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Noble Products Large Powder-Free Disposable Latex Gloves for Foodservice

Item #: 394385L
  • Powder-free
  • 4.5 mils thick
  • Large sizing; ambidextrous style provides versatility
  • Ideal for food handling, food prep, janitorial duties, and more
  • Perforated box allows for easy glove dispensing

These versatile, large powder-free disposable latex gloves from Noble Products are designed for consistent fit, flexibility, and resilience! They are ideal for a variety of uses in the food service industry, from food handling and preparation to janitorial and housekeeping tasks. As a perfect general purpose solution, these non-sterile, disposable, powder-free latex gloves are ambidextrous and 4.5 mils thick.

Best of all, since these latex gloves are powder-free, your staff won't have to worry about getting powder and other messy residue on kitchen equipment or in food products by accident. Store them throughout your establishment in easily-accessible glove racks for staff to grab on-the-go. The convenient box size makes them ideal for placing out of the way, virtually anywhere, while the ambidextrous style of the gloves ensures fast, efficient gloving!


Product Reviews

- darrell shaffer

These are great. I love using these. I just used some on the weekend while baking. Not only do they protect your hands from those dirty or sticky messes. But also great way because the latex gloves also grip the food better making it harder for food to slip out of your hand.

- tina beyer

These gloves are over 25% cheaper than the ones we were purchasing for our technicians. For the same make and size, this is a bargain.

- sheila dipasquale

We were purchasing our glove locally and the were more money, so I saw theses and gave them a try, better quality at a much cheaper price, great value. thanks

- faye silverman

These gloves fit very well and slide on easily. They are great for handling meats and not getting your hands messy when doing various tasks. There are important in my kitchen for preventing cross contamination. They are also a very good price.

- albert burdge

Great gloves & great prices. I order them for the guys at our auto shop and they're better than any others. The shipping is very fast.

- suresh annappindi

Bought Noble Large Powder Free Disposable Latex Gloves for Foodservice for office. Quality and price are acceptable and quantity and packaging is fairly good as well.

- ami rae

These are good gloves. They fit everyone in our place and there is a large size difference among our employees. Definitely would recommend these to all.

- eric knoll

Great brand of foodservice gloves. Powder-free makes these gloves more versatile. Great for food preparation tasks as well as ready to eat tasks! Great price. Durable gloves too. Easy to switch when switching tasks!

- wendy zhou

They work so well! I have used it to so many purposes, the price was very cheap for what I have seem online and in-stores. This is the way to go when you want to buy bulk quantity latex gloves. Good quality & good price!

- edsel suan

I like these gloves for handling things like chicken and for really cold items. First, I don't have to wash my hands as often and it keeps salmonella out from under my fingernails, and they help insulate against the cold and preventing my hands from cramping up. For instance, mixing ground beef with jerky spices for my jerky gun.

- aaron harrison

These are the perfect gloves to use for your everyday tasks. Powder free makes them more versatile, and latex makes them easy to take off and on. great glove at a great price.

- michael jacobsen

These gloves work perfectly. I would personally recommend stocking all three sizes, small, medium, and large, and possibly even extra large, depending on your staff. One thing I can say is, you will be surprised how fast you go through them!

- rudy guerrero

Great quality for the price. Use to order from my distributor but the price and quality cannot be beat by anyone in the area. Won't dissapoint!

- sebastian st.amour

These gloves are very good. I really like how they are poeder free. The lack of powder is great for bakery operations where dough needs to be handled.

- paula mcintosh

These latex gloves are great. They are sturdy and fairly generous in size for a large. They didn't tear when putting them on or removing them, like some other brands do.

- sharon barrett

employees really like how these gloves fit them and how easy it is to put them on, makes them happy and me happy that they use them

- linda m. shaw

Love these gloves! They're so much better than the flimsy plastic I used to buy. These gloves fit more securely which gives me a better grip. Will definitely be ordering again!

- elizabeth harrison

these are really good gloves. they can handle just about anything. high heat. fry batters. good product for a good price. really worth the money.

