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Noble Products Small Powder-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice

Item #: 394365S
  • Allergen-, latex-, and powder-free
  • 3.5 mils thick
  • Small sizing; ambidextrous style for versatility
  • Ideal for food handling, food prep, janitorial duties, and more
  • Perforated box allows for easy glove dispensing

Proper food handling depends on properly-gloved staff, and with these small Noble Products vinyl gloves, you can rest assured that all of your food-handlers will be in compliance at all times, thanks to the powder-free, latex-free design of these gloves. These non-sterile, multi-purpose gloves offer a consistent fit, with the flexibility and resilience that your establishment depends on. For peace of mind, Noble gloves comply with California Proposition 65 and do not contain DINP.

With a 3.5 mil thickness, they are perfect for everything from food handling and preparation, to janitorial and housekeeping applications. Store them throughout your establishment in easily-accessible glove racks for staff to grab on-the-go. The convenient box size makes them ideal for placing out of the way, virtually anywhere, while the ambidextrous style of the gloves ensures fast, efficient gloving!


Product Reviews

- daniellan louie

My favorite disposable food gloves. I have small hands and they fit me well, however most standard hands for men and women are larger than mine, so I'd advise getting a medium for everyday staff use. I buy these because they're powder free. I don't think powder should be going into peoples food. On a scale of 1-10 for strength, I give them an 8. They hold up, but after a bit of use, they will tear and need to be replaced.

- joann constantine

I go through a ton of gloves in a week and these gloves I really like. My employees like them as well because they don't have powder.

- patricia brennan

I ordered these for a Halloween project for the kids at the Ronald McDonald House. They're the perfect size. I needed clear and these fit the bill perfectly.

- anna strahs watts

Bought these to see what the difference was compared to the mediums - same quality, not prone to tearing - I am usually a small (5'2", small frame) and would definitely recommend these for someone maybe a little smaller than me. They fit for just one of our employees - she's about 5' and 100 pounds. The medium seems to be the "fits most" size!

- phil riehl

These vinyl gloves are sturdy and durable. They're powder free which means your hands don't feel gross after using them. The small size is great for our employees.

- ross barnard

High quality glove for the money. Best price I found on the internet. Be sure to bulk buy with items like these to save on your shipping.

- daphne cheng

These gloves fit very snugly so you really must have small hands. If you do, they are great and allow you to work with gloves without the extra plastic hanging around.

- stacy scott

I have small hands and prefer to use vinyl gloves vs. latex. These were perfect! Fit my hands and fingers just right. Feels like I'm not wearing gloves so they do not get in the way of my food preparation and handling which is very important.

- allyson seadler

Though we don't go through many of this size of these gloves, we do use these gloves of different sizes all day everyday and have been doing so for year. These gloves have never given us any reason to think about switching brands.

- xiaolu hou

This is a great product for my small hands. Especially convenient for when I'm rolling cake balls for cake pops and handling cake gems or chocolate truffles.

- delete account

We have not been able to get the correct size gloves for our kitchen from our old distributor, so we tried these and they are the perfect fit for our female kitchen staff. They have a good grip and don't slip which is very important in a kitchen environment.

- peter homick

These gloves are a great, inexpensive, great quality product. My entire staff loves them and I will purchase them again. Great job Webstaurant store!!! Thanks for carrying such great products!

- hanh cong

The glove is very durable. It rarely tears while doing work. The feel is also very good. It also does not dry my skin. This is a great product!

- leticia silva womack

I use these to handle fondant, they help for when you color fondant (so the food color doesnt stain your hands as you incorporate it and knead) as well as to keep the fondant from sticking to your fingers. This was my first time using vinyl as opposed to latex and I have to say vinyl is a lot more "plastic" feeling and it felt harder to stretch. I have small hands and these fit to the T. I would get latex next time, but these got the job done.

- michael law

Nice to have for the food prep areas. We got the small size and they do run small, but work great for those with petite hands.

