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Noble Products Extra-Large Powder-Free Disposable Latex Gloves for Foodservice

Item #: 394385XL
  • Powder-free
  • 4.5 mils thick; ideal for food handling, food prep, janitorial duties, and more
  • Extra-large sizing, designed for a consistent fit and flexibility
  • Ambidextrous style provides versatility
  • Perforated box allows for easy glove dispensing

These versatile, extra-large powder-free disposable latex gloves from Noble Products are designed for consistent fit, flexibility, and resilience! They are ideal for a variety of uses in the food service industry, from food handling and preparation to janitorial and housekeeping tasks. As a perfect general purpose solution, these non-sterile, disposable, powder-free latex gloves are ambidextrous and 4.5 mils thick.

Best of all, since these latex gloves are powder-free, your staff won't have to worry about getting powder and other messy residue on kitchen equipment or in food products by accident. Store them throughout your establishment in easily-accessible glove racks for staff to grab on-the-go. The convenient box size makes them ideal for placing out of the way, virtually anywhere, while the ambidextrous style of the gloves ensures fast, efficient gloving!


Product Reviews

- jeff bowen

I cannot say enough about the noble gloves. This is my second case of these gloves. I have been pleased with construction of the gloves and they hold up very well.

- eric knoll

Great brand of foodservice gloves. Powder-free makes these gloves more versatile. Great for food preparation tasks as well as ready to eat tasks! Great price. Durable gloves too. Easy to switch when switching tasks!

- randall harrison

these noble extra large powder free glove fits our operation perfectly great value and a great product with that combo there is no way you can go wrong

- michael jacobsen

This is really a great glove. We use all 4 available sizes and have been highly satisfied. They're not like some of the competitions' which rips and shread easily.

- sebastian st.amour

These gloves are very good. Generally, gloves easily rip near where you put your hand in but these do not at all. Even when your hand is moist, it is easy to put these gloves on.

- robert curtis

Price is exceptional when compared to other stores online. The quality is excellent. We primarily use them when butchering our game in deer and turkey season, and when working on our vehicles.

- tony lacroix

I have very big hands, finding a glove that is comfortable and that I don't feel squished in is hard to find. But now that I've found these , life is good.

- vickie scott

Most food service gloves are very thin and easily torn. These however are not. Our maintenance person wears them for everything and hasn't had any torn so far.

- jay broman

I've ordered may different kinds of gloves and these were the ones that my cooks prefer. They are easy to get on and the price is great.

- daniel snydeman

Great product and love they are powder free. They will dry out your hands if you aren't careful. Overall they are sturdy and hold up to prep and kitchen use.

- ron cameron

A lot heavier gauge than the thin vinyl ones. My cooks have never complained about them, and they have been extremely tear resistant aside from aggressively putting them on.

- david foster

We buy these gloves in multiple sizes and have been very pleased with the product! The quality is great and we are so happy to find them!

- christine szczesniak

These gloves are really great. They are strong enough to withstand the small tasks that I need them for and I don't need to worry about them tearing while being used. Perfect solution for my messy jobs.

- jeff grow

Great glove for people with larger hands. I have purchased other gloves at other stores and these seem nicer. Will continue to add these on to orders.

- sean thompson

these are great and very durable have yet to have one tear. the price is unbeatable. the powder free is great for food handling as well.

- norman confections

Great gloves we order in bulk. Not only are we saving money but we are also getting our monies worth. The quality is great. We will continue to order.

- ryan verzaal

Not a huge fan. They are impossible to put on if your hands are just the tiniest bit wet. Might as well just get nitrile.

- peter fiumefreddo

we buy these for everyday use, they are big and fit bigger hands nicely, they do not rip or stick like most do we will buy again

- alexander ignacio jr.

This the one im looking for quality awesome gloves cheaper than other but this glove are good not braking when i put in my hand

- martha bailey

These gloves were the perfect size for large men to wear. Great to have on hand so they can grab a new pair of gloves whenever.

- mark schreckenberg

Great gloves. Slightly softer than others which make them easier to put on and that little bit more comfortable . Can't argue with the price either. Will definitely order again.

- pizza factory

These gloves fit great and are super comfortable. The have bit of a stretchiness to them which makes them fit better. Our staff really like these. Only reason I didn't give them five stars it that they tend to rip easier than other gloves.

- raymond wheeler

Good quality for the price. Durable and great for preparing and handling raw foods. Also good for cleanup. Buy by the case and save even more.

- christa r harrison

These extra large gloves were too large for me. I have big hands but these are huge. I used them all and they worked well for mixing colors in fondant. Will order smaller size next time.

- twins armstrong

These are great to have on hand for larger hands and also they work well for putting over winter gloves or other gloves to keep them clean and the food your working clean too!

- raheem walton

I have been using these gloves for quite some time now. They are great and affordable. When I run out of these in will be back to purchase the same gloves.

- hai nguyen

When you don't want to dirty your hands or if the job is super oily, use these. They are so handy and are thick enough that oil does not soak through.