- john pappas

These gloves work great and the price makes if affordable to meet the health department's standards. The shipping is fast whichn makes it easy to order just gloves.

- lynn busic

I ordered these in the medium and the large. I'm glad I did. They're very comfortable, but they run small so remember that when ordering. But overall, I'm very satisfied with them.

- tom mellette

I really like these gloves! i hate the plastic ones, but some states make you use them. i especially like these gloves because they are powder free!

- patricia zalewski

Noble Large Powder Free Disposable Latex Gloves are awesome to work in. They are light and flexible so as not to interfere with my ability to use my hands

- selvipriya parthasarathy

Very nice and durable gloves for the price. I use it for all kinds of cleaning and kitchen stuffs.But i just have one problem the gloves are little loose.I should have bought medium.will do it next time.

- kimberly spaulding

What a life saver. We love these gloves on our dessert food truck. They fit to your hand so well it makes it really easy to pick up our desserts without messing up the decorations.

- terra dasher

These are the gloves that I use when using food color and fondant. They are great gloves. They hold up great and do not rip easy.

- jesse pena

Good and durable product! Our employees like how they fit and feel. Effortless to put on and take off gloves. Very pleased with prompt shipping.

- david deese

These gloves are pretty good, the fact that they are noble is what I like the most. I also use vinyl gloves, but still by Noble.

- sheila morris

when you see the noble brand, you know they are good quality.I have washed my hands with my gloves on and left them at one place to work on something else.Great Gloves!

- lindsay drier

We go through boxes of these latex gloves in the restaurant industry when working with ready to eat food, so they are a must to have.

- denishia wooldridge

These gloves are exactly what I needed. They hold up well and feel good whenever you take them off! They also ship super fast which is nice!

- scott sims

This is the best deal in powderless latex gloves you can find. We order these quite often and have not been able to find a better value.

- tony lacroix

You can't beat the price for these disposable latex gloves. They have so many uses, specially when handling hot peppers, these are a perfect barrier for skin. Just don't rub your eyes when cutting hot peppers. lol!

- angie boatman

We were searching for the best price on disposable gloves for our meat shop & deli but wanted good quality also. These gloves were the perfect match for us! Very pleased and will definitely order again!!

- andrea bukowski

I make a lot of scones. Scones can be messy, but not with these gloves. It makes it a breeze to whip up a batch in no time

- karen ellis

The gloves are perfect to use especially if you are dealing with food coloring. I used these gloves all the time with my baking. They last without tearing.

- susan j deren

I use gloves when feeding tht dogs ar the cats, it keeps the wet food off my hands. Having RA, my Dr warned me that it wasnt a good Idea to handle certain things, the gloves are well worth the price and have ordered again many times...

- charlene harris

These Noble Products Large Powder Free Disposable Latex Gloves for Foodservice are easy to put on and fit true to size. This is a good quality glove .

- brandon harada

Great powder free gloves that doesn't leave your hands all white and dry. I have never had one tear and at this great price you can't go wrong!

- brian murray

We use these for kitchen exhaust cleaning and they work great. our crew loves the feel of them and they fit great. will continue to order.

- peter hill

These gloves are great for cleaning. They're very sturdy and come at a great price. I have pretty average men's hands and the large fits well.

- jessie dickerson

I purchased the large because I was not sure if the medium would fit. The medium fit great. They are somewhat sturdy and will serve the purpose of handling foods.

- chris caserta

Good value for latex gloves. We use them in foodservice and they work well. No mess and no powder is what we were looking for in this product.

- matthew zuras

I use these gloves CONSTANTLY. They're great for reducing risk of contamination when handling meat of course, but they also keep my hands clean when I'm dealing with beets, pitting cherries, or other foods that stain the skin.

- jaime perez

These gloves are great, no powder and no issues. Other brands have some sort of residue that leaves the hands itchy and dry, but not these. These are excellent quality.

- luciana torous

These gloves are perfect for a restaurant. They fit true to their size. They don't rip putting them on and they help keep your hands clean and safe.