- mrujal patel

Noble gloves are excellent choice for food service business. very sturdy gloves will not tear with rough use. I highly recommend it buying it from WEBstaurant as you cant find it for this price any where else.

- john hart

We have tried all kinds of different brands of gloves. The workers keep coming back to this brand as it just holds up much better .

- stefan fraundorfer

I used these for kids cooking classes to avoid the hassle of allergies. They are great. Easy on and easy off. The fit was well for kids ages 11-15. Sturdy. Not too worried about ripping easily.

- greg degrandis

These gloves are the only ones we use now. The quality is good and they are so much less expensive than other brands. We highly reccomend them To anyone

- chris chimera

We go through a lot of gloves when we tie dye at school. These gloves are inexpensive, fit the kids well and have not had any issues with latex allergy since I switched.

- jennifer bitetto

Their gloves...they do the job. Size is true and they fit snug. A must for commercial kitchens and catering. Much better than the loose plastic gloves.

- barbara mellor

Great Price, great fit. Really like the gloves I bought, they are durable and wear well. The powder free option is the best ! I will order again.

- travis farewell

Got these small gloves so those needing them would have a better fitting pair. They work well, and no need to worry about latex allergies.

- athalia lyons

Great buy because sanitation is key when preparing food for others. Those helping me wore these and they liked them as well. Will buy again

- cheryl shapiro

I like this brand (Noble) of gloves because they don't break as easily as some other brands. You can actually take them off and put them back on.

- laura nacamuli

I have purchased these gloves several times in all sizes. They go on easily, hold up well and the box they come in is compact so it doesn’t take up much space. Great price too! Recommended!

- cindy alm

These gloves work great. They come in a small box rather than a larger one with more gloves. They fit great in the wall rack that I bought. They are quite small, but fit those girls who have tiny hands.

- daniel matuki da cunha

The product is excellent, the material is really resistant and the size fits perfectly. The Webstaurant store has a extremely fast shipping! I received the product in less them 24 hours, I will definitely buy again with them.

- casey benander

wonderful product and work very well for their purpose. We would order more in heart beat when we need them. Fit great and aren't Dusty or smell bad which often happens with plastic gloves

- jamen miller

These gloves are awesome for everyday store needs. The gloves themselves are easy to put on and to take off for disposal. And a perfect fit for small lady hands.

- cheri lewzader

Great product! I've looked other places in my own town and they were so much more expensive. I'm so glad that I did my research and found these. They are cheaper by at least half. My only negative with these gloves is that they are a little loose around the wrist but other than that they have a great fit.

- matt guba

Good quality gloves that is pretty easy to get on and off, as long as you have completely dry hands (but thats not always the case). This small size is quite small, but is a good size for petite hands.

- sarah bricker

The small is not only strong but fits like a second skin. This glove is easy to wear and has a long enough cuff so it won't slip off of my hand.

- joyce taladua

This gloves is perfect for household use. Cleaning purpose and for food service too. Very affordable and durable. I highly recommend this product. Must try! I give five star to this gloves!

- kristin govea

Good quality glove used in our bakery / deli on a daily basis for multiple purposes. I would recommend purchasing all of the different sizes, however it is nice to have a smaller pair without a lot of extra vinyl around your hand.

- serena pham

I'm glad I ordered these because they are by far THE BEST gloves I've ever used to prep foods. They feel comfortable and very durable.

- gwyneth johnstone

These are by far the most durable disposable gloves I have ever used. They hold up fantastically. Especially like the longer cuff to the glove.

- steven thiele

I bought these gloves in multiple sizes and I believe they all fit true to size. They are very durable with a long cuff and if you buy these in cases its a great saving!!

- julia whitten

You can also use the Box of 100 Noble Products Small Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves to clean off the apple iphone 5s. These gloves work great for keeping finger prints off of your phone.

- miriam gluck

I;ve purchased the Noble powder free gloves in small, medium, and large. Great product and a good price. The small ones would only be good for a child or someone with particularly small hands.

- eric lam

Very nice product, it fits my hands perfectly, and give a natural feeling as if I don't have gloves on. I would recommend this product.

