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Noble Products Medium Powdered Disposable Latex Gloves for Foodservice

Item #: 394380M
  • Powdered for easy slip-on / slide-off performance
  • 4.5 mils thick
  • Medium sizing; ambidextrous style provides versatility
  • Ideal for food handling, food prep, janitorial duties, and more
  • Perforated box allows for easy glove dispensing

Thanks to pre-powdered interiors, these medium Nobly Products latex gloves ensure easy slip-on/slide-off performance. These non-sterile, multi-purpose gloves offer a consistent fit, with the flexibility and resilience that your establishment depends on. With a 4.5 mil thickness, they are perfect for everything from food handling and preparation, to janitorial and housekeeping applications.

Store them throughout your establishment in easily-accessible glove racks for staff to grab on-the-go. The convenient box size makes them ideal for placing out of the way, virtually anywhere, while the ambidextrous style of the gloves ensures fast, efficient gloving!


Product Reviews

- marie delaney

Great quality glove for a disposable item. Price is excellent. Immediate shipment (as always) and received right away. Huge cost savings from our regular supplier.

- natalie dau

I couldn't pass up this awesome deal on latex gloves. The gloves are as good as the more expensive box I got from Walmart. From now on I always get it from this website and recommend to all my friends.

- tara nowak

Great and affordable for all of our food service/handling needs. We use these for food prep and for scooping ice cream. Sizes fit well and do not tear as easily as other brands.

- rl bruckhart

These gloves seem to be a good value although there are some that we've found have a tear and can't be used. Overall, a good value we've found.

- maryanne bachyrycz

These gloves are a nice quality. Great for food prep and for cleaning. We have a separate box in each area and a good size

- christopher casner

I always use the powdered latex gloves for my operation. These are the best gloves at the best price anywhere around. I will continue to purchase these.

- elizabeth harrison

these are really nice gloves. they dont break very easily. they work great. so worth the money very easy to use and very easy to store.

- jen eldredd

These are really nice gloves. I do have to be careful or I will rip them but all and all a great price and it gets the job done!

- patrick portner

I use these gloves on a regular basis in our shop. They work perfectly and retain their elasticity even after several hours. Some boxes are defective and have gloves that are stuck together.

- stacymargarita joseph

this item is durable easy to put on and off no leaking durable and strong this item has many uses well worth the price buy

- nora kuper

These gloves worked well for us. They lasted an acceptable amount of time in the food prep area and during kitchen duty by the staff.

- aaron hurtt

These gloves are great for getting your hands dirty while not having to wash them after. Easy to get on even if your hands are wet!!

- silver spoon

We use these gloves for baking and they have a nice fit - not too tight for larger hands, but not too small so you can't get your end in comfortably. Even with a little dampness on your hands, they slide on easy.

- stefan fraundorfer

Good tight fit. Do not tear easily like other brands. Also no problems with broken or melted gloves in box as has happened to me with other brands.

- krystyna domagala

I LOVE these gloves! They are a great fit and are nice and light while still being durable. I use these for many household tasks like preparing meat and cleaning the house.

- john serock

Best Gloves on the market, we go thru 3-4 cases a month and have not been able to find a better price anywhere. Highly recommend.

- branden byers

I usually wear a large size in vinyl gloves, but like using this medium size in Noble latex gloves because it gives me slightly better finger dexterity for fine detail work. The only downside is slight webbing at the base of the fingers. Overall a very strong latex glove with only a light powder.

- elias attouleh

good latex gloves to use them with food or cleaning as well. one time use and throw away. no need to clean them or store them, good price will buy again.

- paul, homer herb,nickels

this product is sturdy and it is really a great product our customers love it and reorder it over and over "noble" gloves are a superior product

- kriti shrestha

i bought these because I work with spicy marinades and I like using my hands while marinating food. But these were quite durable so I have also started using these gloves for cleaning so that the chemicals do not touch my hands. I would still prefer a thicker gloves if I am using strong chemicals, but these works great in kitchen. I would recommend these.

