11-15. Sturdy. Not too worried about ripping easily.


Very pleased with the quality of these gloves. I was a bit wary to try these since the price was much cheaper than I had been paying for other name brands. I was happy to find that these are actually much better than my previous brand and the price is right!

- Anna N.

love these, had too get them for service, and the girls liked working with them, thanks. they make working with the food much easier, and safer

- Nathaniel S.

Great gloves at the price. I will say that they tend to fit small compared to our original gloves. These gloves fit like our original small, but we bought individual boxes at first so we didn't have a bunch of extra gloves. Great value.

- Charlene H.

These Noble Products Medium Powder-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice fit perfectly and stay on with no problem. Love the price for a great product.

- Facilities U.

The Noble Medium Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for food service are the perfect glove for all food handling assignments. They are durable and are easy to take on and off.

- Geraldine C.

Great value! These powder free gloves work just as expected. The fit of a "medium" glove is not too snug, yet not loose on a medium-sized hand.

- Brian C.

These gloves are a good value. As advertised. The price is right. They are comparable to the gloves I used to get from my national vendor at about 20 percent less cost.

- Brenda C.

Great thickness and quality. And they are some of the few we've ever found that are actually large enough for someone with big hands !


These vinyl gloves hold up well for the task at hand. I mainly use them when prepping food in the kitchen and when I am serving food in a hot food line. I am allergic to latex so these vinyl gloves are a perfect choice for me. I highly recommend these gloves.

- Peter H.

Cheap price for an essential- same quality as any other brand I've used, at a lower price. Perfectly acceptable for food handling or light janitorial (i.e. Not where you'd immerse your hands in water).

- Kristen H.

I use these gloves constantly to roll out and mix fondant colors. Saves me from having stains all over my hands. Awesome product for such a great price!

- Shelley L.

Because we are dispensing food in our tasting bar and we are making bread cubes available for the tasting, we needed to have a safe and sanitary way to dispense.


These gloves are the only ones we use now. The quality is good and they are so much less expensive than other brands. We highly reccomend them To anyone

- Chris C.

We go through a lot of gloves when we tie dye at school. These gloves are inexpensive, fit the kids well and have not had any issues with latex allergy since I switched.

- Eric W.

No issues with these gloves. Comparable to other vinyl gloves. Easy to put on and take off. I am happy with my purchase. Thank you.

- Kristy A.

These are great!! Easy to use and easy to dispose of. They are durable and comfortable to wear. I highly recommend for food prep. L

- Shalane H.

These are by far my favorite disposable gloves on here. They fit me well and I tend to fit better in large size gloves. They are perfect for my needs.


I finally found a good pair of gloves for my hands. Most XL are too small but these fit just great, Good value also. Will buy again

- Reva C.

We have purchased many gloves and this by far is one of the best. Powder free is a plus because you would think your hands would be smooth with powder, they actually dry them out.

- Swati M.

Great fit for my hands and great use. Use them while serving food. Gives a hygienic appearance, Do not rip off . No difficulty putting them on or removing them.

- Mike K.

Well I have to be brutally honest. I should have bought the XL gloves. I find it strange that they offer a Small, Med, and Large, even through the majority of cooks can't fit the large on their hands without tearing. Maybe I should have tried the powered version. But the "Large" should probably only be used for prep girls, and the XL should be used to the men. I am trying not to sound sexist.

- Theodora A.

Any caterer should definitely have these because you can't serve food with your bare hands. These are very useful. Shows your guests how clean you are when it comes to dealing with food.

- Danielle G.

Their gloves...they do the job. Size is true and they fit snug. A must for commercial kitchens and catering. Much better than the loose plastic gloves.

- Jennifer C.

A good quality glove except it was not the medium size I am accustomed to using. I probably needed a large or even an extra large in this brand.

- Barbara M.

Great Price, great fit. Really like the gloves I bought, they are durable and wear well. The powder free option is the best ! I will order again.

- Margie S.

We love these vinyl gloves . We use them for all our janitorial needs. The gloves are easy to put on and are very durable while cleaning and empty trash barrels. The large size fits great on all our employees.

- Richard F.

These gloves are very good quality. I use many in soap making, they hold up good. A good buy, am very pleased. Thanks for carrying them Webstaurant.

- Alicia B.

I bought these gloves to use when I knead gel colors into my fondant and they serve this purpose great! I love the vinyl as opposed to other materials. They fit true to a medium size and its a great price too!

- Jeff B.

These gloves are awesome, the cost is great compared to competitors, the quality is just as good. We buy these all the time and absolutely love them!!!

- Lydia Y.

We bought this medium size for our employees who have smaller hands. Like the large size, they can be put on and taken off easily even though they are powder-free. Good buy.

- Beatrice G.

Noble Products Large Powder-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice are perfect for food prep as well as service. We use them every day and they are durable and well fitting gloves.

- Lisa K.

These gloves worked great for serving food at a party. I also used these when I colored fondant for cakes. They were a good price and would order again.

- Zipporah R.

I think that these gloves should be a staple in every kitchen. The medium sized gloves seem to fit most people's hands. I love them.

- Liza O.

These are great gloves for food preparation as well as regular household uses. They slide on and off easily and don't leave powder residue which is quite nice.

- Travis F.

Got these small gloves so those needing them would have a better fitting pair. They work well, and no need to worry about latex allergies.

- Joe M.

We like using Noble powder free disposable vinyl gloves for food service here at our shop. They fit our hand just as we expected and are comfortable to work in.

- Nicole B.

Fantastic price, and we use a case of these about every two months. very durable and great product that we use in our bakery and food truck.

- Joshua T.

We use these gloves when we need gloves that we will be using often and for short periods of time, yet still need a comfortable glove to wear. They are not quite as flexible as nitrile gloves, but they are about half the price so they definitely find use in our kitchen.

- Athalia L.

Great buy because sanitation is key when preparing food for others. Those helping me wore these and they liked them as well. Will buy again

- James H.

My staff was so happy to see these particular gloves arrive. They are very happy with the way these glide on and also do not create any allergies. Thanks!

- Karen B.

These gloves are great, they are easy to get out of the box. Easy to put on and take off. They are nice and thick and yet easy to feel though. A++

- Jeremy B.

These are now our primary gloves, used on a daily basis. They're a great combination of comfort and price. The sizes are appropriate for everyone in our operation,

- WEI J.

These gloves are very well made and the price is great for what you get. I would recommend them highly to everyone in the foodservice industry .So great!!

- Marche S.

I definitely should have purchased more of these gloves. They protect my hands from washing the a million times every time cookie dough or frosting gets on me. My daughters also enjoy using them as their Elsa gloves.

- Marianne C.

Great gloves for a man's hands, my husbands hands are between a size large and these fit perfect and they stay on. They also come off nice.

- Mohammad D.

Excellent quality for the price and packaged and shipped safely and quickly to my business. Perfect for almost hand sizes and our workers use them all the time.

- Peggy E.

I ordered a case of these. They are durable and slip on easily. Wonderful gloves because they are non-powdered. Pair this with the Noble Wire Wall Mount Glove Rack, and you're ready to go on the food service line. We didn't have a single one rip during the five days of camp! Value=quality!

- Giuliana C.

These glove are by far the best glove that you can find in the market and this site make it so affordable to buy a case. The service is rupee fast without the extra charge


What can I say? hahaha I use gloves to cook, to bake, etc. I love these. Good Quality and cheap. I bought the same for more. And here, I bought 3 boxes for almost the same price. WOW!! Thanks Webstaurant.

- Twyla H.

These gloves are of better than average quality and should hold up nicely under normal use. I tend to abuse them by using them while handling hot or sharp tools and therefore end up with some leaks occasionally, but they are decent quality and a much better price than I've found elsewhere.

- Mary M.

These powder free vinyl gloves are very durable and I can't beat this price anywhere and believe me I've tried to find them at the same price or cheater with my local wholesalers but no can do!

- Brandy F.

They are great if you are between sizes. I buy them in large. They fit me well and aren't tight. My boyfriend uses the same ones and they fit him more snug

- Luciana T.

Great gloves and love the great price. They are durable enough for all the tasks and I love the powder free version as well as the other kind.

- Erin D.

Not nearly as great as the slightly more flexible nitrile gloves, but a bargain for casual safety and protection when handling food or low-grade chemicals.

- Rhonda D.

I like to use these gloves when cutting things like tomatoes, onions, lettuce, etc. They provide a tighter fit than the other types of gloves, which is good when cutting veggies.

- Paul P.

These noble Large Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for food service have a very nice fit. They do not aggravate sensitive skin and they are very comfortable during prolonged use.

- Stacie P.

These are great for handling desserts. I use them for everything including vendor shows and personal catering events. They last a long time as well.

- Cheryl S.

I like this brand (Noble) of gloves because they don't break as easily as some other brands. You can actually take them off and put them back on.

- Sonia A.

These were better quality than ones ordered at our local restaurant supplier or club size store. Size is true to size. A better price as well.

- Donna H.

I used to buy gloves in boxes of 500, having these smaller sized ones means I can leave them in more locations in my cafe saving steps

- Valerie A.

I use these at home and am satisfied with the fit and the quality of this disposable one-use product. Using primarily for prep of canapes, but also handy for those messy mixing jobs where you just need to get your hands in there and get the job done.

- Jocelyn T.

These are very sturdy gloves. My hands border a small/medium so I figured I might as well get a large for the other people in my household. I am glad I did because the large fits me nicely. It looks a bit loose but it doesn't slide off my hand. If you use a lot of gloves like I do, buy the case of 1,000.

- Kathryn O.

I use these gloves all the time. Cooking and cleaning alike. Used large in the past, but the extra large are just a perfect fit. They are durable and help minimize cleanup.

- Tyra D.

We love these gloves. They are thin enough to decorate our mini donuts by hand and thick enough to not rip or tear. Great pricing as well!

- Nicole M.

My husband will ONLY use these gloves. They are a great fit, easy to take off and put on...even when your hands aren't 100% dry!

- Vandana S.

So happy to have found these available at your website at a reasonable price. I bought my first case more than 6 months ago and am now re-ordering for our small nursery school. Our staff uses them when changing diapers. It works for everyone here, as one staff member is allergic to latex and another to powder. These powder free vinyl gloves suit all staff members.

- Chatuphorn S.

These gloves were a great buy and hold up really well,noble gloves they run a little small.(but we ok with that) Easy to put on and take off.

- Kevin C.

These gloves are functional, but not the best. The part of the glove that should secure to your wrist to keep the glove from slipping tends to be too lose. They are good for short projects, not long term wear.

- Darci H.

These powder free gloves work great for us in our food service department. They are the best priced gloves I have found and I order them all the time. They are economical and yet don't tear easily.

- Ashley T.

Love to use these when working with fondant, they are great to keep the color off of your hands, and make clean up much easier!

- Wendy M.

We like these gloves a lot. Very good price and they fit well on your hands without any weird bagging or being too tight. Will re-order

- Michelle S.

Very affordable durable vinyl gloves. They hold up well to use and are easy to put on and take off. Also great that we don't have to worry about allergies.


We switch to WEBstarant's Noble Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice since 2013 when the other brand of gloves we used starting to have quality issues. We have been using these sizes: Large, Medium and X-Large. We are food manufacturer, which is required to use disposable gloves all day long and constantly change to new pairs of gloves when switching stations. Noble brand's gloves does not have the easily to tear issue. The price plus shipping is very reasonable compare to its good quality. A lot of thanks for WEBstaurant and Noble brand gloves that make our production process smooth than before!

- Anthony C.

These gloves work perfect for food prep. They fit pretty good unlike some of the others out on the market. No complaints for me just wish the made a XXL sixe as well.

- Daniela W.

Cheap gloves - do their job but rip very easily. Don't use them for any heavy duty jobs - I use them to portion out cookie dough and granola.

- Cindy A.

These gloves work great. They come in a small box rather than a larger one with more gloves. They fit great in the wall rack that I bought. They are quite small, but fit those girls who have tiny hands.


A useable glove when working with light foods, they are good for making sandwiches and simple items or just handling fruits. They are priced for their usage

- Debra C.

Great gloves! They don't have any powder or residue that they leave behind on your hands once you take them off. Also love that they don't smell plasticy like some others we've tried.

- Laura N.

I have purchased these gloves several times in all sizes. They go on easily, hold up well and the box they come in is compact so it doesn’t take up much space. Great price too! Recommended!

- Joie K.

they fit perfectly . Thats always a problem for me. not with these glove They dont tear too easily . you can rinse them off and keep goin vs throwing them away for another pair if they feel greasy.

- Robert K.

These gloves are good quality that I did not expect at such a low price, but they are very durable and true to size. Recommend.

- Casey B.

wonderful product and work very well for their purpose. We would order more in heart beat when we need them. Fit great and aren't Dusty or smell bad which often happens with plastic gloves

- Lisa H.

this gloves are perfect for our frozen yogurt store. They are very reasonably priced and they are a big part of our everyday operation to keep a sanitary environment for our customers

- Jonathan N.

I would definately purchase these gloves again, they are very durable and flexible. They also have great fitment making very easy to use. The pricing is also great compared to other vendors around my area.

- Beatrix A.

These are great powder-free gloves. I prefer the tighter fit than the looser food service gloves because I need to be able to handle and carefully package my product. I feel like I have better control.

- Cynthia A.

These are great for food prep, wrapping baked goods, and giving samples out. I really appreciate the affordability for the amount of product and purchase them for my Farmers Market booth as well.

- Jamen M.

These gloves are awesome for everyday store needs. The gloves themselves are easy to put on and to take off for disposal. And a perfect fit for small lady hands.

- James Y.

I use them for food servicel uses. These are excellent for my purpose. They would be too thin for household use. For that I would recommend the thick nitrile gloves.

- Karrie R.

Good gloves for food prep. Fit nicely, and don't rip out too easily. Recommend for any food service application, where safety is a concern. Thank you!

- Jeremy B.

These gloves are perfect for foodservice! At our bakery and café we use these in every department (retail, bread, pastries and sandwich)! My staff really prefer the powder free.

- Jessica J.

Great for the price and fast shipping. Love how they can come powder free and fits most of my employees hands even for a medium

- Aimee N.

I love this gloves so much. Cheap price, but great quality. It is the only one I use when I mix fondant with food color as it does not get oily, unlike the previous gloves that I was using that the fondant ends up sticking to my gloves, such a mess!

- Shelley M.

I have purchased these gloves in the past and have loved them. I purchased another whole case of these in a size large and have opened 5 boxes so far. Every box has different sizes from a medium to an xl. I have large hands and am having trouble wearing most of these. More than half of these are not usable to me. I am very disappointed in this last case.

- Aaron B.

These gloves are pretty good. They don't tear when you using them like some gloves might do. They sometimes tear when you are trying to put them on but other then that there are no problems with these gloves.

- Cheri L.

Great product! I've looked other places in my own town and they were so much more expensive. I'm so glad that I did my research and found these. They are cheaper by at least half. My only negative with these gloves is that they are a little loose around the wrist but other than that they have a great fit.

- Sean A.

These gloves are great... easy to put on, take off, and affordable. I like the fact that they aren't powdered either so we don't have to worry about a mess!

- Gina L.

High quality gloves, they haven't ripped on me yet and I use these for everything! Cannot beat the price of these gloves compared to local stores. Highly recommend getting several boxes.

- David S.

We use these gloves for everything and they are great! We have both a deli and do a lot of baking. The gloves fit perfectly and do not rip when you pull them up, unlike some others we've tried. The gloves are not floppy, which while using a meat slicer can become dangerous. We've been using these for quite some time and I wouldn't order any other glove.

- Brookman C.

For the cost they are the best we could find. We use them daily in our coffee shop operation. Work better than most food service gloves because they are stretchy and stay on our hands easier. Will continue to buy.

- Ryan G.

These medium gloves are a great value for the money. I couldn't find gloves cheaper anywhere locally so I order them by the case. They do tear if you are too rough with them but overall they work great.


great for our everyday business . they fit great and keep everything sanitary which is very necessary in our day to day operations. we will continue to buy these

- Deborah B.

These gloves are inexpensive, well made and well sized. They have a nice feel to them. We are very happy them and will definitely re order in the future.

- Jenne R.

Noble Medium Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice keep things sanitary in the kitchen. They are low cost which is great when having to constantly go through pairs switching between handle cash and doing food service, and they stand up to hard use during clean up.

- Robert T.

These gloves are easy to put on and to take off and do not rip easily. They fit the hands of all of my employees.

- James O.

These are as good as the more expensive brands. We've tried several different brands at up to 3 times the cost, and these work great for us.

- Matthew P.

These gloves are nice and strong and don't rip when you use them constantly. They also don't have the powder inside so your hands aren't covered in that nasty chalky paste on a hot day when you are working hard.