- bridget demaine ekstrom

I use these gloves while decorating my cookies when I need to keep my hands covered but still have dexterity for my detail work. Powder-free is definitely key! These gloves fit perfectly and are a great price!

- erin tucker

Gloves are good drawing in durable, the small size are very small or a very small petite and, gloves can last for more than one application if carefully taken off and on - a good product & we will buy again

- tina meseck

I like these gloves the best of brands I've tried. They fit well and still allow normal use of my hands to do my work.

- casandra meck

Bought these to use during the pandemic, now epsilon continue to use them on a daily basis! Great price, will purchase again! Very durable, easy to wear!

- jana brosenitsch

I love these gloves. I have very small hands and these fit so nice without a lot of room. I make lots of sandwiches and meat slicing with them. So gloves give you a rash but no with these ones. The price is very good compared to local stores.

- neth banas

These vinyl gloves fit perfectly with my small hands. I use these for food prep, cleaning and washing dishes. They are small, durable and great price!

- william presswood

These gloves don't seem to tear like the others I have used in the past. An amazing value at this price. A must have for every kitchen

- marina howard

I have fairly small hands and every glove I've ever used in all the restaurants I've worked in over the years were too big. I ordered these in size small and they fit me like a second skin. It makes all the things I hand-roll a breeze now that I am not constantly pulling my gloves back down into place. Do yourself a favor and buy a case. If you go through them like I do, you'll thank yourself.

- anna miller

Great gloves for small hands and they don't leave the powder residue behind. Protects your hands from harsh chemicals and touching foods that can be contaminated. They do rip easy, but overall great addition to our kitchen.

- zhong tan

These powder free vinyl gloves works well. They are good to use , they are disposable so we brought in lots for a low price.

- ashleigh luna

These gloves are great. I bought small and large and the small are just a bit tight on me and I have very small hands. For some things, that is better though because then your glove isn't slipping off!

- joyce vinson

Highly Recommend this product! Our employees wear gloves at all times when we serve ice cream to our customers, and these are the best we have found!

- david smith

These gloves are ideal for food prep since they contain no powder which could get into the food. They aren’t as easy to get on when wet vs. the powdered kind, but it was never an issue for me. They are thin enough to provide good sensitivity while wearing them too. The size small were a bit too tight for me (I usually use a size medium), and since they are vinyl they don’t stretch much.

- katherine jones

These gloves are really small. They are good quality, but very small. I ordered them for the women in our shop, but they were way to small. No one was able to use them. We all used all of our size Large and then the Mediums, but they were also a bit snug. These must be for very tiny hands.

- s. snyder

I really like this brand of gloves. I wear a pair of gloves every time Inwork with raw meat or anything smelly like onions or garlic...My hands are well protected from bacteria and odors.

- treva pasquarelli

I really like Noble products. I have the medium size of these vinyl gloves and got these smaller ones for my employees that have smaller hands. They are thick enough not to easily tear, but they are also thin enough that I can still have a feel of the food I am working with.

- jimmy phu

these glove fit so well that i will have to order again when i run out. i just started serving ice cream and this is what the food service people wanted us to use.

- russell hudson

We go though so so many disposable gloves. Its important to have a supplier that offers a great price. Glad we found web. there are nice quality

- julie lockhart

These gloves are great for small hands! These are durable and easy to get on. Overall a good value as well. Will purchase these gloves again.

- susan curtis

These are stronger than basic gloves you can find elsewhere, great for basic food prep. Size small seemed to run a little large, not an issue for most tasks.

- law hong lam

To be honest, this size is a bit small for me. It's fit my hands, but it's hard to wear if my hand have a bit water. The quality is good, and the product is cheap. will recommend people buy this. But need to think about the size before buying this gloves.

- hai nguyen

These are amazing for meat handling. The disposable gloves are simply too thin for that and they tear much too easy. They are also powder-free.

- billie jo tolner

size small work great for little hands like my youngest son who presses the hamburgers for us. plus the idea of not having powder on our hands when serving food makes me feel better about serving it.

