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Noble Products Medium Powder-Free Disposable Latex Gloves for Foodservice

Item #: 394385M
  • Powder-free
  • 4.5 mils thick
  • Medium sizing; ambidextrous style provides versatility
  • Ideal for food handling, food prep, janitorial duties, and more
  • Perforated box allows for easy glove dispensing

These versatile, medium powder-free disposable latex gloves from Noble Products are designed for consistent fit, flexibility, and resilience! They are ideal for a variety of uses in the food service industry, from food handling and preparation to janitorial and housekeeping tasks. As a perfect general purpose solution, these non-sterile, disposable, powder-free latex gloves are ambidextrous and 4.5 mils thick.

Best of all, since these latex gloves are powder-free, your staff won't have to worry about getting powder and other messy residue on kitchen equipment or in food products by accident. Store them throughout your establishment in easily-accessible glove racks for staff to grab on-the-go. The convenient box size makes them ideal for placing out of the way, virtually anywhere, while the ambidextrous style of the gloves ensures fast, efficient gloving!


Product Reviews

- gloria hinton

These gloves work well when doing detailed designs on my cakes and cupcakes. It helps me keep things sanitary without interfering with my fingers and hands.

- sheila dipasquale

A lot of companies carry these gloves, but your company I have found has the best price, very good value for the money, I would recommend this product.

- john j. benedetto jr.


- roxana payton

These were really great gloves, especially for handling meat and cheese. I used these a lot for getting pickles out of a jar and for chopping vegetables.

- eric knoll

Great brand of foodservice gloves. Powder-free makes these gloves more versatile. Great for food preparation tasks as well as ready to eat tasks! Great price. Durable gloves too. Easy to switch when switching tasks!

- wendy zhou

The latex gloves is very cheap but good quality. It definitely made my kitchen become clean. The fact that it is so cheap persuaded me to buy more. It can be used on anything! making food, preparing food and cleaning.

- debra banks

These gloves fit perfectly and cost far less than other brands/suppliers. Very strong and durable. I have tried many brands and most of them tear easily or worse, I cut the index finger while doing knife work. These hold up well & are my favorite!

- paula mcintosh

A good quality latex glove. They are generous in size and thick enough so they don't tear when you put them on or pull them off.

- marcello a rivas

I use these latex gloves for everything. Handling food, or for marinating meat. I even use them to clean with, thses gloves can be used all the time.

- terra dasher

I Love the size and fit of these gloves. They fit me great and do not rip easily. I use them to mix color into fondant and it works perfect to keep from coloring my skin.

- rebecca dellanoce

I use these gloves for everything, I can't imagine a world without them, especially when baking and making certain foods. I even use them around the house when making dinner or using them to bag up my monthly batch of meats! Love the price

- aaron hurtt

Being in the food industry I wear gloves all the time. With that I've also wore a lot of gloves and these are the best by far.

- angela harrison

Noble Disposible latex gloves are Great and a Good price. We go through alot of them for cleaning, washing dishes, and in the kitchen. Very satisfied.

- anita tanner

Noble gloves work great for everything. I go through alot of them cleaning and they fit really good. I will purchase more. You cant find them at this price.

- laura brandt

These gloves amazing! They are really hard to break and they fit really while. I have an in between sized hands and these mediums are great.

- tony lacroix

This is probably the most popular size of these disposable latex gloves with our staff. Even if you have bigger hands and you're in a pinch they will stretch enough and not break.

- rhonda swain

We love these powder free gloves. strong, durable great value for the money. We use these and the poly gloves. Love them all. Will buy again. A+

- andrea bukowski

These are GREAT gloves. We use them all the time to work with scone mixing. The bakers are able to keep their hands off the dough and the dough off their hands.

- heather augustus

I use these gloves all around the house from coloring fondant to cleaning the bathrooms. They are very useful and sturdy and do not tear easily.

