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Noble Products Nitrile 4 Mil Thick Low Dermatitis Textured Gloves - Large

Item #: 394EN553L
  • 4 mil nitrile has superior tensile strength; low dermatitis potential
  • Ideal for exam, medical, or janitorial use; perforated box for easy glove dispensing
  • Powder-free with no accelerator chemicals, no latex proteins, and no added sulfur
  • Offers the best in tactile sensitivity and chemical resistance
  • Textured exterior grip provides added control in dry or wet conditions

Cover all your bases with these multi-purpose Noble Products nitrile gloves! Made of non-sterile nitrile these 4 mil gloves are accelerator chemical-free with no latex proteins and no added sulfur, which reduces the potential for Type IV allergic reactions to develop. These versatile gloves are ideal for janitorial or medical exam use at hospitals, dentist offices, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, schools. These gloves can also be used as hand protection for law enforcement officials.

Noble Products non-sterile nitrile gloves provide a superior barrier against cleaning agents, medical waste, and other chemicals. The nitrile material provides exceptional puncture, tear, and chemical resistance, making these gloves perfect for a wide variety of applications. With a thin but strong film formation that fits snugly on your hands, these gloves still maintain the tactile sensitivity of comparable latex gloves. Thanks to a textured exterior, these nitrile gloves also provide a firm grip in both wet and dry conditions. The perforated box allows for easy glove dispensing, and wall mounted racks are available (sold separately) for convenient storage.

Size: Large


Product Reviews

- tom mellette

These gloves are a great way to shave expenses off the budget. They are both cost friendly and durable, and the longer length is especially helpful in laboratory settings.

- daphne manzano

Washing dishes with bare hands can take a toll on ones hands....we use these at home and at the restaurants. Very resistant, we use quite strong chemicals to get the stubborn grease off but these do the job in protecting our staffs hands!

- hratch babikian

perfect size in the large, could wear this material for prolonged periods of time, without any isiues with skin allergies, and low price enough that cn be replaced when needed

- karen beightol

These gloves are some of the best we have found. They come out of the box easy and go on super easy. They feel good and are slip resistant.

- kriti shrestha

I use to purchase Nitrile gloves from chain stores and paid around more cost. But these are less than half, almost same quality. I moisturize my hands and wear these nitrile gloves before I go to bed, it has worked wonder for my dry skin. Nitrile gloves are used in hospital too, due to large number of latex allergies, hence, I knew i can feel safe with these gloves. I bought two boxes and i know they will last me for a while.

- chase van cotthem

I really like these texture nitrile gloves. They are a bit more expensive than the cheapo gloves but they make the difference with your staff. The texture means you are less likely to slip with a knife or plate. Not worth the risk of cheaper gloves.

- brian gingras

We ordered one package to try out. They fit perfectly. A convenient package size that sores easily and be kept where needed in the kitchen. Well worth the price!

- ryan verzaal

We bought these for a cook who had skin allergens and these were perfect for her and she had no issues with them. Nice and thick too.

- chad finkenbinder

I really like these gloves for wiping down harmful chemicals. They have only ripped one or two times. Sometimes they are hard to get out of the box, but other than that they are good.

- christopher guarascio

To date I have not found a better Nitrile glove of the price. Good protection, fit and durability. In my line of work, those all must be met and these fit the bill.

- andrea cadelano

Sir Clean like Noble Products Nitrile 4 Mil Thick Low Dermatitis Textured Gloves - Large for the quality and price, its very resistant, perfect to many purpose.

- nick kosmala

My co-workers and I love these gloves! Many of my female co-workers use the small size, and they like the fit of them. They are personally too tight for my slightly small than average male hands, for whatever that is worth. I like the feel of them, and many of my co-workers love the fun color.

- sandra petsch

Great gloves. Needed a bit bigger size for my husband. So many uses. Easy on. Ready off! Perfect for everything in the kitchen from cooking to scrubbing. These gloves hold up great!

- rachelle lind

We use these gloves for making soap from scratch. They protect very well from lye burns. They are also sturdy enough to stand up to the rigors of bath bomb making. We will keep these on hand for all of our projects.

- christina laparr

These gloves are great! They are made of quality material so they do not puncture or rip easily. The bold purple color of the gloves is fun!

- steven mann

the regular powder free are better for one reason, these have an awful smell to them. They work fine but the smell is like liquid rubber and nauseating. get the blue ones over the purple ones

- janelle wong

great gloves! very durable and it seems to be helping my skin issue from using other brands of gloves I've tried. buying for the rest of my team to use!

- mike regardless

These noble 4 mm blue disposable gloves were a great deal I really like this product they don't snap and break when you put them on keep your hands nice and clean while you do stuff

- bistro lhcaz

These are really great gloves from the noble product company for millimeter thick is a nice thickness not to send not too thick and the fact that they're less prone to allergy outbreak's is good

- kase lee

We love Noble products! This glove is large 4 mil thick low dermatitis textured glove. Good for both side of the hands. We love them!

- jake conaway

I highly recommend buying these gloves, they are very good and strong. They make sanitation easy. I really like using the gloves I think these are the best in their class

- chris lawrence

These nitrile exam gloves are perfect for health care settings, cleaning, and food prep. Thick nitrile material is comfortable to wear and holds up well to chemicals.

- samuel foust

These gloves work great for food prep work. They keep the chef happy and safe and helps reduce cross contamination of food. The textured grip is great to help hold onto knives when they get wet.

- lorie cadieux

These are nice quality gloves for the price. Made of durable nitrile, these can withstand any chemicals you may be handling. Great for food prep, cleaning or medical uses.

- laura johnson

These gloves fit comfortably, and have a good stretch to them. They are very slightly textured, and have held up very well while being used for cleaning.

- becky hofer

These gloves are a nice thick, yet comfortable fitting nitrile glove. Each box contains 100 gloves and are great for cleaning, food service or health care applications.

- david beightol

Our go to nitrile gloves for most of our kitchen needs. They are strong and easy to put on and off. The price is the best around.

- kelli billmaier-pratt

I use these gloves for acrylic painting and they work great. These gloves are durable and paint washes off easily. I Highly recommend these gloves.

- janet fernandez

These gloves are great for everything I do around the house. From prepping food to cleaning they hold up great. I will definitely buy these again.

- jennifer oliver

We ordered these gloves to be in complaince with the new Ohio Food Code which does not allow latex in kitchen areas. They are a good value for the price.

- shannon campbell

Excellent gloves. Comfortable, visible, pretty durable and they come in all sizes. No irritation or excessive sweatiness. Fairly easy to get on even when your hands are wet.

- yanin reyes

These are preferred by our staff over other gloves. Fit easy and don't wear and tear easy. They are also not affected water/grease which make them easier to slip on than other gloves.

- walailak satarak

I loved this product. High quality Nitrile disposable gloves, nice and thick material. I have tried other brands, this Noble gloves are among the top. Highly recommended.

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