- Clayton P.

Quality product and level of food safety protection for a very minimal cost. No need to shop around for a better price, just add a few of these to your order and you're sure to be satisfied. Great value!

- Matt G.

Good quality gloves that is pretty easy to get on and off, as long as you have completely dry hands (but thats not always the case). This small size is quite small, but is a good size for petite hands.

- Sarah B.

The small is not only strong but fits like a second skin. This glove is easy to wear and has a long enough cuff so it won't slip off of my hand.

- J S.

Great quality gloves. The Noble Brand is now my go to brand for Gloves! I use them while cooking/baking, cleaning, painting, etc. great quality, and great price! Love that they're powder FREE.

- Kurtis T.

The Noble disposables gloves was a great find. They are inexpensive but last as long as I need them. They fit the hand nicely and allow you to work with them on.

- Tiffanee L.

I use these gloves when my thinner disposable gloves might not do the trick. They're way more versatile then the other pack I buy, so I use them for rougher jobs like dying fondant and cleaning.

- Michael J.

These gloves are very sturdy. These do not tear easy nor roll up. They fit a variety of hand sizes. Both my husband and I can use them comfortably without fear of slippage or ripping.

- John L.

These gloves are a perfect equivalent to what I've used at previous jobs. They are comfortable and fit my hands perfectly! They are sturdy enough that they don't rip either!

- Salynda W.

These gloves are great. They are far cheaper than anything we can get locally and they hold up very well! We will definitely be purchasing again!

- Joyce T.

This gloves is perfect for household use. Cleaning purpose and for food service too. Very affordable and durable. I highly recommend this product. Must try! I give five star to this gloves!

- Brandi G.

Despite these gloves being pretty cheap, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were not as flimsy as I expected. In fact for something that you dispose of so quickly, why waste money on more expensive gloves when these "do the trick" just as efficiently.

- Anna N.

These are perfect for our front of house staff who help customers package cakes, which doesn't require much use of the glove aside from to just take a cake out from the refrigerator and put it into the box to avoid contamination. Needless to say, we go through gloves like crazy each day so it's great that these are so affordable and helps us save.

- Kristin G.

Good quality glove used in our bakery / deli on a daily basis for multiple purposes. I would recommend purchasing all of the different sizes, however it is nice to have a smaller pair without a lot of extra vinyl around your hand.

- Katrina C.

We order these all the time to make sure our kitchen is handling food safely. It helps our team keep their hands clean and the food preparation sanitary.

- Serena P.

I'm glad I ordered these because they are by far THE BEST gloves I've ever used to prep foods. They feel comfortable and very durable.

- Yosimar H.

Easy to slide on and super sturdy. Does not rip when in use and easy to come right off. I highly recommend using vinyl gloves over the powder latex.

- Annalisa R.

These gloves are perfect! We were ordering the medium gloves but they were too small for some people. The extra-large work for everyone. And the fact they are powder free is a huge plus!

- Kristin A.

These gloves are okay, I find that they seem to run a little larger than the latex gloves. I would buy them again if necessary.

- Kelly S.

I like the vinyl gloves they are easy to work with and are easy to get on and off. The size medium fits my hands perfectly

- Stella L.

This is a must have in any food service business. We forgot through tons and buy in bulk. Will definitely be interested in ordering more

- Jessica M.

Good quality product. Nice price. Gloves are sturdy and withstand heavy use in the kitchen. Gloves do not tear easily. They fit nicely as described by the listed size.

- Gwyneth J.

These are by far the most durable disposable gloves I have ever used. They hold up fantastically. Especially like the longer cuff to the glove.

- Krista M.

Perfect fit with a little extra room so they remove/reapply easily after washing hands or sweating. I will be ordering again in the near future

- Green C.

Great gloves! Relatively easy to take on and off quickly but do not slip off by accident. Very durable and do not rip easily. Perfect for handling ingredients for quick serve smoothies and juices at our organic cafe.

- Chelsea T.

These gloves are awesome. The size medium fits me and my kitchen girls.... Wait for it..... Like a glove! I like that they are powder free. Definitely recommended.

- Megan K.

This case of gloves was being offered as an add on for no extra shipping charge on the side of the window right before I completed my order. I bought them because it's basically what we already purchase at a local wholesaler, but at a much better price.

- Lauren R.

These are great gloves. I switched to vinyl from latex to save money and have no problems with them whatsoever. I don't have any problems with them breaking or tearing, highly recommended product!

- Shaddy M.

HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT with a very low price. These gloves are high quality and are a must have for prepping, thats why we are always reordering

- Martha R.

These gloves got the job done. I was concerned because I didn't get the regular latex but wearing them didn't feel any different. They were actually a lot less itchy. I recommend these.

- Shakelah K.

There's nothing bad that I can say about these gloves. They work perfect and the price is great. The medium were a bit snug for me so from here on, I will order the Large.

- Julia W.

You can also use the Box of 100 Noble Products Small Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves to clean off the apple iphone 5s. These gloves work great for keeping finger prints off of your phone.

- Kelli S.

Running a Dog Daycare can be messy. I used to purchase these gloves at a local beauty supply shop, but they were much more expensive and the quality wasn't half as good as these. I'm back ordering more! Thanks for the bargain!

- Stacy P.

I am not a fan of the powder gloves, in my opinion they are too messy, was glad to order these gloves which served their purpose and fit nicely, will order again

- Joelle D.

These gloves are OK. I like the texture but they're a bit snug around the palm. They can also be difficult to get on if your hands are moist and sometimes will tear because of this.

- Steven T.

I bought these gloves in multiple sizes and I believe they all fit true to size. They are very durable with a long cuff and if you buy these in cases its a great saving!!

- Jack V.

Great deal for serving gloves, they do tear easy so make sure your workers have their nails trimmed, and not working heavy with them. But for light use and serving they work perfectly and provide better dexterity then the cheaper gloves.

- Miriam G.

I;ve purchased the Noble powder free gloves in small, medium, and large. Great product and a good price. The small ones would only be good for a child or someone with particularly small hands.

- Thomas M.

Really great deal and good gloves when can't find bulk ones locally. I would highly recommend to a friend or restaurant owner if this is what you're looking for!

- Jataen R.

I go through so many gloves when rolling different kinds of cookie dough or cake balls. These gloves have stood up to any tasks I have used them for, and at the rate my little helpers need to change gloves I can afford to let them swap often (helper aka 7 yr old daughter)

- Pornrawin H.

How can I put it? The perfect fit! These gloves are a hit with my employees and myself! They are easy to go on and are very tough. Unlike some gloves I purchased in the past, these babies fit well and are comfortable. So comfortable that sometimes I forget I am wearing them. Great fitting glove

- Graciela G.

These gloves are very nice and they fit in your hand like a second skin. From 100 I got a couple of them that broke while trying to put them on. Aside from this they did great, good quality for your dollar and very handy to have around.

- Lisa H.

We go through a day of these gloves. I love the fit and the option to not have the powder. We also like the option to purchase by the case which is also helpful, not to mention they were on SALE.

- Tiffany B.

Perfect item and just the right size for my hands. I use them for food prep and don't have to worry about them slipping off in the process.

- Tommy Z.

this noble powder free glove is such a great value yet such great quality we use for almost everything and its is made tough so it don't ripe easy

- Samantha K.

These are a great economical option for our kitchen. The gloves are sturdy and hold up well. The price is the main attraction and they help us save a little money!

- Kevin T.

When glovers were very hard to find, these were available and my staff loves them as they do not tear easily and are true to fit.

- Reginald

The powder free vinyl gloves are very thick and feel more durable than most gloves at this price. These are definitely a re-order because the gloves will be used quite often.

- James D.

Great gloves. They come in a dispensing box, they've got a good fit that's not too tight or too lose (for a medium). They're also more durable than some other (thinner) vinyl gloves I've used.

- Damaris P.


- Keith F.

These are the best food service gloves I have ever used. I have large hands and have struggled for years using the plastic gloves (that often tear up). They go on easy even when your hands are a little damp after washing. A must buy for those with large hands.

- Heather P.

I really like these gloves, they are a lot less expensive than the other gloves I was purchasing from a specialty supplies store, and work just as well! Medium size is perfect for my hands.

- Michael R.

Awesome price on heavy duty gloves. My food supplier charges an arm and a leg for these things. I can get on here and get them for half of what they charge. It's a reorder every time I get a shipment.

- Bridget D.

I use these gloves while decorating my cookies when I need to keep my hands covered but still have dexterity for my detail work. Powder-free is definitely key! These gloves fit perfectly and are a great price!

- Allen A.

We tried these and it is a preference thing. I prefer the powdered gloves because they are easier in my opinion to put on and take off. As always a good value.

- Michael P.

Good gloves for the price, nice to be able to order online. Powder free is great, and the gloves themselves stay on without being too difficult to remove. Will buy again.

- Erin T.

Gloves are good drawing in durable, the small size are very small or a very small petite and, gloves can last for more than one application if carefully taken off and on - a good product & we will buy again

- Elsa A.

High quality gloves!! Every size is the same price and it is hard to find vendors that do. As the size goes up the price goes up. Haven't had an issue with Noble Gloves ripping and there's no struggle to get it on. if you are working in a fast paced kitchen go with these gloves you won't be disappointed. I have ordered over 8 cases of a 1000 not sure how long it will last me but we go through about two to four boxes of a hundred a day. Kitchen Manager, Elsa

- Alison J.

These gloves are just what I needed. No latex, no powder, food safe, and stong. The only time I've gotten a hole in them is when I've run a blade across them on accident. I have small hands and would normally get the small, however, I got the medium for some reason and they fit great for what I use them for. Easy to get on and off.

- Chad P.

Great gloves. Had a problem with the gloves from our wholesaler constantly ripping before you got them on, or ripping between the thumb and forefinger right after you got them on. Thankfully, I found these. They are much more durable and nearly half the price when ordered in bulk.

- Tina M.

I like these gloves the best of brands I've tried. They fit well and still allow normal use of my hands to do my work.

- William J.

We love the gloves they work great easy to put on and they don't rip easy like other gloves we have used and they have fast shipping

- Kimberlee M.

Very good food handling gloves. Easy to put on and remove. Very durable and sturdy. Doesn't leave any residue on hands. Fast and Speedy Delivery

- Kelly K.

With the amount of baking that we do it's crucial to have gloves that will stay on for batches and batches of cakes because no skin to food contact can happen. Highly recommend these for anyone who is doing a lot of cooking/baking using their hands.

- Deneen R.


- Jana B.

I love these gloves. I have very small hands and these fit so nice without a lot of room. I make lots of sandwiches and meat slicing with them. So gloves give you a rash but no with these ones. The price is very good compared to local stores.

- Heather G.

We have tried gloves from other companies and many different brands. These seem to be the favorite of our staff. Very durable and comfortable to wear. Easy on and off and easy to work while wearing them.

- Perry F.

We love these gloves. We switched several months ago and have not looked back. Trust me when I say, these are the real deal. Durable and perfect for the kitchen.

- Claudia S.

These gloves were ok, not as strong as I wished but got the job done. I will keep looking for a stronguer brand as every once in a while these ones would tear when putting them on

- Saidah F.

You can't beat 1000 gloves at this price. No powder fits great. I bought the medium and they stretched for larger hands as well. You can take them off and reuse

- Tahir S.

We have 1 worker in our bakery who has a mild allergic reaction to latex food gloves (itching), and so we moved to the vinyl. None of our workers have had a reaction to the vinyl food gloves, and others have noted that their hands seem to sweat less in the vinyl gloves. There's no difference in ability to grab things and so, we think this is a great product.

- Merve C.

I like that these are powder free and see through. I am using these when I do cleaning and since I don't use harsh chemicals I had no problems so far. I have thin long fingers and medium size fit fine. if you have thicker fingers or prefer looser fit you should size up.

- Neha K.

These gloves a re perfect for anyone in the food industry. We use them every single day probably go through a box a week. They are good quality don't tear easy, easy to put on and take off. Great price! Definitely recommend the product. and the are all true to size as well.

- Nubia N.

I really wish they were more stretchable. They do the trick but some ripped easily. Can't complaint much since the price was right. Will get them again.

- Marie D.

We love to use these in our kitchen and order the same ones over and over. Excellent product for the price. Couldn't ask for anything better.

- Stephanie W.

Perfect for working with any cooking items in the kitchen. Keeps hands clean and mess free to save on clean up time. Recommended for future use.

- Jeffrey L.

Love this product. So much better than the powdered ones. It has a nice band at the base to stay on your hands, yet loose enough so your fingers aren't sticking to it. I have fat fingers and they still don't stick to the glove.

- Tron D.

actually these gloves are very good for food service if you are looking for an inexpensive vinyl glove. they do not rip when you put them on.

- William P.

These gloves don't seem to tear like the others I have used in the past. An amazing value at this price. A must have for every kitchen

- Victor S.

Purchased these gloves after using powdered ones previously. While putting them on is slightly more difficult than powdered gloves, I prefer these ones as I am not worried about leaving powder on prepared food at home. Very durable and do not tear easily. Medium size is perfect for females and teenagers.

- Joe C.

I wish these gloves were slightly more flexible. Despite having smaller hands, they would often break as I and others were putting them on. Very inexpensive, though.

- Tony R.

I find that these run a size too small. I have really small hands and had to actually get a medium. None of my staff could fit the small without it ripping. They are rather durable when fitted properly

- Zshavina K.

These are good for very basic food serving. I have my teachers use them when serving thinks like crackers to the kids. But they are very thin and break easily.

- Michele G.

We use these glove for all food products we need to hand at our coffee shop. They fit well and without the powder mess from other gloves.

- Neth B.

These vinyl gloves fit perfectly with my small hands. I use these for food prep, cleaning and washing dishes. They are small, durable and great price!

- Rita V.

Very glad that I bought these gloves. I am allergic to the latex gloves. No need to worry about the powder as in case of latex material.


These gloves are great. They fit your hands perfectly and they are easy to pull off once you are finished with them. Love this product!

- Gina S.

I bought these gloves to wear when using a disher (to level the batter) while scooping cupcake batter. I have a fairly normal sized woman's hand and the medium is a perfect fit for me. If I were purchasing for a man, I would definitely go up a size or two.

- Lanae D.

The gloves are sturdy, feel nice, and fit really well. They don't rip and are easy to remove. I like to use them with my baking projects.

- Eric H.

Well worth the price over poly gloves. This go and off easily in a heavy rush. It pays for itself when you consider time and ripped gloves!

- Amanda W.

Great product, works as expected and is a great value (even with the shipping) compared to the price I pay from my local suppliers. Size works well for multiple users.

- Tiffany G.

These gloves are great for the price. We order them on a regular basis for our kitchen. Easy to get on and off, sturdy vinyl, and the powder free option is great.

- Elmore B.

The gloves are an asset to my food service business. They are just as described on website. The price is the best. Thank you Webstaurant.

- Blair P.

these are great gloves to protect your hands from messesand other people's food from contamination. they do not rip and are not coated in powder

- Man F.

Great fit. I used it to handle raw meat, not slippery, have good grip. Also very sturdy , did not tear easily. Will definitely buy more.

- Brenda N.

The medium is a perfect size for a regular sized woman. I didn't want them to be too tight and these are loose enough to get off easily, but not too lose that you can't work comfortably.

- Lauren H.

These are great plastic gloves. I have sensitive skin and they never irritate me. Such a good value. Worth ordering from here instead of picking up boxes at our local retailer.

- Christina W.

Purchased this before thinking that all employees should be able to use medium - definitely recommend getting the large - not a bad product, but it was much more versatile.

- Kari B.

Better value then any local purchase even with shipping fees included they are still lower than going to local restaurant supply stores. Shipment arrived promptly.

- Alexander I.

these are really great Noble Products Extra-Large Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice perfect size for a bit bigger hand very elastic quality gloves

- Rebecca C.

The Medium powder-free gloves are always the right fit when I use them in the kitchen. They are easy to put on and rarely rip.

- Renz S.

These gloves are very durable. They do not rip when you put them on. I will be purchasing these gloves from webstaurant everytime I am running low. I will not buy it from anywhere else.

- Dorothy D.

Love these gloves. fits my hand to were I can work on my cakes and do what I want in them. Thank you webstayrant very another quality product.

- Tasha S.

I was very hesitant about buying gloves but these are great. I ordered size large and the fit is great. Very comfortable and easy to work in.

- Rebecca

We have a fast food restaurant and these work pretty good! Their cheap and they last a long time too. Their comfortable and they don't irritate the skin either.

- Patricia H.

We are very happy with these gloves. They were just as good and better than some of the ones we have gotten from our other suppliers.