- ashley nanney

These are nice gloves at a nice price. The medium is a nice size for most women in our kitchen with small to medium large hands.

- charlene harris

These Noble medium powder free disposable latex gloves are comfort to the fit. They do not torn easy and can be use many task. I will buy again.

- brandon harada

Good gloves at an amazing price. I bought a lot of these and we will definitely buy more considering the price when you buy a lot of them.

- brian murray

we use these to clean kitchen exhaust systems and clean home duct work. we use these all the time, they hold up great and we will continue to buy in the future.

- jessie dickerson

These gloves fit great. I was not disappointed in the texture or size. I purchased a box of 3 in this size. They should last!

- cynthia alexander

These gloves are an excellent value. They slide on and off easily and are inexpensive enough to change frequently. I am on my second case and have not found a single defective glove.

- jacqueline jochumsen

The perfect gloves for food prep! They fit very nice and do not cause excessive moisture build up. Sturdy as well, they do not rip under use!

- andrea roy

These gloves fit very well and outlast working in bakeries or restaurants all the time. They stretch well and are true to a medium size.

- luciana torous

Good medium size, fits very well and serves their purpose well. I have nothing bad to say about these. Keeps hands clear of whatever you may be using them for.

- charlie campbell

I have ordered these in different sizes. Perfect for any food prep. A must have for any health regulations and services. Looks nice hanging on the wall in the metal holder.

- arshiya farheen

These are good quality gloves. They have a nice fit and are durable and being powder free makes them a good item for serving prepared food.

- karrie ruebke

These are my employees favorite gloves to use prepping food. They have a good stretch and don't rip as easily as other brands do sometimes.

- david sparks

These are very sturdy and exactly what I wanted. These fit very nicely and do not rip easily. Great price and shipped quickly. Thank you very much

- jennie handrich

These are a great quality glove that fits perfectly and is powder free. I use these when coloring my fondant and gumpaste to save my hands from crazy colors!

- petena tillman

Great buy. These stay on better than other food preparation gloves that I have used before. Good for food service, but also in the prep stage, especially if you have to blend items using your hands.

- derrick cook

These gloves are handy for use in our food preparation. We use them for serving food also. The fact that gloves can be used on either hand has been important to us. We plan to order this item again.

- tanya nance

We use these cloves for everything, preping food and serving. Good quality glove and perfectly priced, we will definitely purchase these again. Love this place.

- norman confections

Great gloves we order in bulk. Not only are we saving money but we are also getting our monies worth. The quality is great. We will continue to order.

- eun joo

Great for our kitchen who prepare foods and plate dishes with their hands. This is an absolute must in any food service establishment. Two thumbs up!

- dmitriy umanskiy

Perfect gloves for general use around the warehouse. These gloves are the best I have ordered and would rate them excellent. Gloves are strong and durable. Unlike most gloves that rip as you put them on, these will stretch pretty far and dont rip. Once on the you feel like yor not wearing them. Powder free is great no itching or sweating. I will be ordering these again.

- caitlin byrne

True to size, great fit, performs well and doesn't rip easily which is nice. I use them for both cleaning and baking. I like the powder-free aspect but if you're allergic to latex don't get these.

- ryan verzaal

Afofrdable and a good price but I'm not a fan of these as they are impossible to get on, but they do what they are supposed to.

- amber lane

Great glove that is thick enough to be durable but thin enough for you to still be able to feel the items you are working with. Great for bakers doing fine detail work that need to feel the product for best results.

- laura lindvall

These gloves are perfect for multitasking throughout your home. I use them all the time in my kitchen for many different tasks including handling meat. I would highly recommend them.

- peter fiumefreddo

we buy these for general every day use, they hold up nicely and do not rip or stick like most gloves do i will buy again

- tiffany curtiss

These gloves are thin enough to not get in the way of your work, but thick enough to withstand mixing meats, etc without getting holes or rips in them.

