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Noble Products 2 Box Wire Wall Mount Glove Dispenser

Item #: 394RWGD2
  • Wall mount design saves storage space
  • Holds up to two boxes of disposable gloves
  • Easy and sanitary storage method
  • Allows for quick product identification
  • Mounting hardware included

This handy Noble Products wall mount glove rack is designed to hold 2 glove boxes for easy one-at-a-time dispensing. Every business has had to deal with misplaced gloves at some point. Not only does it slow things down, but it also looks bad to customers. With this convenient rack, you can eliminate the possibility of cross contamination from counter tops while ensuring that your staff always knows where the gloves are for a more efficient operation and an improved customer experience.

This handy glove rack is designed to hold two boxes of disposable gloves at once! Take advantage of its two-tier configuration by storing latex, vinyl, or nitrile gloves in one convenient location. The open construction allows employees to easily identify the types and sizes of gloves that they need for maximum efficiency! Place this glove rack near high-demand areas such as food preparation counters and sinks for maximum effectiveness. Its wall mount design keeps gloves clean and dry while also saving valuable storage space. Mounting hardware is included for quick installation.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 11 1/2"
Depth: 3 7/8"
Height: 11 3/8"


Product Reviews

- Jeff B.

The wall mount glove rack is a excellent addition to any kitchen. The rack mounts easily to a wall or metal and always keeps your gloves ready to grab.

- Adolfo C.

As part of food safety gloves must be worn when preparing food. We have these box holder at every preparation station, so our employees can easily find and grab a pair.

- Natalie D.

My husband bought this glove holder for the house and It was just right to have one in the kitchen. I really like it, cause I don't have to worry about looking for gloves anytime I need one. I really recommend to anyone who use latex gloves.

- Wesley O.

Very good quality wire rack. Careless employees will not ruin this one! Keeps the gloves handy, off the table and off the floor. Makes it easy to keep your prep area organized.

- Phil R.

This wall mount glove rack is so convenient. It is easy to hang and the material is durable. Overall it's a great product and we recommend it.

- Andy G.

Great kitchen product. This has helped us maintain a clean area for food handling and keep safety gloves clean and well organized. It easily mounts to any wall or shelving system.

- Eric K.

This is a great small wire wall mount rack for disposable gloves! Easy to install and works nicely on a mobile prep cart! Fantastic item!!

- Randall H.

what a great find this was. A system that allows us to take the box off the counter and keep in a dry clean place. great price and works perfectly

- Nay O.

i like this product. it looks great and very durable. most glove boxes fit in it. very happy with the product functionality and the money i spent.

- Curtis C.

When your working with food you always need disposable gloves, and we have a couple of these racks with different sized gloves in every prep area in our pizza shop.

- Wedding D.

Works great, fits great for particular sizes of gloves, however we buy our gloves in bulk at sams club and this rack is not quite long enough for those... so be aware with size and glove purchase.

- Teresa M.

I bought this to hang inside a cupboard door at a lower height since I am in a wheel chair. I do have one that hangs higher also..They both work great and I never have to hunt for my gloves now...

- Aaron H.

Read the reviews on this and decided to try it out, glad I did. It is the best buy i've made for awhile. It allowed me to put the gloves up off my cutting boards and out of contaminations way. great price, quality, and usability. Try it, you'll love it.

- Mary M.

Very functional item. I wasn't sure if I needed it, but now that I have put this on the wall, I would be lost without it. It's easy to use.

- Allyson S.

We bought a couple of these recently and love them. They are very convenient and most importantly they add to the cleanliness of our kitchen!

- Joseph C.

These glove racks mount to the wall with two screws and hold a standard size box of glove. A great way to keep gloves ready but out of the way for other important items.


We were always passing glove boxes around and moving them from spot to spot as we change prep tasks which was frustrating. This economical glove box holder is perfect. With our small kitchen and limited space I was even able to turn the boxes sideways and fit two of them in the holder standing upright side by side. This works well for us since we need medium, large and even extra large in our kitchen to suit everyone's needs.

- Angela H.

The Wire mount Glove Rack is great. We have several wall mount's in our restraunt. In the back as well as in the frount line. We even have one for the dishwasher. The price is right.

- David A.

A perfect solution for storing your disposable gloves. They mount just about anywhere so you can always have your gloves available when and where you need them.

- Allan M.

This is a terrific item, a great way to store your disposable gloves and keep them handy. When it arrive I put it up right away near the stove, made hamburgers that night and having not to rummage into drawers was super!

- Michael F.

These wire wall-mounted glove racks work. The only problem we have is the glove box slips down when you pull a glove out. The box is still in the holder, just wish the wires on the bottom were a bit closer together.

- David D.

I bought several of these wall mount glove racks for my commercial kitchen. I have them over each of my handwashing sinks. They are a must.

- John H.

The Wire Mount Glove Rack. it is great for those one time disposible gloves. Makes for easy access. Easy to assemble with just two screws.

- Chris C.

Kepps those glove boxes from ending up all over the place. 2 screws with anchors included and they work great. Nothing fancy but they dont need to be. Great buy

- Michael S.

These are perfect for keeping your tables clear and enhancing work space. Its also a great way to have easy access to the gloves in any area!

- Jean M.

We have a couple of these glove racks mounted in various places in our concession trailer. It holds the box of gloves very nicely and it is great when your trying to keep things in their place.

- Rich D.

good product helps organize the kitchen and counter by keeping the boxes of gloves off the counter and keeping them neatly on the wall wish they carried one that holds spray bottles

- Adam P.

Excellent product. Can't believe how much easier it makes it to grab the gloves during food prep and keeps it all sanitary and out of the way.

- Michael L.

These are perfect for keeping the poly gloves out of the way but in a spot where everyone knows where they are. Before, employees would keep moving them around making it difficult to locate. Easy to install!

- Joseph B.

works great with our vinyl gloves and is reasonably priced too ,easy to keep clean and mount holds the gloves great ,you may need to force a bigger box of gloves in it but it will fit..

- First B.

Wall mounts make it easy to have gloves accessible and in sight for everyone using the kitchen. Love having the gloves in the same place so they are easy to find.

- Darla R.

This is a sturdy little glove rack for the price. It was easy to install and keeps your gloves up and out of the way.

- Troy S.

These racks are at a great quality for the price and are a must have for food safety in the kithcen. It also frees up counter space by always having a box on the wall. thanks!

- Daniel P.

I purchased 10 of these for our new cafe. We never had them in our old location so boxes were always in the way. These keep boxes in their place and make it so much easier to pull gloves out while in a rush.

- Heidi G.

These holders are easy to mount and are versatile. We use them as deli sheet dispensers next to our bakery case as well as gloves.

- Diana S.

