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Noble Warewashing UH30-FND High Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher - 208/230V

Item #: 495NOWFU3FDV
  • 1 hp wash pump motor
  • Cleans up to 24 racks per hour using 1.1 gallons of water per rack
  • Sani-Sure feature and built-in booster heater for proper rinse water temperatures
  • Auto-fill, two-minute automatic cycle, and deliming cycle
  • Sleek stainless steel construction with an air insulated design to retain heat

Quickly, easily, and efficiently clean full racks of used dishes with the Noble Warewashing UH30-FND high temperature undercounter dish machine! Keeping your dishes and glasses clean is essential to the life of your business, and thanks to this durable unit, you can successfully clean up to 24 racks per hour with 1.1 gallons of water per rack. Thanks to its compact, undercounter design, the unit is perfect for kitchens with limited space available and a need for efficient warewashing.

With a sleek, stainless steel construction and air insulation between the body and housing, this high temperature warewashing machine comes with a booster heater that helps the unit achieve appropriate rinse temperatures. Because it's already built-in, the booster heater eliminates the need to take extra electrical requirements into account. An exclusive Sani-Sure feature also aids in assuring proper temperatures throughout operation.

For maximum cleaning power, the unit features several bonus cycles. The fresh water rinse works to prevent possible wash water contamination, keeping dishes thoroughly clean and safe to use. Plus, the convenient deliming cycle makes quick work of removing hard water deposits, so your dishes will be left sparkling clean every time.

To start the machine simply press the start button, wait for the LED light to turn green, close the door, and press start again. The unit fills, thanks to the automatic fill feature, and the cycle starts. During the cycle, you can easily track its progress with the universal timer. To accommodate a variety of drain installations, the drain automatically pumps while the unit runs with the powerful, stainless steel, 1 hp wash pump. The stainless steel construction of the pump helps to ensure outstanding machine durability and overall longevity. This unit requires a 208/230V electrical connection.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 24 1/4"
Depth: 25 3/8"
Height: 33 5/16"


Product Reviews

- Charlie F.

Well we purchased this unit and after two years we are finally abandoning it. First of all we only used this for washing glassware for Front of the House so it did not see too much 'heavy' use. But in our two years of using this product, the float broke three times, the board broke twice, and finally now the pump gave out. A terribly reconstructed 'Jackson' machine that has been rebranded with cheaper parts. Usually I love everything Webstaurant store has provided for us, but this thing was just a HUGE waste of money.

- Truong M.

compact machine is designed in accordance with the kitchen space is limited, steel material Stainless can use the machine continuously many gio.rua cups, bowls, cups very clean thanks to the thermal system and spray wash water-saving advantages Vietnam but very nhieu.toi liked this machine used in home my kitchen is beautiful and chic

- Senia J.

this dishwasher cleans dishes completely and works really fast. it’s very easy to clean, just with the click of a button. it doesn’t damage glass either.

- Tiffany C.

I cannot tell you how grateful and excited that I am to have this commercial dishwasher. It was the best price I could find for one. It works quickly and makes sanitizing dishes so simple!

- Timur

As far as washing dishes I have run about 10 cycles since receiving it. I have found no problems with its washing capability. The items that have come out with very mild food residue stuck on them were items that would have been difficult to wash by hand. It is large enough to fit big soup pots. The cutely tray is removable to put in bigger items. The directions were very straight forward and helpful. It came with the adapter for the sink and it just screwed right on to my faucet.

- Rezarta D.

It worked well for a while. Started leaking from the top back lid. Tried calling but can’t get anyone to do anything about it. WebstaurantStore says it’s out of their 90 days warranty and Noble from peril till now it’s silent. i have called and called and called and can’t get anyone to do anything about it


Do not buy this piece of garbage. Out of the box it was leaking from the fitting in the back of the machine. Used it twice and heating element went out, Purchased the extended warranty that does nothing until the factory warranty runs out. Trying to get the machine serviced and repaired is a nightmare, also the service charges will add up more than the machine cost with no resolution. We now have a dishwasher that does not work and more cost to get it working.

- Kristina B.

Been open for less than five months and this dishwasher leaked so horribly over a busy weekend (we thought the water on the floor was from spills or air drying dishes on our dish rack) that it caused damage to our dishroom and the leak took DAYS to stop (even after shutting off the water to the unit) because the water filled the door and gauges of the machine. We don't leave it on unless it is actively being used, we are careful with using it and the warranty covered nothing. Waste of time and waste of money.

- Shweta K.

Purchased this product in Aug 2020 Since then we have had to replace the circuit board (cost A LOT of $) and today I was told the pump needs to be replaced, at a similar cost. I strongly discourage people from buying this product, I’ve spent more than double the product cost in getting it repaired in 3 years. Such poorly manufactured products like this shouldn’t be allowed on the market, a complete waste of resources

- Jaclyn V.

Can't say enough about this dishwasher!!! It is a high temperature dishwasher with a built-in booster heater, so the water is always hot. the cycle is under 3 minutes from start to finish. The price is great for this unit, absolutely worth it. Highly recommend.

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