- eliyahu balakhane

is very comfortable and easy to wear i recomend it very highly to all my friend and family it can be use any place u like

- robertina thomas rene

These gloves are rubber like and stretches to fit your hands really well. It fits and almost conforms to your hands. I love it. It's great

- jason hughes

These are great latex gloves. I prefer the powder free so there is bo chance of any powder getting on food. Keeps your hands clean and protects the food from germs

- bistro lhcaz

These disposable gloves are pretty good I have very large hands they fit pretty decent it's a decent price to for them really good to have in your restaurant

- jiaxin wang

Good value for disposable gloves. And powder free is good for food preparation. They are not easy to be broken. This is already my second time purchase.

- chris lawrence

Noble latex gloves are a good value glove for food service or general cleaning. These fit well and are flexible. Powdered gloves are a little easier to get on and off if hands are damp.

- elijah

I absolutely love this product! This noble products extra large powder free disposable latex gloves are great for the food service! These gloves are a one time use.

- michael morris

Easy to put on and take off. Good quality that does not rip when you put them on. Very competitive price for the quality product.

- lorie cadieux

These are a nice quality latex glove from Noble. Available in a powdered or powder-free and in all sizes. These are perfect for food service or cleaning in any type of business or around the home.

- melodie c contreras

perfect fit for big hands durable and has alot of stretch these are the best fitting gloves,easy on and off even if your hands are wet

- becky hofer

These disposable latex gloves or a nice product for the cost. Available in all different sizes, these are a necessity for any bar or restaurant. Perfect for cleaning or food service

- carolyn y skinner

These gloves are very sturdy and reliable. I tend to sweat a lot, and they prevent slippage. They're easy to put on and fit right to you hand, A big plus.

- larry power

very high quality gloves that are light and easy to work in and can do the jobs they are meant to do and are made of great quality materials allowing them to last for a long time.

- brian bixby

The Noble Products Extra-Large Powder-Free Disposable Latex Gloves for Foodservice are our top choice for food handling gloves. These latex gloves don't restrict the food handler, while at the same time they are durable enough to resist breaking.

- ryan acker

These are great gloves they are very durable for the average caterer. only negative thing i would say is the packaging is very poor which makes it difficult to get the gloves out at times.

- eric p lunzer

Really cheap and solid gloves, they are very stretchy and thin which is good for detailed work where thicker gloves get in the way, but they do not protect your hands from heat or cuts!

- christy brown

The Extra Large Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves really one in handy for myself and my husbands treat making business. It keeps our hands clean while coloring fondant by hand as well as keeps the food safe. Great purchase! Will definitely buy again!

- jeremy snipes

The gloves are easy to get on and work great. They are thin enough that still easy to pick up items but yet be sanitary.

- joel padilla

Great glove for xtra large hands. I have worn these with my ring and watches and works just fine. Meet all standards for food service and is very comfortable.

- adrian key

Sturdy gloves. I prefer No powder for food prep. These are ideal on thickness and durability. I never have problems with tears or punctures at all

- terence phillips

Great disposable gloves. They are perfect for handling raw seafood to prevent contamination. They have nice durability and and sustainable in water. Our staff like using the disposable gloves.

- scott tripp

Purchased this product as the prize is the same prize as the one we are using but we do have polyethylene gloves but the quality are the same except one is plastic and one is latex

- daddy d's bbq

These Noble latex gloves work well in our restaurant for our cooks to use on the line. They are easy to switch out and help product your hands from hot foods without melting. They do not tear very easily.

- kevin spada

Good quality gloves. Very durable and thick vs. some of the other gloves offered at this price. You should definitely consider these gloves they get the job done.

- william a. benton

Another great glove to use during the pandemic. It's not the best quality but it is the best price right now and they will work for a few months until all the craziness is over.

- scott zizic

First time using this product and not disappointed by the quality. The gloves hold up well to tears and are easy to put on and take off. No powder residue left on hands after take them off. Size is great for the guys in the kitchen who are on the larger side :)

- carol degeorge

Bought a similar glove through Cintas for twice the price and these hold up much better then the ones I paid double for. It’s a must have

- medzit kadriu

Great product! Been using the gloves for 2 weeks now and will continue for my restaurants. Thank you WebstaurantStore a bunch for providing quality products!

- mcafee madding

great gloves, perfect size. the boxes have very easy openings to eaisly access gloves. powder free, but still very easy to put on and work with

- cassandra aran

These latex gloves are just simply great. They have the durability of a vinyl glove but are very stretchy to accommodate even the largest hands!

- anthony

Was a little leery when ordering these. Wondered if they would just rip when the guys went to put them on. But they are great, and for a great price as well.

- alexandra brenner

We grab a handful of these gloves with our car keys and to get the mail! You are saving lives by providing necessities that few businesses have! Thank You!!!

- jay wise

These gloves definitely do the job. Since they are powder-free, we do not need to worry about wearing them outside in the warmer weather, sweating, and getting a rash. As mentioned before, they are also very stretchy and do not break easily which makes them very durable. We currently use them for inside (bathrooms, spill cleaning, window washing, etc.) and outside (picking up trash in the parking lot, emptying trash cans, pulling weeds from flower beds) and they work great for all activities.

- ron carol littlefield

We ordered this glove size because it seems to be the best for the men. It is easy to slip on and remove quickly and very comfortable to work with. Fits like a second skin and makes it easy to pick up small items. This is a definite reorder for us-- love it. Highly recommend. Also very reasonably priced.

- cassia page

We use these gloves on a daily basis so these are extra important to have. We have many large men at our location so the XL gloves are super important. Hard to rip/tear unless against something sharp.

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