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Noble Products Medium Powdered Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice

Item #: 394360M
  • Powdered for easy slip-on / slide-off performance; allergy-free
  • 3.5 mils thick
  • Medium sizing; ambidextrous style provides versatility
  • Ideal for food handling, food prep, janitorial duties, and more
  • Perforated box allows for easy glove dispensing

Thanks to pre-powdered interiors and a latex-free design, these medium Noble Products vinyl gloves ensure easy slip-on/slide-off performance, without the threat of dangerous latex allergens. Proper food handling depends on properly-gloved staff, and with these, you can rest assured that all of your food-handlers will be in compliance at all times. These non-sterile, multi-purpose gloves offer a consistent fit, with the flexibility and resilience that your establishment depends on. For peace of mind, these Noble gloves comply with California Proposition 65 and do not contain DINP.

With a 3.5 mil thickness, they are perfect for everything from food handling and preparation, to janitorial and housekeeping applications. Store them throughout your establishment in easily-accessible glove racks for staff to grab on-the-go. The convenient box size makes them ideal for placing out of the way, virtually anywhere, while the ambidextrous style of the gloves ensures fast, efficient gloving!


Product Reviews

- marie delaney

Great quality for food service, super fast shipping, amazing price that no one can beat.... all backed by wonderful customer service! Can't say enough great things. It's the deal!

- joe doe

Great gloves for the kitchen and for cleaning. Every glove fits well and they give quite a bit when putting them on before the tear.

- bill lanham

Very good quality disposable gloves. Our staff loves the variety of sizes available and they are priced right for places that go through lots of gloves in a busy kitchen.

- lynn troha

These Noble Vinyl gloves are great quality and the best price you will find anywhere online for any gloves of similar quality. Even with the shipping cost added, the price was less than any other online supply company. so I would not hesitate to recommend them to others. We are using them for both food service and diaper changing in our center and they are perfect for both!

- eric knoll

These are your standard food service gloves that are durable and easy to use! Easy to put on and take off ensuring proper food handling!!

- teresa montoya


- lorenzo romero

These were the best/cheapest gloves we ever purchased. We go through a lot and it was becoming a financial burden. Very happy and plan to reorder when the time comes.

- rhonda white

These work great when mixing and messing. I use them continuously, I only wish I would of bought more because I am constantly changing them. Great fit as well!

- orders receivable

These are wonderful to have on hand for anyone with latex allergies. Good quality and true fit. We keep medium and large in stock to make sure everyone gets a good fit.

- daphne manzano

You know, good quality gloves are harder to find than I thought. If they were too cheap the they probably are easy to tear and rip. But these are just right! Both price and quality

- darla ronemus

I've ordered these gloves several times from the Webstaurant Store. Great price and they hold up pretty well even when a larger hand has had to squeeze into a medium glove.

- young chun

Lowest price even with the shipping fees. Runs little smaller than other mediums. I usually wear mediums but for this product, I would wear Larges.

- alexander ruperto

way better than latex in terms of smell and better than most other vinyl gloves in terms of fit and stretch. they do fit according to size and dont run too large.

- marshall reichert

Medium in size and don't tear when putting them on the powder helps them slid on they really work great in all applications of food perpetration..

- debapriya dutta

I use these gloves while serving food and prepping food and so go through them pretty fast. They are easy on and easy off and work extremely well for my needs.

- travis farewell

The powder inside these gloves make slipping them on so much easier. Even after washing your hands they still go on. These medium gloves can also fit on large hands most of the time.

- j. h. rockett

I love these gloves. They clearly hold up to the compitition and the price can not be beat! We have switched over the entire operation to Noble Gloves. We prefer the Powdered ones because they we keep changing them constantly!

- twyla hajdukiewicz

Exactly the product I needed for the craft I was making. The quality is excellent - certainly comparable to any other disposable glove I've used - and the price is unbelievable!

- luciana torous

These gloves come at a great price and they are easy to put on thanks for the powder inside. They do the job very well.

- maureen burke

For the price, these gloves can't be beat. They are just as nice if not better than gloves that we pay over double for! We are switching over to these now.

