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Noble Products Small Powder-Free Disposable Latex Gloves for Foodservice

Item #: 394385S
  • Powder-free
  • 4.5 mils thick
  • Small sizing; ambidextrous style for versatility
  • Ideal for food handling, food prep, janitorial duties, and more
  • Perforated box allows for easy glove dispensing

These versatile, small powder-free disposable latex gloves from Noble Products are designed for consistent fit, flexibility, and resilience! They are ideal for a variety of uses in the food service industry, from food handling and preparation to janitorial and housekeeping tasks. As a perfect general purpose solution, these non-sterile, disposable, powder-free latex gloves are ambidextrous and 4.5 mils thick.

Best of all, since these latex gloves are powder-free, your staff won't have to worry about getting powder and other messy residue on kitchen equipment or in food products by accident. Store them throughout your establishment in easily-accessible glove racks for staff to grab on-the-go. The convenient box size makes them ideal for placing out of the way, virtually anywhere, while the ambidextrous style of the gloves ensures fast, efficient gloving!


Product Reviews

- bill lanham

Terrific gloves at a nice price from Webstaurantstore. They fit small hands and are of very good quality for those desiring latex food service gloves.

- eric knoll

Great brand of foodservice gloves. Powder-free makes these gloves more versatile. Great for food preparation tasks as well as ready to eat tasks! Great price. Durable gloves too. Easy to switch when switching tasks!

- debra banks

Love these gloves! Am getting ready to order a case. These are 3x cheaper than a local competitor and a much better fit than other gloves I have tried.

- michael jacobsen

These gloves are great for many uses and are great to simply have on hand. They are high quality and are cheaper than most of the competitions' gloves.

- terra dasher

This is not the first time I have ordered this product. Great gloves. Very durable. Holds up great without ripping. True to size. Will continue to order them.

- jesse pena

Great product for everyday use! We like how they fit and they are pretty durable. Like the purchasing and shipping options as well as the affordable pricing!

- lisa roads

we use these gloves for longer jobs or more precise prep work. Love them for meat grinding and also works well for chopping of vegetables.

- andrea bukowski

These gloves are a staple at our bakery. Working with dough and sauces or caramel can be sticky and these gloves keep hands clean and fingers free to incorporate all the ingredients together.

- liz francetic

We use these gloves exclusively. They meet expectations consistently allowing us to focus on our food and deadlines. We never have to worry about them.

- sergio adrian rodriguez vera

I recommend these Noble Small gloves , they are very practical, durable, hygienic and the withe color looks great . If you buy check guide size.

- david estes

my wife has small hands, and gloves never seem to fit her properly. they slip or slide off, but these work! (ring size 4 and 1/2, so I'm not kiddin!) They would probably also fit someone with bigger hands, but in my opinion that's what the other sizes are for

- barbara wilson

Our ladies love these gloves. Fit beautifully and are easily removed. They do not cut accidentally.

- norman confections

Great gloves we order in bulk. Not only are we saving money but we are also getting our monies worth. The quality is great. We will continue to order.

- nanae mameuda-frank

I really like this gloves. Fits right and nice thickness to it. I just wish the color of the box is different by size. All sizes come in a pink box and it is hard to keep track of...

- trang nguyen

The Noble small powder free disposable latex gloves were perfect for our restaurant use. Although it is a bit thin, but does the job well.

- david smith

These latex gloves are ideal for food prep since they contain no powder which could get into the food. They aren’t as easy to get on when wet vs. the powdered kind, but it was never an issue for me. They are thin enough to provide good sensitivity while wearing them, but think enough that they rarely ripped. The size small were a bit too tight for me, but they did stretch enough to fit my hands (I usually use a size medium).

- tracy flitcraft

My god I love these. I had ordered a large pack of clear gloves before, but found these to be exceptional because they fit like a glove, are comfortable, and make food prep super easy. These will be my go to disposable from now on.

- russell hudson

We go through dozens of pair a day of disposable gloves. Every restaurant needs them has to have them. So finding my such a bargain price on this website is a God sent we go through dozens of pair a day of disposable gloves. Every restaurant needs them has to have them. So finding my such a bargain price on this website is a God sent

- twins armstrong

good quality very flexible- pulls on okay but do be careful as if you yank it on over the wrist too hard it can get a hole in the wrist area before the hem of it but they keep moisture and germs out great and make you feel safe to handle meat or take out garbage without worrying about the germs

- hai nguyen

Bought the small size for my mom. Feels very good and snug. She mainly uses it to form meatballs and it works well and meat doesn't stick to the glove.

- wangwang zheng

Loves these gloves. Perfect size for my hands. they are very easy to use. Hygiene and durable. Nice price and customer service, fast shipping. Great

- joan rutt

Theses gloves are perfect for my chocolate making. I have small hands and they fit perfectly. The price is great and the fact that they don't have powder is perfect for what I use them for.

- natasha pryor

I love these gloves! I have very small hands and it can be hard finding gloves to fit me and these do! i also haven't had any trouble with them breaking or ripping any either

- rashelle stafford

These fit our baker perfectly who could not find gloves small enough for her asian hands. She found them useful and comfortable. I recommend them.

- nicole watts

These are not bad if you don't need them for something like kneading fondant or a heavy dough. I found that mid-way through the process they will tear which defeats the purpose of having a glove int he first place.

