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Noble Products Large Powdered Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice

Item #: 394360L
  • Powdered for easy slip-on / slide-off performance; allergy-free
  • 3.5 mils thick
  • Large sizing; ambidextrous style provides versatility
  • Ideal for food handling, food prep, janitorial duties, and more
  • Perforated box allows for easy glove dispensing

Thanks to pre-powdered interiors and a latex-free design, these large Noble Products vinyl gloves ensure easy slip-on/slide-off performance, without the threat of dangerous latex allergens. Proper food handling depends on properly-gloved staff, and with these, you can rest assured that all of your food-handlers will be in compliance at all times. These non-sterile, multi-purpose gloves offer a consistent fit, with the flexibility and resilience that your establishment depends on. For peace of mind, these Noble gloves comply with California Proposition 65 and do not contain DINP.

With a 3.5 mil thickness, they are perfect for everything from food handling and preparation, to janitorial and housekeeping applications. Store them throughout your establishment in easily-accessible glove racks for staff to grab on-the-go. The convenient box size makes them ideal for placing out of the way, virtually anywhere, while the ambidextrous style of the gloves ensures fast, efficient gloving!


Product Reviews

- marie delaney

In foodservice, we use more gloves than I'd care to count. By ordering here we are saving an immense amount of money. Quality is amazing, price exceptional and as alaways, immediate shipment. Thank you!

- joe doe

Great gloves for the kitchen and for cleaning. Every glove fits well and they give quite a bit when putting them on before they tear.

- naseer ahmed

I have tried several different brands but I am pleased with this brand. Good quality and very good price. Local supplier was much higher price.

- ryan turner

These gloves are considerably cheaper than the gloves we use now and quality is the same if not better. I would recommend them to anyone.

- verindar kaur

Great Price and good buy. Good quality glove for daily kitchen use. Will buy again and recommend it to all restaurant to keep handy. Thank.

- vinicio fabbrizi

The Noble Large Powdered Disposable Vinyl Gloves are extremely comfortable to use and fits perfectly. The Webstaurant Store's price is lower than anywhere else that i can find.

- lisa robinson

Nice low-cost gloves for a business on a budget. Good quality and strength. Perfect for general Daycare use. Gloves were delivered in a timely manner.

- nancy stewart

The gloves are of an excellent quality. Staff express that they are easy to put on and true to size. Will order again and again

- lorenzo romero

These were the best/cheapest gloves we ever purchased. We go through a lot and it was becoming a financial burden. Very happy and plan to reorder when the time comes.

- holli cohoon

Nothing really wrong with the gloves themselves. They are strong and fit great. However, they do leave a powdery residue on your hands when you take them off. I don’t mind that but my staff doesn’t like that powder.

- chadley westphal

I am very please with these gloves for the money. I switched to these gloves from some more expensive type I was receiving from my supplier. I am saving money per case and can't really find a difference.

- jen eldredd

These are really fantastic gloves. They fit great and are much better than store bought ones. They are a steal at this price too in the stores they would be maybe ten dollars more.

- starter's - riverport

We use at least two cases of these a week , which is to less than we used to due to the fact that they do not tear when you put them on.

- orders receivable

Excellent gloves! These are so much better than store brand gloves. A great quality glove at a fantastic price. This is on our reorder list.

- gail pintur

These gloves are priced just right, but they are too small for the cooks hands. They would shred very easily when they put them on. We bought the extra large and those worked like a charm!

- marolyn johnstone

Our chef was thrilled with these disposable gloves. He'd been ordering from our food supplier for a whole lot more money, and these are every bit as good.

- chen wang

This product is the cheapest one we can find in the market. We use it everyday and find it is good quality and good price compare to others. Many thanks to

- joseph barbaro

good quality.good price much cheaper than the other places. it is working for us as we have a fast food place and employees have to change gloves often.

- darla ronemus

These gloves have been great. They hold up pretty well and you can't beat the price. I've ordered these several times from Webstaurant Store and will continue to do so.

- matt frommer

These are my go-to gloves. The light powder makes it very easy to remove and put on new gloves. Even when your hands are wet or damp. Very comfortable

- marshall reichert

on a budget? this glove is perfect for any job it will save you money and keep food safe to eat. They don't tear when putting them on.

- deborah bollinger

This is the best quality glove I have ever used for the price. We use gloves in our bulk food store for just about everything including the deli and they can be very expensive.

- greg degrandis

These gloves are the only ones we use now. The quality is good and they are so much less expensive than other brands. We highly reccomend them

- swati mahadwar

Great gloves for handling food. Do not rip off . Put on easily and remove them easily. Gives a hygienic look to the person wearing them.