- sergio pazos jimenez

this gloves are perfect for food handlers great material and there is no way you can get better price in another store the webstaurants prices are really great since i found them i wo' t buy from another supplier

- erin carmen

Very nice gloves and just the perfect size. I use for everything including cleaning and using them to prepare proteins. Easy to take off and toss away.

- jenny gibson

These latex powder free gloves are good fitting and easy to handle in a busy kitchen. The price is good and they are high quality.

- aaron baumeier

Good gloves. I prefer the vinyl, but I would work with these any day. They weren't too hard to put on, but they are a little "powdery" for me

- david sparks

These are very sturdy and exactly what I wanted. These fit very nicely and do not rip easily. Great price and shipped quickly. Thank you very much

- brookman carlson

These are the perfect use for our food service needs. They are a good value for the cost and are easy to put on in a hurry.

- maria avdelas

These are used in a medical setting, and the price and quality cannot be beat. I look up prices on a daily basis-Webstaurant, by far, has the best prices and highest quality.

- j santi

These Gloves are high quality, and are priced great! I use them when baking/cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, etc. Even though I have larger hands, I prefer a tighter fit, and the large is perfect. If you're not sure about sizing, order a box of each to see which size suits you best.

- hilda ortega

Texture & quality are what make them so great to use them in the kitchen the fit is prefect for men & women very sturdy.

- garry workman

This is just right the size is perfect and fits nicely over a cut resistant glove. Not too tight and doesn't let moisture in at the cuff.

- diane kingery

These gloves slip on my hands easily, and are great for not only food services, but for projects around the house that requires hand coverage (painting, staining, etc). Definitely a great value!

- jacque porter

Gloves do not rip through like others. I use them for mixing meat for meatloaves and meatballs and they work great--I use them the most for handling raw meat!

- kristin allison

We use these gloves in our cafe and found them to be sufficient. There are times that the gloves will be defective i.e. ripped, glued together, or simply break when you put them on, however it is not that often. We will continue to use them.

- nicholas luu

These are perfect to work in the kitchen. They come in a 100 pair box enough for about a month in my kitchen. We us it when making sausage and really help keep thing clean. The glove is well made and really expand to fit the hand.

- derek may

I go through a lot of gloves working in the kitchen. These are great and fit really well. I haven't had any issues with them ripping.

- pornrawin heath

It is good quality and easy to put on and take off I use them in the kitchen. It is strong we are happy Highly recommended.

- ian sparke

These are a great go-to. I have them in my drawer and I've made a habit of wearing them quite frequently. They add a little extra grip when slicing meat, and they're a must for applying dry rub as well as any kind of sticky dough preparation. Excellent price.

- norman confections

We have purchase these gloves by the case. The price and quality is outstanding. These are used in different areas of our company and work great.

- eun joo

Any kitchen needs these latex gloves for their staff. We go through boxes of these so we will definitely be ordering again. They fit great and make for easy handling of food.

- dmitriy umanskiy

The gloves are very comfortable and fit well. They are easy to put on and pull off and don't leave an unpleasant odor or residue. What a delight to find a truly great product!

- sharon gangloff

We absolutely love Noble products, but there disposable gloves are amazing they are very durable which is great for foodservice & cleaning around kitchen & and anywhere you need a little protection for your hands.

- caitlin byrne

True to size, great fit, performs well and doesn't rip easily which is nice. I use them for both cleaning and baking. I like the powder-free aspect but if you're allergic to latex don't get these.

- latarus matheney

Quality and price are acceptable and quantity and packaging is fairly good as well. Buying a case at a time is the way to go.

- amber lane

Nice quality glove for a reasonable price. Better bargain than going through a food distribution agency this glove will be perfect for any use you can think of without blowing your budget.

- tiffany curtiss

Great gloves for kitchen use and dirty work around the house. Don't let "powder free" scare you - they are easy to put on and take off.

- bruce mcleod

Great gloves, love using these when doing large jobs with lots of raw meat to keep my hands clean. I have only had a few that split unexpectedly, otherwise they don't really break especially easily.