All our employees love these gloves. Easy on and off. No tearing while using to make subs (hoagies). No allergic reactions for anyone. Fairly good price too. I am constantly buying them. They stand up to the test. Good variety of sizes available.

- Elena G.

Working with food gloves are a must and these medium gloves fit perfectly. It is a great buy for a great product. We go through a lot of gloves and they seem to be very well worth it especially when it comes to the safety of others and when they consume our products

- Lynn W.

Perfect. Tear resistant gloves. Great for prep work or grilling. You can feel what you are doing, but they are thick enough to where they will not rip.

- Melissa M.

These are great! I have a home based bakery and I use these for everything. They're great when working with fondant! It does not stick to the gloves, even when colouring fondant. They are a little thin. I have gel nails and sometimes my nails poke through, but that is after about an hour of continuous use. Other than that, great buy. I'll be stocking up on these on my next order.

- Anna M.

Great gloves for small hands and they don't leave the powder residue behind. Protects your hands from harsh chemicals and touching foods that can be contaminated. They do rip easy, but overall great addition to our kitchen.

- Kyle W.

Very comfortable to wear and your hands can go into them rather easily without sticking. The large size is the perfect size for me as they do stretch a little.

- Donald D.

Finally found a food service glove in XL that didn't tear at the wrist when sliding onto your hand, or tearing between the thumb an index finger. Noble's #394365XL powder free glove was a decent fit on my big hands, and held up perfectly to the wear & tear of performing a variety of tasks in the kitchen. Awesome price on heavy duty gloves. I'll be replacing my current M & L vinyl gloves with Noble gloves in the future.

- Zhong T.

These powder free vinyl gloves works well. They are good to use , they are disposable so we brought in lots for a low price.

- Jerrica H.

I'm starting my own at home business and these are exactly what I was looking for. I dislike touching raw meat and I also use them to roll my cake decoration. Great product, will definitely be a repurchase.

- Lynda Y.

Great for kitchen, beauty, & cleaning uses. They’re strong enough to protect my hand from chili oils and hair bleach. The lack of powder is great for food uses, but it does make them very tough to use if there’s any moisture on your hands, so dry thoroughly between glove changes.

- Monika M.

These gloves are a great value and will work in a variety of settings. In a food production setting these are an absolute must-have! We will be buying them again!

- Tionna S.

I ordered the medium gloves by accident. I usually have the large ones but I think that these medium ones are a little bit more sturdy for our small hands than the large. I will buy again.

- Ashleigh L.

These gloves are great. I bought small and large and the small are just a bit tight on me and I have very small hands. For some things, that is better though because then your glove isn't slipping off!

- Joyce V.

Highly Recommend this product! Our employees wear gloves at all times when we serve ice cream to our customers, and these are the best we have found!

- Timothy C.

These gloves are a great value. Sturdy, we haven't had any issues with them tearing. I love that they are powder free because we have a couple of our staff who have sensitive skin and tend to have negative reactions to those gloves that contain a powder.

- Vivian B.

I use these at home whenever I handle raw meat since it makes me squeamish. Or whenever I handle jalepenos. They're well made, and I've had no problems with a pair tearing. Good price, too.

- Samantha B.

Perfect for my husband who is allergic to the powered gloves. They seem to be good quality and will get the job done. I will be re ordering.

- Yvonne L.

These gloves are ok... yes they are nice and do not tear easily. However, I use them for mixing fondant colors and started noticing my fondant getting a funny taste. Nothing has changed but the gloves :/ stopped using the gloves funny taste went away. I even tried washing them first but that is quite annoying!

- Liubov M.

Nice gloves, I ordered a size up, just like many other reviewers recommended, fits well, easy to put on and take off. Will reorder in the future.

- Kimberely J.

These gloves are thick enough for cookies dough making, and scooping. I do not have to worry about a break when preparing my products for consumers.

- Sameka J.

This is a very strong product. They don’t tear easily and can stand up to some pretty rough handling. I’m glad it’s offered in powder free also.

- Lynette R.

These powder free gloves are awesome. They're very sturdy and fit perfectly. I recommend these to everyone I know and will be buying them again!

- Cynthia K.

Best price we could find including shipping. Gloves are easy to put on and take off when making food at our small deli. Great variety of sizes.

- Dawna B.

These glove sizes work well with everyone. Some of our employees want the powder-free version so we keep both on hand at multiple areas of kitchen

- Dawn B.

True to size! Very sturdy and uphold well. Easy on and easy off! Definitely recommend for deli or bakeries. Quality made and do not rip easy.

- Barbara J.


- Casandra M.

Bought these to use during the pandemic, now epsilon continue to use them on a daily basis! Great price, will purchase again! Very durable, easy to wear!

- Doan N.

My husband prepares all of the food for our restaurant so he wanted sturdier gloves than the kind that I use. He loves these. They don't slip and are easy to put on and take off. The large is the perfect size for him.

- Kenna B.

Perfect for my dainty lady hands. :) not to big or small, would say I have average hands so yeah perfect. No leaks minimum breaks, tears, and defects.

- Johnice B.

I ordered this product not sure if they would compare to a more expensive ones we were already using. And much to my surprise they are just as good or even better than the more expensive ones. I will be staying with these. They are a good glove and a good price. Thank you for making this affordable.

- Chris F.

Noble Products Medium Powder-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice is a perfect option for our employees. They use these when handling food products, great option for fresh fruit.

- Katherine J.

These gloves are really small. They are good quality, but very small. I ordered them for the women in our shop, but they were way to small. No one was able to use them. We all used all of our size Large and then the Mediums, but they were also a bit snug. These must be for very tiny hands.

- Joseph G.

These gloves work as they should.They are about the same price as your local club.We would purchase them again if needed.We would recommend this item.

- Glenda P.

These gloves fit perfect for medium sized hands. I dont find them restricting at all. They seem to run true to size and dispense easily from the box.

- Miriam D.

These do not feel powder free. But they are good gloves. I don't have to fight to get them on, like other types of gloves.

- Jordan S.

We use these gloves to protect from food contamination. They are durable and withstand some heat when working with hot foods. No powder when using so clean up is a breeze!

- S. S.

I really like this brand of gloves. I wear a pair of gloves every time Inwork with raw meat or anything smelly like onions or garlic...My hands are well protected from bacteria and odors.

- Linda K.

Great product! These are inexpensive gloves for foodservice. We use them everyday in our bakery, they don't rip easily and very durable. Get them by the case to save money. And make sure you choose the right size.

- Justina R.

These gloves are a great product when handing food items. I use these gloves to knead food color into fondant without staining my hands. They are a great fit, and the powder free doesn't leave any residue on your hands!

- Sarah L.

Best price we've found anywhere for quality disposable gloves. No powder & slide on easily. We get medium, large & extra large sizes and all of our staff is happy!

- Treva P.

I really like Noble products. I have the medium size of these vinyl gloves and got these smaller ones for my employees that have smaller hands. They are thick enough not to easily tear, but they are also thin enough that I can still have a feel of the food I am working with.

- Jimmy P.

these glove fit so well that i will have to order again when i run out. i just started serving ice cream and this is what the food service people wanted us to use.

- Katherine D.

We love these gloves and have been ordering them by the case for over a year now. They fit well and are a great value. Highly recommended!

- Kitchen S.

Order these through Webstaurant because they are less expensive than any local source I use, even when you include the shipping. This is a standard item that matches the quality of the same product you would buy through any mainline distributor.

- Lisa H.

These gloves are great for some of our workers who need the Extra-Large size gloves. We purchased the large gloves which work well but some needed a larger size. These gloves fit well and are not too bulky. They allow us to maintain food safety when handling ready to eat foods. The price is reasonable and the pop up middle allows us to just pull gloves out as we need them. Recommend.

- Carolina M.

Very nice gloves, easy to put on any easy to taking them off, there are soft for your skin and last long without breaking, great price!!

- Dima Z.

I bought these gloves for the second time now. They are powder free and do not tear easily, we use it for food preperation it's the perfect fit

- Pizza F.

The vinyl gloves are a great alternative to latex. We have several individuals on are work team that have an allergy to latex, so these are great to have for them. They are not as stretchy as latex, but are still fairy comfortable.

- Leighann D.

awesome price for a great amount of powder free vinyl gloves. these fit nicely and dont make my hands sweat too much. very durable and smooth

- Vasilios S.

These get four stars because of the price otherwise I would say that they are a little too small and tend to rip a little easier compared to other brands

- Jason

A simple, yet well-made final glove. The sizes are accurate, the price is just right, so I will continue to buy these from this website.

- Muhammad A.


- Sheila R.

Use this for food handling and cleaning in store. They nicer than other food service gloves we have had. They are thick but easy to get on. The large was perfect for all of us to fit in.

- Ellen A.

A nice vinyl glove to use that is easier to put on and take off than the regular thin plastic food service glove. Also holds up better than the plastic flat gloves.

- Nichole D.

I ordered these for our schools annual spaghetti dinner. They were worn by men, women, and middle school students and worked well. I will purchase again for next years event.

- Russell H.

We go though so so many disposable gloves. Its important to have a supplier that offers a great price. Glad we found web. there are nice quality

- Sheila L.

A little smaller that I expected but usable. My husband and I prefer another type so we will likely not purchase this again but that is just us. Decent product and definitely worth the price.

- Julie L.

These gloves are great for small hands! These are durable and easy to get on. Overall a good value as well. Will purchase these gloves again.

- Maryanne W.

These gloves are perfect for our catering business. They are powder free and do not tear easily. jSome gloves cause yours hands to sweat and we have not had this problem with these..

- Twins A.

Fantastic for preparing foods and also for cleaning or taking trash out or picking up dog presents in the yard. These stay on your hand well and are thick enough to not tear or break but thin enough to easily fit to your hand!

- Jennifer M.

These vinyl gloves work great for any kind of food prep. I use them a lot. They are powder free so they don't leave any mess.

- Janice M.

We love these powder free vinyl gloves for every job. We use them for food preparation as well as presentations to the public. They fit well and hold up.

- Chane L.

We love the powder free vinyl gloves they fit perfect and are so easy to take off and put on we always have a few boxes on hand

- Travis R.

Gloves are a great price. Purchased numerous times. They are very durable. We don't have to worry about these ripping when putting them on. They also dispense nicely.

- Sharon B.

These work great, and are great price. They glide on easily and I have had no problem with them tearing. I do recommend buying a size larger then you normally would.

- Ashley B.

Nice snug fit, without being too short in the finger joint or too long in the finger tip. These will definitely be replacing all my previously purchased poly gloves for food production, those work great for serving but these are ideal for the precision needed when stacking a cake or decorating a cookie.

- David P.

These are great gloves at a great price. Better than the gloves I can get locally, that always would break around the cuff. These fit snug but not too tight, and watch the sizing. I usually am a medium in medical gloves but the large are comfortable.

- Michigan F.

A clear glove thats large enough to fit an average mans hand. They are powder free and easy to put on. They also come in a easy to dispense box.

- Ida M.

great product, these Medium sized powder free disposable vinyl gloves work very well.Good value for the money. We will be buying these again when we need more.

- Haddy Y.

Very Harvey duty cloves, clear white and works perfect. I used it for hours and still holding it up. Give it a try you won't be disappointed.


We purchased these gloves while webstaurantstore was running a special on them. Best gloves we've ever purchased! Shipping rate was excellent and the OVERALL price cannot be beat for this quality.

- Jason O.

We love Noble Products Medium Powder-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice . I was buying these at our local restaurant supply store and am so glad I found them at a cheaper price. Thanks!

- Susan C.

These are stronger than basic gloves you can find elsewhere, great for basic food prep. Size small seemed to run a little large, not an issue for most tasks.

- Law H.

To be honest, this size is a bit small for me. It's fit my hands, but it's hard to wear if my hand have a bit water. The quality is good, and the product is cheap. will recommend people buy this. But need to think about the size before buying this gloves.

- Greg C.

These gloves are a great size for the teenager that works for your food service business. These are a good fitting good quality glove for the food business.

- Wendy F.

These gloves feel almost like a second skin- which is great for food service. We deal with mostly dried products and the gloves are perfect for our needs. However, we've noticed when dealing with wet products, our hands inevitably end up wet at the fingertips. We will definitely continue to use these gloves for the majority of our work.

- Dezarai F.

You can never have to many gloves and these gloves are mess free and light weight. I make everything homemade and sometimes i don't like my hands getting to messy so these guys are perfect!

- Kasama R.

I could believe how strong these guys are. I thought they are cheap and will be so thin but they are not. They are so easy to put on. The great thing is powder free.

- Tracie K.

Perfect for volunteers who cook and clean and have larger hands. No more breaking threw gloves that don't fit. These gives are strong and appropriately sized.

- Kristina M.

I love these gloves! They are very cost friendly and I can afford to keep several boxes open in the kitchen instead of ferreting them away like gold.

- Stephanie I.

I love these gloves, the powder free cost a little more, but they slip on and off way quicker then the powder ! Def recommend

- Karina M.

Great vinyl gloves for kitchen used, we use them when making cookie batch, marinating meats, preparing salads and serving food in general in the kitchen. Size is big for people with bigger hands, thanks for thinking about that.

- Amanda C.

These gloves are great! Super durable and perfect for my cafe that requires lots of fruit and vegetable prep. The do not stick together or tear easily!

- John V.

Literally half the price I pay through my vendors. I will definitely be ordering more of these. They do tend to run a little smaller in size than I'm used to so keep that in mind.

- Carlos B.

Gloves good when wearing them and are really good for the price they have my vote will buy again when I run out will see me again

- Hai N.

These are amazing for meat handling. The disposable gloves are simply too thin for that and they tear much too easy. They are also powder-free.

- Erica

I had purchased another brand of vinyl gloves from another store before purchasing these and they stuck to each other so bad that I would throw away about half from ripping them... I didn't have high hopes for these.. WOW WAS I MISTAKEN! These don't stick to each other at all. They fit great and I don't even miss the powder of normal gloves because there is no sticking whatsoever. I am pleasantly surprised and will order them again

- Martha S.

These gloves are great and the price is much lower than others I've found. My employees have said that they prefer this brand over any other. So glad we found something I can order in bulk and that they like.

- Billie J.

size small work great for little hands like my youngest son who presses the hamburgers for us. plus the idea of not having powder on our hands when serving food makes me feel better about serving it.

- James C.

This size was not the intended purchase but they ended being comfortable for 85% of staff. I have never found a better price on gloves then webstaurant!


These were a great value for the price. The function exactly as gloves are expected to and we have not an issue with excess tearing.

- Rocio S.

Vinyl Gloves are GREAT. we use them all the time on our food truck. The smalls fit perfectly. and I have continued to purchased for the future.

- Cristin G.

Perfect gloves for daily food service. Sizes fit just right. These gloves are a much better quality than other brands that tend to rip easily

- Amy N.

Nice, durable gloves at a great price. For most tasks I prefer these over poly gloves, which make me feel like I'm working with plastic grocery bags over my hands.


Good quality gloves. I use them a lot while cooking or serving foods. Not itchy, and does not stick compared to some other gloves. Will definitely order more.

- Matilda O.

The amount of gloves that comes in the box is great. I just love these I use them for cooking and cleaning around the house. Highly recommended


We really like them, and they really are powder free. It's transparent and basically what it advertises for. Some of our employees said it made their hands sweaty, but it was fine to me.

- Hung L.

these gloves are ok for short term use. Better than poly gloves but not as good as nitrile. These are not as flexible as nitirle and thus not as comfortable to wear. However they good low cost alternative.

- Tashara J.

This gloves fit great, and they have room in them. They are very easy to work in and they don't irritate my skin like other gloves.

- Robertina T.

These gloves are soft yet strong. It clear and easy on easy off if you purchase the correct size. I love it and would definitely purchase again

- Kimberley C.

Great quality and good quantity for price. They are strong and withstands anything. I purchased size medium which fits great. They are great brand for my food service business.

- Natasha C.

Good product. Everything you would expect from a service glove. The glove doesn't slip off and doesn't stick to the food. Will definitely be purchasing again.

- Lawrence S.

We buy a lot of these vinyl gloves because they are cost effective and cheaper than our restaurant supplier. They fit perfect and are needed everyday for food handling.

- Nicole P.

These gloves are great for everyday use. They are also a great price for the number of pairs in each box. They are very durable.

- Alicia H.

These gloves are such a great value! With 7 employees the large are a great universal fit. I highly recommend these gloves. Other brands are double the money.

- Shaun R.

These gloves are my preferred gloves choice for gloves when handling food in my restaurant. They handle tough jobs and are easy to get on and off. I tend to use them for unconventional uses, and they hold up to those too!

- Megan A.