- travis farewell

The powder inside these gloves make slipping them on so much easier. Even after washing your hands they still go on. These are lage and are true to size.

- j. h. rockett

These glove are just as sollid as any of the big brands for a fraction on the money. I have been buying gloves in Hospital Foodservice, Convention Centers and Restaurants for years and this is all I use now!

- james yarrow

The gloves are sturdy, comfortable, and true to size. They are not overly powdered, but go on and off easily, and the price is quite reasonable. Thumbs up.

- mike duff

I go threw quit a bit of these. The large size are just perfect for my hands. I have used others gloves and I break rite true them.

- branden byers

I prefer powder-free, but these gloves still work well. I prefer these gloves if I know I am going to be working for a long period of time in them because they are slightly easier to remove when moist on the inside compared to powder free. Very durable and only rip if I am doing outdoor chores in them.

- mary macy

I accidentally purchased the Powdered Disposable Vinyl Gloves instead of the Powder Free and one of my employees was not happy with these gloves. Your hands appear to sweat more than when using the powder free and they leave a mess on your hands to the point where you have to continuously take them off and scrub the sticky powder off your hands. Of course this is why I never purchase gloves with powder. I won't make that mistake again.

- barry hillman

I've been buying these gloves for a long time now, beginning with our concession business, and now our cafe. I'm not a big fan of vinyl, personally, but there are things to consider here: 1) You can NOT beat the price. 2) Some people are allergic to latex. 3) They are far cheaper than any nitrile gloves. Once you get used to using them, they're great. Just keep that in mind.

- maureen burke

WOW. The quality of these gloves are amazing for the price. I am going to be getting all my gloves through Webstaurantstore now! My glove costs just got cut in half thanks to these gloves.

- jamen miller

Best gloves! We use these a lot for cutting up toppings and prepping yogurt in our store! They have no powder so your hands stay clean when removing them!

- james yang

This is light weight ,I order Large but feel like medium. Still can use just little big tile. I like this produce they got better price.

- debra matchell

I love these gloves, they are very soft on my hands. I am getting older and my skin is getting thinner, so not only do I like to use these gloves for sanitary purposes but I like to use them to protect my hands from starchy foods and anything that will dry or burn them (such as peppers.) They are so easy to slip on and off, this is so handy as well and easy on my skin. I would recommend this brand of gloves over and over again. They are the best!!!

- robin merryman

Great quality inexpensive glove. We use a lot of these so I scoured the internet looking for a great price and came upon these. Great price doesn't matter if quality isn't there, but I've heard no issues from my employees about these gloves. Highly recommend!

- matt guba

These gloves are pretty easy to get on and off...not overly sturdy, but they do the job. If you try to put on your hand while wet, its very likely you'll rip through the wrist of the glove. Other than that, we like this product and will continue to purchase.

- julia whitten

I really don't like touching raw meat. These gloves have proven to be very useful in regards to touching meat and for household cleaning. Cheap enough that I can use and simply discard when done. Great price. Will buy again.

- pornrawin heath

Very nice gloves, easy to put on any easy to taking them off, there are soft for your skin and last long without breaking, great price

- kathleen kinkade

These don't rip easily and are easy to put on and take off. You do need to watch out for the powder residue on your hands after you remove them though.

- william jackson

The vinyl gloves are great for the price and quality best ones I find that will hold up and not rip when you put them on A+++++++

- stephanie whaley

We use the Noble Powdered Disposable Vinyl Gloves every day in our kitchen and for all of our catering needs. Keeps hands clean and sanitary.

- jeffrey lum

Good product. The only thing I hate is that it is powder and when you take off the glove, the powder is really hard to get off with a paper towel. You would have to rinse off your hands...and don't touch your clothes right after, otherwise, the powder get's on that and you can't get the powder off until you wash your clothes.

- june zhao

We bought these disposable gloves for our vegan food catering business. These are must have for our everyday operation. The price is excellent. We are very happy with the purchase.

- victor shcherban

Very good product in that the gloves are durable and do not tear easily. While cornstarch powder makes it easier to slide the gloves on you don’t want to handle food and leave powder on it. My next purchase will be powder-free gloves.

- lisa miller

These are my favorite gloves! I use a lot due to my work and these are easy to slip on, good size, couldn't work without them!

- andrew kessler

wonderful product which i have order multiple times over the years. Quality customer service and the lead time on delivery is not bad at all.

- matthew keller

Decent product, especially for the price. They are some what thin, and can tear easily. It's perfect for our needs, especially when they're cheap enough to just grab another. Webstaurant once again was perfect in shipping, and speed.