We love these wire glove racks for hanging up gloves around the kitchen. We just use zip ties to secure them to the shelving units.

- Kedby K.


- John H.

Boy for the price i thought yea right this will be a piece of junk, but i was pleasantly surprised when they showed up. we still think it was a good deal.

- Rich D.

Noble Products Wire Wall Mount Glove Rack This is an excellent product. i recommend this product to any business. Very durable and keeps the health inspector happy.

- Stefan F.

Very convenient item for gloves. Allows me to wall mount and free up table top space. Boxes of gloves fit securely. Rack is strong enough to not worry about it falling or breaking.

- Leila W.

These racks are bigger than the size of our glove boxes, which can make them a little annoying to use. But it is great to be able to keep the gloves in one, easy-access place. That way they are always on hand (ha!)

- Andrea R.

Great product. For a little price you get convenient way to have gloves at hand with out taking counter space. Easy installation and sturdy built.

- Joseph M.

I LOVE these things. I have a food trailer and i put them basically everywhere. They allow you to grab gloves without having to hold the box, and they also free up area on your tables.

- Nathaniel S.

Decent glove rack. It is wire so it is not extremely sturdy or durable, but if mounted to a wall holds normal sized boxes of gloves just fine.


these glove holder come with all things needed to hang the holder on the wall. They are a great way to get employees to save time and have glove around stations.

- Heath C.

We go though some gloves when we go to a competition or have a catering event. And we use two different sizes for our team. this allows the gloves to readily available and keeps the boxes from getting crushed.

- Thomas B.

The Noble Products 3 Box Wire Glove Rack is a little flimsier than I anticipated but it gets the job done. We use a lot of gloves in our prep station and it fits all sizes to accommodate our kitchen staff


Fits most glove boxes, easy to install, durable & easily cleaned. Have seen a lot of these that the coating chips off and causes a food contamination risk, very glad that this product is coated so as to not be the case. Will buy again

- Mike K.

A well placed mounting of one of these on the wall is one of those things where you instantly can't imagine going back to life without them there. They encourage sanitary habits, but it's also a way of reminding people that there is no excuse for not wearing them, because they are RIGHT THERE, on the wall.

- Jeff B.

This product rocks, the cost is crazy cheap and it works awesome, very easy to install and works with most manufactures of gloves, will definitely buy more for the whole restaurant!!!

- Travis F.

This single box glove rack is installed right behind our food line. A box of gloves fits securely inside and that makes it easy to grab them as needed.

- Tisa P.

This is a great product it fits standard size glove box with a snug hold which is good of you are going to hang this on the wall.

- Karen B.

Great price for a simple glove rack. While it does come with the mounting hardware, it was just loos in the main packing box. Be sure to look for it.

- Anita H.

This is a great way to make gloves accessible to our employees. This is an affordable way to make gloves available in all prep stations. It would help if the rack was longer (maybe another 1/2". Some of the glove boxes are just bit longer than others.

- Peggy E.

I bought three of these to place around the kitchen. Their sturdy construction and easy mounting make these a marvelous deal for the money. Pair this with a case of Noble Extra-Large Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves and you are ready to feed the hungry.

- Christopher B.

Item is exactly as expected. Screws to the wall so in our ice cream truck this is perfect to prevent moving of the gloves while we are driving down the road. Holds the box of gloves perfectly!

- Jing Z.

Choice Wire Wall Mount Glove Rack are great! I bought 2 of them, and always smiling to them while I was looking at them:) it will always there, don't need worry about can't find my gloves anymore!

- Cheryl S.

Great glove holder. Place it by the sink and the health inspectors will love you and be impressed . By having the glove holder by the sink, you won't forget to put them on.

- Tyra D.

This rack works perfect mounted in our mobile trailer. It keeps the gloves out of the way and gives us easy access to them when needed.

- Ron C.

This tends to hold the boxes we use a little too tightly - we need to crush them a little to make them fit. Regardless, much easier than having loose boxes lying around.

- Elias A.

just as described and very easily to install, saves you space and keep everything organized, very good price compared to others out in the market. will order again.

- Charlie C.

Perfect for holding my Noble disposable gloves. Easy to mount on the wall and looks clean because it it off the counter top. quick change and also easy to refill.

- Ross T.

This thing is very nice. It's very basic but it does it's job. We used to have a box of gloves just sitting on the counter, now we can keep it one spot.

- Cindy A.

Love these racks. Save on shelf space by hanging them on the wall. One was a little crooked so it was harder to get it to stay on the wall since I was using sticky tape instead of screws, but they are holding on very well.

- Josh N.

Very easy installation and easy to fit the gloves in to the rack. This rack makes it easy to reach your gloves once you are done washing your hands.

- Jamen M.

Disappointed in the fact that when this was shipped, 4 screws and 4 anchors came attached to it. However, the bag was ripped when we got it out of the box. There were three anchors scattered in the box with the four screws. Luckily, I've got anchors on hand or I would be really upset they were not packaged better. Back to the rack, it is as pictured and ordered. We plan to use it to house our medium and large gloves. We may actually order another in the future since we have several boxes and it helps us clear them off the counter.

- Debra M.

I really enjoy this wall rack. It is in easy reach of where I need it, and keeps my gloves up and out of the way. I have this mounted under a kitchen cabinet, with enough space to reload it as needed. Easy to install as well.

- James Y.

I am so very happy with this product, fits very well!!! Good purchase and product ! Nice worth money!!! Love to shop here !!!

- Karrie R.

I live having the gloves mounted on the wall right where we need them to be....these racks keep them secure and handy...ready for any job!

- Greg W.

Gloves are an essential part of our deli operation. This rack is nice for storing extras and easy access for employees to grab what they need

- Brian B.

Great glove rack for the price. Does exactly what it should and the quality is great as well. We use this with our Noble gloves and have not had any issues.

- Sean A.

Do NOT buy this rack if you have any intentions of having it hold Noble boxes of gloves. The gloves that were "designed for this rack" don't even fit ... the rack lets the boxes flop around and they end up flying out and we just had two boxes of gloves end up in the trash. Why would you people sell this thing when it doesn't fit the boxes it was supposed to designed to fit?

- Tyler W.

easy to install, but just recently are finding out that they do not hold the Nobel vinyl gloves very well. they do well with some brand gloves but the Nobel brand falls a lot and can be annoying

- City G.

extremely useful piece of hardware that we use at city greens to hold glove boxes. Staff can easily can loves prior to making each order. The glove rack promotes sanitation standards by giving employees easy access to gloves on our line. Would highly recommend

- Sarah B.

No more trailing glove boxes! The Nobel Wire Wall Mount was a great invention! I am thankful for the counter space this has saved my business.

- Gail W.

