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Noble Products Large Powdered Disposable Latex Gloves for Foodservice

Item #: 394380L
  • Powdered for easy slip-on / slide-off performance
  • 4.5 mils thick
  • Large sizing; ambidextrous style provides versatility
  • Ideal for food handling, food prep, janitorial duties, and more
  • Perforated box allows for easy glove dispensing

Thanks to pre-powdered interiors, these large Noble Products latex gloves ensure easy slip-on/slide-off performance. These non-sterile, multi-purpose gloves offer a consistent fit, with the flexibility and resilience that your establishment depends on. With a 4.5 mil thickness, they are perfect for everything from food handling and preparation, to janitorial and housekeeping applications.

Store them throughout your establishment in easily-accessible glove racks for staff to grab on-the-go. The convenient box size makes them ideal for placing out of the way, virtually anywhere, while the ambidextrous style of the gloves ensures fast, efficient gloving!


Product Reviews

- jacqueline alonso

I purchased these for foodservice. I sell baked goods at markets and festivals. They are great value and strong gloves. The fit was good also.

- ryan turner

These gloves are considerably cheaper than the gloves we use now and quality is the same if not better. I would recommend them to anyone.

- alexander gorodetskiy

The price is unbeatable for these gloves and there are many uses for them. They are intended for handling food but they can be used for many more applications. I use these gloves when I have to paint something.

- larry johnson

Yes you can buy them a little cheaper but you can't buy them better. These fit perfect and are easy to get on and off. The ones at Sams are a pain in the butt to get on especially if you have large hands.

- albert burdge


- roberta goff

Nice quality, well fitting gloves. I bought these for rolling homemade chocolate truffles for Christmas gifts and they made the job so much easier! I'm counting on them for my next culinary adventure - homemade mozzarella cheese.

- rl bruckhart

These seem to be a good value for the price. There have been a few with holes that we need to disgard before using, but overall they have worked well.

- aaron harrison

Vinyl gloves are normally my second choice when it comes to food service, latex is better in my opinion. But was recommended to try these.. I did and was very impressed. They didn't tear as much as other latex gloves that ive tried. Great price, and work extremely well.

- christopher casner

I order these gloves time and time again. They are very durable and don't rip. The price can't be beat. I'll continue to order these gloves.

- donna roy

I use these on a daily basis. I do not like direct contact with raw meat. I use these gloves when handling any raw meats. i also use these for preparing and serving food.

- adam scott

These are very high quality gloves for all your food service or prep needs. They fit the hand nicely and do not tear very easily. Also the price is great on these gloves.

- alissa nadolski

Once again, purchasing through webstaurant has saved us so much on our sundries. The same quality we are used to, but at much lower prices.

- james bizak

These power-free gloves are the way to go!!!! No powder on your clean black pants anymore, and they slide off with ease. I wouldn't buy any other gloves!

- melissa cassady

The latex gloves have the perfect amount of powder in them so they are comfortable for long periods. They don't split easily when nicked with sharp objects. Size is as expected

- stefan fraundorfer

These gloves have a great fit. They're never dangling or loose. The sizes run small, so go one size larger than you would normally wear to be accurate.

- john gugich

These gloves are every bit as good as what I get from my local suppliers at almost half the price. We use at least 2 boxes every day for frying and sandwich making. Good product- tough, consistent quality, and at a great price.

- barry hillman

We've been ordering these for the last couple of years, first for our concession business, and now for our cafe. They hold up just as well as any other latex glove but at a better price than you could find just about anywhere.

- jacqueline alonso

The Noble powdered latex gloves are a must in our cafe. They are strong and fit great. Easy to remove and put on fresh ones in between stations.

- sergio adrian rodriguez vera

I recommend these gloves , they are very practical, durable, hygienic . If you buy check the size. I felt that come bigger, I bought the largest size for my staff and they were a little loose. Ideally you fit properly .

- paul, homer herb,nickels

great products the gloves are really strong and durable and affordable we love the price and its a great product we bought it twice !

- nathanael w hines

Got to have gloves in the kitchen and these work. While these are not my go to gloves the price point works and so they get tossed in when a order from here is being made. Not the best but far from being bad. Worth the price and much less hassle having them delivered as an add on order.

- debra matchell

Great gloves, I just saw the wall mount and will most likely order one. I use these when I am cutting veggies and fruits. They are not slippery and just a joy to work with. I want the wall mount now!!!! These are a staple in our life.