- susanne kirk

WOW. Noble knows how to make great gloves. I went with the powered ones this time and I love them. The vinyl gloves are strong.

- seriah sil

These gloves are very durable. I use them to do practically anything. They fitting is wonderful and for the price this is all worth it.

- gloria lilly

I love these vinyl gloves for serving food at church or home. They are powdered for easy gloving but need to be washed off when removed.

- david smith

These gloves are intended to be used for medical exams and cleaning. I wouldn’t use them for food prep because they are powdered. The powdered gloves are easier to get on with wet hands, but the powder can also end up in food, which is not good. They are thin enough to provide good sensitivity while wearing them which is another positive. The size large were too big for me, but they should stretch to fit most people with large hands.

- glenda peavy

These large powdered gloves are great when you are in a hurry and are constantly washing your hands. Using the powdered gloves helps them to slide on easily if your hands have recently been wet or damp.

- melvin tyler jr

How can I put it? The perfect fit! These gloves are a hit with my employees and myself! They are easy to go on and are very tough. Unlike some gloves I purchased in the past, these babies fit well and are comfortable. So comfortable that sometimes I forget I am wearing them. Great fitting glove!

- brenda culver

Not only are the Noble Vinyl Gloves great in the kitchen, but also great for crafting, painting, staining, dyeing, and cleaning. They hold up well and are easy to get on and off.

- jon gozzo

Decent price and always available even during the pandemic. They are great, fast shipping, heavy duty and do the job. We go through a lot of gloves so affordability is key

- pizza factory

The vinyl gloves are a great alternative to latex. We have several individuals on are work team that have an allergy to latex, so these are great to have for them. They are not as stretchy as latex, but are still fairy comfortable.

- neil goldrosen

These gloves are super durable and perfect for many applications. The price is great compared to latex gloves, which have become expensive lately. Wish the shipping was cheaper. I would order them more frequently.

- russell hudson

Nice fitting vinyl gloves for food service. Easy to get in a off and feel comfortable. They have not ripped nor do they make out hands sweat during long use

- rick giecek

Expectional value for a really good glove. I like that there is not too much powder with these. After using our other supplier's glove, we had to wash the powder off our hands or it would rub off and show on whatever we touched.

- john verdon

These are great vinyl gloves for the price. I would definitely recommend stocking up on these. The cheapest price I could find these so far.

- hung ly

My restaurant uses this every second of the day, so i will be buying more soon. I love how they come in different sizes for all sizes of hands.

- marlo hardiman

I used these for my Girl Scout Troop. We were earning a baking patch. These worked great, and the girls really enjoyed the activity. They were able to bake and decorate their own cupcakes.

- sonya powers

These gloves are a great product! They fit well and don't tear easily. I would def recommend these to any restaurant that is in need of gloves.

- michael chee

These gloves are great. They are a must in the kitchen. Very easy to take the gloves off. Cant find a cheaper price than webstaurant!

- kase lee

We love Noble items. They are so reliable. These items are must to have for food handling! We recommend them to any food establishments, 5 stars.

- shinji urabe

The price is reasonable. I use this gloves for a while, but I have never had any issues. It's powdered, so I can wear them easily even right after washing my hands.

- samantha newcome

Easy to slip on and off. Can never have enough gloves in a restaurant. I order many boxes. This 1 has 100 count and are very cheap.

- william fullem

As you can see we have bought these more than once. They do a great job and are at a great price Will be buying more in the future.

- raizy reisz

These noble large disposable gloves are really great. They go on really easily which is very important we use them all the time for all kinds of food prep

- cafe paisano

Nobody can touch this price point for these gloves. The quality is great and they fit good too. I load up on these every time I order!

- andy serba

These disposable vinyl gloves are a great price and fit perfectly. Do not tear easily, and they are great to always have in your kitchen!

- jason myers

My experience with the large Noble Products Powdered Disposable Vinyl Foodservice gloves has been very pleasant, as they arrived earlier than expected. I was surprised at nice tailored fit of this glove and they continue to look brand new after many washes. This is a great glove for handling everything from watermelon to deli slicesand I highly recommend.

- adrian castro

I like work comfortable and secure with my products then i have to use gloves and those are very thin and nice powdered for better feel.

- ken robitaille

These gloves fit pretty snug, the powder is definitely needed to put these on. Some of my crew found the powder itchy with these gloves.

- christopher allen

These gloves are a must have for food service or food manufacturing spaces. We always have a box at each work station so our employees have easy access. This powder version makes putting on the gloves easier than non-powdered vinyl.