Very handy! Was tired of having the boxes of gloves taking up space on the shelves. This way they are up and out of the way and easy to grab. The only down side is that it is a bit bigger than the box of gloves and the box will fall through the wire some.

- Yosimar H.

This is a very sturdy and durable product. We have had this for over two years and it has kept in good shape. I love the fact that it came with all the right things you need to hang it. Fits vertebral an glove boxes.

- Keith C.

This is a very nice rack, seems to be powder coated to prevent rusting and corrosion, there are front plates which you can make your glove size. Easy to drop a new box in at any time.


We have these in our BBQ Concession Trailer and they are awesome! We've tried another brand but the boxes no matter what size would find a way to fall through. Ordered 3 more to put in our newest trailer.

- Tracy L.

These glove racks were easy to install and fit a standard size box of our kitchen gloves. They help us promote a sanitary and safe environment in our kitchen. Would be a 5 star if they came with their own screws.

- Samantha K.

Installation was easy and they do their job well. All standard glove boxes fit well into them and we have not had any issues with them so far.

- James D.

Super easy to install and surprisingly sturdy, this glove rack will hold up for longer than most other things in your kitchen. It's made of thicker-gauge metal and comes with mounting hardware. I tried a few different glove boxes (different brands) and they all fit perfectly. These are inexpensive enough that getting one for each size is easy.

- Heather P.

Perfect glove mount for my shop. Nit fits nicely under some shelves that I have and stays securely on the wall. My only suggestion would be to offer a stainless steel finish instead of just white.

- Matt B.

I own a food truck and it gets hectic. People were always looking for the box of gloves. Well this has solved all issues everyone knows exactly where to look Totally recommend will buy again for sure.

- Maury L.

The glove racks were EASY to install! They are perfect for non-traditional spaces allowing for a creative layout in addition to placement in smaller kitchen spaces.

- Michael E.

These are great. We use them in our food truck. They do a great job holding our globe boxes. We will order more of these as we get more trucks.

- Erin T.

These glove wall racks are great for storing a box of gloves, it makes it very easy to quickly grab a pair of gloves and they are neatly placed, without having the glove box cutter up a shelf.

- Larry B.

Spent a long time searching for a product like this. It was exactly what we were looking for to organize our food truck and utilize our confined space.

- Mohit M.

Love this product!. Price is right and it keeps the gloves out of the way but within reach. If you have a kitchen area with a tight prep space this little holders make a world of difference!

- Alison J.

I love this wall mount glove rack. It comes with mounting hardware and works like a charm! I use it with the Noble brand gloves, but I think it's universal and would work with other brands as well.

- Janelle S.

I was looking for a strong and durable glove box holder and this one is great! The plastic ones can crack and break. This Noble wire wall mount glove rack is easy to use and will probably last forever!

- Kimberlee M.

The Noble wire wall mounted glove rack is great for holding the gloves up out of the way and in easy reach. We have glove stations throughout the kitchen so they're always within reach.

- Rosalind E.

Super easy to install! It would have been nice if the bottom had two bars to hold the boxes in place. These are designed to hold slightly larger boxes than what we purchased, but it works very well!

- Don B.

Bought these for my store, didn't have enough room to put gloves in the work areas, so I bought this. These work amazing! And on top of that the price is right!

- Maria M.

Love this Noble product with the coated wire that keeps it from rusting if near wet I have mine. Very handy and easy to reach for your gloves. I keep mine in the kitchen as to use gloves when handling meats and specialty chicken. Very satisfied with the Noble glove dispenser.

- Ryan V.

These glove box holders were a great addition to our kitchen. Keeps us nice and organized and ensures the staff can always find a ready to use box of gloves.

- Charles C.

Great buy. These wire wall mount glove racks keep the kitchen organized and boxes of gloves don't get dirty or wet. Easy to hang anywhere in the kitchen. highly recommend.

- Stephanie W.

Makes it easy to locate and store different styled gloves since we need them for multiple uses in our kitchen and for all catering needs.

- Amber L.

A durable glove holder that holds two boxes in a compact amount of space. Attaches to the wall keeping premium counter space free while making gloves accessible and easy to find.


Great product and price. Our DOH inspector was very impressed with our glove supply in our work areas. These are so easy to install and help us save work top space.


Good product. We use it attached to the wall in our kitchen to hang up gloves. Works well and clears up table space. Sturdy and light

- Eric H.

We bought these racks to hold gloves. It was between wore or stainless steel. These were like ten percent of the price,of the stainless steel. They get the job done, you can screw these in but he choose to use velcrow so we don't have to drill and can move easily

- Christina E.

I bought three of these. They are super handy with limited space....easy to hang only took me about a minute and very affordable looking in to purchasing more

- Lauren Y.

This keeps boxes of gloves up and out of the way. It’s easy to install with the included hardware and made from decent material. Recommend

- Leah W.

We have a small kitchen and space is always an issue; before we got these, the box of gloves would be on one table and then someone else's table, taking up space, taking up time sharing the boxes back and forth. I installed one of these on each wall in front of our prep tables and yay, no more space taken up on our tables!

- Jennifer B.

Fits a box of gloves perfect and helps to keep one more thing off your counters. I would recommend placing it where the glove box goes in from the top, not the side. When on the side, the glove box wants to fall out when grabbing for gloves.

- Josh N.

Bought these for each of our work stations. Great addition. Help keep work areas clean while keeping the gloves close and ready for use when you need them!

- Susanne K.

This glove rack is the perfect size and shape to hold gloves in place on a wall or shelf. It is made of a durable metal and is white in color to match any color scheme.

- Steven G.

These fit our glove boxes from our distributor perfectly, and they really make dispensing the gloves while you're busy SO much easier. They are going to be easy to keep clean and were quick to install. The price point is great and I would recommend these for sure!

- Todd R.

I purchased this for my kitchen at home. It is very durable and I would highly recommend it. Thank you WEBstaurant Store for the low price and quality of this listing

- Mark S.

So cheap yet a pretty durable product. Easy to attach anywhere bought a couple and have them all around the kitchen in pairs for XL and L gloves.

- Chad F.

This wire rack works well to hold our boxes of gloves so they are out of the way. We were able to fit three boxes in the holder, but smaller boxes do have a tendency to slip out, so we have the bigger ones on the bottom.

- Hana W.

Nice rack. You can attach them to a wall. It perfectly fits disposable poly gloves from Webstaurant Store. It's not too heavy, so it must be attached to the wall to use it more comfortably. It's a great product to mount disposable gloves.

- Ryan R.

Fits most glove boxes, easy to install, durable & easily cleaned. Have seen a lot of these that the coating chips off and causes a food contamination risk, very glad that this product is coated so as to not be the case.

- Artur A.

Bought this to compliment the Noble Product Gloves. A very easy and simple way to keep the gloves at reach all the time. Easy to mount.