- amber shaw

These are perfect for food service and pretty thick. A lot thicker than I thought. I have very small hands and the size medium fits well.

- man f kwok

Flexible enough and does not puncture easily. I use it for all my baking jobs and handling raw meats. Definitely will recommend to others and buy again .

- erica demastus

I really like these gloves because they fit my hand perfectly! I didn't know if I should have gone to a large versus a medium but I'm glad I chose the medium I do have bigger hands for girl but they fit perfectly fine. They do really well when I have to smash down my cookie dough before freezing. I highly recommend this product!

- leah wilcox

These are good quality for the price, they don't tear easily or fit too tightly. We buy a ton of these so the savings are great!

- jennifer christy

The only gloves I will ever buy again! They are strong, fit nicely, and a great price. I have pretty big hands and they are not too tight or baggy at the tips.

- chad finkenbinder

At our company, gloves are essential for employees who work with bleach water. These gloves keep our hands dry and safe from the bleach water.

- ruth ann broadbent

I reordered these gloves because they are high quality and easy to put on and take off. They are perfect. I feel confident when wearing them that they will not tear. I hade to buy my housekeeper a box because she also loved their quality. She wears them while she works. Highly recommended.

- wendy baublitz


- evan bennett

These gloves are white and adhere to my hand nicely. I like them because they are made out of latex and don't have weird powder inside.

- andrea cadelano

This Noble Products Medium Powder Free Disposable Latex Gloves for Foodservice is very resistant and comfortable. We use this gloves for cleaning service and those make the job more elegant.

- david smith

These latex gloves are ideal for food prep since they contain no powder which could get into the food. They aren’t as easy to get on when wet vs. the powdered kind, but it was never an issue for me. The mediums were a perfect fit for my thin but long fingers. They are thin enough to provide good sensitivity while wearing them, but think enough that they rarely ripped. The mediums were a perfect fit for my thin but long fingers. The latex gloves stretched enough for a close and comfortable fit

- glenda peavy

The Noble medium powder free gloves work great. They are latex so if you have an allergy these are not for you. They are true to size for medium

- aviya elazar herring

I've got no issues with latex, so these serve me well. I put them on for when I'm handling meat for dinner: sausage, hamburger, whole chickens... They make me able to "do" anything with raw meat, touching it with my bare hands squeaks me out.

- pizza factory

These gloves fit great and are super comfortable. The have bit of a stretchiness to them which makes them fit better. Our staff really like these. Only reason I didn't give them five stars it that they tend to rip easier than other gloves.

- simon solis-cohen

These are the BEST gloves out there. The price is amazing and the quality super high. They hold up very well to many tasks and fit well.

- kelly luksza

These gloves are great to use for quick jobs that don't require a lot of rough hands on work. For instance, I could use one pair for cleaning the toilet by hand, but could not make it through cleaning the entire bathroom before I could feel that there was a split somewhere and water was getting in. I would recommend these for quick jobs, however, don't expect for them to last very long.

- tia harville

These gloves work great. They fit snug so if you are going to be changing them out a lot in a fast-paced environment, I would recommend going a size up.

- chris ireland

These mobile gloves are a good quality. The other cooks love these better then the more expensive Sysco brand gloves. These are all I buy now.

- velina sulistyowati

Great quality and great price. I like the fact that it's powder free. It keeps my hand clean while mixing in some food coloring to my fondant.

- hai nguyen

The quality is astounding. These are very thick gloves not like the clear poly food handling gloves. This medium size gloves fits me perfectly and should fit most females.

- michael criswell

These gloves are really tough. When I put them on I can actually pull on them pretty hard before they will rip apart. Iv'e tried other brands locally and they just don't have the strength that these do.

- nancy conklin

Great product, love that I can get it in my size. I use them not only in cooking, mixing and for applying medicine to pets and humans as well.