- wesley ingram

Any kitchen needs these latex gloves for their staff. We go through boxes of these so we will definitely be ordering again. They fit great and make for easy handling of food.

- leah wilcox

These gloves are the exact same quality as the ones we have been buying at Restaurant Depot for years, at about half the price. I cannot believe how affordable they are and I am basically ordering them a truckload at a time!

- tanakia mcginniss

Thank you Webstaurant store these box of gloves are great I get 100 wonderful buy I normally spend more for 50 count of gloves I’m glad I made this purchase I bought two

- matt duval

Great quality gloves! These seem to be better quality than what we would purchase from our local grocery store for a much better price. Love that they are packaged in separate little boxes as well. Will purchase again.

- todd ritter

I bought these for home use when I am making dishes with meat that requires hand mixing. I will definitely be back to buy more when I need them. Thank you WEBstaurant store for the excellent price and quality of this item. And I will definitely recommend this item to all family and friends.

- mark schreckenberg

Bought 8 cases of these, 8000 gloves, for a large event we catered (L and XL size). They are very high quality gloves and this was noticeable as towards the end of the 2 week long event we ran out and had to buy other gloves on location - we tried around 5 other brands but none were as good and they were all more expensive.

- chad finkenbinder

We love these large powder free large white gloves. It protects our hands from harmful chemicals and does not tear often. Highly recommend. Would buy again.

- anthony locke

Excellent quality gloves for handling meats or even vegetalble. They are very durable and cant complain about the great price on these latex glaves from noble.

- tracey gordon

These are gloved are powder, however they will make your hands sweat if you are handling food items with them. I recommend the vinyl gloved instead.

- ruth ann broadbent

Perfect. High quality and easy to put on and take off. I have ordered these twice, and will continue to buy them. Highly recommended. I use them constantly in the kitchen. They are also strong enough to wearin cleaning chores around the house. Highly recommended.

- andrea cadelano

Sir Clean like Noble Products Large Powder-Free Disposable Latex Gloves for Foodservice for the quality and price, you can use this gloves for many purpose.

- nick kosmala

Great gloves! They are nice and thin so you can easily feel what you are doing. Plus they are inexpensive, so I can use them whenever I need them without breaking the bank! i did have one or two rip when putting them on, but otherwise they worked great.

- david smith

These latex gloves are ideal for food prep since they contain no powder which could get into the food. They aren’t as easy to get on when wet vs. the powdered kind, but it was never an issue for me. They are thin enough to provide good sensitivity while wearing them, but think enough that they rarely ripped. The size large were too big for me, but they should stretch to fit most people with large hands.

- drew victory

These gloves are comparable to any other latex gloves I've used and have a much better price point! I can highly recommend these gloves if you are looking to save money and maintain quality

- bolanle vincent

They fit snugly and our customers love tha we pay attention to hygienic handling of their food items. We also use them when we want to scoop ice cream

- dylan heroy

Work great for people with large hands and also work for people with smaller hands. Very affordable and they are easy to put on and take off.

- doan nguyen

Got this priced so much lower than the local store sells them for, even with shipping included. The gloves fits like any other latex gloves, but the price savings is very worth it!

- pizza factory

These gloves fit great and are super comfortable. The have bit of a stretchiness to them which makes them fit better. Our staff really like these. Only reason I didn't give them five stars it that they tend to rip easier than other gloves.

- annmarie richards

Noble disposable gloves are true to their name. This gloves is Very sturdy and strong. This is by far the best disposable glove that I've used. I highly recommend these. I use them when scoring the tub, moping the floor, washing the dishes or just preparing my food. These disposable gloves are versatile and can be used for just about any uses where your hands needs to be protected.

- anthony sclavi

Before I started buying these gloves, I was paying well over this for a box of the powder free gloves. They are exactly the same as most of the more expensive ones and are a great way to save money without comprising quality.

- charles vogt

steal at such a great price, we use the noble latex gloves for everyday use in our kitchen. no glove no love right? these are great they last and they dont rip every other pair you put on

- russell hudson

Noble latex gloves fit nicely. My concerns in gloves are they have to fit, don't tare while trying to put on and because we go though so many the prices to be good...Noble glove meet all of these concerns nicely.