- Gabby G.

This wall mount fits a box of gloves perfectly. It was easy to install and fits into small spaces. I like it because it is white.

- Johnice B.

I don't know why I did not order these sooner. I have put these in several locations in our food prep area, and they are so convenient. I will be ordering more of these!!

- Aaron B.

Very easy to install on the wall, just need a couple tools to handle. Having a holder for the gloves comes in handy and makes the gloves super accessible.

- Chookiat S.

Work exactly as described. This wall mount glove dispenser helps manage our workflow to be more productive. We will buy more in the future. Thanks.

- Sandra P.

Exactly what I needed. Allows me to mount the box of gloves onto the wall right where they are needed without taking up my workspace. Easy to install.

- Robert L.


- George L.

Pretty good quality for the price Nice size blends in nicely on the white walls in kitchen good price so if it breaks you can just replace it easily without having to worry about breaking the bank.

- Marian B.

placed on wall over counter in prep room handy for use. handy for use and keeps counter picked up wished other places we use gloves had spots to place on wall

- Raymond W.

This glove rack works great. Gloves come out of the box a lot easier. You don't have to worry about pulling the whole box up when getting a pair of gloves out.

- Michael P.

These are really nice, in theory. I purchased 3 of these to go throughout my establishment, but I will probably look for new ones. These are a great price, easy to install, and work fine, but they are a bit too large for the gloves I buy from Webstaurantstore (Noble powder-free vinyl). When you are in a hurry, it always seems like the box will shift within the wire mount and partially fall out of the bottom. It will still hold the box, but it is awkward. Considering that I would only have to buy it once, I think I will spend more next time in the hopes that the mount will hold the box nice and tight.

- Matthew S.

A little bit flimsy. We ordered three of these to keep gloves at hand for all our team . One arrived with the weld broken between the rack part and wall mounting plate. The other two have held up after being installed.

- Vasilios S.

These are great to keep the gloves off of the work stations. Place any box of gloves on the wall and keep stations free of clutter

- Muhammad A.


- Jeffrey D.

These racks works very well. I bought 3 and attached them to the walls around our prep area. No more searching for the gloves. Brilliant!

- Sade K.

Does exactly what it was designed to do. It holds a standard size glove box sturdy enough on the wall so that it is super easy to get gloves.

- Josh E.

The glove holder is very handy and easy to hang up. It makes it very nice to be able to grab the size of gloves you need when you want.

- Russell H.

Great glove box holder . Easy to install and holdes 2 boxes of gloves.. No longer glove boxes scatter all about . Up off the counter and in one central location

- Mechell M.

This is a super simple rack to locate in the most convenient location for access. For the price it's great to have throughout the kitchen area.

- Charles A.

Bought 4 of these and they are great so much easier to know were the gloves are are and not always looking around for them. Very easy to install as well

- Travis R.

A box of glove fits perfectly on these. A lot cheaper than most of the glove racks I looked at and still gets the job done.

- Ida M.

This wire wall mounted glove rack is a neat item. It offers you a place to get your gloves off the tables and in an out of the way area until there needed. Nice item.

- Frederick F.

Absolutely love these glove racks. We have them mounted at our different work stations in our ice cream parlor. Finding gloves now are a snap!

- Susan C.

This works well for putting gloves in a convenient location on a wall instead of taking up counter space, and it is easy to install.

- Jennifer C.

Great sturdy rack for the gloves that i purchase by the case from this site. box fits perfectly in, easy to use and hang. No complaints!

- Chris I.

I got this noble wall mount glove holder to try to free up some more counter space in my smaller kitchen. The glove rack feels sturdy and comes with mounting hardware

- James R.

This wire wall mount glove rack is exactly as advertised. The rack is durable. I tested several different manufacturers glove boxes fit without any problem.

- Billie J.

We have 4 sizes of gloves but 3 are used the most. this works out great for us in our small kitchen. The cooks don't have to look to see what size they are grabbing cause we put them in order from smallest on the bottom to largest on the top.

- James C.

Perfect way to offer both large and medium gloves in an easy access for staff or other vendors. I have used these in several locations.

- Robertina T.

This is a must have in any busy kitchen. I no longer have to rem8where I stored my gloves. They always at arms reach now with this hanging rack

- Lawrence S.

We have 5 of these for all our gloves in different sizes and different locations. It keeps our counters and work area tables clear. A must have.

- Branden B.

The rack is very sturdy feeling and I don't think I will ever have an issue of this thing breaking down from repeated use. However, it does come with the standard cheap/plastic drywall anchors. I don't generally use them, but this time decided to give it a try. I'm sure I will eventually need to replace them with more sturdy anchors but I guess that will depend on how much pressure pulling gloves out puts on the anchors.

- Randy G.

Have several of these throughout my restaurant. Very study and comes with mourning hardware. Makes the kitchen nice and organized with these glove holders. A+

- Kyle K.

This Wire Wall Mount Glove Rack is a bargain at twice the price! It keeps gloves off of work surfaces, and out of the way, but still at an arm's reach for quick use! Highly recommended!

- SMB B.

This glove rack was very easy to hang on the wall, two screws and done. My only concern was the glove box was hard to get in, it's a snug fit.

- Astoria C.

Definitely recommend this product, very easy to secure to the wall and easy to both insert and remove your glove boxes. Two thumbs up for this product.

- Robert M.

First one that came was bent and broken, but was taken care of and sent a new one very quickly. love this glove rack opens up counter space and keeps gloves right where you need them.

- Jenn S.

These wall mounted glove racks provide a food safe place for glove storage. They are convenient to hang around the kitchen, and prevent boxes from ever having to touch work stations.


Whenever you purchase a new item, you are worried about a certain things; Is it the right size? Will it hold up to rough handling? I ordered one of these. Then once I received and installed it, I decided to order 4 more.

- Lizelle P.

Awesome product for awesome people. Keeps our kitchen organized and gives up more space to work with on our countertops. Recommend to those who need more space in a small area

- Tomas S.

We love this wall mount holder. It's work great, it's easy to install (come with screws etc.) and the price is a killer. Make your kitchen looks more organize!

- Stefanie B.

This glove holder is a perfect addition to our food truck. Now we don't have to take up essential counter space and mount the gloves right to the wall.

- Amy L.

These glove racks have been amazing!! I use them for the front of the house and the BOH. Very sturdy and fits the glove box perfectly.

- Ahmad

This actually is very useful to me. In my kitchen, I have this mounted so it's easier to grab some gloves. It was easy to install.

- Seth M.

It's not a bad dispenser. It would have been nice to have a dispenser that can work for packs of 100 gloves and packs of 200 gloves but it costs about a tenth of the dispensers that work for both package sizes.