- jason thomas

Great price for gloves. When you add them to other items you need the shipping does not seem as bad. still cheaper than any other purveyor

- maria avdelas

I am very particular in regards to handling raw meat and eggs. These gloves are perfect-lightly powdered, with easy on/off. I received a discount for ordering quantity, so I am pleased with that as well-I definitely recommend this product and your online store!

- kristin allison

I ordered these on accident and was not happy with them. The powder seemed to cause the skin to dry out quicker and some of the staff seemed to have allergic reactions to the powder.

- nicholas luu

Glove comes in a box of 100 pairs. The large size fit my man hand perfectly. Great for working with sticky food or dealing with raw meat. It's a must have in any large kitchen.

- shakelah knox

The only thing that I can say about the gloves is to make sure you get the right size or they will be snug. I had previously purchased the medium but I definitely needed the large and will get the large from now on.

- allen ansorg

These are a very good quality glove. We use them when handling ice blocks to be shaved. The powder makes them easier to slide on.

- robert hugar

After cutting several pounds of fresh habernero peppers and having my hands hurt for days I bought these gloves. They fit my hands great and we're not prone to tear like the clean gloves are. Thanks

- kimberlee machemehl

Very good food handling gloves. Easy to put on and remove. Very durable and sturdy. Doesn't leave any residue on hands. Fast and Speedy Delivery

- ryan verzaal

No complaints. Hold up just as well as our normal kitchen gloves. Just wish they were a tad cheaper to keep me ordering them more.

- bill pallas

Gloves are a major expense in our establishment. Food distributors in this area can't even come close to this price. I order 14 cases at a time and save per case. Great value

- jennifer bourg

I'm sad to say, but I don't recommend these gloves. They are very thin and rip really easy. The length is good and they are easy to get on and off though because they are powdered.

- oscar martin

Perfect Gloves for our events, very durable. Excellent price. Good image for our clients. Perfect quality. Delivery time super fast, We will order a couple of more

- lynn wasserman

I am very impressed with these gloves! They hold up well, and are great when handling raw foods. We always wear gloves in the kitchen, and these are a favorite! However, most people fit in a size large easily, so don't go and order all smalls.

- christopher guarascio

I have now purchased two cases of these gloves for general cleaning and setup. They do the job that are intended to do. As a slight bonus, given the mil of these, they hold to some of abuses I put them them through, like used while scrubbing equipment and general cleaning is different cleaning agents and disinfectants. Once stock runs low, I'll be placing another order.

- tracey gordon

These were purchased for commercial usage at a restaurant. The item was very damaging to the hands. It kept it dry and warm. I do not recommend.

- nick kosmala

Great gloves! They are nice and thin so you can easily feel what you are doing. Plus they are inexpensive, so I can use them whenever I need them without breaking the bank! Since they are powdered, they are nice and easy to put on even if they are a bit snug. I wouldn't recommend using these for food though since the powder can get into what you are preparing. For food prep go with non-powdered.

- lesleigh monsey

Great glove. I swear I have the pickiest cooks when it comes to gloves but I am happy to report these make them all happy and they are very affordable. We order them by the case. Definitely recommend.

- david smith

These gloves are good for medical exams and cleaning. I wouldn’t recommend using them for food prep because they are powdered. The powdered gloves are easier to get on with wet hands, but the powder can also end up in food, which is not good. They are thin enough to provide good sensitivity while wearing them, but think enough that they rarely ripped. The size large were too big for me, but they should stretch to fit most people with large hands.

- teresa sparks

We use these for just about everything. This is my mothers favorite brand and size. She has long nails and still has no difficulty pulling them up or the fingernail puncturing. I on the other hand have issues with the gloves breaking when i pull them up. I have bigger fingers but even bought the larger sized and it did the same in the Latex. That is why i took off 1 start.

- kristy palomino

Great price for latex gloves. We use them for all of our raw and ready to eat food handing. They come in many sizes and the price is good.

- chris ireland

These gloves are great! They are excellent quality with little to no broken gloves out of the box. The prices is the best I've seen

- amanda clark

I need gloves for light back of house prep work and handling pastries in our pastry case. These worked perfectly. Only ordered a few to test them out but will definitely reorder.

- randal gassman

So happy to save so much on 16 cases of gloves each month. This move to webstaurant will save us 1600 a year just in powdered gloves and they are just like our old vendors

- mark nargi

so far these have held up well. i prefer powder free gloves and ordered these on accident, but that's my bad so i'll just roll with it. the powder makes your hands pretty dry but other than that they work pretty well. decent product.