- twins armstrong

We go through gloves quickly and these Nobel gloves work wonderfully for us. The large works well for my large hands but they stretch up well so might fit even larger hands.

- mark webster

Very happy with the quality of the 100 pk Noble powder free latex gloves from WEBstaurantStore great price and multi purpose item it's got so many uses in the kitchen and bathroom

- kristy palomino

The Noble disposable latex gloves are great for food service use. Our cooks and servers go through a lot of gloves. We would recommend to anyone buying latex gloves.

- jesse darrow

Exactly as advertised! These gloves are easy to get on, never tear and stand up to heavy use. For the price I don't know why you would get anything else.

- chris ireland

Excellent price for one box of gloves. I really don't know of anyone else who is even competitive with that kind of price. These non powder gloves are good me to use at home. The powdered ones can sometimes get messy when you take them off and touch your cloths

- raheem walton

These gloves are awesome! They are comfy and doesn't break fast. I use it for cooking prepping and cleaning. I will buy another box but bigger.

- hai nguyen

These are thick quality gloves you can use for hours without tearing. I always buy a few extra boxes as these are something I need on hand in my kitchen everyday.

- kevin jamison

We love these gloves because they are very sturdy for one. As well the size is pretty universal and fits most everyone's hands in the kitchen.

- ayline barretto

These latex gloves works great. I love the price compared to any leading stores. They dont tear easily and is very durable. I would highly recommend.

- robertina thomas rene

I previously ordered these in do thinking I had that size hands but I was wrong. I ordered this large and I am impressed with the quality and fit.

- josh alexander

These gloves work great. They are a lot cheaper and better quality than the gloves we were paying three times more for. Our staff loves them. They are a true fit.

- kevin ressler

With the number of gloves you use for food service these are a great value and can save your store money while still providing the quality you need.

- matthew shifflett

We use these gloves and love them! We use them both for cleaning as well as with food prep. I love how they are powder free and don't leave residue on your hands when you take them off. They are also very soft and comfortable!

- jill wasilewski

Great latex gloves. Easy to put on and remove, no residue at all. They do not tear too easily and come a bit up the wrist which is nice. Would continue to buy this product for sure.

- justin naecker

We use these for our bowling lane mechanics so that they do not get their hands all greasy while working on the machines. They aren't as thick as nitrile gloves, but they get the job done.

- david alink

We use lots of gloves. These are a not too thin but i have ripped a few. Good value Next time I am going to buy a case.

- shane stewart

I work in a kitchen as my job and got these for home use. They are really well made but the one down side is that theu do have a smell to them which some may not like.

- gregory tartaglia

Absolutely love these gloves. Fits perfectly, comfortably, NO powder what so ever, very strong and durable. I have slipped with my knife a few times and the latex hasn't cut off. Also compared to another brand we use from a different unnamed wholesale supplier, these gloves do not tear when you put them on, even if your hands are slightly moist. We haven't wasted a glove yet due to it tearing, the others would rip 1 out of 10.

- christine phillips

What can I say. these gloves are excellent and does the trick. They hold up well even with me washing my hands with them on.

- kazim hussain

These latex gloves fit really well and allow us to work well with our instruments in handling and preparing food. We like that they are powder free and aren't too thin that they rip easily.

- rashelle stafford

These take a second longer to put on but its worth it because they are more comfortable than the flimsy gloves that slide all over. Do not wear them for long periods. Change gloves often to avoid soft nails.

- deborah willoughby

These powder free latex gloves are very durable. I was concerned that without the powder they would be difficult to put on, was very surprised to find that was not the case. The best part is not having "powder prints" on everything after they get removed and before hands were washed. I recommend to everyone to go powder free for both cleanliness and employee allergies to the powder plus they are really no more costly than the regular powdered version. And like all the Webstaurant products, even with shipping I beat my distributors price.