- Andrea C.

This is an inexpensive, easy to use product that keeps gloves and hairnets neat and organized. Mounts easily on the wall and looks great. Highly recommend.

- Mike R.

Wow this noble brand wire coat rack is fantastic it holds two boxes of 100 globs it looks very nice on the wall it holds other brands besides just noble gloves

- Amanda O.

Perfect for holding 1 box of gloves, easy to mount to the wall, boxes do not fall out of the holder, we use this one behind the bar for our servers

- Stella P.

One of the best items we have ever bought for our very busy prep kitchen. We have 6 of these and they make getting gloves a breeze. Our prep guys love them.

- Andrew H.

Perfect size for our medium, large, and extra large gloves. A great way to stay organized. We mounted this right to the wall and the employees always know where to get their gloves.

- Makay A.

Great product for the price, I ordered about 7-8 and find it very helpful. It fits the boxes of halves goof., we also have it up horizontal and vertical.

- Bistro L.

I really like this noble products wire wall mount glove rack it’s really nice it comes with screws and anchors to mount it on the wall I mounted mine between two poles on my station by my salad box so they are easy accessible to get to my gloves I really like this noble products wire wall mount glove rack it’s really nice it comes with screws and anchors to mount it on my wall I mounted mine between two calls on my station by my salad box so they are easy accessible to get to might work

- Alan L.

i always wanted to invest in this glove rack and i finally did, i love how easy it is put up and now my gloves won't be all over the place.

- Aaron N.

This has worked out really well. It does the job and works just fine. Would recommend using this if needed and for the cost it's great.

- Sohaib A.

Have a couple of these mounted around our kitchen. Installation was slightly annoying because our drill couldn't line up with the hole for the screw but great product otherwise. Recommended!

- Abigail C.

Easy to hang and holds gloves securely. Easy to refill, also. I picked up an extra one to hold my wireless speaker. The speaker fits in it perfectly, but the cord adapter on the back is slightly longer than the rack is wide so it's a tight squeeze.

- Wendy H.

I love this item it is easy to put the glove box in and remove. It keeps my gloves in one place. I will recmond to friends and family

- Craig B.

We needed a rack to hold our gloves in our new Food Truck and not take up space. This solves space problems and couldn't be happier.

- Kase L.

These mount racks are a must fir holding gloves of all sorts. Easy to mount too. We have 3 around the kitchen and bathroom areas. Recommend!

- Ross T.

We got 2 of these at the same time and one of them had the welds popped off in some spots. I was able to rig it up to work for us, but the quality on these are hit or miss.

- Timothy C.

Not much to say - it does what it's supposed to do. You can sneak a third box in at the top if you're careful about pulling the gloves out, when a box is nearly empty, for example.

- Chris L.

This 3 box glove rack is ideal for mounting on a wall to keep your boxed disposable gloves organized and out of the way. Mounts easily with the included screws and hold standard size glove boxes nicely.

- Jon C.

I wanted a rack for our disposable gloves that I could wall mount for easy access and to keep them off the counter or shelf. Having 3 racks allows us to have 3 different sizes on display for easy access. The rack is designed so you can insert a box from one side. My only thought is it would be nice if this was somehow reversible so you could insert from either side. Luckily we found a spot that it works great for us inserting from the left side only.

- Shinji U.

Love it! Easy to mount, and stable. Very easy to place and remove glove box, easily dispenses the gloves as well. I love the glove holder.

- Casandra B.

I ordered 3 glove holders for my restaurant. The quality is pretty good. I will keep a set of gloves in the order in the front of the house and 2 different sizes in the back of the house. Worth the money

- Kalie P.

I bought multiples of these and love them for my gloves. They attach easily to the wall and enable us to get ourid gloves very easily for the bakery !

- Maleri T.

Handy glove box rack that serves it's purpose. Not overly pretty, but when hidden in a janitor's closet or in a kitchen, that doesn't matter. Has been installed for a while now with no issues.

- Neil P.

This wonderful glove holder is just what everyone in a professional kitchen needs to keep there gloves. You alway know where they are and out of the way ( not on the counter)

- Elijah

I absolutely love this product! To have a hung rack for your gloves is a must! This noble products wire wall mount glove rack does the trick. Easy to install and easy to use. Perfect.

- Thomas H.

works as designed but only works on the noble glove boxes. if your happy with noble brand then its worth the price of this rack

- Lisa M.

This wall mount is perfect for easy access to your rubber gloves. No more fumbling around with the box. Great quality and sturdy construction. Great buy!

- Yvette M.

Why did we wait so long to purchase this product! This took the gloves off of the counter to save more counter space and we love it

- Kristin T.

These glove holders are great. Our gloves were always lining around the kitchen, now they are hanging neatly on the wall for easy grabbing. Define a kitchen must have.

- Theodore T.

Product is simple and does what it's supposed to do as far as keeping disposable gloves handy. Overall we are happy with the glove rack.

- Ashley J.

Sure you install it on the right side or else it’s very annoying to use. Otherwise it works for you . Would purchase this item again.

- Joan M.

Nice and durable for your gloves. We hung this on the wall for easy access for all employees to use. Holds 3 boxes nice and secure.

- Saxon M.

We use this in our establishment because we have three glove sizes to accommodate. We have it hanging up on a wire shelf with hooks, so it's flexible in it's hanging!


Great product! We use them in our restaurant and it helps keep things neat and convenient! we will definitely be buying more in the future!

- Brittany V.

Bought this to hang in my workstation wall. It works for the noble brand box gloves. (which I also ordered) but doesn't work with slightly bigger box I had that were medical grade.

- Jodi D.

Good rack for gloves, it is a tiny bit small for any size glove box larger than a medium, however it is very easy to install and change out the boxes of gloves.

- Mark S.

great to use these to organize your gloves and easier to get gloves out of box. I have bought 3 of these and will be ordering more soon

- Clayton T.

This glove rack does it job great, the slots are a bit larger than they need to be. The gloves I use are very loose, since I mounted this on a cabinet door I tilted it a bit. Overall I like this space saving glove rack

- Andrew M.

Love all the Noble products, when i saw these mounts and the price i bought 10 right away, should have done this long ago, so much more counter space now.

- Saxon M.

We love this thing. It is so easy to make sure that all our gloves stay organized for our staff. We seem to have, in three employees, three different sizes of hands.

- Jordan S.

This came with no damages and installed in no time to my wall in order to place our gloves in it. Only fits three boxes but well worth it.

- Scott

- Lorie C.

This wire rack holds two boxes of disposable gloves and mounts easily on a wall with just a couple of screws. Sturdy wire construction and painted white makes this a nice rack.

- Laura J.