These gloves are way past small. I would recommend medium size even for a smaller handed person. They tore a lot when some of the chefs tried to use them.

- Marlo H.

These came just in time because i was down to my last pair. I love the vinyl gloves over the plastic or latex. The fit is great and not too big.

- Jasmine G.

I have very sensitive skin, and I have a difficult time in the past finding gloves that does not irritate my hand. These gloves were durable! They also are the only gloves that i can use in my restaurant! I highly recommend this product.

- Juanell P.

Noble Products Large Powder-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice I bought these because my younger brother has allergies and he always has issues with runner gloves with powder

- Branden B.

I prefer the powder-free gloves. Unless I have been working for a long period of time with these gloves on, then they are just as easy to remove as the powdered version.

- Joshua S.

Great gloves for dirty tasks. I use them when I am cleaning or when I am polishing my pots. I also use them when I am cooking beets so my hands don't get discolored. I would make sure not to get gloves that are too small or too big- the sizing is important.

- Tracy K.

Great quality, true to size, not too plastic smelling. Most men will probably want a larger size, but the medium is perfect for the women on our staff.

- Holly N.

I use these gloves for so many different purposes! As an art teacher, I use them when things get messy in the art room! I also use them around the house for cleaning and even for coloring my hair!

- Tracie M.

This is the best price that I could fine. Worked out great in our Ice Cream and cookies truck. Thank you for your help and service.

- David A.

These are great gloves that are a good thickness for working with food and food prep. We occasionally have them break but if they were any thicker they would be difficult to move your fingers in.

- Yvonne S.

Great product, fits, doesn't tear easily, no odor and doesn't stick when you handle something sticky like bean paste filling. Highly recommended! Happy with this product

- Amanda E.

These gloves fit like a glove! They are easy to dispense from the box and work well. They are a quality material and stay on through use.

- Haitham B.

Most our employees like the poly gloves, but a couple of them prefer these vinyl ones so we bought them. They enjoy them and we have not heard complaints yet. So we will continue to buy them. they are pretty good quality for vinyl gloves.

- Natasha C.

These gloves are perfect to be used in handling of food. They offer a great fit to your hand, they’re easy to put on and the fact they’re powder free is a play and the price is great

- Melanie B.

Great gloves. Easy to use. These are a good value, and cheaper than at my local restaurant supply store. I will buy these gloves again.

- Kristie M.

Great for those items that you need to wear gloves on to keep from touching the food that will be served. We have had no problems with handling fondant and candies with these gloves!

- Kazim H.

These vinyl gloves fit really well and allow us to work well our instruments in handling and preparing food. We like that they are powder free.

- Taciana Y.

Excellent quality. I use it for a lot of fondant kneading and coloring and it doesn't tear easily at all. Definitely runs small. I got medium and it felt a bit tight, but it was no restrictive. The gloves actually sort of molded a little bit without tearing. Definitely sticking to the brand. Just getting large next time.

- Daniel N.

we use these gloves all the time. works well, no tearing. easy to put on and take off. i have purchased these multiple times and will continue to buy them

- Jack

Great value glove, good fit. They definitely do their job. Dropped a star because everyone whose used them has notice they're prone to tearing in between the fingers. We find ourselves changing gloves quite often our already brand which cost a bit more, with a tighter fit, but less tearing.

- Patrick H.

These are really great gloves that can be used for a variety of food service operation. I really prefer powder-free gloves and found that the medium size fit me the best. At the right price, they won't break the bank when you dispose of them either!

- Nicole W.

These are a great quality glove and work great for anyone allergic to latex. They do not get holes in them as you are working which I have found with latex.

- Joshua A.

These gloves are decent and quite easy to slip on but they do tear somewhat easily. Usually when putting them on. They're cheap and they get the job done though.

- Michael S.

These Extra Large Vinyl gloves are great. They are very durable for multiple uses from prepping, cooking and even for the clean up afterwards. And a great price.

- Lori G.

These are great for what we need them we go through a lot of gloves in our kitchen and need to change them often. Definitely need to buy XL as the M and even the L do not fit the men's hands very easily.

- Patricia H.

Uso estos guantes y ya he comprado 2 veces el material muy resistente y lo uso para hacer mis pasteles o cuando manejo carne , los seguiré comprando

- Kim W.

this vinyl glove is a must have for every restaurant. these are cheaper through webstraunt than our distributer. i highly recommend getting this from webstraunt

- Tomas S.

Great gloves which allow the chef to fell the products. It doesn't rip very often. it conformable to wear and price is great. Highly recommended.

- T A.

I am pleased with these gloves. I didn't give them a five star rating because we have found that as we go through the box, there are quite a few gloves that are "rejects", the are ripped or have holes, etc. and its a waste. But otherwise a great glove.

- Katherine S.

Excellent quality and very economical disposable vinyl gloves. Perfect for foodservice or any art project where you don't want supplies or paints to contact your hands. The power free is a great version, and you won't have any residue on your hands when you remove them. The vinyl is great too for anyone who might have a latex allergy.

- Megan S.

Due to skin allergies, I go through disposable gloves very quickly at home--especially with an infant since I'm allergic to baby wipes! WEBstaurant has by far the best price I've been able to find. The gloves aren't quite as high quality as some I've used, but for less than half the price it's well worth it for me.

- Seth M.

These gloves are poor quality, but are unrivaled in how inexpensive they are. They tear very easily, so much so that about 1/20 will tear just from my putting it on my hand. However, I bought many of these gloves because even if a few have to be thrown out because of tears, they're great for handling meats when you want to change your gloves constantly.

- Andrea C.

Love these gloves! They are very comfortable. The thickness is great to prevent accidental tears or punctures while still maintaining clarity. They also provide great grip.

- Mike R.

Nice strong medium sized vinyl gloves work great for people with small hands have a great deal from the you can't pass this one up

- Crystal A.

I tried these for the first time dying fondant. My old brand used to snap or pop open. These seem to be much sturdier and I have not had any issues with them yet. And you can't beat the price!

- Stella P.

Good quality gloves and an essential in our very busy prep kitchen. We go through a lot of gloves and the price and quality cannot be beat!

- Brandon C.

Product was shipped fully packed and worked well, we had no issues with using the equipment for our venue that we attend this past week. Thanks again

- Carmen S.

good quality glove for the price. I also love that they are powder and latex free which is great for some of my customers are allergic.

- Hannah P.

These gloves are great! High quality for a great price! I have had trouble with my hands breaking out from gloves (latex, non latex, etc ) and finally found some that don't 1. Dry my hands out completely from prolonged use and 2. My hands haven't broken out once from these!

- Andrew H.

We go through tons of gloves in our bakery, and these are a great glove for the price, but they do run a bit small so we ended up having to order more sizes than originally planned. They aren't quite as stretchy as some other vinyl gloves we've used (a little "tougher" feeling), but it seems that they held up a bit longer because of that.

- Makay A.

Not quick to slip on but it fits good, didn't tear easy. I used it working in a commercial kitchen. I would purchase the gloves again.

- Natalie V.

These are great for our volunteers to maintain safety and sanitation standards when handling food. They fit well and avoid any latex allergies that volunteers may have.

- Matt K.

Great gloves that come in various sizes. Great price too! We use these for cleaning, handling food and for any other project where gloves are needed.

- Ashman B.

I use these when making my homemade fondant for my cakes as well as coloring my fondant and they work perfectly. I do not have any problems with my gloves fitting my hands and they slip right off when i am done with them. I would recommend this product to anyone.

- Gaybritsha G.

Perfect fit for my hands. Product is as listed and is powder free. Easy on and easy off allowing for quick change and disposal of soil gloves. Will be ordering again!

- Kelly M.

The gloves are great. Can't beat the price either. My cooks prefer these over the ones i have gotten them before. will order again. Thanks


I absolutely love these powder Free gloves. They are the perfect size I ordered a medium because I have nails and they fit just great. They are made with great quality plastic and they are not eazy to tear or rip. I will definitely ordering again.

- Josh E.

We like these Vinyl powder free gloves for our food runners and expediters. The are garnishing soups, salads and sandwiches so these loose fitting gloves allow for quick and easy changes.

- Alan L.

I love these glove, so much better then the clear plastic glove. I would totally buy again. I would also recommend to my friends that has business.

- Dennis B.

Our salon has been using these gloves for several years - we have never opened a box to find rips or tears, and they are very durable! We highly recommend these!

- Sonya P.

This product is amazing! We love this product because they do not rip and are very durable and good for making food and more that we use on a regular basis.

- Ronda B.

I love these gloves. i use them for baking and decorating. I have a big pet peeve about having sticky hands, so always wear gloves. These are pretty durable and to not tear too easily. They also fit very well to my hand.

- Michael B.

Love these gloves!!! They are easy to put on, tough enough to sustain use and make protecting your hands from food like chicken great. I will be ordering these again.

- Hani K.

This product is exactly what I was looking for. It feels light on hands yet sturdy to use it for food handling. It's true to size too, if you are using petite this product is for you!

- Shani B.

Strong and practical for food preparation and serving; thin enough to be comfortable, thick enough to prevent liquids seeping through; and of course, there are times you just want to be wearing gloves for hygiene reasons, especially with Covid! Extra large can be used by all people in my kitchen.

- Rob S.

Great gloves for one time use in food service. They are not the strongest gloves, but they get the job done. Were shipped to my store in two days.

- Corinne B.

These gloves were great - we used them to serve muffins at the farmer's market. They don't leave an icky residue on your hands, which is great. They are also really good to wear when coloring fondant or modeling chocolate (for when you don't want to get color on your hands!).

- Leia A.

Love these gloves! They come on and off easily and the fit is great. They are pretty durable and I find them to be perfect for food prep!

- Bora K.

These gloves are powder free but I haven't had any trouble fitting to them. Perfect for wearing when handling food items and actually quite comfortable to wear

- Brian P.

I would buy next size up if I purchased them again. My hands were apparently bigger than large size; gloves would sometimes rip when putting them on. I think if size were XL, they would be fine.

- Sarah A.

These gloves are a valuable tool in our cafe. They are affordable, comfortable and easy to use. The gloves protect the employee's hands and prevent the spread of germs to our customers.

- Gloria T.

Perfect fit, no sliding or slipping off easily. Highly recommend because you can just focus on handling food verses constantly adjusting while preparing foods or serving.



- Meryl H.

Fit more like a size smaller and tear easily at the wrist when putting them on or taking them off. They do their job though once on the hand

- Alicia M.

We have been using these gloves for multiple reasons abd have been very happy with them. We use them during events as well as during our baking and boxing of our desserts.


These are strong and easy to put on. Our volunteers like this brand the best for serving. You can't beat the price of these gloves on

- Micayla W.

Ordered these disposable gloves for use while preparing a brunch following a wedding. They were easy to put on, and worked well while handling the food items. I liked how they were powder free as well as vinyl.

- Jennifer M.

These gloves are perfect for quickly putting on and taking off. Obviously, make sure you order the right size. I have used them several times and they haven't ripped while in use yet. My favorite disposable glove.

- Chris L.

These gloves are perfect for general cleaning or food service applications. Soft vinyl is comfortable to wear and hold up well under normal use. Size small seems to be consistent with other glove types.

- Jon C.

We needed a disposable glove for our food prep. We liked the vinyl instead of latex and the powder-free for potential allergies. We are very happy with the price and quality of these gloves. We keep ordering them and in different sizes so they fit everyone.

- Tracy L.

Great product for the price. Much better price than buying in a store and plus they are approved for use in food settings. These gloves are a good choice to use when serving food.

- Andrea M.

Standard sized Medium gloves. They don't leave my hands with an itchy powder so great for people with sensitive skin. As long as you have dry hands they slip on and off easily. The finger tips don't break when using.

- Elisha H.

Love these gloves they dont slip and slide and they aren'tt to thick u cant move ur hands well..and they are thick enough u dont have to worry about tears

- Taniqua T.

The gloves are easy to get on and easy to get off. I don't have any residue on my hands and I have room to move my hands around. I can also grip things just like I grip with my hands.

- Anna B.

Great price for a box of disposable vinyl gloves. These appear to be equal or better in value than the brand that I had purchased for many years for the food service organization that I directed.

- Adam D.

Comes in small box and it is pretty easy to pull out the gloves. Gloves are strong and we use at our bar for preparing crepes and smoothies.


Great Food Service Gloves. These are durable and with dry hands, slip on very well. I would not recommend these for intense prep, but definitely for cleaning and for simple food service. Very hard to beat the price on these!!!

- Elijah

I absolutely love this product! This noble products small powder free disposable vinyl gloves are great for the food service! These gloves are great quality!

- Megan K.

Perfect fit for someone with small to medium hands. I use them for making marshmallows and they work quite well. They also get a decent amount of grip. Would buy again!

- Mustafa T.

Lots of people are working for your business and they don’t have the same size hands. I was looking for a solution for differens size gloves and Noble saved me.

- Thomas H.

very reasonable cost and have reordered several times with quality not slipping so far. will continue to order them as the employees like them better than the lighter plastic

- Yoel R.

These noble powder free disposable gloves are really great they are powder-free, which is important to anyone with allergies. these go on quickly, a real-time saver in a busy kitchen

- Debbie B.

Tried these as a less expensive option to the nitrile gloves and ended up ordering the others again. You get what you pay for with these. They are not very form fitting, making detailed prep more complicated and they tend to tear easily also.

- Seda M.

Extremely well made and sturdy.. Price is great compared to other stores.. I picked medium size which fits perfectly.. I will be buying again when I ran out of

- Haide T.

This easy to put in my hand. Last month I had a big party I used this for cutting some meats. I will but more in few month.

- Michaela F.

great gloves! they are easy to put on and they are still easy to grab stuff with them on. we love these gloves we will definitely buy again.

- Mary C.

These are the best gloves! No smell, no powder and they never tear. We go through A TON of these at our cafe and we'll never change from this brand.

- Sumer O.

These do the job! They are strong and don't rip and even though they are size small, it you have REALLY small hands, I recommend getting an extra small.

- Lisa G.

I use a lot of gloves in me deli, so these are nice and easy to put on and take off as I need them.

- Lisa C.

Hard to compare one glove to another, these go on easy and come off easy, very lightweight, and cannot beat the price, they will be used alot

- Yvette M.

These gloxe are one size fits most. They work great for dispensing baked goods in a very sanitary fashion. Not to be used for long periods of time

- Ann A.

The Noble Products Medium Powder-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice work great for use in the kitchen and or cleaning. The quality is very good. Highly recommend!

- Chris P.

I use these on a daily basis. They are great for my large hands and are very durable. Best price I could find for these great gloves.


Very easy to wear and take off. As the glove is not too thin, it won't stick on hand. Even no powder, it still smooth. Choose the correct size would be very important. I'm 175 cm, medium size female; and chose size M. It's just fit prefect, and no really "glove feeling" as it's not big or tight. I wear the gloves to remove bones from raw chicken wings. It's not as slippery as use hands directly. I think it's washable and reusable, but I didn't try.

- Andy S.

We use these gloves for kitchen prep as well as plating food. They fit nicely and we have found them to be priced very reasonably!

- Eric B.

These Extra--Large Powder-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves were perfect! Finally we found a glove large enough for my husband to wear while cutting up samples! He was very pleased with the fact that they didn't get white powder all over his shirt! They were easy for him to put on & remove. Customers really noticed & appreciated the sanitary work environment too!

- Susan W.

I can usually find one size fits all anywhere but being able to get the xl size was a big help because one size does not fit all.

- Phi D.

Nice and durable. These fit me well and don't leave a lot of loose areas like some other gloves so I can still feel what I'm doing. So far they seem perfect for light prep and cleaning.

- Ashley J.

These gloves are great if you’re looking for something that is inexpensive and easy to put on. I prefer the non-powdered ones. They are the cheapest option to get.

- Derek H.

The most important factor in a glove when handling food is that it doesn't rip...and these don't. They fit snug (medium fits great on a smaller hand) and are surprisingly comfortable even after a couple hours.

- Aaron F.

Simply and convenient. Whenever I am handling juicy meats and switching back and forth between raw meats and veggies, these are a life-saver. They are thin but sturdy enough to hold up for light kitchen use.

- Corey C.

These gloves stand up great through multiple use, and are perfect for making things like sandwiches and salads! The extra large is nice for the men in our kitchen whose hands are a bit bigger!

- David G.

Latex Free ! Disposable gloves perfect for restaurants. Gloves fit to size. Well liked by employees and management . No powder left on employees hands. P

- Zhongzhi H.

this is a good glove and has good quality, the price is good too. we use it for food preparing, my employee all love it.

- Robin V.

Arrived quickly, has a natural feeling when handling raw meats and other foods, the medium size were not tight or to loose a great fit, highly recommend.