- mark nargi

solid construction. snug but not tight. great thickness. these are an all around great set of gloves for butchering or cleaning. they are tough and stand up to solid use.

- amir evaji

Great disposable gloves. The large is the best size I've found- medium is too tight and XL is too loose. Best of all is the cost of these. A case is less than half the cost of the case price of my local restaurant supply store. Crazy!

- tyler gould

Really Nice high quality latex gloves. Both cheaper and nicer than the latex gloves I had purchased from Amazon and at my local store. Latex rarely breaks when putting on the gloves. Started with a few boxes and now Im buying them buy the case.

- amos higgs

It's hard to complain when a product does what it says: it's a glove. You wear it, then throw it out when you're done. Product works as advertised.

- chris lawrence

These Noble powder-free latex gloves are nice quality gloves for the money. Higher quality than vinyl and cheaper than nitrile gloves. Great for foodservice or housekeeping.

- yvette musgrove

I love the stretch of a latex glove. These are pretty durable and we use them daily. Much more stretchy than a vinyl glove so it fits more employees

- elijah

I absolutely love this product! These noble products large powder free disposable latex gloves are great for the food service! These gloves a good quality!

- mustafa turunc

Sometimes some of my employees are asking for latex gloves instead of poly gloves or vinyl gloves by mentioning that they are working better with those ones. It’s good one for latex.

- lisa cozzi

Fabulous price, and product, we plan to order 1000 quantity next order, We go thru them so quickly, and must be able to replenish often, very easy to order.

- eric bennett

Same (or better) quality than what is available elsewhere for a fraction of the cost! These will save tons of money over the course of a year and you can't tell the difference with what we were paying before!

- saxon metzger

These gloves are perfect for the average size hanged person. They will break open after thirty minutes or so average use, and they are not ideal for washing dishes.

- saxon metzger

We love these latex gloves. they are a great way to keep up to food code and ensure that your customers know you are too.

- gillian johnson

My employees love these gloves for food handling. Unlike some gloves they never seem to rip and fit perfectly. You can't beat the low price either.

- michael morris

These gloves are of good quality. I don't have any ripped gloves from putting them on as some other brands tend to break when you put them on your hands. Good quality and good price.

- karen johnson-bey

Perfect glove that fits nice and snug as we like. We will purchase again. Good price and arrived on time as usual. We recommend.this product.

- lorie cadieux

These powder-free latex gloves are a nice thick yet comfortable glove for foodservice or cleaning applications. These gloves can be used in a variety of applications and hold up well.

- laura johnson

Good powder-free latex gloves. The 4.5 mil thickness provides good protection, and I rarely have an issue with them breaking. Size up if you tend to remove the glove and then put it on again to resume work, as they're a pretty snug fit.

- becky hofer

We're very pleased with these disposable gloves. These latex, powder free gloves are great value product for the price. Very flexible and comfortable to wear.

- destinee hendrick

Great gloves. Thin enough so that they're very comfortable but still durable. They don't rip easy. These gloves don't get in the way while decorating cakes.

- larry power

very high quality gloves that are built to last and are very easy to work in because of great comfort and durability/ have bought these many times with zero complaints.

- brian bixby

The Noble Products Large Powder-Free Disposable Latex Gloves for Foodservice are our top choice for food handling gloves. These latex gloves don't restrict the food handler, while at the same time they are durable enough to resist breaking.

- miranda gonzalez

What kitchen can even operate without these? They DO NOT tear, which is amazing. And they don't leave that weird residue on your hands. Love having cases and cases of these in house.

- max conley

The gloves are perfect. I got large and they left enough room to be comfortable. The quality was good and the gloves did not easily break while putting them on. Would definitely buy again.

- shaun felegy

These gloves are the best for food prep!!! You get a great grip on foods and knives alike. Easy to use, toss, and repeat. Recommended!

- marsha martin

Nice fit and good quality. I use these for many things such as coloring fondant and gumpaste without staining my hands! Also great to wear when working with hot peppers!

- daniel sells

We have been using these gloves for about 2 years now and they are great and the cost is even better. I Highly recommend these gloves.