This is super handy. It holds 3 boxes of gloves, I have several boxes that vary slightly in size, and they all fit inside the slots. It comes with four screws, which seems to easily hold the weight of the full boxes.

- Ken R.

If you want your employees changing their gloves often, then this rack is a must have. It also accepts many different sizes of boxes, so if you change styles, it still works well.

- Cafe P.

Cheap and very effective! I hated having the boxes of gloves thrown every where. This helps keep them in their place and the health inspector loves it too!

- Renee H.

Fantastic! We have these throughout the ice cream shop. Holds 3 different boxes of gloves so we always have small, medium, and large gloves at every station. Keeps boxes off of shelves or laying around. All employees know exactly where to find gloves. Makes it easy!

- Becky H.

This 2 box glove rack is ideal for any restaurant looking to keep their disposable gloves off of the counter top and out of reach!

- Pam H.

Simple rack to hold a box of gloves. Installs easily. We installed them vertically so the box sometimes likes to slide around. A good product that met our needs.

- Susie B.

This rack keeps your gloves nicely organized in one convenient spot. I wish it would hold 4 boxes though so I could have the XLG with the others.


The glove rack looks good in my home kitchen. Makes my kitchem looks commercial and has a cleanliness appeal. Hold us well with screws and ancors included.

- Jason

Works great. No complaints. It does just what its supposed to. sturdy construction. Good value. Frees up counter space. Actually used zip ties to attach it to an existing metal shelf.

- Christopher B.

This wire glove rack comes with three compartments making it very easy to supply employees with different size gloves. Also comes with small plates that are pre-mounted for labeling different sizes. (Hardware included)

- Kristina L.

Holds the gloves well. I use this in the kitchen and the FOH and it works well and as it was designed too. I will order again

- Larry P.

very high quality product made of durable materials and is built to last. very impressed with how easy it mounts and how long I have owned one owned one without any issues.

- Henry H.

Very Nice Plastic cover metal Wall holder. . holds 2 qts great. Installed with out any problems. Easy application. Will purchase more in the future. Great Quality

- Stephanie R.

Great product. It is easily mounted and comes with its own screws! very easy to change the box of gloves and can be mounted on its side or straight up.

- Bailey K.

These are the perfect size for gloves AND deli papers, which we use when we line our trays for food. I need to purchase more and mount them all over the kitchen!

- Katie G.

We needed a way to keep gloves boxes off of the counter so they no longer took up valuable counter real estate. These were the answer. We mounted them to the wall, and we now have access to more gloves than ever before!

- Rasmi R.

Easy to assemble! Works great for my home office. Have been using it for a month now hasn't fallen apart. Hold the glove box well

- Jason B.

This is a must if you are using gloves in the kitchen. Keeps your gloves off the your tables and counters. Super easy to install and sturdy.

- Indri K.

holds all our gloves, no matter the type, poly, vinyl ect, it all fits. Clean easy install , just screw it up anywhere you need gloves.

- Amanda G.

Very easy to install gloce holder. It is a great color and fit for regular size glove boxes. It is very convenient addition to any restaurant.


Super easy to assemble! Sometimes I use the Noble brand and I use Restaurant Depot brand gloves too. Both fit in here just fine. Would recommend this product!

- Arthur S.

If you purchased the Noble products vinyl gloves and have limited space then this is the perfect product to resolve your space issues. The wire wall mount glove dispenser is a must have, and a good value for money. Another great purchase from the WebstaurantStore.

- Amanda R.

Just recently purchased two of these. We use to have all of our gloves on shelves and have since hung them up out of the way with this wire mount. Has been a great addition to organizing our kitchen.

- Vance E.

Great for small sized boxes, heavyweight quality. Very cheap price compared to most I have seen. Only draw back for me was the gloves we use are actually in a bigger box than the wire frame. But it will work great for standard latex cloves and some precut wrap sheets

- Jeremy S.

Great light wait and easy to mount any where. Keeps the gloves up off the counter giving more work space. Can put different size boxes in to which is nice

- Connie F.

At LifeScape we have these hanging in different parts of our kitchen. We have a small kitchen with different work stations and its nice having the gloves in each area and in one spot so that we don't have to look around for the size you need.

- Kayla B.

Fits some gloves but it all. Make sure you measure before you buy. The one set of gloves we like to use didn’t fit so we had to “make it”.

- Wayne S.

This noble products 2 box wire wall mount glove dispenser allows for easy access to the gloves. It is secure a secure fit that is easily mounted on the wall.

- Casey P.

This glove rack holder makes it convenient to grab a pair of gloves in a hurry. Comes with screws for mounting on the wall. Great product at good price.

- Rachel R.

Heavy duty write frame holds three boxes of gloves well. It comes with the hardware necessary to attach the frame to the wall. Definitely recommend.

- Gaile A.

We at Jefferson Rural Clinic love this economical and highly functional glove dispenser! We can replace one size/style at a time without moving other boxes of gloves, it cleans easily, and sturdy enough for 3 full boxes. Mounts very easily.

- Jamil Z.

A nice glove rack for the price. Hard to beat the value. My only complaint is that it doesn't attach to the wall as firmly as I would like. It has a bit of flex when you're pulling out the first glove in a new box, but that is a minor quibble.

- Scott L.

Tired of a wet box of gloves? Need more space for plating up? These inexpensive holders will cute what ails you. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

- Michele R.

Have these all over my restaurant and they are great! I knocked off a star because they don't quite fit a standard box of gloves and you have to squish the box to get it in there, but it is still convenient to have the gloves hanging when it is busy so you don't have to fuss with a box.

- Lenvil B.

This glove wall mount was super easy to install! It makes it quick for me to grab a few out without having to chase the box, when I'm in a hurry. You can't beat this price point!

- Edgar E.

I needed a holder for box of powder free vinyl gloves above my sandwich table. This unit is durable and was easy to mount. The hard white plastic coating makes it easy to clean.

- Troy F.

This rack was perfect for my cook trailer, located it for easy access. No more looking around where I left the gloves and holding 2 sizes is great.

- Joe C.

I have one hanging in my garage because it keeps my mechanics gloves within easy reach. Having this makes it especially convenient when I’m covered in grease and grime and need a hands free way to access a replacement glove. My wife uses it in the kitchen in the laundry closet.

- David D.

Exactly what you are looking for if you want to hang your glove station. We did break one of ours on installation by tightening the screws too tight.

- Michael C.

I am pleased with this glove box holder. It gets our Choice foodservice gloves on the wall and off of our prep table clearing up valuable table space. Certain glove boxes like the Choice 100-count are smaller and don't fit it just right. I measured and cut a piece of sign board to fit across the bottom and secured it with zip ties. Put 6 of those boxes in the holder for a tighter fit and problem solved!

- Hayley P.