- Rebecca F.

Quality is fantastic for the price. I tried three different brands from local supplier and only one brand came close but it was over twice the price. I’ve included pics showing how the ‘large” fits my shorter fat, little hands. I’m ordering a case of medium next because the extra inch of fingertip is a cutting mistake bound to happen. I’ve even searched amazon and other supply places selling wholesale and the price here is still better!

- Andrew M.

We have bought almost all styles and sizes of the Noble line of disposable gloves and what iv'e found is that buying one size is best, we have a small place with limited space, we ended up with Noble because of price and quality, we just buy a few boxes of these medium for a couple peeps with smaller hands

- Karen N.

we love these gloves. the price point is on point. As a bakery we use gloves very often and these gloves are very reliable! they do not break easily and withstand even the toughest. and it's powder free which is a plus as some of our staff is allergic to the ones with powder!

- Jacqueline C.

I have small hands so I ordered these gloves because the ones at work are way too big. These gloves are small but just a little to snug. Better off ordering the medium unless your hands are really, really small.

- Tiffany H.

Love them! I use them around the home. Will continue to order these as they are sturdy, and very convenient. Can be used in the kitchen and while cleaning (if you need gloves in a pinch)

- Margaret H.

The best gloves for working with food! They never tear or rip apart in the box, they fit nicely and hold up when used over the grill, unlike some gloves these are breathable!

- Tham D.

We use these everyday. Very durable. We think the quality is good and reasonably priced. Only the shipping fee is high for these gloves along.

- Diandrea A.

The gloves are perfect for petite hand. I purchase them in a size small. They are very strong and they dont rip easily. I highly recommend

- James G.

I'm used to buying medium-sized gloves but these were a little smaller than the ones I normally buy. I ordered large and they were just right! Other than the sizing, these work great.

- Ashton J.

I love the powder free gloves, they go on neatly and come off neatly. I enjoy using them to make dough so that my hands stay clean without the sticky feeling of the flour.

- Jen H.

Economical, however they run small and are pretty impossible to get on slightly wet hands

- Lucia L.

We thought we would try these since our hands are a little damp when putting them on and they dont rip like the large ones

- Chad A.

Have looked locally for gloves and found these are best value, even compared to big warehouse stores. The cooks like them, they hold up well enough for the job. Will be ordering these again.


Great product with an amazing price.even after shipping these cost less than half what it costs to get them from my main line food service company.

- Anthony T.

These gloves are exactly what we get from the store down the street but probably cheaper. Works perfect for making food, no powder, and no irritation. Definitely would recommend.

- Hannah C.

Love these gloves! They fit my hands and my employee's hands perfectly. If you have larger hands you might prefer a different size, but we have not had any issue with them yet.

- Lorie C.

These powder-free vinyl gloves are a great option for an economical foodservice or cleaning glove. Keeps your hands clean and protects your customers from the spread of germs.

- Laura J.

These gloves are extremely useful to have on hand, and the price is exceptional. True to size, but they do not offer as much elasticity as latex gloves, so consider sizing up if you are between sizes.

- Juliet M.

They work great. stay on and don't rip easy. Not only are they great but they are also a great price!! Will reorder these gloves for sure.

- Ut N.

We use these everyday at our restaurants to prepare our customers food. Great value for the price. Size is just right and powder free is the way to go.

- Shan T.

I am very well pleased with this product, and look forward to purchasing more in the future. I would highly recommend this product to all.

- Kyle B.

Can't find the extra large size anywhere locally, so I started ordering them here. Quality is great, shipping is fast, price can't be beat. Perfect!

- Eric L.

Very nice product, it fits my hands perfectly, and give a natural feeling as if I don't have gloves on. I would recommend this product.

- Ken R.

Decent glove, easy to pull on and off, there does seem to be more than enough powder to do the trick. May cause a slight irritation.

- Brook N.

Small is a very accurate description. I ordered these because I do have small hands and gloves usually just slip off and get tangled, however, these are so small that they are extremely difficult to get on. Would probably be Perfect for a 9 or 10 yr. old child though... The Mediums fit me much better...

- Cafe P.

What a great product at a really good price. The only issue with powder free is they are more difficult to get on and off.

- Brenda G.

Purchased 3 boxes and i forget I have them on. Great fit and convenient. Plus the dont slide off my hand. Stays on nice and tight.

- Renee H.

Great product! We have an employee with a latex allergy so I choose these gloves for our entire staff. I purchased them in Small and Medium...which was the perfect fit for all of our employees.


This was a quick shipment, This product is a great quality. It does exactly what they need to do. I would definitely buy these again.

- S&S C.

These gloves feel thick and durable enough for most applications behind the counter. Only thing is my wife ordered size medium forgetting that I have to wear them as well. Putting a medium on most times rips- I'd suggest she medium for women and size L or XL for men.

- Becky H.

These extra large vinyl gloves are a nice quality glove for the price. Box of 100 gloves or 50 pairs is a great value and can be used for all sorts of applications from food service to Cleaning.

- Pam H.

Excellent gloves. They fit well and are comfortable to wear. Very durable. We use these in all areas of our kitchen. From product prep to cleaning. These are the only gloves we buy

- Patrick M.

Love these gloves for our food service tasks. Medium is the size that fits every one of our staff's hands and that makes life easy when you can just order one size and be done with it. Great gloves that don't leave a glove smell behind like many others do.

- Angelica O.

This product is totally necessary in my business, the vinyl gloves are powder free so make them perfect for the food service. Unique for pastry decorations, fondant and serving bakery desserts. Very good quality! I absolutely recommend this product!

- Susie B.

These gloves are thick enough so that you can quickly put them on without the fear that they will rip. They won't stick to your hands when you try to put them on either.

- Rejeana &.

I love these gloves. I use these in my business when dipping blooming onions and deep fried pickles. They work well because they stay on my hands even with the weight of the batter. They're easy to slip on and off as well.


Good quality gloves. The price was just right for disposable gloves. I use them to prepare meals at home. Will be buying again in the future.

- Jason

Gloves work well for the price. they do rip easier than some of the more expensive ones I have bought in the past but for the price I was paying its with the savings.

- Jeremy D.

Works great, the XL fits our hands good. Thick enough not to break yet thin enough to feel what you are doing. These are about half the price of comparable gloves at our local supply store.

- Elie H.

great fitting gloves, love the see through , easy on and off for quick change the powder free is great for my sensitive skin, and allergies

- Edvin V.

This product Noble Products Small Powder-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice is a must have product in every kitchen. Ive used it for cooking, baking, cleaning and i love it! I bought 2 boxes of this product and i am happy with my purchase. Will definitely buy more!

- Althea B.

Very nice gloves for cake decorating. The gloves fit nicely. There is no powder in the gloves so your hands will sweat. They are a very nice choice for kitchen use.

- Raymond B.

I love using these vinyl gloves whenever I'm handling things like raw meat. It's a lot more convenient than having to wash my hands often.

- Larry P.

very high quality gloves that are built to last and are very easy to work in because of great comfort and durability/ have bought these many times with zero complaints.

- Adrian A.

These gloves are a good quality and size. My employees use them for food service in childcare/ preschool setting. Will definitely be buying these again.

- Karen D.

I never used the Noble Products and was little worried about it when ordering, but ended up loving it. It's pretty thick and good quality. Would definitely order it again in the future.

- Helane L.

Love these gloves. Not too small, not too big. Fits just right. Snug. Comfortable. Does not interfere with cooking or serving. I would definitely order again.

- Himanshu G.

It fits our staff perfectly and is great for the versatility it provides. The gloves comfortable to use and allow us to prepare foods with ease.

- Marty W.

standard vinyl gloves, we will repurchase as we have been yet to find anything of this quality for these prices. They get the job done. Great deal.

- Chip C.

I use the Noble vinyl gloves while cleaning to protect my hands and to wear at night while my hands are covered Vaseline for my eczema. The price is very reasonable and the quality is excellent for the price.

- Stephanie R.

The gloves are very small. They serve its purpose and are very thick. They are very durable and do not tear easily. I would buy a bigger size.

- Robert W.

They are vinyl gloves and they do what they are supposed to do. Strong design does not rip easily. Keeps hands clean whle prepping product or cleaning up

- Shawn H.

These gloves are great for the value. They run a bit smaller than latex. My regular size is a small, but the medium fit very well. It's powder free but they hsve a weird scent to them. They hold up very well and haven't had any ripe while in use. Will purchase again.

- Karie V.

These gloves are a great value and good quality. We use several pairs a day and since they're not as expensive as some other brands it's no problem to throw them away after a single use.

- Morgan C.

Nice, durable glove. I have had other brands rip after a few minutes of use but these gloves seem to hold up for a decent amount of time. The box they come is also durable and does not fall apart after being packed and unpacked at several catering events.

- Brian B.

Our employees love the powder free gloves. They're perfect for all of our food prep. And we love that the come in many different sizes.

- Cyndee J.

These gloves have worked great while i make cotton candy! They stand up to some heat and constant use. I have nails and they don't rip like others have by the finger tips!

- Racquel M.

My food handlers, from those preparing and cooking, to the servers and the clean-up crew loved using these gloves at an event that I had recently. No allergy concerns as they are Vinyl, not latex, and it was a plus that they are powder-free. Still cannot believe the price.

- Jeanette M.

These gloves are perfect for protecting my hands when working with food coloring. They fit snug enough so I don't experience a baggy feeling around my fingers. They are very affordable to keep several boxes on hand (punt intended) so I can switch them out often when decorating cookies. I would recommend this product for sure!


These are my favorite disposable vinyl gloves. Very reasonable priced and fit well. Easy to wear. I buy them by the case it's cheaper... \

- Debra V.

They are great gloves but would recommend if you have large hands I would try and find extra extra large gloves. A little hard to get on fast. Otherwise a good fit.

- Jamie P.

My restaurant use all noble gloves, but have to order to order this larger size for a few men, since the large is a little tight, Extra large fits perfectly.

- Shea-La G.

I previously bought the ones with the powder on them which is working nicely, but sometimes i don't want powder on my hands. These fit well and don't have any latex smell.

- Carmella D.

These are wonderful gloves! They are perfect for use while spinning cotton candy. I tried other gloves and find these to be the best in my opinion.

- Shirley S.

Good quality gloves that don't tear easily. We use them for everything! We keep med & large handy, so as to fit everyone. Five stars.

- Leslie W.

Gloves are great (and powder free) for prepping, serving and cleaning. Does not tear easy and can be reused as needed. Great purchase and price.

- James F.

Great gloves that hold up to a lot of use. I prefer these gloves over other brands because not only do they hold up they have a great price.

- Laura M.

I have very dry skin so these gloves work well for me. They are easy to get on and off quickly and they do not leave my hands with a funny feeling that they get from using powdered gloves nor do they get dried out. They hold up well and are a good price.

- Gabrielle C.

great and durable product. fits well and ships fast too. Packaged great and allows us to handle the product safely and without any issues. will buy again

- Jennifer D.

really good vinyl disposable gloves, and at a very reasonable price!!! these gloves are thick enough to use for many tasks. i'll continue to purchase these here at webstaurantstore!

- Iesha W.

These gloves are really durable and the fact that they have the option of choosing powder-free really makes the price more than affordable. Definitely will purchase again.

- Julie H.

NIce and easy to put on - especially for powder free! Like the option for the Medium size ... fits more like a small but good for smaller hands! Highly recommend over powdered for food service!

- Anna T.

A great price for an item that is handy and necessary for any food service opportunities. We use these in a school for teacher appreciation events.

- Lisa T.

These gloves are a LOT smaller than expected i ordered size medium and i have pretty small hands, my other workers cannot even use it cause it's so small I highly recommend you getting Large for average sized hands and medium for SMall hands

- Christy S.

The Extra Large Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves really one in handy for myself and my husbands treat making business. It keeps our hands clean while coloring fondant by hand as well as keeps the food safe. Great purchase!

- Latasha W.

Gloves are standard and fit true to size. Great product. Exceptional price. I love that there was an option to choose powder free or powdered.

- Priti N.

Great quality great price. Fits snug great for cooking or prepping in front or back kitchen. We always buy extra for our staff and they love the fit

- Carla L.

These gloves are great and the price is even better. They are the best value we've found and will continue to purchase them for the foreseeable future.

- Anna K.

These medium disposable vinyl gloves are powder free. Come in a box of 100. Great for parties that you are serving food. They fit well

- Shaun F.

These a great gloves for serving, but I would not think them appropriate for prep. You do not get a solid grab on foods, so I stick to latex for prep.

- Julie M.

These gloves fit medium sized hands perfectly. They don't tear too easily and are easy to get on and off. Will reorder these for the kitchen staff.

- Sean P.

This product is the best, when i use it on liquid it does not rip. My partners always tell me to order more every day.

- Jessica S.

The Noble Products Medium Powder-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice are a great value! I use them for food occasionally, and my daughter uses them frequently. She is a bit squeamish when it comes to raw meats or other things she deems "disgusting". She also uses while cleaning out her guinea pigs' cage. Now she has no excuses not to help out around the house! They are thick enough that they don't snag or rip and don't leave any residue on our hands. I recommend these.

- Amanda C.

Love these vinyl gloves for their nonstick ability. I use them to roll a very sticky dough into small cheese bread balls, and nothing sticks to the glove.


These are nice gloves. I did read some reviews saying there was yellow gunk on their gloves. The first few boxes were just fine. i didn't notice anything. However, on this most recent box, I did notice a little yellow gunk on the gloves. Just a little. Not enough to be tossed out. For the most part they were strong, but the rate of tears vs the Safety Zone gloves I originally purchased from Amazon were higher. These tend to rip more often than the Safety Zone gloves. They are a great quality for the price though.

- Lucia D.

These gloves are perfect for safety food handling, and also to handle sticky dough or fondant as they do not stick to the gloves! Do not tear easily either

- Emma V.

These gloves fit me perfect. And they don’t tear easily. However when your hands are wet or just a tiny bit damp, they are hard to put on.

- Arthur S.

I catered a event and finally got a chance to use the Noble Product Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice. My helpers use the gloves as well and they were great. The gloves didn't tear easy and my help love them compared to others brands we have used. I highly recommend this product.

- Ryan M.

These gloves are fantastic!! I have been searching around for a lower cost disposable gloves. These gloves are the cheapest around but still have a high quality!! Will reorder!!

- Lance J.

These medium powder free disposable vinyl gloves are great for normal food handling and cleaning, to avoid contamination or having chemicals directly touch skin. The vinyl material is also very durable.

- Amanda R.

Size is true to typical large glove. Not powdery or non-latex which is very important for us as we prep fruits and vegetables. They are sleek and fit your hands well.

- Stacy S.

Good for a disposible glove. None were thrown away because thet were defective. Fit my large hand just fine. Lightweight enough you can complete your job without the gloves getting in the way.

- Lisa S.

These gloves are great for the price. They are cheaper here than my food service provider. I have used an entire case and so far none have ripped.

- Ativa R.

Fix perfect and doesn't have all that powder on it. I hate the powder it gets all over everything when you take the gloves off .. good thing these gloves does not leave your hand sweat.

- Hicham T.

Great Product . these gloves are a must have in the restaurant , they are good quality and most important they are really a good price compare to a lot of places .

- Adam D.

These gloves do the job and meet the requirements for handling food but leave your hands sweaty. I have not found a more breathable option so we'll keep using these but wish my hands could breath.

- Casey P.

These vinyl gloves are perfect for the job. They are easy on and off. They don't tear easily and don't cause my hands to sweat a lot.

- Narzilta M.

These are the best set of gloves one can buy. Very strong and durable. Easy to put on and take off, doesn't stick to hands and anything can be done using them. I use them while baking.

- Jason J.

These are very strong gloves. Just as strong or even stronger than any other gloves on the market. I’m glad they fit more snug than some of the other large gloves we’ve bought before. I am a man and some of the other large size gloves seem to be like longer in the fingers. So if you have big hands you might need the XL. Or you can purchase a single box just to be sure. Hope this helps

- Kayla T.

We use these gloves everyday!!! They are amazing. They don’t make your hands all sweaty after each use and they last! So awesome! Try it out!

- Mandy R.

I have used these gloves for a while and am very pleased. They fit perfect and do not slide off easily and do not rip or tear

- Jorge A.

We use these in our kitchen for heavy duty usage everyday. We haven't had any issues with quality, I have yet to find a glove of theirs ripping at first usage! Will continue to order these, especially at the price!

- Laura S.

good product, resistant and durable. you cannot beat the price, we use them all the time in my kitchen and do not have any to complain.

- Rachel R.

These are great gloves for food service use. I like them more than the cheaper poly ones. These work better for when you are doing jobs where you need to keep the gloves on for more than a few minutes.