- ayline barretto

Wow such a great deal on these gloves! At a grocery stores its almost double the price! I love that its powder free and my hands always stay clean.

- shaun roberts

Ive always liked using latex gloves over other types for food service uses. These gloves work great for food prep or generally dealing with unsanitary items. I’m working with deli meat here but usually am working with raw meats.

- joshua archuleta

I like these powder free latex gloves better than the powdered ones. Even though the powder is supposed to make it easier to slip on the gloves, it actually seems to make it more difficult.

- tu tran

I use these gloves at every cooking event. They are easy to put on and fits tight on my hands. Other gloves I've used tends to feel loose and therefore not have complete feel of plating or mixing

- jiaxin wang

I have nothing to complain about Noble brand glove. I bought from retailer store. It costs more. And it is gone so fast. The price here is unbeatable.

- hani kurtpinar

I always use powder free glove and this product is just what I need! The size fits good and the prize is amazing, which I most prefer!

- niki stricker

These gloves are pretty good. They aren't the thickest and a small snag or fingernail will tear it, but they are good enough for me to wear everyday!! I own a bakery and go thru about 2 boxes per month.

- amos higgs

It's hard to complain when a product does what it says: it's a glove. You wear it, then throw it out when you're done. Product works as advertised.

- wendy hall

These gloves fit great, there is no slack in them to grt caught. They dont dry my hands out,and are easy to put on. They do not tear when you put them on.

- salvatore timperio

These gloves are a great product at a great price. The gloves fit well and are true to size. Good quality that won't tear easy.

- chris lawrence

These disposable gloves are great for foodservice and general cleaning. They are powder free which makes them a little tricky to slip on with wet hands, but they are worth the money.

- tiffini payten

These gloves fit perfectly while I'm in the kitchen baking. They stay put while filling orders and are a comfortable fit as well! Will be reordering for sure!

- elijah

I absolutely love this product! This noble products medium powdered free disposable latex gloves are great for the food service! These are a one time use!

- raizy reisz

These disposable gloves are really great! They are easy to slip on, they do not make your hand sweaty, most important, the price is great!

- eric bennett

The price is still great but prices have increased greatly for gloves over the past few months, but this is still better than our regular supplier. The quality is good enough for average use.

- saxon metzger

These gloves are perfect for a slightly lower than average handed person. They will break open after thirty minutes or so average use, and they are not ideal for washing dishes.

- ac nemo

Great item for food handling. We are happy to add this item to our store options. Very happy with this purchase. We will be buying more if needed.

- saxon metzger

These are good gloves. We like having many on hand to never run out, so getting a whole case is how we go every time.

- gillian johnson

As always this brand of gloves is strong and reliable. I keep trying other brands and I keep coming back to these every time. Best fit and best price!

- lorie cadieux

These latex foodservice gloves are a great product from Noble. These are a comfortable glove for long term use and hold up to harsh cleaning chemicals too!

- laura johnson

Versatile gloves, at 4.5 mil thick they withstand a lot of use before breaking. The stretchable latex makes them convenient for use when completing jobs that require a lot of movement, specifically food prep. Consider sizing up, as they run a bit small compared to other disposable gloves we've purchased here.

- cecilia lee

We use these in our restaurant every day. It's great quality for the price, esp., since we go through tons of gloves a day. Love that it's powder free and easy to put on.

- jennifer sikon

powder free disposable latex gloves, works great, durable and high quality. They don't rip when you put them on like many other gloves I have experienced.

- becky hofer

These medium size latex gloves are a perfect glove for cleaning and food service. Fit snugly to the hand and are easy to get on and off. Box of 100 is a great value.

- brian bixby

The Noble Products Medium Powder-Free Disposable Latex Gloves for Foodservice are our top choice for food handling gloves. These latex gloves don't restrict the food handler, while at the same time they are durable enough to resist breaking.

- angela parker-jensen

Comfortable fit. Doesn't have a strong odor like some products. Glad I found these. Easy on and off application. I can still grip things and not worry about them falling off.