We ended up using these for tissue paper because our glove boxes didnt fit in them. they work well for that but are pretty small

- Ronald P.

Bought two of these and they are making my life so much easier. Mounted them to the wall and there is no longer any question on where the disposable gloves are located.

- Sandy W.

Made of good quality metal. Very sturdy. Nicely painted. Easy to install. Comes with screws. Fits the Noble brand gloves as well as many other brands.

- Melyce K.

A pretty standard item that works great in my commercial kitchen. We also use it to hold single cut parchment pieces for our to go boxes.

- Sharon D.

This Noble 3 box wire wall mount glove rack is great. It holds three boxes of gloves at a time. This is awesome for our High School culinary classroom as students can have easy access to all of the sizes of gloves at once. So happy with this purchase!

- Robert C.

These are great, no-fuss dispensers. They are easy to mount on the wall. These fit the Noble Products Vinyl Gloves boxes perfectly. We haven't had any problems with this product!

- Laurie C.

We have this rack in our kitchen at the restaurant. It holds different types of gloves and it is very sturdy. It was put up on the wall with ease.

- Cathy F.

This is the type of item in a kitchen that we did not realize how much we needed one until we had one in place. It works wonderful at keeping the boxes all in the same place and allows you to see when the box is almost empty.

- Sean A.

We were shocked when we found out from our health inspector that our gloves couldn't be left in a box in a drawer, these racks came to the rescue, and we were able to get them quickly from Webstaurant and install them to satisfy our health inspector!

- Robert O.

It's got a nice coating on it I am sure this will never disintegrate and show rust. Great price. I bought three for my small bakeshop. It saves space and makes gloves very accessible.

- Schuyler G.

This glove dispenser is of awesome quality. It’s so cheap for the value of what you get! We especially valued that the screws and everything to hang on the wall was included.

- Austin A.

As expected, these hold any Noble Products gloves perfectly. Instead of wall mounting though, I use 2x regency nut and bolt set to secure the glove dispenser to a wire shelf. Works like a charm.

- Jonathan H.

Excellent product! This glove rack came with hardware and does what it's supposed to do. It fits securely on the wall and holds the gloves in place. One of our better purchases

- Jonathan I.

Exactly as described and fits most glove boxes. We ordered a bunch of these to display all of the different size gloves we ordered. Simple, neat, clean look.

- Mike H.

These are nice, we like the design, but they are not perfect for every glove box out there. We had a lot of issues with ours not staying in the holder and made some modifications for the glove boxes we use.

- Nancy M.

We bought one of these to keep our gloves off the shelf space and it worked perfectly on our steel wall! We will purchase another one for our sink area.

- Tori P.

We are so happy with this product. Easy to install, and perfectly holds any box of sanitary gloves in a clean and easy to reach location on the wall.

- Djenane B.

I wish I had ordered these years ago. We place them in every corner. It fits most glove box’s but that’s okay. Overall I love it. Thanks!

- Dalton M.

Glove holder i got about 6 of these around my building and not one issue with them they are a good sturdy item and i would recommend them.

- Jessica K.

These glove dispensers fit our glove boxes perfectly, make it easy to dispense the gloves, and mounted to the wall with easily with included hardware. Extremely satisfied.

- Nate K.

Great tool for keeping the clutter off of your prep tables. I simply zip-tied these to one of my equipment shelves and it does very well. Now its a natural flow from washing hands and drying to putting gloves on and getting back on the line. The white paint has gotten a little scuffed through normal use but they still look very clean.

- Michael M.

Where did you put the box of gloves? Here they are-mounted to the wall in a conspicuous location! We love not having to search for gloves anymore ;-)

- Jeremy W.

The rack fits nice and easily to the wall with the supplied hardware. The glove boxes fit in as they should and will not fall out, even if the rack is pushed. Quality product at a low price!


excellent product, very good price my restaurant workers now looking more organize clean and professional and they know were they can find the gloves now, definitely i will recommend this product to my family and co-workers thank you.

- Andrea F.

Perfect size for glove boxes. Will be hanging up in the kitchen when it is finished. Comes with screws and wall anchors to hang as well

- Shari J.

The Noble Products 1 Box Wire Wall Mount Glove Dispenser is a great product if you need your gloves organized and up off the table.

- Joel A.

These are a great value and help us store or gloves in an area that is easily accessible for our staff members. Super easy to install and they come with mounting hardware. I would order again.

- Amber C.

We didn’t mount it on the wall, we attached it to our shelf next to our different stations as you can see in our pictures, save the screws for something else and use zip ties!

- Johnny L.

Perfect for keeping the glove box in the same place all the time and allowing a more sanitary way for employees to grab a glove using only one hand. The mounting process is pretty standard for most wall mounted items.

- Kristen W.

I love this glove holder. We keep Med/large/X-large and now there is no searching for the box of gloves wondering where someone moved them to. It saves a ton of table space and overall makes things move faster since we no longer have to search for them. It’s sturdy and has a place where you can write the size. We turned ours sideways to accommodate a shelf above it and it still works well.

- Jenavies

- Distribution W.

Simply a good product. It's sturdy and fits well in our store. It's easy to clean if it gets dirty and is very good. Great value

- Ruben S.

Glove dispenser works as it should. Can even hold 2 boxes of gloves side by side. They fit perfectly. Durable heavy gauge wire construction works.

- Cameron G.

Perfect fit for my noble vinyl gloves. This is nice to get glove boxes off the counter and out of the way and fits nicely on the wall.

- Michael B.

This wire wall mount glove dispenser is great. We use to keep the box of gloves on a table and every time we pulled a glove the box would come with it and end up on the floor. With this wall mount the box stays put when you pull a glove.

- Christian P.

Very good product I drilled this item to the wall and now it’s very easy to get gloves when you need them.

- Durant M.

This glove rack is very versitle. It easy to mount to the wall and it doesn’t look that bad. I would recommend this product for sure

- Scott T.

Bought this as our last one was broken thought it will be more easier if its single but double is still the best but I wont complain as it does the job

- Aj. C.

This is a great sized rack that fits most brands of gloves. The wire is a bit flimsy when hung, so it definitely needs to be mounted. The little label tabs are great to write sizes. I use a dry erase marker for this. I would recommend this product.

- Jacque P.

I bought these for my food truck. I wanted something that would hold the box so you could pull a glove out and not have to hold the box with the other hand. I bought 2 since I need 2 different glove sizes. Works great very happy.

- Bill S.

I mean. It holds gloves. Quite well actually. Super easy to add or remove boxes. Holds various sizes of glove boxes, which helped me deplete some of my odd ball glove boxes I had.

- Jared

No longer have your boxes of gloves laying around. Put them in a specific spot! Makes it easy to know when you need more and always know where they are at! Box fits in here great!