- Richard T.

We always have gloves stocked behind our bar when bartenders are cutting fruit . It’s nice to know these gloves are affordable and work well for our use

- Alan D.

These gloves are very durable and work great at our restaurant. They are easy to get on and comfortable. They can handle the wear and tear of the day. We recommend these gloves.

- Zhiwei L.

These gloves are the best because they are lightweight on you're hands. Not only that but they are good for people with smaller hands such as our servers.

- Sarda D.

Great gloves for elementary kids for when are cooking at school making apple butter and cutting berries. They are easy to put and take off.

- May E.

These powder free disposable gloves do not leave that white mess on your hands. They are safe for handling food . The extra large size fits all.

- Baljit D.

These gloves are very cheap to buy by the case in comparison to other gloves. They are great for women with regular size hands. The large size is perfect for males.

- Jody B.

I Love these gloves. The gloves fit comfortably. They do not slide down your hand like the plastic gloves do. I Definitely recommend these gloves.

- Gladessa D.

I’m allergic latex and this gloves is amazing! I love this gloves! It fits perfectly and very durable, I Used it a lot for baking, and for coloring fondant gives me less mess for my hands

- Yiqian D.

My hands are small but they fit the medium size really well. I might order the size large next time so they fit my employees better.

- Keith S.

I use these gloves to handle the homemade fudge that I make and they also fit perfectly on my hands and I love that they are powder free.

- Edgar E.

Easy on easy off. I like the durability and elasticity of these gloves. The clear look of the glove screams sanitized. I highly recommend these.

- Brett S.

The gloves fit great with my big hands. They don’t tear after a long use and are comfortable. The gloves are powder free and slide right on as long as your hands are dry.

- Alexis

I purchased the 100 pack of medium powder free gloves and I love the quantity for the amount of money you spend ! Highly recommend !!

- Christopher P.

Very easy to slip on and off, great as a latex-free alternative. Fairly durable be sure to get the right size for your hands. Very well priced for food service gloves.

- Lauren H.

The best part about these gloves? They fit both hands, so there are no lonely gloves waiting at the end of the without a pair. Every ambidextrous glove has a pair -- zero waste! Highly recommend.

- Mark B.

Gloves are a must have in the restaurant industry, but when must have items get thrown away it feels like we are throwing money away. Cant find a cheaper bargain anywhere for vinyl gloves

- Cassady C.

Although designed with food service and food handling in mind, these gloves can also be used for quick custodial services. The gloves have a natural feel and don’t feel heavy on the hands.

- Frontline F.

Absolutely great gloves. hands down the best. thanks for a great experience. I will definitely be reordering these. Fast shipment. thank you for a great product.

- Holly M.

These are our favorite gloves. They are made from vinyl so no need to worry about any allergies to latex. We get the powderfree gloves which we really like. They are durable and the price is great!

- Gail M.

The price is right and the weight of the glove is great for us. We have an open BBQ kitchen and we burn a lot of gloves. We’ve ordered bazillions of theseM

- Jeff M.

These vinyl gloves are very nice to work with, the staff loves them and I love the price. Can't find a better glove at this price.

- Barrett D.

These fit our employees' hands easily and are very comfortable. They do not tear or rip easily. They are great quality at a very low price.

- Hayley P.

I love powder free gloves, we use these when we are cleaning more than when making food. its just easier to not leave streaks when there isnt any powder left behind

- Melissa P.

These gloves are perfect to wear while we are dipping our strawberries in chocolate. Great quality for a great price. Will definitely buy these again.

- Yenny T.

It is a good and economic gloves. My sushi chef wear this gloves to make the sushi. You just need to put little bit of oil so the rice not stick on the gloves.

- Ronald P.

Fantastic gloves. Hard to beat for the price. Have been using this brand for years and haven't had any issues. Will continue to buy for the foreseen future.

- Lori

The Noble Products Medium Powder-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves are awesome. They are you everyday food service gloves. The medium fits like a dream and is great for anyone handling or serving food.

- Jessica F.

We order these gloves weekly. They fit my husbands hands well and are sturdy. They do not tear easily. They do not irritate his hands even with repeated use.

- Tony N.

Gloves are great as long as you have dry hands. They rip pretty easy otherwise. They are a good fit and works for what we need them too.

- Marla H.

These gloves cover our hands when baking our Bavarian soft pretzels, it has prevented germs to spread when handling food. It helps us follow food codes, and is even durable through paint (in case you're wondering)

- Ej E.

These gloves aren't the greatest. They run small and tear easily. Definitely other brands out there that are higher quality for the same price so I won't be buying them again.

- Morgan R.

These gloves fit my hands perfectly! They feel like a second skin. Completely secure while mixing cookie dough. A great alternative for me to powdered latex.

- Santo

Been using other size with the same brand, try smaller size for our employee and they really like it, will continue buying it, good product!

- James F.

These Powder-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves are excellent for single-use not only in the kitchen, but for household work in general. They are sturdy for disposable. I have yet to experience any breakage or tears. At less than $3 per pack, they are a bargain. Recommended.

- Jocelyn T.

We use a ton of these gloves in our kitchen. They are very comfortable and work great for prepping food. The price is great too! The only gloves that I now use.

- Josh P.

These aren't exactly what we were hoping for, but they do work great. We like that they don't stick to the hands and don't fit to tightly. Can be changed quick and effortlessly.

- Taylor B.

I am an average sized woman and these are too small for my hands. I have to use large. Other than that, they are okay. Even using a large size they can tear pretty easily.

- Sandy W.

Not as nice (expensive) as nitrile, but not as flimsy as poly, which is exactly what I was looking for. The Small is a bit tight so I'll order Mediums next time.

- Melyce K.

We use these gloves for all operations in the café. They are great quality and they are affordable. I buy them in all sizes and my employees love them.

- Julie B.

We use these extra-large powder-free disposable vinyl gloves very often at my cafe and I would definitely recommend this product! WebstaurantStore always has fast shipping and is consistently reliable!

- Victoria C.

Got the Extra Large size for my husband and fits him perfectly. He does not have huge hands, I would say normal size man hands. Gloves have not torn while in use. Easy to put on and easily come off. Box that they come in are easy to open and just grab once at a time when needed.

- Sheena K.

These gloves work great for smaller hands and are really durable. They are the perfect size and work great with cutting fruit. I will purchase again.

- Josh M.

Durable and easy to use and change. Do not tear or rip easily when putting on. Quality gloves for the price, comes in all different sizes as well.

- Kara E.

These gloves are great quality. I use them at my cupcake shop. They run true to size, and I haven’t had any issues with tearing/ripping.

- Cathy F.

We go through many different sizes, and gloves in a day that these have been a wonderful find for us. As a non-profit budgets are always tight but this fits the bill for our kitchen.

- Sean A.

These gloves are great! Far cheaper than the vinyl gloves we were getting from the national food distributor. Best part is no powder, which means less chances of allergic reactions for my staff!

- Francine A.

These gloves were excellent. They fit perfect. While using didn’t even feel like you had gloves on. We used for kneading dough. These were a great help to the hands.

- Kelli J.

We use these in our donut shop. Even with hot donuts they don't melt. They fit all the employees hand very good. Very durable. I would recommend these to everyone. Thank you for the great product.

- Brittany D.

These gloves by Noble are amazing! They keep your hands clean and free from odors. They are very sturdy and you can get them at an exceptional price.

- Deborah H.

We use about a box per day of these heavy duty vinyl gloves. They work well and our staff can handle any items without them slipping off and they have a good grip capability.

- Jennifer B.

These served the purpose, but had to keep several sizes in stock for the varying hand sizes of the employees. Hard to put on and take off is sweating. Would def use ploy gloves over these.

- Michelle S.

When we had to stop using latex gloves we went with vinyl. They took a bit of getting used to but we handle them just fine and they are half the cost of latex.

- Roxane S.

We use these to handle all our cleaning around our office. Great quality. Love the fact that they are powder-free. Does not tear easily. Amazing product!

- Taylor J.

We use these gloves for our high volume counter service establishment and they have proven to hold up very well when used by our staff.

- Jonathan I.

Great quality and great price! We use these in our salad shop. We found that the small didn't get used as much as the L/XL options.

- Jamie P.

I did not care for these gloves because they are impossible to put on if your hands are the slightest bit damp. If you can get them on they work fine.

- Rashid H.

The product is too good, it is commercial quality product, it is powder free but very easy to put on. The gloves last for long, not easy to break.

- Sammi A.

I purchased these to use in my own kitchen. They fit comfortably and they have saved my hands from cuts and dryness. Love them! 5 Stars!

- Sheila A.

Awesome price for vinyl gloves. I was very pleased with this product ..they were easy to work with and fit well. I even forgot I had them on...Quality product and would recommend.

- Robyn T.

These gloves are thick, sturdy and fit well. They dispense easily from the box and are easy to get on and off. Love that they are powder-less.

- Daddy D.

The Noble Products Disposable Gloves work very well and shipped well. It is not the best Powder-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves out there but definitely worth the price. I stock pile them in various sizes for using in my restaurant.

- Sonya D.

Nice durable product. They are easy to take on and off, without leaving any residue on your hands. Would recommend to others for easy and durable kitchen use.

- Michelle A.

The gloves met my exact needs for our ice cream service. I think everyone felt more comfortable with these than with the ones that gave powder in them. The medium size fit most hand sizes.

- Sheryl W.

I'm impressed with how well these gloves fit. They are sized correctly and allow you to prep food without the trouble of being too loosely fitted. They are durable and reliable. I will certainly repurchase these gloves again.

- Trunglong

the glove is great quality and I used it for bakery store and it works great, highly recommend to other people who want to buy it.

- Kit L.

These gloves are super affordable (half the price of our local restaurant supply store) and high quality. The packaging came fast and undamaged using Webstaurant PLUS! We are ordering more! Thank you!

- RK

Please noble disposable gloves are a must-have for any one who loves to cook. These are my go to gloves for cooking! Such great quality and even more amazing price!

- Simon T.

One of the best and cheapest around for powder free gloves. Most kitchen staff love the powder free version and it's a great price. Always been guying them by the case. It's the best deal around.

- Sayat O.

This powder free vinyl glove fits your hand like a glove. It's not porous and keeps water out. It's great at staying on as well.

- Janelle J.

These disposable vinyl gloves work just as you might expect. Nice fit. Easy on and off. Great to grab for food preparation. Excellent pricepoint for these gloves!

- William F.

Easy to take on and off. Wide bottom make them easier for larger hands to wear then the fitted ones. Not too thick like other gloves we've tried and these get the job done.

- Kyler R.

These are not durable at all. They rip every time I use them. The only pluses are that the small fits perfectly and they protect against latex allergies, otherwise they are awful.

- Vanish B.

Gloves are good however, the size is a little small. Hard to put on while your hands are moist from washing hands. Need to order a size larger for easy usage.

- Jessica K.

Not our favorite but get the job done. We have switched over to nitrile only and find those have a much better fit and feel to them.

- Julian H.

Great gloves. It can be hard to work in certain types of gloves, but not these ones. These are perfect and do the job just right.

- Lorena M.

The price is very accessible. Very easy to put on and take off, they don't rip easily. When you have them on they mold to you hand and are easy to work with. They don't have the plastic glove smell like others.

- Eddie B.

The vinyl gloves by Noble Products works just as they should . Very tough and not easily torn. I ordered the medium size and they were a bit on the smaller side.

- Danenne H.

We love these gloves! They fit well, easy to put on, and take off. They didn't tear, and they held up after hours of use.

- Maria P.

fit a medium sized hand perfectly. they last a long time while performing the same task. love that these are a plus free shipping. cant wait to order again

- Jason S.

These gloves are the most affordable ones I have found to date. They serve their food handling purpose without breaking the bank. Constant glove changes are a breeze with the wide wrist opening too

- Nate K.

They are cheap gloves but I regret purchasing them. We used them all, but vinyl gloves in general are not my favorite. No fault on the manufacturer or Webstaurantstore - they are typical vinyl gloves. Honestly, a little thicker than typical vinyl gloves but they tear just as easily. I probably threw away just as many as I actually got on my hands successfully. The medium size was liked by my smaller-handed employees, but they did seem a little on the small side.

- Michael M.

These gloves are pretty good but we prefer item #3941085XL as they are easier to get on when hands are wet or when in a rush.

- Jamyce D.

These gloves are great for wearing for dirty jobs. I wear them when I am seasoning chicken, fish etc. I like how nice they fit and how durable they are. I will purchase them again.

- Tracey Q.

Fit great and not flimsy or too thin, , Good quality Great bulk price for something that is a necessity. Will definitely re-order in the future.

- Christa J.

I order cases of these at a time for the childcare center I work at. The staff love these and are used mostly for diaper changing and at mealtimes.

- William A.

These gloves are fine. Pretty thin but they work for what they are intended for. The outer box needs to be repacked instead of shipping in this box. The outer box is terrible quality.

- Toney A.

We’ve been using these gloves for 3 years and love them. We only buy size large and fins that fits most of our staff (mostly women) sometimes we need xl for certain employees. There’s no icky residue or smell when you take them off! Super durable too!

- Clinton K.

Gloves feel great on your hands . If I was you I’d definitely consider a large if your hands are decent size at all . You can barely tell they are on once you get them slipped around your wrist though

- Paul M.

These gloves are excellent for working in any restaurant atmosphere or in an nail salon. And if you find that you need gloves that are stronger they have a very wide selection to choose from. Thanks

- Athenia P.

Very durable, powder free, and the best part is that they are the actual size that they advertise, these are a must have around the kitchen.

- Nikki S.

These are the perfect gloves when decorating treats. They are a fitted style that doesn't have a lot of excess room like many food serving gloves. The texture is also perfect for dealing with fondant.

- Lissa A.

These gloves fit nice and snug which makes it easier to prepare our sandwiches quickly. I like that they are latex free and have no powder residue.

- James L.

Work great. They're gloves and they are latex-free for employees or customers who have latex allergies. My hands are large-ish and the XL fits well.

- Andrea F.

These gloves are used by my students. We have not had an issue with gloves ripping to easily. Will be purchasing more to use in the future.

- Stacey S.

I use these gloves every single day! I hate the idea of touching raw meat or having my hands smell like whatever ingredient I am working with so I always wear these gloves when I handle food! They are a great price and fit well!

- Scott C.

Love these gloves the x large fit perfect for my larger size hands. They don't leave any residue on your hands like the ones with powder.

- Anna A.

My go-to vinyl gloves. The quality is great for the price and it doesn't rip easily. Perfect fit. It feels very comfortable which makes working with food easily.

- Trevor B.

Fits my average-sized hands snugly enough to make even high-dexterity tasks like applying garnishes easy, but not so snug that they are difficult to remove. I haven't had any issues with the material tearing, even after extended use.

- Michelle A.

These get the job done. Purchased these because they were cheap. My husband almost always tears them when he uses them, but I haven't had that problem very often. We've had better gloves in the past, but we've definitely had worse too. We use these when making candies, cake pops, coloring fondant, and kneading bread dough. When we run out of these and have to purchase gloves again, we will probably look around a little bit for something better, but I think the price of these will win out in the end. Just can't beat the price.

- Shasta G.

I use these gloves to handle ready to eat pastries. I do not have any complaints about these. I am a petite person and the small fits great.

- Karina S.

I always buy the gloves here. Of course they are not the best quality kind. However, since it’s disposable, this kind of quality is good enough for this fair price.

- Omri

The Noble Medium Powder-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves are very comfortable, and quality they very resistant though they are powder free. I'm using them usually when handling meat. Great Product.

- Erin B.

Great deal for the money and quantity. I use them often. It is a necessity for me to be able to easily put on and take off gloves during a event.

- Trey L.

We use these everyday in our kitchen operation. They hold well. No tearing and fit like a glove! These are great quality products for the price that we paid

- Fred H.

Powder free seems to be what our people want and helps them to do a better job in the kitchen. We highly recommend this item.

- Chris C.

Our team loves these gloves. They do not feel weird like other gloves. Easy to put on and take off and do not leave the odd residue on your hands. These gloves are great and we will continue to purchase these.

- Gloria P.

Good gloves, great for ready-to-eat foods. I did take one star off because of the "Large". I know large is a relative term but I have small chubby hands and these fingers fit me, well, like a glove. If anyone had not chubby but long fingers these gloves wouldnt fit very well.

- Ashlyn P.

These are my go to gloves when it comes to the restaurant or food truck. By far the cheapest. If you get the right size they are easy to get on and off. I can't stand powdered gloves, but that is my personal preference. We go through tons of gloves and I will always come back to these.


Good quality. Reasonable price. Do not tear easily. Notice no difference from other brands. Lots of different sizing available to meet your staff. Would recommend.