- vickie s kimbro

If you try them, you will not be able to cook without them. Not only more sanitary, they keep odors from clinging to your hands.

- shaun felegy

I wholeheartedly recommend these gloves for everyday use for food prep--especially when working with peppers and other potentially irritating substances. They are perfect in that capacity!

- stay park

Great latex gloves. I've used other brand latex gloves but their powder bothered me. I really like these powder free latex gloves. I will order again.

- nikki berry

A necessity for commercial or home kitchens! Does not tear easily. I felt like the wrist length could be longer or tighter as it slips down easily.

- jonathan goyer

This product has a comparable quality to its competitors, however they are priced significantly lower than other venders. We are satisfied with this product and will continue to order!

- jawad mubarak

Some people have their own opinion on certain type of gloves. There's either good opinions or bad for these gloves I like them a lot!

- delish management corp

Been using these for 3 years and have never had any problem, I recomend to anyone in comercial kitchen. Great quality at a great price.

- earl vallery

Good gloves for everyday bakery use. We use these to hand mix and portion products in the bakeshop and also to place RTE items out at the farmers market. Gloves go on easy without powder and are thin, yet sturdy.

- sharon hinton

These fit perfectly and the price is lower than my local pharmacy. I will purchase again very soon as I am very happy with them. Next time I will purchase more!

- laura szyld

good product, resistant and durable. you cannot beat the price, we use them all the time in my kitchen and do not have any to complain.

- baljit dhillon

These gloves are great for food service. However, we do prefer using the latex vinyl gloves instead as they cost less. These will keep your hands clean though and are great for counting cash.

- bill stewart

Nice latex gloves are ideal for food service or cleaning. Easy to get on and off and hold up well over long periods of use.

- melanie dipasquale

For folks with smaller hands, these are the only disposable gloves that I'd recommend. They leave no powder residue on your skin, so anyone with allergies needn't worry. Very comfortable to wear and do not hinder full use of the hand.

- jamen miller

I use nothing other than these gloves for a wide variety of options around the house. They state they are for food service, but they are also great for light yard work in dirt, cleaning up pet droppings, and other activities.

- tsm jenn pellow

These gloves are excellent at being able to make sure that you look clean and sanitary for the health department and customers. They work well!

- patrice jeffreys

These gloves are our current go to. Because we are using more gloves, the price is a definite factor. Tje glives are durable, lightweight, but supportive of our needs while practicing food safety.

- cuong ngo

These gloves are durable and easy to use. It is good so far for single use.The sizes are true to size or smaller. The gloves have no powder.

- rob walsman

We like that these gloves are powder free. They fit nicely and make it easy to prep food. These gloves are high quality and heavy duty enough to not tear.

- scott auslander

Decent quality latex glove! Maybe not the highest quality but good enough for anything you're going to need a restaurant setting. Go ahead and buy with confidence.

- tiffany curtiss

Great gloves for quick use - nice light powder coating that doesn't leave your hands feeling like they need to be scrubbed after use in the kitchen.

- tyler kellogg

We have paid way too much for gloves over the years. Our vendors wanted between 40 and 60 dollars. These aren't quite as good of quality but you can have a lot break and still save money compared to other places.

- kathryn volsky

Great gloves that are a light white to almost see through. Easy to slip on unless you have wet hands and do not rip easily. The glove stops just past your wrist. Fit like a medium.

- sammi arden

Not only do I use these for cooking and preparing foods in my own home, but they are AWESOME to use for cleaning, doing dishes, and messy jobs. The price is very reasonable, and these are quality gloves. Five stars! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We much appreciate you Webstaurant!

- michael lo

We use a case of these gloves a week at many of my restaurants. They are great and half the price of buying from your local paper supplier and. 1/3 of the main line guys.