- JC

Exactly what I am looking for and it works great with the glove box. It sturdy and easy to install. I just attached it under the desk of my laboratory. It is really a lifesaver for gloves using.

- Ryan A.

This Noble 3 box wire glove dispenser has been working great for us. We love that it has 3 areas for dispensing since we have a variety of hand sizes on our cook line (S, M, L) and this provides space for all varieties. The only thing that is annoying is have to clean the small wire frame which gets dirty throughout the day. We saw that Webstaurant had a single compartment stainless glove holder but it was expensive and only 1 box capacity. If they had a 3 box stainless holder we would have sprung for that. This dispenser does still get the job done!

- Paige S.

This glove dispenser is a great addition to our bakery. No more will we have glove boxes lying all over the place. It makes it easy to store multiple different kinds of gloves and various sizes. I just wish the material were a little more sturdy.

- Alicia E.

These wall mount racks are a good price and work very well! They come with all the hardware and are holding well on our drywall.

- Christopher G.

These are good glove dispensers, assuming they are the correct size to hold your glove boxes. We were switching from one brand of gloves to another. The old brand boxes were too wide but the new gloves fit these dispensers perfectly. The included plastic wall anchors are low quality. It is a good idea to have extra wall anchors in case the included anchors start to spin in their holes or become damaged.

- William O.

Works exactly as intended. With standard size glove boxes we are actually able to get a third box to balance on the top of the rack.

- Dixi D.

These dispenser are very handy and we have 6 of them throughout our kitchen and bakery. They are very sturdy and hold a box of gloves perfectly.

- Sweet F.

This wall mount is extremely convenient! It is the perfect solution for our kitchen where we need several different sizes of gloves for our staff!

- Michelle

We can't believe we waited this long to get this wire wall mount glove dispenser. Received just what expected. No more moving the glove box around.!

- Kyle P.

This noble products 2 box wire wall mount works great. I think it could fit more than 2 boxes if it was stacked right. Works well with various types of gloves!

- Ajay B.

It is a neat little dispenser for our gloves and hair nets. Very easy to install on drywall and the price cannot be beat. A great overall product!

- Caitlyn R.

Glove dispenser is well made. It has holes at the back for convenient attachment to the wall. It also comes with 2 screws and has big enough opening at the front to easily get gloves from the box.

- Angel M.

This wire wall mount glove dispenser was easy to install and works like a charm. The glove boxes easily slip in and make it more convenient when preparing food. Whether you are in a huge commercial kitchen or a food truck, this wall mount glove dispenser takes no counter space and allows for easy dispensing of gloves. I would recommend this to anyone looking to be organized and efficient.

- Brandy I.

Sturdy frame for different types of gloves. You don't have to worry about tore up boxes anymore just hang the holder up with 2 screws and you're ready to go.

- Andrew A.

I am giving this 5 stars even thought we weren't able to use it. We bought the food handler gloves which came in smaller packs that would not fit in the mount. Seemed nice though!

- Shai M.

This wall mount glove dispenser fits most if not all boxes of disposable gloves. I have found that some boxes may be smaller and can fall through, but that is better than the box of gloves being too big and not fit in the wire rack.

- James L.

Were using these in our food truck,excellent compact size . The white color mounted to the ceiling for additional space saving looks great . They hold the box of food service gloves snugly. We have 1 mounted overhead by our deli service refrigerator and one next to the hand wash sink for convenient gloving up.

- Joe O.

Such a great space saver. Rather than having boxes laying around everywhere, you can hang these. Put them in every prep or cooking area. Really anywhere you might need gloves.

- Debbi I.

I love this 3 box, wall mount glove dispenser. Not only is the price great when compared to similar products, it is a quality product. What I like the most is the left side is open so it is super easy to get the boxes in and out. Great value for the money!!

- Dana P.

Horrible design. The screws are directly behind the two posts in front. Makes it extremely hard to install. Your designers should actually install one of these before designing anything else

- Rosaidys P.

These glove dispensers came in very handy. I ordered 3 of them and was able to set them all throughout our kitchen. Very durable and sturdy.

- Georgios T.

Omg I wish I find this product long time ago , keep the space clean and organize and very easy to install , love it

- Onur P.

we are using this in our kitchen (restaurant) by the hand wash sink, its very nice design. you can stock 2 different sizes of gloves above the each other and makes it easier for the employees.

- Rich R.

Well built and easy to install. Greatly helps keep our gloves handy! Would definitely buy again and recommend highly to those needing a convenient way to store gloves.

- Peter F.

We haven't had issues with these glove mounts we use them in multiple spots in our kitchen and at both our locations sometimes we are even lucky enough to fit 3 glove boxes in them so they definitely serve their purpose well with 0 to no issues overall if they are put in correctly.

- Tom G.

Easy to mount, and such a lifesaver! We have limited space on our food truck, and this wall mount holds three sizes of gloves, which is exactly what we need.

- Rudy G.

We bought these to keep out gloves organized. I don't know how we did it before we got these. The installation was easy and now our gloves are more organized and easily accessible to all our staff.

- Joanne L.

Easy installation. Convenient.

- Tom A.

Great product!! Super strong construction and very light weight. Easy installation. Packaging was very secure. Highly recommend!! Will definitely reorder in the future.. Very pleased

- Guy W.

- Jesse G.

This was easy to install and gets the job done

- Amy L.

Easy to refill and pull gloves out.

- Brandi O.

These wire wall mount glove dispensers are a great purchase, these are the cheapest priced glove dispensers on the internet minus the cost of shipping. I use these in all of my kitchens and food trucks and will contintue to purchase these. 10/10 would recommend.

- The O.

These are fabulous! We are putting them everywhere in our bakery to save steps and counterspace. It also keeps gloves cleaner since things can't fall in the box. They come with screws and drywall anchors.

- Debbie W.

We have purchased a few of these and they are used very much. They are holding up well. They do remind us of doctor or hospital dispensers, hence the reason why we ordered them. I do wish they came with heavier duty anchors and screws.

- Ashlyn B.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Creates more table space and I’m not losing the boxes every 5 minutes!

- Farouk G.

This box wire wall mount glove dispenser doesn’t take much space and is perfect to keep next to our sandwich units. This keeps the gloves in a sturdy place and easy for our employees to reach for a pair of gloves.

- Fakawi C.

- Margaret D.

You can easily place this wire wall mount anywhere you’d like around your area of work. Easy to install just a drill and a couple of screws, best part it blends with the wall perfectly.

- Ken R.

The single box holder is great but the double box holder is several inches too wide and the Noble glove boxes sort of roll around in there. Do not buy the double size for the standard Noble gloves. Not sure why they sell them as is they are simply twice the size of the single but they are not.

- Craig C.

bottom is a little large for certain boxes.

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