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Noble Products Nitrile 4 Mil Thick Low Dermatitis Textured Gloves - Extra Large

Item #: 394EN554XL
  • 4 mil nitrile has superior tensile strength; low dermatitis potential
  • Ideal for exam, medical, or janitorial use; perforated box for easy glove dispensing
  • Powder-free with no accelerator chemicals, no latex proteins, and no added sulfur
  • Offers the best in tactile sensitivity and chemical resistance
  • Textured exterior grip provides added control in dry or wet conditions

Cover all your bases with these multi-purpose Noble Products nitrile gloves! Made of non-sterile nitrile these 4 mil gloves are accelerator chemical-free with no latex proteins and no added sulfur, which reduces the potential for Type IV allergic reactions to develop. These versatile gloves are ideal for janitorial or medical exam use at hospitals, dentist offices, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, schools. These gloves can also be used as hand protection for law enforcement officials.

Noble Products non-sterile nitrile gloves provide a superior barrier against cleaning agents, medical waste, and other chemicals. The nitrile material provides exceptional puncture, tear, and chemical resistance, making these gloves perfect for a wide variety of applications. With a thin but strong film formation that fits snugly on your hands, these gloves still maintain the tactile sensitivity of comparable latex gloves. Thanks to a textured exterior, these nitrile gloves also provide a firm grip in both wet and dry conditions. The perforated box allows for easy glove dispensing, and wall mounted racks are available (sold separately) for convenient storage.

Size: Extra Large


Product Reviews

- wendy zhou

Purple color is not the standard nitrile gloves you will see but they work just as good. They are low cost and money saving item

- jeffrey brown

I purchased these for my handmade soap business and they are perfect. When making handmade soap it requires the use of sodium hydroxide and it is very caustic and will burn skin if not protected. These are great and fit well. I also use these when I bottle up sugar scrubs and lotion to prevent cross contamination. These are not just for food use, all though I also use them to trim chicken and beef.

- neil auciello

These are decent gloves my minions enjoy using them, I had purchased XL as I'm a big guy but they did not fit me as well as other brands XL gloves.

- ron cameron

I had an employee who wanted extra large gloves. These worked! An added benefit was we were using the typical clear gloves for everyone else so these stood out for ease of grabbing on the fly.

- don robinson

I have big hands and these work well for me when I need a good glove. the price was also good so these are a win in my book.

- john sherinian

These are a real find. Nitrile gloves that actually fit! Who would have thought that they actually made them? Much better than the ones we bought at the store.

- ryan verzaal

I like these gloves a lot. They make you feel like a high end mechanic. People who can see your chefs respond to them well too.

- alphonso piper

Love these gloves I bought these for me and my wife I love them because they don't get in the way like most gloves do they fit perfectly

- chad finkenbinder

These gloves are super large and fit well for the individuals with really large hands. I am happy with my purchase and they fit like a glove.

- robert flak

This probuct is great. It holds up to abuse and doesn't tear out. My only complaint is I would like to see this item in larger sizes.

- christina laparr

These gloves are great on the hands are are strong! They are made of quality material so they do not puncture or rip easily when you put them on. The bold purple color of the gloves is fun!

- ron l. tarr

Another great value from webstraurant. Very strong and reasonably priced gloves. The best glove if you are handling and or preparing a lot of raw fatty meat.

- mike regardless

This noble products blue nitrile gloves are fantastic they were very easy to put on and they’re a very nice stretchy glove very inexpensive for this box of 100 by weight

- bistro lhcaz

So I decided to try to these nitrile gloves. I have big bphands an it's hard to find gloves that fit. These do an don't ripe whene I put them on. Not a bad product

- jake conaway

These are the best gloves I wear these gloves all the time when I plunge toilets they rarely rip ever I think these gloves are very nice they make my hands dry

- lorie cadieux

These nitrile gloves from Noble are a nice comfortable fitting glove that will hold up to chemicals or long term cleaning tasks. Slight texture to the glove helps keep your grip if they get wet.

- chaz johnson

Noble products nitrile 4 mil thick low dermatitis textured gloves Extra Large may I repeat Extra Large anything else is uncivilized other gloves do fit my hands right an end up popping these gloves here are very durable an actually even work for people with small hands

- greg malm

The Nitrile gloves are the best gloves to use around the kitchen. They are insanely durable, and have textured fingers for grip. Even if they are a little pricier than latex, they last longer and will save you money in the long run.

- terence phillips

These dermatitis textured gloves are great for multipurpose use in the kitchen. They have a nice appearance and snug fit allowing you to handle food andd utensils properly.

- sir clean

We like this Noble Products Nitrile 4 Mil Thick Low Dermatitis Textured Gloves - Extra Large, the price is really good, the material is amazing too, very resistant, It is perfect for many activities.

- michael mitchell

These gloves are good and have a slightly longer wrist so if you are using your hands to mix things, it will create less mess on your skin.

- leo sce

This Noble Nitrile glove fits well over a medium sized cut resistant glove, to prevent contamination when slicing meats. The rubber is flexible and comfortable to use.

- brian kato-dilks

We had been purchasing a vinyl glove from our food supplier and at first when i saw the price on these I was sceptical that they would be of a good quality. They are an exceptional value.the sizes that are offered are accurate and my staff appreciates the minor texture on the gloves. And so far no one is having any Dermatitis issues that came up with some other nitrile gloves we have used.

- elizabeth poplawski

I have been pleasantly surprised by these gloves. Quality is durable. Since I have had more time to bake breads for my family, I like to wear these gloves while I am kneading the dough. These fit well and give me the piece of mind not to worry about contaminating my dough if I am unknowingly a carrier of a sickness. Also works great to have when I pump gas into my car.

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