- myron marko

These gloves are amazing and exceeded my exceptions. I used to purchase in packs of 10 but now I have nicely sized boxes of 100. The mediums fit most hands, and I would not go any smaller. They are very durable and the packaging makes it easy to grab more gloves when needed.

- scott stefanelli

Finally, some good latex gloves that have some grip to them. They have enough stretch to fit over big hands to be tight. They do not break every five seconds like some other gloves.

- hdub

We have been using this glove for over 2 years in our cafe and they work great. We feel that it is a good product at a very fair price when compared to other gloves in this same price range.

- jamyce d freeman

Gloves fit my hand nicely. It was extremely easy to hold items with the gloves on. I absolutely would by these gloves over and over again.

- terrance mazzella

Very Afforable, great material gloves! I bought 2 cases and these outperform all other gloves ive used. they have the material of high quality docotrs gloves but affordable for food service!

- eve hofmann

These gloves work great! They stay on and do not break. I can even wash my hands while using them and they still hold up.

- nolberto berganza mejia

excellent product, very good price my restaurant workers now looking more organize clean and professional definitely i will recommend this product to my family and co-workers thank you.

- william a. benton

These gloves are a great find during Covid-19. Not a high quality product but they work fine while pricing has gone out of control. Not the highest quality, but the price is good for right now.

- amber curry

Consider smaller gloves for detailed jobs, not necessarily smaller hands. Our baker prefers the regular fit of the medium gloves,as where our decorator prefers a tighter fit for detailing on our cakes, accommodates the more precise job.

- carol degeorge

Amazing gloves for the price. I usually get them at gfs until I found out about webstaurant now I get everything here. Excellent quality for a low cost

- distribution warehouse

These gloves are perfect for food service. They're very easy to use, very affordable too. We use them in all of our stores and we just have to recommend these.

- anita hurley

The Noble latex gloves are durable, comfortable gloves that are much less expensive gloves without giving up quality. We use these gloves during food preparation, when serving food, and to protect our hands when we clean.

- robby stengel

There are pros and cons to these gloves. I like that they stretch and conform to the hand, but the trade out is that they’re very thin and easy to puncture.

- mrs. judy ware

Purchased these for myself to use when I’m cooking or baking. They came intact and I will be purchasing a few boxes again very soon.

- jc

These gloves are good quality, comfortable and true to size for medium. I am a 5’ 8" tall female that the size medium fits my hands perfectly.

- gerald sherrill

Not nearly as good as what I was getting from a competitor but when you figure in the cost savings, it's well worth it. The Savings for our restaurant is approximately $2000.00 a year using these gloves versus the competitor.

- melinda dent

The only gloves we order! They are durable and priced right. We have been ordering these gloves for 5 years now. Obviously happy with this product

- heather hubbard

these gloves are so comfortable! and so easy to put on. alot of the time i have issues putting gloves on especially latex but these are so easy even using one hand

- jeremy jaslove

We love to use these medium latex glove. They are great because they are powder free so no residue after use. They are strong and durable and will hold up to the elements.

- cassandra aran

These latex gloves are surprisingly strong! They have so much give but it is very difficult to break them, while still fitting well on your hand!

- latricia turner

These gloves are very durable. They do not tear easily so they last a long time. Also, they stretch to fit the hands well. They do not tend to slip off.

- mark miyako

Amazing price and quality for these gloves. Most every other maker of gloves never tell you how thick they are, but the gloves from Webstaurant do exactly that and the price apeaks for itseld.

- ratha chhay

We love that we can get them in a bulk quantity. We go through a lot of gloves and they are better to use for when we drop deep fried Oreos because they don’t slide off.

- rajeshbabu samidurai

nice and compatible gloves which i wear them while shopping and during the commute to work. No powder and not a sticky ones. would recommend it

- heather woodson

These gloves were priced well, and are durable. I ordered them and had them shipped to my mother to have for dealing with COVID-19, and she loves them.

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