- andrew hefele

Love these gloves. What a great price. They really seem to hold up well and we go through a lot of all the sizes sold.

- jessica - mobius

These powdered latex gloves work well. they are a bit thin and work well for keeping the quality needed in a food facility. They are a bit dusty so don't grab anything dark that needs to stay clean.

- chris lawrence

These Noble powdered latex gloves are nice quality gloves for the money. Higher quality than the vinyl but cheaper than nitrile. Powdered makes it easier to get on with damp hands.

- frank fronda

GREAT fit and great quality gloves- our employees really like them. We uses and re-purchase these gloves as our restaurants hold high sanitation and cross contamination avoidance standards.

- kristofer korshaven

This is the only glove we buy anymore and we go through a LOT of gloves. There is some breakage, but well worth the cost savings of buying from our distributors.

- jennifer hanger

Quality gloves and priced right for people and businesses that use a lot of gloves. I am thrilled to be able to buy in bulk for my business.

- vis chai moua

These work best in areas where moist hands need gloves on. It's easy to switch from washing your hands to slipping on gloves to fry foods.

- michael sussan

Good glove, cheap price. Good tight fit and easy to get on and off. I use these gloves for food prep because I'm constantly changing gloves.

- javier

This gloves are thin but it does not mean bad quality, the other way round, resistant material and they don't leave any residue on your hands what is great.

- baljit dhillon

We only purchase the powder free gloves. We purchased these once and there was powder residue on everything that we touched...never again! We thought they would be better at counting cash but the powder free ones work just as well.

- jonathan ham

I like these gloves. They aren't too thin where they rip every time you try to put them on. I was a little skeptical at first but after trying them, I ended up buying another case of them.

- junhee ham

Great gloves! Some of these kinds of gloves rip really easy, but these noble products gloves hold up really well. We like that they are powdered because they slip on much easier after washing our hands. Great Product!

- rachel hendrix

I ordered these for our housekeepers to use for cleaning at our hotel. I like ordering the large, because it fits gals with smaller hands and guys with a little bit bigger hands.

- deedee casto

I absolutely love these gloves and are a great value and save me a lot of washing my hands. They are even great when I decide to make a 7 pound meatloaf (why 7#).

- joe tamburello

These are very good gloves - we are using them in our hair salon and they work perfectly for our needs. They're very durable and are of high quality. I would recommend these!

- mike ding

These gloves work great for most tasks and projects. Just be aware that they are not good for handling high-acid foods such as lemons or limes which will degrade the gloves.

- mehmet cetik

Very strong and durable gloves. Great for any kind of kitchen and serving tasks and hold well. We are very happy and will continue to order

- rochelle seldin

These gloves cannot be beaten for the price! We have been paying more from a box for these gloves and we use a ton of them! I ordered a case of each size to try them and will order them from now on, even with shipping, they are less expenseive than the large food distributors prices.

- danielle mccreary

These gloves are amazing! Very good material, dont break or rip easily, and very easy to get on and off! would highly recommend this product!

- mas hironaga

Finding powdered gloves is beginning to become a challenge, luckily these still exist! For most applications, powder free gloves are fine. However, when frequent glove changes are necessary, powdered gloves make all the difference. In warm/humid environments, powdered gloves help to remove sweat from a user's hands and avoid the dreaded swamp feeling at the end of the day. It's great that these gloves are still being sold. A couple of brands I used to buy are no longer sold online or are far more expensive. These fit the job perfectly and are just what I needed for frequent glove changes when cooking or cleaning.

- hektor

Even the large size is not big enough for some of our employees hands. This causes many of ours to rip. The employees that these gloves can fit love them and they ensure cleanliness in our restaurant.

- danielle ann young

These gloves work really well for our staff. The large tends to fit most of the men/women in our kitchen. They hold up really well for latex gloves.

- christopher mcdonald

Noble large hygienic gloves are our go to glove for food service. Boxed and ready for use in 5 areas and behind 2 bars of our boh and foh.

- jorge rodriguez

Very happy with the shipment was what I wanted, I like the packaging a lot and the price is in line to be able to market it. As well as it looks of my good quality. I want to continue buying and trying different models and styles and sizes. Excellent and great products.

- rosario springs

Gave these to family and they said they were great! These are powdered and it wasn't a problem and can definitely help with sweaty hands!

- heather woodson

These gloves fit well, are durable, and are also attractively priced. I ordered them for personal home use, and they have been working great! Would definitely purchase again.

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