- hani kurtpinar

I purchased small size and fits good since I am petite. Need to get more in small since I work meat and poultry a lot. It was a great buy!

- wendy hall

Love the gloves they fit great. Keeps the smell of onions off our hands will highly recmond them to all my friends and family thank you

- chris lawrence

A value glove for general cleaning and/or foodservice applications. Powder free makes them a little difficult to get on with wet hands but they are nice quality and inexpensive.

- victoria manuel

These gloves were a great value for the quantity and quality! I use these very often when baking, cooking or even performing other household duties, like painting. Since they were such a low price, I have no issues with using as many as I need. I really like the fact they are power free when working with food. They come in handy for those messy and sticky jobs. I will reorder very soon!

- mustafa turunc

Would you like to see cut glove pieces in your customers salad? Then you need to buy every size of gloves and Nobel is a great price valur for you

- saxon metzger

These gloves are perfect fora small size hand person. They will break open after thirty minutes or so average use, and they are not ideal for washing dishes.

- saxon metzger

These gloves are a great way to make sure that your staff conforms to health code standards. It is a great way to also encourage economical practices.

- gillian johnson

I personally love these gloves. I'm the only one in my store who fits a small but for the price, I don't mind buying every size!

- michael clark

These are very good gloves. I use the large and my wife uses the small. They fit well and are perfect for working with raw meat. You just throw them away and wash your hands normally. No need to scrub in like a doctor after handling the raw meat.

- jennifer sikon

Best gloves we haver ever used, havent experienced breaking or splitting like many other gloves,we have tried. Great product, many sizes available, great price point

- beverly ayran

Love these size small gloves and the price too! We use them for quick dirty chores, volunteer work cleaning up neighborhood parks, and recycling. It's nice to be able to use them and toss after they rip.

- brian bixby

The Noble Products Small Powder-Free Disposable Latex Gloves for Foodservice are our top choice for food handling gloves. These latex gloves don't restrict the food handler, while at the same time they are durable enough to resist breaking.

- rasmi ramadas

The gloves are perfect for my hands. They don't tear easily and are really comfortable to use and doesn't sweat my Hands at all. No powder is perfect

- jamen miller

These small gloves are as advertised! If you have any questions, I would go with the medium sizing. They fit really well on my children's hands when I'm teaching them about food safety, but I couldn't get them on my hand at all. Definitely a good deal.

- tsm jenn pellow

These small gloves are excellent for people with very small hands. They are great and don't really break all that often, which is what you want in latex

- patrice jeffreys

These gloves are our current go to. Because we are using more gloves, the price is a definite factor. Tje glives are durable, lightweight, but supportive of our needs while practicing food safety.

- artemis decco

It's so hard to find powder-free gloves in size small, so I order these by the case. The price is very good (exorbitant shipping costs notwithstanding).

- scott tripp

Purchased this product as the prize is unbelievable we are using polythhlene gloves and their prizes are almost the same but the quality is more as it is latex

- cuong ngo

I purchased the size small latex gloves. The gloves are durable and flexible. The size is seemed to be true to size. There is no powder in these gloves.

- tiffany curtiss

These gloves are great for any task in the kitchen. The small size is great for the ladies or any one needing to do more intricate work.

- tyler kellogg

We have paid way too much for gloves over the years. Our vendors wanted between 40 and 60 dollars. These aren't quite as good of quality but you can have a lot break and still save money compared to other places.

- kathryn volsky

Great gloves for small hands. They are white in color and no powder for allergies. I also purchase the mediums and large so employees have several to choose from!

- janna cordero

Great product. The quality is superb! I not only use these gloves for food prepping but also for cleaning my surfaces and protect my hands. Recommended

- amber curry

Consider smaller gloves for detailed jobs, not necessarily smaller hands. Our baker prefers the regular fit of the medium gloves,as where our decorator prefers a tighter fit for detailing on our cakes, accommodates the more precise job.

- rise haynes

true to the size. it is little bit sticky if you have wet hands but very durable. easy to wear and remove. the latex is little bit on thinner size but works fine

- mrs. judy ware

I like the fill of these gloves. They fit my hands exact. I love how they hug my hands. I definitely will be ordering these again.

- kathryn wandrie

These gloves are the perfect size and they come out of the box cleanly and without clumping together, which is a huge plus for our busy catering company. They are easy to get on and aren't prone to ripping. Good quality and great price.

- cassandra aran

These latex gloves are so thin, you almost want to forget you are wearing them at all! Despite this, they are incredibly durable which minimizes waste!

- danielle ann young

We have purchased these gloves since the day we opened! As a hint, they do run small (so order a size up to ensure they fit). The gloves are easy to pull on/off.

- amy coury

These gloves are perfect for every task in a kitchen. They have a bit of stretch which makes it easy to put on in a fast paced environment. These are a great deal for the price. I have not been able to find this quality for the price anywhere else.

- dora torres

Perfectos . Para poder elaborar mis postres ya que la talla chica que compre se ajusta perfectamente a mis manos . Son muy cómodos para trabajar con ellos !!

- gloribee pica

Love it, with all this crisis going buying this gloves help me and employees stay safe from germs. In fact we are going to order more. Thank you, Grateful client

- rajeshbabu samidurai

nice and compatible gloves which i wear them while shopping and during the commute to work. No powder and not a sticky ones. would recommend it

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