- brandy wiggans

I got these to try, I only use them when cleaning the bathrooms but they really seem to hold up, I have long nails and they don't rip through like others I have tried, and you can't beat the price!

- jamen miller

We have ordered many of the Small and Large disposable gloves and we wanted more of a universal fit, thus why we bought the medium gloves. These are absolutely perfect for prepping food, easily disposed of and the best thing is that they do not leave any powder residue behind.

- james yang

. They came even more quickly than I thought they would.They are really useful. I admit they are a bit thin but up to now had no problems with them.

- kriti shrestha

These gloves are powered..So if you are like me who tends to perspire while wearing glove this is a good glove for you. I bought two boxes of those because the price was right. One box I used to handle the food the other I used for cleaning purposes. They will break easily if you have long nails like any other vinyl gloves. Great option for those with latex allergy.

- julia whitten

very happy with purchase. The gloves were easy to put on when wet, were very sturdy with the strong chemicals, and were great for home use. I will be getting the pack of 1000 very soon. Very cost effective and good service.

- ryan stephens

Outstanding for the price. Handle well with heavy continuous use. Our line sandwich workers love them, fry cook approved, grill cook aproved. Good gloves! Run true to size.

- graciela gutierrez

These gloves are great, nice and just the right thickness and right size. I love to have them around not only for cooking purposes but in general. They last quite a bit, and you get a lot for your buck. I will be buying a whole case. A++

- stephanie buechler

I purchased these in size medium to use in our commercial kitchen. They fit well and do their job and fit well without being too tight.. I like the powered because my hands don't get sticky inside the gloves.

- john carboni

These vinyl gloves are comfortable and strong. Being powdered, they are easy to slip on and off especially with damp hands. We prefer vinyl over other materials because they are durable and comfortable to wear. We use them for food prep as well as for cleaning. The powder residue can be a bit of a nuisance if you dont rinse it off before touching dark fabric, but that's a minor issue.

- lynn newman

Perfect gloves for food preparation. I use them when working with raw meats or when mixing oily foods with my hands. I'm glad that I found this site as my previous supplier stopped carrying them. Highly recommend them.

- heather kane

Great, durable gloves. I ordered small and med. Both were very nice. They held up well, only had one tear, out of 2 boxes. Trying the powder free next time.

- melinda albert

Gloves are snug fitting but easy to put on, even in humid conditions, thanks to powder on the inside of the gloves. They are durable enough to prevent tears, even when wearing the gloves for extended periods of time.

- stephanie whaley

Perfect for working with any cooking items in the kitchen. Keeps hands clean and mess free to save on clean up time. Recommended for future use.

- arlton cangelosi

I use these daily. If you don't you should. My wife has medium hands and they fit her well. Very satisfied with the quality and durability.

- stephen brown

We use these gloves in our kitchen when handling food and dessert items. They are very durable and don't rip easily during use. They come in an easy accessible pack and are easy to grab when working.

- alexander ignacio jr.

great products again from noble these Noble Products Medium Powdered Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice easy to use easy to put in your hand quality made

- susanne kirk

I can't get enough of these gloves. They work so well my employees keep asking me to order these same ones. They are a perfect fit and very durable.

- vivian barnum

I've always avoided using powdered gloves, but they really are easier to slip on and off of your hands. These Noble ones are pretty good quality. They don't rip easily.

- dawna bass

We keep ten boxes of these on hand at all times. Ordering by the case is nice. We love these lightly powdered gloves when working on the line.

- evan bennett

These vinyl gloves are good for my employees that are allergic to latex. They are clear so I wouldn't suggest using them if you have a bandaid on or have ugly fingers.

- david smith

These gloves are intended to be used for medical exams and cleaning. I wouldn’t use them for food prep because they are powdered. The powdered gloves are easier to get on with wet hands, but the powder can also end up in food, which is not good. They are thin enough to provide good sensitivity while wearing them which is another positive. The mediums fit me well, but since they are vinyl they don’t stretch much or offer the same movement as latex.

- glenda peavy

I bought the powdered gloves because I wash my hands a lot! The powder allows me to slide the gloves on more easily. The down side is they really dry out my skin.