- eric isabell

These gloves are easy to put on and take off thanks too the powder. They do leave powder on your hands when you take them off but it comes off easily.

- brad severance

We use these in our kitchen, and to serve/distribute our baked goods to our customers. They are great, don’t break, and don’t make your hands uncomfortable or sweaty.

- jiangzhu chen

Those are powered but not too much power. It's very nice. Easy to wear and very low price. We use several pairs one day. Will reorder again

- shea-la gatz

I bought these for my raw feeding pet food business for when my hands are cold that I could wear cottons underneath and still fit a glove on top, works great. I like the powder inside

- william allen

Best price for vinyl gloves I have found anywhere. These are up to par of any other vinyl gloves I have tried, and they do not tear overly easily. The powder is great for line workers to quickly ease in and out of gloves between tasks. Not so much for front of house types - beware the powdery hands on your clothes!

- david saylor

These powdered vinyl gloves are very lightly powdered which is great. They are also strong most cheap vinyl gloves you tear 25% taking them out of the box not these! And the price is great

- audra nightengale

I really have been in search for quality affordable gloves, being in food service and many employees we go thru them like crazy. They are strong very affordable and everyone likes them so much better than the other gloves we ordered.

- su kim

Nice, durable disposable affordable gloves. We buy these for our employees who are allergic to latex. They help us to meet health code requirements and follow food safety rules. Great buy, will purchase again when ready to re-stock. Highly recommended!

- benjamin casey

Noble Products Large Powdered Disposable Vinyl Gloves are of great quality ranking right up there with the name brands. They are a great fit, easy to put on and easy to take off. Yes, the power will transfer to clothing if hands are not washed. That means your staff should probably wash their hands. Just saying.

- sarda desmond

Great gloves for all members of my team. I ask my staff also use them over our cut gloves when we use the slicer and the mandolin.

- marla hahn

These gloves cover our hands when baking our Bavarian soft pretzels, it has prevented germs to spread when handling food. It helps us follow food codes, and is even durable through paint (in case you're wondering)

- brad beckstead

The powder in the gloves help when putting the gloves on with wet hands, they slide right on. They don't tear or rip either when using a little force to get your hand in

- jamie partin

These gloves are good quality and slide on easily. I order them by the case and the price cannot be beat even with shipping! Perfect for my business!

- daddy d's bbq

These gloves work great for prepping or plating food. They are more premium than the vinyl gloves and can easily be changed a lot quicker. The price on Webstaurant is lower than anywhere else I can normally get them.

- sonya davis

This is a good product, had to switch to powdered when non-powdered were unavailable. The powder makes it easy to take on and off which helps when you are working in hot outdoor conditions.

- michael goosman

Very good and equal to any other brand, or better, I have ever purchased. I would recommend this purchase wholeheartedly. Better than my last other brand purchase.

- bonnita bernhardt

So glad I found Webstraunt because now I can afford gloves of all sizes for my food stand workers. These are durable and offer food safe protection. You can buy with confidence.

- fabio perricelli

Very good product., I strongly recommend it. It does the job it is supposed to. It allows mobility while in use, which is an important feature for gloves. Very good and competitive price.

- mark & teresa dinwiddie


- dallas shaw

We had been ordering our vinyl gloves from our food distributor, but the prices kept increasing throughout 2020. These are great quality and a great price.

- jessie vella

Noble products has the best gloves in the food service industry. These gloves are high recommended in the kitchen or for serving food with. Great elasticity

- ryan crosswait

Great product and very useful. I run a restaurant and this has come in use multiple times a day! Will use it again and show others!

- john kim

These gloves work well for food preparation. They fit snugly and protect your wrists as well. The gloves are durable and provide a good barrier for food service.

- aaron keplar

These are the best and strongest vinyl gloves that I have used. I prefer the powdered gloves to make it was to put the gloves on when my hands are wet.

- dillon neufeld

What else is there to say other than if the glove fits, wear it. - Our team loves the Noble Products Disposable Vinyl Gloves. We use them in almost all of our daily operations to ensure all food safety and sanitation requirements are met. Luckily, we get away with a single size for all of our staff. If you're looking for a quality product that you or your staff members can use in any food service operation at a great price, then look no further.

- mary heffernan

Love these gloves! I like the powdered, since it makes it really easy to take on and off. I don't think they have ever ripped on me, not once! Very durable gloves.

- ak83llc

This disposable vinyl gloves are very good product and very useful too. It fits perfectly on everyone and quality is amazing. We will definitely recommend it to everyone.

- jamie pham

This product is very durable and comfortable, especially during covid-19. I am able to use it when I go out to keep me protected. The powder makes it easier for someone who has hand sweats.

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