- kimberlee machemehl

Very good food handling gloves. Easy to put on and remove. Very durable and sturdy. Doesn't leave any residue on hands. Fast and Speedy Delivery

- sheera duerigen

These are pretty thin and will tear easily if you're working with anything that the gloves can catch on, but that's about what one would expect for the price. Other than that they get the job done and will work well for light duty. For us the sizes seem to run a bit large.

- evan bennett

These gloves are perfect and fit snugly on my hands. They come in a clean white color. Do not wear these if you have a latex allergy.

- lesleigh monsey

Great glove. I keep these on hand mainly for the front of house staff to use for cleaning duties. These don't tear easily and they are very affordable. Definitely recommend

- david smith

These gloves are intended to be used for medical exams and cleaning. I wouldn’t use them for food prep because they are powdered. The powdered gloves are easier to get on with wet hands, but the powder can also end up in food, which is not good. They are thin enough to provide good sensitivity while wearing them, but think enough that they rarely ripped. The mediums were a perfect fit for my thin but long fingers. The latex gloves stretched enough for a close and comfortable fit

- barbara sprouse

We have used this product in the past and been very happy but it seems that the last two times we have order them the quality it not the same. We are having problems with them tearing at the wrist and holes in the fingers .

- joshua archuleta

These gloves pretty good for the price. Not very thick but not too thin either I suppose. I have to say though, them being already powdered doesn't seem to help all that much when putting them on. I suppose its slightly better than powder-free but is still nothing to write home about.

- jessica - mobius

Gloves are working great! I am about to order a few more cases. We go through a lot of gloves and these are the ones I will choose every time.

- chris lawrence

These latex gloves are great for food service or general cleaning. Light powder makes them easier to get on and off with wet hands. Good value product.

- lorie cadieux

These latex gloves have just a little bit of food-safe powder to make them easier to get on and off with moist hands. Box of 100 or 50 pairs of gloves is a great value!

- becky hofer

Latex gloves with powder are a little bit easier to get on if your hands are damp. Box of 100 gloves is a great value and keep your hands clean and protected if working with dirty surfaces or harsh chemicals. Also great for food service.

- jennifer hanger

Quality product at a great price. Buying Noble Products disposable latex gloves from helps my business save money and keeps my prices lower for my customers.

- yehudis

Not so impressed with these. They tend to rip while being put on and don't hold up that well in use. The sizing is also slightly off and the gloves were tight.

- corey rousu

Good quality product and the cheapest i’ve Found yet. They are not too flimsy that they’ll rip easily, but they aren’t super thick and hard to put on. Great product

- cristian alvarez

These gloves are great to use in every day tasks at the restaurant. They are very strong and do not rip easily. The powder inside is not overwhelming either so they are all and all very great product.

- kelly bauman

These gloves are great for dying fondant! I've tried other gloves and the food coloring always seeps through and stains my hands, these are thick (but not too thick) and don't seep through! The medium is the perfect size for me, not too baggy and not too tight. Highly recommend!

- scott stefanelli

Finally, some good latex gloves that have some grip to them. They have enough stretch to fit over big hands to be tight. They do not break every five seconds like some other gloves.

- rachel hendrix

I order these for our housekeepers to use for cleaning at our hotel. Medium seems to only fit gals with smaller hands. I like them because they fit snug.

- deborah kim

I really appreciate having these gloves available especially when going out lately! These are usable to protect your hands when going shopping, or when putting gas in your car. I keep a box in the car to use each time I get out. These gloves are easy to put on and take off. They aren't too tight and fit comfortably. I also use them when wiping down boxes or merchandise that's delivered to my place.

- jamyce d freeman

I love these gloves. I will be ordering them over and over again. I would highly recommend using them for any jobs in the kitchen. I use them for breading and cleaning chicken. This is a great product.

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