- brenda culver

So glad I found these gloves at such a great price. I use them when handling raw meat, chopping hot peppers, and mixing messy ingredients. They are strong and work as expected.

- marian butler

best gloves we have found for use in the deli and we use a lot in making subs, etc and slicing meats. price is great

- pizza factory

The vinyl gloves are a great alternative to latex. We have several individuals on are work team that have an allergy to latex, so these are great to have for them. They are not as stretchy as latex, but are still fairy comfortable.

- shannon alexander

I buy these gloves to use at home when slicing onions. They work really well . I love to be able to slice all of my produce without being left with hands that smell like the onions. I have also used these when cleaning fish. The powder on the inside helps them to go on easier if your hands are even slightly damp.

- kelly luksza

I really like these gloves due to their thickness and durability. I did not have to worry about these breaking, splitting, or ripping, and found these to be the best to use for food service prep. These can also stand up to wearing for long lengths of time at onc, whereas other gloves I have used did not. Would highly recommend these for use in food service.

- aurelia alvarado

One too many times, I struggled with finding gloves that would actually stay on. This product in the size Medium was perfect for me. The gloves don't slide off my hands while I'm working. They're also great for the price. I recommend these for bakers or for those handling meat and other foods.

- russell hudson

Wonderful disposable vinyl gloves. We go though so many every day that it is important to get a good price and web has that. Great price and great product.

- richard cooper

These gloves fit true to size. They have an adequate amount of powder and are great for food service. Much better than other brands we have used.

- april conwell

These gloves are great. I just placed an order for more. We use them for serving popcorn and snow cones when we do concession fundraisers. We have never had any fail us (rip) while handling food. Being vinyl, we don't have to worry about latex allergies of the customers either.

- keandra telusnor

Gloves are true to size and fit perfectly! Not heavily powdered like some other brands of gloves. These gloves aren’t to thin, nor too thick.

- hung ly

these gloves are ok for short term use. Better than poly gloves but not as good as nitrile. These are not as flexible as nitirle and thus not as comfortable to wear. However they good low cost alternative.

- mike lewis

Good gloves for the price. Durable and fairly easy to put on without pulling hairs. Much better than latex gloves that are quite difficult to get on and off hands.

- thomas kluding

Fantastic price and the quality is exactly the same as higher priced gloves from local distributors. I absolutely recommend buy these for your business! I will be buying in bulk a few times a year to save on shipping.

- sonya powers

We love this product and use it daily, We are very satisfied with this purchase! We use this amazing product because it is easy and super cheap to use.

- mrs. troy white

These xame in very handy as i prepared and served my venues. I still use these in my own kitchen daily for my meal preperations.

- miriam lee

Absolutely lovely. Heavy duty and just perfect for every day kitchen needs. Not too cheap or thin but still breathable and trustworthy to handle food with

- casandra barnes

I use these gloves in my restaurant. I love the powdered gloves but they irritate my managers hands. I have ordered the non powdered gloves for her

- milka l. ragnetti

Price is fantastic and quality is wonderful. I love this gloves specially when coloring food or mixing fondant with gel colors. It doesnt get on my skin anymore. Thanks!

- jon

These are great gloves. They do not tear easily and are well made. The powder coating is not excessive as I have experienced from other brands.

- brian park

the glove is very easy to put on. it is perfect size for everyone. it's not super durable but pretty good. we use this for making sandwiches.

- jason myers

My experience with the box of one hundred Noble Products medium powdered disposable vinyl gloves has been very pleasant, as they arrived earlier than expected. I was surprised at nice fit of this glove and they continue to survive hours and hours of use without tearing. This is a great glove for serving everything from breads to hot apps and I highly recommend.

- renee hayden

I'm new to the food business and didn't realize the importance of getting powdered gloves. I first bought "non-powdered" and everyone had a hard time getting them on. Also, your hands sweat inside the gloves. I re-ordered with powdered and problems solved! The gloves are durable and good for food handling. The sizes are very true also.

- eric isabell

These gloves are of great quality, they don't rip easily. There easy to put on and take off but the powder does stick to your hands, they can easily be washed or wiped off.

- jennifer hanger

I was so surprised to be able to get this during these trying times. I run a food business and without these my hands are ties, pun intended. Great gloves, arrived fast and keep me in business.