- Alyssa K.

These gloves were very reasonably priced, so they were okay for the price. We did have quite a few of them that quickly broke for the people doing heavier tasks like rolling pie dough or mixing ingredients.

- Amanda M.

These are nice gloves! You can't beat the price and the quantity. Fast shipping and a high quality. These fit my hands perfect and seem to accommodate a variety of our employees.

- Thanh M.

These gloves are perfect for our restaurants. We use a few boxes a day and when we need to be quick changing our gloves we have no issues with these gloves. I would recommend these for any prep/line works needs!!

- Deborah J.

If you actually get the Noble Brand Gloves they are great for the price. Lately the "Brand May Very" warning has been showing up on gloves sold here and the gloves they are substituting in are of a lesser quality. They are cheap gloves that rip easily. The XL are particularly a problem as the substitute brand is smaller than the Noble XL's. I have had to switch to a more expensive glove to accommodate my employees with larger hands as they rip through the substitutes. They are worth trying to see if they meet your needs, but I would try a box before you invest too much in cases. Hopefully Webstaurant will switch back to exclusively sending out Noble Gloves that are advertised.

- Blanca V.

Perfect is very good product, excellent quality and the price is very good. I liked them a lot, I definitely recommend them 100%. Thanks a lot!

- Joshua L.

This is probably one of the best vinyl gloves I have ever bought and used. It does not tear easy when putting the gloves on. They stretch over your hand nicely without having to struggle.

- Danae S.

These work great for my small but busy restaurant. They are exactly as described and they hold up very well in a really busy kitchen

- Teresia T.

Noble premium vinyl gloves. This is much cheaper here at WebstaurantStore than at our local suppliers. It serves its purpose fine. One time use glove.

- Shawna

These gloves are great. They work amazing and come filled which is great because we go through them like crazy. I would highly recommend these.

- Kelly Y.

I have been searching for these gloves everywhere and glad to find it here and for a great price. I like the thickness but it is not too thick to inhibit movement.

- Leah S.

My go to for gloves. Affordable, strong and comes in a variety of sizes, both in powdered and unpowdered. I always make sure to have several boxes on deck.

- Sherry S.

I reorder these every few months. They are comfortable to wear, easy to take off and put on, and durable. I like using the powder free version for all of my cake decorating needs.

- Letisha B.

These are great quality gloves for a reasonable price. These gloves are thick and durable. You won't have to worry about tearing half way through the use of these gloves.

- Jonathan V.

The gloves themselve are good quality, hold up very well to any task that you can imagine performing in the kitchen. The real problem is the sizing. I ordered a medium and the fit like anme’s small. Be aware before buying.

- Jenavies

- Sandra N.

Great durable gloves. These gloves do not break easily. We ordered size large and they fit almost our entire kitchen staff. Easy to work in!

- Scott D.

These are pretty nice gloves. You'll struggle putting them on if your hands are wet, but that's too be expected with powder free gloves. They are a nice thickness.

- Suhail K.

Great value and best for the price, we use it for all the restaurants. and everyone is happy to use, so will purchase again!! A+

- Lilach A.

love these gloves, they are both soft and have no weird feeling after you take them off. they are durable and clear design, i tried different company in the past, I recommend this company

- Leng H.

We are using this product in my bakery shop. good quality and reasonable on price. Will buy more with a different size. Bought this Medium for my husband but fit me as small size.

- Alisha H.

These gloves are our employees favorite. They come out of the box easily, slip on even when your hands are a little damp and the rolled top makes putting on and taking off a breeze. We have never had them rip or tear. The size is small enough and thin in nature to fit your fingers and wrists well.

- Mehmet C.

Very strong and durable gloves. Great for any kind of kitchen and serving tasks and hold well. We are very happy and will continue to order

- Stephen M.

Gloves can vary greatly in price. These ones are of the same quality as any restaurant supplier, and packed in dispenser boxes. Good value and quality

- Nikki H.

Here at Simmer down, we use these everyday. We like these because they are thick and easy to work with.

- Jiyoung O.

One of our chefs tend to have a very big hand. None of the gloves we bought in the past fit him but this one is the one that fits him so we are so lucky.


I use these gloves all the time. They are easy to put on and they aren’t sticky. They are a great size and don’t rip easily. Highly recommend to all.

- Xochitl G.

YES, prefer these over the white murky looking one as those tend to have a weird odor and leave a weird taste on the food you're serving.

- Patricia F.

The gloves are great for me as I have what I consider very large hands . They are durable even with my wedding ring land my long nails . These are my new favorite gloves .

- Joe L.

Bought all sizes, using them for prepping BBQs. They are power-free and pretty durable. Haven't experienced with torn gloves so far. Dirty cheap price for a box of 100 gloves than my local stores.

- Tracy A.

Sizing is correct on these. The feel is great doesn't feel like wearing anything. The durablitiy is also good. Don't have to change them all the time while cutting the same item. There not thin like most

- James M.

I find myself buying boxes and boxes amid these small vinyl gloves by noble because of how high in quality these gloves are made. They’re great to have and use for anything.

- Roshi J.

I ordered M size this time and really gave me a nice fit in my hands , also give nice grip .Nice quality , i will buy again.

- Patrick M.

We love these gloves! We use these gloves day in day out in three different sizes. They are easy, perform well when in a hurry, and are very comfortable. Quick access box is great, and the price is just as nice!

- Michael W.

Noble small powder free gloves are the best food service industry gloves. The small vinyl gloves are a perfect fit for those who have petite hands.

- Lavon P.

Good price and a good fitting glove. I have rather large hands and these work well for me. I do not like the loose gloves that will not stay on while working.


Fits true to size and no where near the sweat some other brands bring. I love how comfortable they are to wear while cooking and cleaning.

- Jessie V.

These gloves are incredibly durable and have great elasticity to stretch. This is an excellent product made by noble products. Highly recommend buying these gloves for food service or for food prep.

- Patrick B.

Fit great easy to change. Very cost effective and shipping is always fast. These are perfect for our bakery they don't make your hands sweaty on the inside

- James I.

Love these gloves. Multiple uses: medical, household, outdoors or painting. Comes in handy when ever you need to protect your hands and skin. As advertised.

- OH M.

My employees loved that glove! It fits perfect, so you feel as you are not wearing gloves. It is perfect to bake and make chocolates.

- Johanna R.

This gloves are great I ordered the large and they fit great perfect fit and they are really good quality they don't rip like others I've tried I'm definitely ordering this again

- Jacque P.

I was struggling on which gloves to buy. I am glad I bought these, not super tight but aren't falling off. I just purchased the large to fit over my cut glove. Would recommend.

- Tiffany W.

These gloves were perfect! I love that they come in different sizes, all other vinyl gloves came as one size and they would hang off the ends of my fingers leaving tracks in what I was working on. They fit nice, they're powder free and they come in an easily dispensing box.

- Ting A.

Durable and easy to get on and off. These gloves are helpful for my staff in the kitchen and do not rip easily. Good product.

- Louis Y.

I ordered these in very sizes for my coffee house. The sizing is true to size. Will definitely recommend and will be ordering these on a regular.

- Lauren W.

I love these gloves. I think this was the best deal that I found on food service worker gloves anywhere as far as the price. And the quality is great so that is a plus.

- Jana L.

These are great for small hands— the small is truly a small sized glove and fit perfectly. I use them all the time in my bakery.

- Jeff C.

I've been ordering these gloves, by the case, for a few years now. I use them at home primarily for cooking (smoke a lot of meat, BBQ's, etc.) but will also use when I need to handle chemicals (weed/insect killer around the property, tire cleaner, wax, other random household chemicals). I've given the little boxes, which come as 10x100 ct. in the case, as gifts to other BBQ/meat cookers, and they absolutely love them. I will continue to use these and highly recommend.

- Joshua G.

They're cheap gloves with the strength of poly gloves. If you can tolerate it, they do fit better than poly. The girls I work with enjoy the gloves better than nothing. Fundamentally though, you get what you pay for. Buyer beware but I give it four stars.

- Jared

Cant see a need to ever try a different glove! These are awesome and come in many different sizes! They really do work well!! Don't even look anywhere else!

- Sylvia M.

These gloves are so easy to slip your hand into when working in the kitchen. They stay on, no sliding off or having to pulling on them. They make cleanings so easy

- Robin O.

I keep several boxes around. Great product. I have a latex allergy. These go on so easily. Make mixing by hand a breeze. Great price on vinyl gloves.

- Carla S.

These are easy to get on and comfortable once they are on. I just got these and I'm already going to order another box because I like them so much.

- Yadira H.

These are really good but they do fit a little tight. I doubt they will fit people with big hands. I will definitely look for another product that will offer a bigger size.

- Rachel E.

They are a little snug I like the medium size better. But they still do the job and they are nice to have for cooking and marinating meats and messy jobs

- Francine V.

These are good gloves and they get the job done. They are not as thick as some other brands on the market, but for what I use them for they work!

- Karen K.

Great feel to these gloves. There's no "pull" in either direction. I've used a lot of gloves over the years and I love these, I get a small, fits my hand (resting size 5" wide, 6" tall).

- Jiwon B.

These gloves fit well and everything but it is on the thinner side that can rip well. You have to be cautious to put them on.

- Flint R.

These gloves are a staple in our commercial kitchen. We have ordered these quite a few times and will be ordering again soon! We mostly use these for food service/prep.

- Alicia E.

These fit well on dry hands. If they're wet at all they can take some time to put on. the box opening can also be tricky break open. The perforations don't really work.

- John I.


- Achim S.

The prices of these gloves is excellent The Quality is ok as well. We used them for a while before we decided to use a different product. But I would buy them again when I place a larger order.

- Ashley B.

These gloves were very small in size. I usually wear a medium glove and these fit like a small. They also tore very easily around the cuff.

- Brandon S.

We utilize these gloves for our food service business. They are durable for vinyl and cheap to boot. Fit is spot on, will order again

- Barb W.

Nice, powder free gloves. They are pretty sturdy and don't rip easily. They hold up nicely. We use them all the time and have never raelly had any issues.

- Meghna C.

These gloves are great. They are more durable than every disposable glove I've used before which means they will last longer before having to throw away. The price is fantastic and we will be buying more in the future. Highly recommended

- Sweet F.

These vinyl gloves are great for our cookie shop! The vinyl is somewhat thick but it is very comfortable on your hand so you do not lose feeling!


These gloves are very durable and comfortable. They don’t leave any residue on your hands and they don’t break easily like some other gloves. We use them daily and they are everyone’s preferred gloves in our restaurant.

- Jeremy J.

These powder free vinyl gloves are strong and durable. They stretch but do not tear. non greasy feel and does not smell like rubber as much as most other gloves

- Veronica B.

I ordered another disposable gloves too but I choose this ones to be more durable and so far so good pretty happy with them. I will recommend them

- Aileen G.

These vinyl gloves only works well for a short term use since its very thin. But for the price point is great the job done.

- Diana N.

You must have this great product. Gloves are thicker than other brands. The fit better around fingers and wrist! I highly recommend these gloves to use in your business or homes.

- April R.

Great Size! We have smaller handed people. They fit well and our girls really like the smaller size. Very durable for the cost and price.

- Kyle S.

These gloves work very well and cost much less than many other options. They fit true to size and are durable for food prep and much more.

- Mary D.

not a huge fan of these gloves as they tear really easily, but they are the cheapest on the market so I suppose that counts for something.

- Shee R.

These gloves are very comfortable and durable for cooking serving and cleaning. I wore these gloves and did not have to change them three or four times like I usually have to do with other gloves due to them being very thin or cheaply made .

- Charlie L.

We buy tons of these gloves and love them. Our kitchen staff are not disappointed as they are a great fit and easy to put on.

- Derrick H.

Perfect for our employees who are handling food and baked goods. They are powdered on the inside for easy slide off and on. Will continue to buy gloves from here!

- Erin K.

Great gloves - they're easy to put on and don't get stuck together. They're perfect for messy preparations or for mixing doughs. We love purchasing these here.

- Danielle A.

These gloves are easy to get on/off when you need to move quickly. Due to the material, they will tear/cut easily and may not work for all of your needs.

- Hui S.

Great quality and size for restaurant use. No powdered inside but easily works well. I will order size large and extra large for my employees

- Higo B.

We have male and female personnel at our store, so we decided to get a medium size for a "one size fits all" purchase. We think the gloves run a bit smaller than we expected, I usually wear small since I'm a female and have small hands (ring size 5.5), but these actually fit pretty comfortably for a medium size, while it fits tighter for our male personnel. I'd say if you have bigger hands go with a size up.

- Rumi J.

I only wear these gloves when I am doing a lot of cutting of vegetables or meat. These gloves are very durable I have not torn a glove or punctured it. I am very happy with purchase that I made honey I will definitely be ordering more when the time is needed.

- Sean R.

Don't fit quite as nicely as the latex gloves but these are an excellent alternative for those staff members who are allergic to latex. In the past we've had complaints among staff members regarding other vinyl gloves we've purchased but no complaints with these!

- Lisa F.

Perfect size gloves. Great price for the bulk order. I have been using them for my cakepop classes. I plan to order all gloves in the future from here

- Pramukh L.

I have ordered these few times now and they are good quality gloves for the price. They are much better than the cheap plastic one to handle food. Totally worth it.

- Tiffany C.

These gloves are great. We bought them for the food staff. They have a better fit than other gloves which make it easy to handle the food. They also don't tear like others we have tried.

- Efrain M.

These Powder free glove are a deal you can't miss out on. Not only is the price great on them, but there made with really good materials.

- Maher T.

These gloves are great. I love that they come in different sizes so they fit all my employees well. They’re pretty durable haven’t had many problems with them ripping constantly.

- Travis F.

We’re gonna talk about quality gloves we’re gonna talk about these extra large final powder free gloves they fit exactly as they should they help you avoid direct contact with Food and they help you avoid paying too much money.

- Laura W.

These gloves are amazing and a great alternative to latex gloves. They're powder free and easily fit my large hands. They're comfortable to wear and don't slip off like loose fitting gloves

- Austin

These gloves are easy to take out of the package. However they are very hard to get on your hand. I would probably go with the large next time (and I’m a very small person). They hold up well and the packaging is convenient, they are easy to remove from packaging which is nice during a lunch rush.

- Mihwa P.

These are great gloves. I’ve purchased other brands from another site and these are the best ones. There is no smell (others have had a bad odor to the gloves) and it fits perfectly.

- Ak83llc

I really like this product and the quality of it is really nice I love these gloves I recommend this product to anyone very handy.

- Vicki F.

These powder free gloves by Noble worked very well for me, I cut samples from the cookies I sell at market for customers to taste, which sells far more cookies than if I didn’t… the gloves made the job pleasant and efficient. Easy on, easy off, size large was just right for my hands

- Tracy D.

Noble powder-free disposal gloves are form fitting and are easy to wear while decorating cookies/desserts. These gloves are a safe alternative to handle food and they are latex-free.

- Bashir C.

These gloves work amazing! They last through busy shifts and stay dry. They are very durable and are extremely hard to rip. There is nothing better than powder-free gloves!

- Glenda P.

I really like using the Noble Powder-Free gloves. I buy the medium because pretty much any size hand will fit in them. The price is right too!

- Gaby P.

Super easy to open and wear, also cover a good part of the wrist which is always a plus. Great price, delivered before expected! We will definitely purchase again

- Reg M.

Great product for the price. A good way to keep your costs down in a sanitary way. These gloves are strong and do not tear easily.

- Joe C.

These gloves are made of a good vinyl, they don’t tear very easily and are better but more expensive than the poly gloves. We use these for janitorial stuff.

- Will D.

These gloves work perfectly! I love that they are also powder free which is great so you dont have that gross film on your hands after

- Marla P.

These are perfect for quick food preparation. We have smalls snacks at our bar and these are easy to put on and fit most hands. They don't tear easily.

- Katelyn K.

These powder-free gloves are a definite favorite among most people I know that have used them and myself. They're durable for the "task at hand" and don't leave an annoying powdered residue after use.

- Kenneth W.

They're pretty strong gloves but I should of went with the large size versus the Extra-Large. I have big hands but apparently not that big. Still 5 stars since it was a mistake on my part and they still perform quite well.

- Tyler H.

The gloves themselves work wonderfully. Medium is a bit on the small size. For general use, I’d say most people would fit in the large.

- Josh T.

These are a great value for gloves. Great price and holds up very well. Medium size fits perfectly. These will help keep your kitchen sanitary.


Wow! So much cheaper then those from the local office retailer. Markup on the internet or in office supply store is 75% more than here, at webstaurant! Review posted after more months use with daily changes. It holds up great!

- Nicole M.