- janis la velle

Item just as described and is a great value of the money. Will be purchasing it again. Durable and wear well and no skin reaction for the Latex.

- sean patel

I use the product to cook. I do not like to touch meat with my bare hands. I use this gloves and protects my hand from the meat.

- victoria lattanzio

Great gloves! The fit also my husband’s hands and last a long time while cutting and preparing the line for my restaurant. Good price too

- zachary sigulinsky

Great product! We switched from another company because of price. The staff definitely prefers these over the other brand. I always get hims-n-haws when we run out of the noble brand and we have to order another brand. We will always purchase these gloves.

- earl vallery

These powder-free gloves have been great. The large size fits me well and the gloves are not weak or overly thin. Durability has been good.

- jeffrey l previti

So glad I finally got around to ordering some gloves for food prep! Not sure why I waited so long, I use them all the time and just ordered another box!

- casey pfleidner

These gloves are awesome. They get the job done and stay strong through it all. Definitely needed when handling food or for any type of cleaning.

- laura szyld

good product, resistant and durable. you cannot beat the price, we use them all the time in my kitchen and do not have any to complain.

- val kvamme

These latex gloves fit well, they stretch and flex with your hand and do not rip easily. Great for kitchen prep work, or as part of your cleaning kit.

- birgit kobayashi

Great all purpose glove for the kitchen that stays on and doesn't break. We use 2 sizes, medium and large and they are indispensable in the kitchen for messy jobs and maintaining high standard of sanitation.

- melanie dipasquale

I've used a lot of disposable serving gloves, but these surpass them all. They have no powder inside, so they leave no residue on your skin. They're also very comfortable to wear.

- justin barigian

We all know how expensive latex gloves can be, so ordering by the case from Webstaurant was a great idea. These gloves meet and exceed standards of similar gloves I have purchased through our food purveyor. The cost cannot be beat and by ordering a case of 10 boxes, I won't be needing gloves for a while.

- lora lanier

Decent basic glove. I would call them light duty as they do tear under constant use. I switched to the blue glove due to needing a more study glove.

- tsm jenn pellow

These gloves are perfect at being able to make sure that you have an ideal barrier between you and food. They are very cheap so you can use frequently

- glenn latta

cheap and useful. doesnt hold up for long but you get what you pay for when it comes to gloves. a very worthwhile purchase .always needed

- rob walsman

We use these gloves every day in our coffee shop. They have a nice, tight fit and make preparing and serving food an easy task.

- jason istvan

They tend to tear easily, and your hands have to be 100% dry. But a good budget choice for gloves for a bust food establishment

- al barnicle

These gloves are great for foodservice, and help avoid cross contamination. They are made of latex so you need to be aware of any latex allergies, but other than that they work perfectly! They are thick at 4.5 mill and very sturdy.

- tyler kellogg

We have paid way too much for gloves over the years. Our vendors wanted between 40 and 60 dollars. These aren't quite as good of quality but you can have a lot break and still save money compared to other places.

- kathryn volsky

Great gloves, fit like a large. They fit past your wrist and are snug so you don't have excess glove hanging off the tips of your fingers.

- alex behrens

These gloves were just fine at the start but fall apart pretty quickly. They are fairly thin and suffer from cuts without too much more than a small slice.

- jonathan iannazzo-simmons

Latex-free, powder-free gloves are the way to go when handling food! These gloves are perfect for our employees, easy to put on, and fit like a glove. We had to order multiple sizes, of course!

- tiffany

Perfect fitting glove for this size. If you gave an employee who is allergic or customers who might be, this is great. Erases all doubt of allergies.

- scott stefanelli

Finally, some good latex gloves that have some grip to them. They have enough stretch to fit over big hands to be tight. They do not break every five seconds like some other gloves.

- nathan leitch

Solid basic food service disposable glove. Runs a little large but the to size. The gloves do feel high quality and seem to break less often than other brands when putting them on.