- kate zhang

Durable gloves and fits nicely. I brough both small and medium. They have powders indide to help with slipping in and out. I prefer to wear these gloves when I marinate meats.

- shea-la gatz

I bought these for my raw feeding pet food business, I'm 5'4 and smalls i knew would be a little too tight so i got mediums and they fit perfectly, will defiantly buy again

- jennifer dunham

these are comfortable vinyl gloves that fit well. i use both the powdered and the powder-free disposable vinyl gloves, depending on the time of year -- powdered tends to slip on easier in the warm weather months. as always, a quality product for a very nice price!

- david saylor

I Really like that these gloves are lighty powdered . Most cheap vinyl gloves you tear 25% of them just taking them out of the box not these they are very sturdy for the price. Great glove will be buying again

- terry verstuyft

great gloves. they work perfectly and wear really well. they fit perfectly and its a real bargain for the money.. will purchase again for sure.

- laura szyld

good product, resistant and durable. you cannot beat the price, we use them all the time in my kitchen and do not have any to complain.

- janette feliciano

Obsessed with wearing gloves as I cook at home. I am like you touching food put some gloves on. Defiantly buying more don’t want to run out.

- marla hahn

These gloves cover our hands when baking our Bavarian soft pretzels, it has prevented germs to spread when handling food. It helps us follow food codes, and is even durable through paint (in case you're wondering)

- yoel reisz

This box of disposable gloves are so important in any food based business. the gloves go on quickly and easily. they are a good quality and dont rip fast

- amanda hunter

Very thin, which is extremely nice when working with small details on cake designs. They hold up extremely well to water, as well. I was able to wash and dry my hands with the gloves on (to clean off food dye when switching to another color) and move on.

- sonya davis

My employees really like these gloves because it allows them to take and off easily when the kitchen gets hot. Can leave residue powder on your hands as they are powdered.

- ernie hartzell

Powdered gloves are perfect for damp hands but will dry out your hands over time. It is not the products fault that it leaves a powder residue and because you are required to wash your hands in between glove changes it washes off easily. We use these for the times when we have wash their hands and need to do something quickly that requires gloves so we can get them on easily. Other than that we prefer non powdered.

- kyler roney

These gloves are light and see through but they serve there purpose well. The only problem I have had with them is sometimes they rip when I’m putting them on.

- joe tamburello

These are very good gloves - we are using them in our hair salon and they work perfectly for our needs. They're very durable and are of high quality. I would recommend these!

- lori thomas

These gloves were used at a kids cooking camp by kids and adults. They fit everyone perfect. Great quality and would order again next year. No ripping or tearing.

- bonnita bernhardt

This is a great choice for a food safe conscious manager. These gloves are durable and affordable, a great combination. The price makes buying in all the sizes a responsible choice because your employee can get the perfect fit.

- michael mitchell

These gloves are pretty good but we prefer item #3941085XL as they are easier to get on when hands are wet or when in a rush.

- jamyce d freeman

These gloves are amazing. I used them for a cooking class they certainly got the job done. I would certainly order them again. I have to say I really enjoyed wearing them. They are very comfortable and easy to use while cooking.

- michael brand

We use these gloves daily and really enjoy them. They don't make your hands sweat. They also are pretty durable as far as rubber gloves go. Highly recommend

- s q

Great gloves when dealing with food. You get a good quantity of gloves in one box. For the price, these are great. These are medium sized!

- jared

Fits well to size. Fits tight on hand which in nice to that so liquid or any other substance gets in. Easy to put on as well.

- kristi jones

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered these gloves. Sometimes they look great online and then they’re not so great in hand (or on hand... get it lol). These gloves are awesome! Super easy to get on and don’t slide off easily. They leave your hands feeling soft and not soggy. They’re not the kind of gloves to rip easily either. Highly recommend.

- john woods

These are great gloves. They fit perfectly. Durable and functional that I can still use my fingertips without a bulky feeling. Will buy these gloves again.

- jonathan labonte

This is a great product to ensure we are all staying safe. We've put this to use as our team prepares meals for those in need in our community.

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