These gloves came as promised, size was accurate and they seem to be good quality and the box was in perfect shape, no complaints here!

- Amber S.

These work great not only for servicing food but for cleaning. They stay on well and I find that they are thick enough for cleaning.

- Rosario S.

Was a great buy for me although I didn't get a chance to use these I sent them to family and they said they were perfect and liked them.

- Steven C.

Really good value! Very high quality gloves and comfortable. They are perfect for preparing food and serving it. I would recommend them. I love Noble brand products! I know I can trust them!

- Amanda K.

these gloves are comfortable and are easy to grip other things with . They provide the perfect fit .Also, my hands didn't sweat in them like others gloves .

- Linda D.

Great buy and great price. I like to use gloves when I handle meat. I feel more protected and i seem to handle the meat more confidently.

- Meryem

These gloves are very reasonably priced and very durable. Especially now with all the extra sanitary measures needed we appreciate them. They fit well (medium size) and are easy to get on and off.

- Dan C.

The size is just right, it is very convenient to use, the quality is very good-looking, and it is very flexible. It's cheap. There are 100 pieces in a box this.

- Thaime N.

These powder-free disposable vinyl gloves are perfect for food service, everyone at my bar wears these while working and they feel very weightless. They do not rip easily and I cannot recommend them enough!

- Rick V.

The cooks prefer this to the ones I was getting locally , easy pre slatted area to facilitate taking them out . Perfect fit ,no powder ,stronger than average nd as always great shipping time ,especially in the pandemic time.

- Onur P.

I love these gloves. They are clear and powder free. I always use these gloves for my restaurant and I really recommend to everyone.

- Marsha C.

These gloves are true to size and work nicely when I need to protect my hands. They are sturdy and hold up well. They were delivered quickly.

- Nelia J.

I used these gloves everyday At work , they are very tough and hard to break. Great quality . Specially during the covid I really recommend them

- Laurie H.

These gloves are just what I needed. I ordered a box of large and they are a perfect fit. The are very durable and work very well when rolling cakepops.

- Kelly G.

These gloves are a tight fit for me and I'm 130 pounds and 5'2". They fit people with very small hands. I can wear them, they just take me a little longer to get on, and the fingers aren't quite long enough. Nonetheless, good gloves at a good price.

- Lara S.

Pretty good gloves, absolutely no powder at all! fits perfectly and doesn't feel super hot. Easy to put it and to take it out as well!

- Todd G.

We love these gloves. we reorder all the time. perfect for covid times. easy on and off, and they look nice. We use them for the back of the house and front of house.

- Alexis S.

I like having these gloves in the kitchen. The fit well and are true to size. I also like how affordable they are vs other places

- Ciara M.

I couldn't hardly get my hand into these at all. 8/10 gloves would rip/tear as I was putting them on. I ended up giving up about 1/4 way through the box and just trashed them.

- Emily B.

Great product for a GREAT price!! Will def be purchasing these exclusively from Webstaurant in the future!! So glad I found this website! Has saved me soooo much money!

- Tracy W.

These gloves are so easy to take on and off. They are comfortable on the hand and they fit snugly without being tight. Very well priced!

- Joel M.

These gloves worked well for us. They were a good size for our whole team, that have a range of hand sizes. They were useable even for our smaller handed staff without them struggling with the fit.

- Tiffany N.

I love theses gloves they fit great and are very Durable they never rip or break I have been buying them for over a year and where them for hours every day

- David S.

These gloves are ideal for food prep since they contain no powder which could get into the food. They aren’t as easy to get on when wet vs. the powdered kind, but it was never an issue for me. They are thin enough to provide good sensitivity while wearing them too. The size small were a bit too tight for me (I usually use a size medium), and since they are vinyl they don’t stretch much.

- Matthew R.

these are the best gloves and the only ones we use. these fit all different sized hands and do great with outside cooking.

- Jade C.

Definitely will order these again! Strong gloves and my hands don’t seat when I used them, would recommend if your using for a bakery !

- Karen J.

These gloves work great for us. I can put my kands in them and they don't rip open like some other do which is the point of having gloves in the first place.

- Jonathan L.

This has been a great product to have for our meal prep for to go lunches for those in need. The shipping process was efficient and customer service was quick to reply to a question we had about shipment timing.

- Talya B.

Love, love, love these gloves! I use them for everything and they don't rip at every tug. They are powderless and don't leave any residue on my hands or food!

- Ebony G.

the gloves were a great help with me serving food to our guest. When I looked around at other sites these were the cheapest thanks

- Anthony M.

Excellent value and quality.Ive tried many different gloves and for the price and quality these gloves can't be beat. Delivery was quick. Service was excellent.

- Kaytee C.

We are a Child Care Center and we changed diapers probably more than 100 times a day. These gloves are very easy to put on and off. They are also strong enough to avoid breakthroughs. My staff and I are very please with these product & will continue to buy these.

- Sandy G.

Easy to order from website. Product great for general use in a day care setting. I have searched different companies several times and these are the best prices too. Reasonable delivery time.

- Sue M.

I purchased these gloves back in 2012 for doing just about everything around the house and more. These are great gloves, stock has finally almost ran out so time to purchase more.

- Anne L.

After much searching on the web, I found these food prep gloves at a great price on this website. They worked great and were easy to put on and take off.

- Dennis K.

Exceeded my expectation. Lot better than ones I got from the other stores. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is in restaurant business.

- Tamara C.

Love the pricing, great wear perfect sizing, doesn't tear easily very comfortable great buy most vinyl gloves are expensive but theses are very cost effective must have

- Lisa W.

Love the gloves and the prices! They meet our needs. Our staff loves them. We are a small business and we continually look for price breaks on our supply needs. Webstaurant always delivers!

- Susan F.

These gloves are form fitting,but easily put on and taken off. being thicker than the normal food service gloves we used to use these protect both our employees and our customers. also they do not get so slick that you can not work in them.

- Jason B.

These vinyl gloves are great. They are such a fantastic price and great quality. We order these on a regular basis for use in our kitchen.

- Brigitte R.

The best gloves I ever had I thought they were gonna be cheap they turned out to be very durable comfortable tried them you'll like Them

- Mujahid M.

These are by far the best gloves I have purchased. They dispense pretty easily. Sometimes gloves are shoved into the box but not these. They are perfectly layered in the box and dispense pretty easily. They are very true to size as well. I highly recommend it.

- Ahmad A.

It is good for cleaning and for everything it is powder free and it is cheaper then name brand and I love it and You will to

- Vickie M.

One of my ladies uses the extra large gloves in the infant room. Not only are her hands big but she is able to pull the glove off of her hands and over the soiled diaper before throwing it in the trash.

- Debbie E.

We purchase the Noble Powder Free disposable vinyl gloves quite often. They are good gloves and are at a good price. We would highly recommend these gloves.

- Scott D.

These are the cheapest gloves I have ever purchased. I bought them based on so many reviews. Nope. For one thing, they’re not all true mediums. Some are a little bit larger or even smaller. I have opened almost every single box and it’s always the same thing, they gloves are stuck to themselves and wadded up so tightly it’s almost impossible to get them out of the box. Then if you’re lucky to get one unstuck, most of the finger are inside out, literally every single glove. So it take 20 mins just to get them right side out and then by that time you’ve already torn 5 of them. They are the worst. Never will I buy this product again or recommend them to anyone. I would rather pay double the price for one box then to get a 1,000 and have probably 3/4 be inside out and stuck together with some kind of adhesive. These probably cost me triple in time what I paid for them. I would’ve loved to have given this even a 2 star review but it deserves 0. If you want cheap, extremely cheap, inside out gloves then these are the ones to get. Very disappointed and it’s very ironic their name is Noble. Nothing Noble about this product, it’s just junk.


I thought my hands were medium (female) but these were a bit tight to put on and didn’t quite stretch in between my fingers. I’ll need to order the large next time to see how it fits.

- Chana S.

Nice gloves but medium was a little bit small for me. Large will be perfect for me and on most people in my opinion. (I'm a woman, 5' 5")

- Leslie B.

These gloves fit well and are very well made--have never had one break or rip on me yet! I use them daily and was very pleased with the excellent price I got on them.

- Catherine P.

Great gloves, appropriate for both kitchen and housekeeping staff, as well as those messy little cleanup jobs. Very durable and lightweight. Great value. I saved over a dollar per box by purchasing through the Webstaurant store.

- Xiangshu J.

Excellent quality. Great Price. We use alot of chemicals in our business. We weren't sure so we only ordered 10 boxes. Now we are ordering more. Highly recommend.

- Carol F.

We use your product in our NYS returnable container business and the reliability of your product is endless. It would be hard to find a company to match the professionalism that your company spreads.

- Victoria G.

We purchased these gloves for a learning center that services 143 children from 3 months to 6 years old. We find these work best for all our diaper changes and the sizes fit a variety of hands here. The compact boxes allow us to store them in limited space and have little to no breakage even with ladies long nails. We switched to the powder free to avoid breathing in the powder that can cause lung irritation.

- Marilyn C.

We use these gloves for day care and they are perfect. It is a great buy! The price is right and quality is the best!

- Jeanette J.

These gloves are used in our special needs classrooms. They are an excellent value for the price and we have received no complaints from the teachers or aides.

- Elizabeth J.

I use these gloves every time I perform body waxing services. They are thin, so put them on carefully. I actually prefer thinner gloves so I can feel the client's skin and can easily use my tweezers. I also cut the fingers off to make the perfect finger cot when needed. Great price- most beauty suppliers charge more per box.

- Kelly K.

These gloves are perfect for every day home meal prep. They're tough enough to get the job done, yet thin enough to allow texture to come through.

- Bob K.

Was skeptical these gloves would be cheap and not do the job for our staff. They were just like the ones we paid 3 times as much for! Perfect!

- Maria P.

They are good and durable. You don't loose all sensitivity like with other gloves. Plus, they are a real bargain. Very good buy for the price.

- Jeffery G.

When I bought my restaurant. They purchased gloves from our linen service company. I checked the prices and reviews from Webstuarant Store and decided to give these gloves a try. My staff love them. We feel they are a higher quality at about a 25% reduction in cost even after I pay the additional shipping costs. I am the type of person that searches every store, every distributor, and every website I can find on the internet for the best price/quality. Webstuarant's Noble gloves are the way to go, do NOT buy them any where else again. Protect that bottom line.

- Han N.

There gloves are in a good quality and very useful in a kitchen use. The gloves are awsome at its cost. This item is one of the "must have items" in the house.

- Ling H.

Love these gloves. They fit well and does the job. The pricing is very good. shipping is a little challenging. I stock up a lot of these so we don't run out.

- Marian G.

These are just like what I used to use when I worked in a deli. They are perfect for food service, and fit my lady hands just fine.

- Peyton A.

Gloves were better than most vinyl gloves. My business switched to latex gloves few months after purchasing thees just because they were better suited for what we used them for. If you are looking for a cost defective gloves for light tasks such as sandwich assembly, light cleanup, etc., these gloves are perfect. We ended up actually purchasing the latex gloves from noble, they were still cost effective, and same great quality!

- Shawna C.

These gloves were a big hit with the teachers at our daycare. The Medium sized gloves fits everyone very well and they are very sturdy and a great price. We use these gloves for diapering and food service. Very very happy with our choice.


These gloves are very durable and easy to put on. They aren't overly sticky which reduces the likelihood of tearing while putting them on. In general they are also able to stretch quite a bit without tearing. The size mediums fit my hand nicely, though the pinky is a little small (see picture). My finger measurements in inches are 2.5/3/3.25/2.75/2 for pinky/ring/middle/index/thumb respectively.

- Sundararajan S.

When I saw the gloves at the time of delivery, I thought it was very light and will not last while carrying shopping bags or packages. Was wrong; after almost 2 months of usage, I have found that it is strong enough to withstand the typical weight of a shopping bag. It is very handy during these Covid-19 days to protect your hands while being outside.

- Monica M.

Many smaller students--boys and girls--in junior high like the small glove for a snug fit. It has the same performance as every other size and is great for all of the concessions and foods labs we conduct in class.

- Marina H.

I have fairly small hands and every glove I've ever used in all the restaurants I've worked in over the years were too big. I ordered these in size small and they fit me like a second skin. It makes all the things I hand-roll a breeze now that I am not constantly pulling my gloves back down into place. Do yourself a favor and buy a case. If you go through them like I do, you'll thank yourself.

- Daniel M.

The product is excellent, the material is really resistant and the size fits perfectly. The Webstaurant store has a extremely fast shipping! I received the product in less them 24 hours, I will definitely buy again with them.

- Hanh C.

The glove is very durable. It rarely tears while doing work. The feel is also very good. It also does not dry my skin. This is a great product!

- Amisha J.

These gloves have been great! Just what we need! They are vinyl, powder-free and latex free. We started getting these when we were looking for latex free gloves. Have been happy with them!

- Carla J.

The gloves are very durable; however, they are smaller than I expected. I ordered the small because I have small hands and thought they would slip off when I worked with dough. I will reorder a medium next time.

- Scott T.

These gloves held up amazing and do not break when we try to use them. They came exactly as advertised. Ledos will be buying them again in the future potentially!

- Troy V.

Fits good and we like it a lot and order them all the time.

- Cindy E.

Easy to use for fine detail.

- Mathaus M.

our employees love them

- Rachelle P.

- Heather B.

These gloves are by far the best gloves I've found for a great price.

- Alexis S.

Use these all the time for my business. We like powered free vinyl gloves because when working, some clients are allergic to latex.


We have been using this kind of gloves since the pandemic, the price is unbeatable and the quality is also very good. will continue using it forever.

- Craig B.

Trying to find the right gloves these are the ones for the price going to buy this by the case good quality and are not slick when they are in great value

- Raven W.

- Charles K.

Product is fine, Webstaurant is a good company too.

- Julie S.

Work serving a free lunch for a church, and we use the gloves (per Board of Health rules), they are quite comfortable and fit nicely! I would recommend these gloves highly!

- Holly H.

Very satisfied will definitely order in the future ??

- Andy B.

We use these everyday for our operations. Great value and they hold up well. I would recommend these gloves as they are about half the price as other brands.

- Denise R.

These are very fitted. I recommend going a size larger than what you think your average employee's hand is--since you have to order a 1000 of them. The advantage of being very fitted--is they stay on your hand and you are able to work with food easily without having to worry about them slipping off or cutting through them because they are loose. Nice sturdy material. Other than the sizing. They are a great glove

- Stanislaus S.

These Vinyl Gloves are the ideal choice for food prep. Latex-free and powder-free, they're safe and reduce allergic risks. The blue color aids in spotting glove pieces during food handling. Durable and flexible, they are a kitchen must-have.

- Elsie S.

You always have my gloves, shipping is fast, and they fit perfectly. I shop here before anywhere else for what I need. Thank you

- Sokol

The best vinyl gloves on the market. I been using the nobble vinyl gloves for over 10 years and very happy if I compare them to the other vinyl gloves is like day and night very happy I recommend to all my friends. Thankyou

- Kathy T.

Great glove for foodservice! We use in our ice cream shop with every scoop, per health inspector. Easy on and off with no sticking. It's thick enough to pull waffle cone off the iron too, without burning yourself.

- Farouk G.

Great glove for our food handlers. We use the large for all our workers. Gentle on the hand. Gloves are easy to put on and to take off.

- Fakawi C.

- The W.

They are fine. A good economical glove. I have noticed that they can bust a hole easily though which can be inconvenient.

- Thea F.

The quality is fine. They are easily removed from the box. Shipped in a timely manner, and they fit my hand well. I have no complaints, especially for the price.

- Ron E.

We use these to serve food and also for cleaning tasks. They don't fit as snug as nitrile or latex gloves but that's due to the fact that vinyl is less elastic. Still, they are significently cheaper and work much better than the food serve nylon disposable gloves that have zero stretch and difficult to work with. Great balanced choice for food service between pricy nitrile and cheapo nylon.

- Margaret D.

Being powder free is something we really like when using this gloves for what ever task is needed. Really durable and easy to use it almost feels like you don’t have them on at times.

- Jaclyn V.

Can't say enough about this brand Noble. Great product, very affordable and always in stock. Ships very quickly. These gloves are very well made and don't rip very often. Highly recommend.

- Dianna F.

Good quality, pricing good , recommend

- Dominick F.

Can't go wrong with these kitchen staples. Size and price are spot on!

- Thanaporn C.

Lower the price. Good for food handlers. Perfect for sushi chef like me ?? Chef moo Maki sushi

- Candy N.

It is a very durable glove.

- James A.

These gloves are ok. They work as intended but I do not like the material

- Laura Y.

Just right thanks

- Jeni R.

Best disposable gloves!!

- Robert P.

- Kevin M.

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