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Noble Products Extra-Large Powdered Disposable Latex Gloves for Foodservice

Item #: 394380XL
  • Feature easy slip-on / slide-off performance with a powdered design
  • 4.5 mils thick; ideal for food handling, food prep, janitorial duties, and more
  • Extra-large sizing; designed for consistent fit and flexibility
  • Ambidextrous style provides versatility
  • Perforated box allows for easy glove dispensing

Thanks to pre-powdered interiors, these extra-large Noble Products latex gloves ensure easy slip-on/slide-off performance. These non-sterile, multi-purpose gloves offer a consistent fit, with the flexibility and resilience that your establishment depends on. With a 4.5 mil thickness, they are perfect for everything from food handling and preparation, to janitorial and housekeeping applications.

Store them throughout your establishment in easily-accessible glove racks for staff to grab on-the-go. The convenient box size makes them ideal for placing out of the way, virtually anywhere, while the ambidextrous style of the gloves ensures fast, efficient gloving!


Product Reviews

- warren swanson

These gloves not only maintain food contamination, but eliminate a great deal of harsh hand washing. The Noble brand is one of the best we have used.

- andrew condon

I love these gloves, I have very large hands and i use these everyday. i am glad that they are as strong as they are. ive tried other brands but like these the best.

- james clift

These are good and I would reccomend them,but for the price if you have to use several thousand a week,my employees like them better than the thinner ones.

- alpha esser

We use these gloves on our hot dog cart and they fit great, don't rip easily and you can get them off and on pretty easily too. I would recommend these gloves to anyone in food service. Great quality.

- aaron harrison

These gloves are at the right price, and the right fit. I use them for prep, and for fry cooking. Very versatile, and everyone knows latex is the way to go.

- angela harrison

The Noble Extra large powdered disposable Latex Gloves For food Service are a must. They are designed for consistent fit,flexibility and resilience.We use them for everything ,to prepping food or cleaning bathrooms. They fit great.

- debra white

We absolutely love these food safe gloves! Easy to slip on and they stay put until ready to remove. Nice, comfortable fit. Working in them is "a piece of cake" :D

- timothy carman

great price, ok gloves. I decided to spend a little more and get the noble nitrile gloves on this site, still a pretty good price, but the nitriles are amazing.

- daniel snydeman

Great product but be careful they are powdered gloves. They will dry out your hands if you aren't careful. Overall they are sturdy and hold up to prep and kitchen use.

- ryan verzaal

Fits true to size. Sometimes they are huge but these are perfect. Just a smidge bigger than the Larges. Will definitely order these again for our guys.

- paula stup

Great product, flexible, exactly what is needed for food service, easy on and off, lightly powdered, not overly powdered which is great, great buy for the price

- susanne kirk

A must buy. WOW. Noble knows how to make great gloves. I went with the powered ones this time and I love them. The latex gloves are very strong.

- lesleigh monsey

Great glove. I swear I have the pickiest cooks when it comes to gloves but I am happy to report these make them all happy and they are very affordable. We order them by the case. Definitely recommend

- harriet williams

Didn’t like these they had the power in them it itches my hands. Next time I will be specific and say with power - I give them to someone who it does not itch

- blake roby

As a small business, we look for quality as well as price value. Our employees give us two thumbs up on Noble powdered disposable latex gloves! A quality product at a competitive price.

- andrew hefele

Love these gloves! What a great price. We go through lots and lots of all the sizes. The hand certainly slips in better in the powdered ones, but all are great.

- jason hughes

These rubber gloves are great. The inside of the glove is powdered so it doesn’t feel sticky of slimy on your hand. They fit great an are perfect for handling measy products. I use them all the time when laying out bacon.

- jessica - mobius

I love my gloves, I have to wear these gloves all day and they don't tear as easily as other brands do and they are true to their size.

- chris lawrence

These latex gloves are lightly powdered to make them easier to take on and off if your hands are damp. A great value glove for foodservice or general cleaning.

- natasha a witka

Gloves work great and fit well! Great for the price and saving us a lot of money since we go through a lot every week!

- thomas mariani

The gloves are very comfortable and being lightly powdered makes a big difference. The price is super reasonable for the quality. The only negative I found is you must take your time putting them on or they tend to rip.

- jawad mubarak

this is great glove easy to put on and take off it has a clean slick look and people love when there on my hands when im cooking will buy again

- rachel hendrix

I order these for our housekeepers at our hotel. This website seems to be the best price. I will keep ordering them. The extra large are for guys with big hands.

- lori bello

A bargain buy. They hold up well and don't rip when you put them on. From now on I will buy no other gloves .These are the best gloves .I did a test I sterilized my hands then worked with them for a couple of hours and took a swab test and my hands were still sterilized no foreign bacteria had gotten thru the gloves.

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