- william foskey

Great for ice creams. Fit your hands very well and do not leave residue at all. Lightweight enough to wear and scoop but not to thick to not feel the heat from extremely hot water or extremely cold freezer boxes. These are by far our favorite gloves to use.

- stephanie barrett

We go through so many gloves at our establishment, it was nice to find a quality product, that doesn't tear when you pull them on and is a considerable cost savings when compared to other brands.

- william a. benton

These gloves are a great find during the pandemic. Not the highest quality but they work fine while pricing has gone out of control. You get what you pay for but during these times, it is not a bad deal.

- trinhity huynh

These gloves get the job done. During covid we couldn’t get a hold of any gloves so we were grateful to be order this! They are super tear-able though.

- dani sachs

Not bad for latex gloves. Obviously the smell is very strong, so I only use them for cleaning the bakery. Also be careful when pulling them on as the roll wrist band seems to rip easily.

- sherry silapheth

I do love the powder free option. This is great quality. The sizes are perfect as expected, and the delivery time was great. I would definitely order again.

- munib abdeljaber

Absolutely love these gloves! Have been using them for years now and will continue to use them in the future. They are not cheaply made and are thick but not to the point where they feel restraining. Sometimes they do tear easily but it happens.

- carol degeorge

Use these for greasing our pizza pans and generally they will rip after doing a few pants. These ones held up the whole time and haven’t had an issue with tearing at all.

- rise haynes

great latex gloves . we ordered white but i think we prefer black just for preference. powder free so your hands will stick a little bit but i like that it doesnt dry out my hands!

- dallas shaw

These gloves are a great quality and a lot cheaper than what we were paying with our distributor. We highly recommend switching to these gloves.

- anita hurley

Noble large powder-free gloves are a nice thickness and are great for food prep, cleaning bathroom, cleaning our fryer, and many other jobs. The only thing is the gloves run a little big and I will order a size medium for us ladies and let the men use these large gloves.

- jiyoung oh

The latex gloves are very thick and the size is perfect. It is also very sanitary which we all of course loves. It doesn't fall off easily so another bonus!

- mike sharrak

Webstaurant has great prices on these! We were buying the same thing from a different supplier and paying 25% more - we'll stick to our great online source and keep purchasing these from there!

- robby stengel

Great product for the price. We use these daily and have used other/competitors' products too. We actually prefer these because they are latex and stretchable, so they fit our hands better.

- rosanna marinaro

My business goes through a lot of gloves and i mean A LOT, we have an open kitchen so everyone is required to wear gloves at all times. These gloves are fantastic and durable, Great pricing for latex gloves.

- penny werner

We love these gloves... Fit very tight and we are able to grip everything in the kitchen we need to without worry of slipping out of our hands or the gloves falling off. We recommend them for sure.

- jeremy jaslove

These large latex gloves are great because they are powder free so no residue after use. They are strong and durable and will hold up to the elements.

- kevin doyle, ph.d.

Fantastic. I use these every day either to clean up around the house or out in the yard when planting. They are indispensable andI could not survive without these gloves

- marcela durazo

These gloves are perfect for my catering concession business. They fit perfect and they’re sturdy! None have come out defective. I highly recommend these gloves.

- cassandra aran

These latex gloves are great for our cookie bakery! While other brands may dry out your hands, these are like nothing is there at all!

- karen franklin

When I saw these gloves on the website I couldn't believe the price. I was concerned about the quality but I ordered them anyway. When I received gloves I was quite impressed. Very good quality!

- danielle ann young

We buy these latex gloves by the truckload. They are reliable gloves that are touch to break and are easy to get on your hands.

- kelechi fluitt

This item was packaged well. It was easy to access the gloves and help present a professional and clean look for servers at an event.

- cristina fabiao

We bought 400 pairs of gloves and they were great. Specially with the pandemic they came handy for our office staff and on site workers.

- ron carol littlefield

This glove is the perfect size and material for most people to use. It is very easy to put on and remove and the best part is that there is no powder. We plan to order more of these.

- kun bian

The price is good and the quality is good ! I won't use other brand after my friend recommend me this product, ordered 5 cases so far, no issue with it!

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