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Noble Warewashing UL30 Low Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher - 115V

Item #: 495NOWFNL30X
  • 115V, 1 hp wash pump motor
  • Cleans up to 24 racks per hour using 1.2 gallons of water per rack
  • Indicator light illuminates when detergent and sanitizer are low; features built-in chemical pumps
  • Auto-fill, two-minute automatic cycle, and deliming cycle
  • Sleek stainless steel construction with an air insulated design to retain heat

Quickly, easily, and efficiently clean full racks of used dishes with the Noble Warewashing UL30 low temperature undercounter dish machine! Keeping your dishes and glasses clean is essential to the life of your business, and thanks to this durable unit, you can successfully clean up to 24 racks per hour with 1.2 gallons of water per rack. Thanks to its compact, undercounter design, the unit is perfect for kitchens with limited space available and a need for efficient warewashing.

With a sleek, stainless steel construction and air insulation between the body and housing, this low temperature warewashing machine comes with built-in chemical pumps and priming switches. It also features a low product indicator light, which illuminates when the detergent and sanitizer are low. This serves to alert the operator that the chemicals need refilled for continued warewashing service. For maximum cleaning power, the unit comes with a convenient deliming cycle to make quick work of removing hard water deposits. As a result, dishes are left sparkling clean with every wash!

Operation of the machine begins when you press the easy-to-use push button. The unit fills, thanks to the automatic fill feature, and the cycle starts. During the cycle, you can easily track its progress with the universal timer. To accommodate a variety of drain installations, the drain automatically pumps while the unit runs with the powerful, 1 hp wash pump. This unit requires a 115V electrical connection.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 24 3/16"
Depth: 25"
Height: 33 5/16"


Product Reviews

- Travis C.

This dishwasher has been installed for several months now in our tasting room and receives daily abuse, it's not pretty but does the job excellent. the cycles are fast and easy. the start button safety seems a bit long to engage the start, but its not a problem for us.

- Timur

I've never been so excited about an appliance. Cleans my dishes really well, saves on water (and save $ on my water bill), whisper quiet, super easy to install, and very easy to use (thanks to the sturdy sink adapter and quick attachment).

- Roderick B.

Not very durable. It lasted only 4 years. Of course I could have had it repaired but the cost is 2/3 of a new one. It's basically disposable.

- Jamie G.

We have been using this ware washer for 3 months now and it just started leaking detergent out the back. We are hoping to get the issue taken care of since we do like the warewasher.

- Jinjian Q.

My dishwasher is in the process of being bought back. Water was added all the way until the slam comes out. why is that? Water leaks everywhere. I want to know how to fix it. I still use

- Jeffrey P.

Don’t waste your time! The dishwasher was less than a year old. We are a small family restaurant not high volume by any means and only used it for glasses… just shy of a year it quit … called and had it warranted. The people they sent came look and sent us a large bill with out ever fixing the machine! Called Noble back and they told me I had to dispute with the maintenance company so for weeks we fought back and forth, finally they came and “fixed” it … I say that because it worked just long to get about 3 weeks past the warranty and quit again and Noble basically told us there’s nothing they can do !

- Henry A.

This machine died on us within 3 months of use. Ended up shelling out a lot of $ to get it fixed as the “warranty” only covered parts. Please do not purchase.

- Bambi B.

In less than 2 years it developed leaks requiring all the chemical lines to be replaced and then spit water or chemicals into the motor and completely died. What a HUGE waste of money!

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