- rocio sheyko

Vinyl Gloves are GREAT. we use them all the time on our food truck. The smalls fit perfectly. and I have continued to purchased for the future.

- cristin grzadzinski

Perfect gloves for daily food service. Sizes fit just right. These gloves are a much better quality than other brands that tend to rip easily

- nicole patterson

These gloves are great for everyday use. They are also a great price for the number of pairs in each box. They are very durable.

- megan alig

These gloves are way past small. I would recommend medium size even for a smaller handed person. They tore a lot when some of the chefs tried to use them.

- katherine sprung

Excellent quality and very economical disposable vinyl gloves. Perfect for foodservice or any art project where you don't want supplies or paints to contact your hands. The power free is a great version, and you won't have any residue on your hands when you remove them. The vinyl is great too for anyone who might have a latex allergy.

- andrew hefele

We go through tons of gloves in our bakery, and these are a great glove for the price, but they do run a bit small so we ended up having to order more sizes than originally planned. They aren't quite as stretchy as some other vinyl gloves we've used (a little "tougher" feeling), but it seems that they held up a bit longer because of that.

- ashman bolle

I use these when making my homemade fondant for my cakes as well as coloring my fondant and they work perfectly. I do not have any problems with my gloves fitting my hands and they slip right off when i am done with them. I would recommend this product to anyone.

- alan lieu

I love these glove, so much better then the clear plastic glove. I would totally buy again. I would also recommend to my friends that has business.

- hani kurtpinar

This product is exactly what I was looking for. It feels light on hands yet sturdy to use it for food handling. It's true to size too, if you are using petite this product is for you!

- barbara kang

These gloves are powder free but I haven't had any trouble fitting to them. Perfect for wearing when handling food items and actually quite comfortable to wear

- chris lawrence

These gloves are perfect for general cleaning or food service applications. Soft vinyl is comfortable to wear and hold up well under normal use. Size small seems to be consistent with other glove types.

- adam de caul

Comes in small box and it is pretty easy to pull out the gloves. Gloves are strong and we use at our bar for preparing crepes and smoothies.

- elijah

I absolutely love this product! This noble products small powder free disposable vinyl gloves are great for the food service! These gloves are great quality!

- haide thorntkn

This easy to put in my hand. Last month I had a big party I used this for cutting some meats. I will but more in few month.

- sumer ortiz

These do the job! They are strong and don't rip and even though they are size small, it you have REALLY small hands, I recommend getting an extra small.

- phi dong

Nice and durable. These fit me well and don't leave a lot of loose areas like some other gloves so I can still feel what I'm doing. So far they seem perfect for light prep and cleaning.

- jacqueline cermak

I have small hands so I ordered these gloves because the ones at work are way too big. These gloves are small but just a little to snug. Better off ordering the medium unless your hands are really, really small.

- diandrea allen

The gloves are perfect for petite hand. I purchase them in a size small. They are very strong and they dont rip easily. I highly recommend

- ken robitaille

Decent glove, easy to pull on and off, there does seem to be more than enough powder to do the trick. May cause a slight irritation.

- brook noble butt

Small is a very accurate description. I ordered these because I do have small hands and gloves usually just slip off and get tangled, however, these are so small that they are extremely difficult to get on. Would probably be Perfect for a 9 or 10 yr. old child though... The Mediums fit me much better...

- angelica olmo

This product is totally necessary in my business, the vinyl gloves are powder free so make them perfect for the food service. Unique for pastry decorations, fondant and serving bakery desserts. Very good quality! I absolutely recommend this product!

- edvin vartanian

This product Noble Products Small Powder-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice is a must have product in every kitchen. Ive used it for cooking, baking, cleaning and i love it! I bought 2 boxes of this product and i am happy with my purchase. Will definitely buy more!

- larry power

very high quality gloves that are built to last and are very easy to work in because of great comfort and durability/ have bought these many times with zero complaints.

- carla joyner

The gloves are very durable; however, they are smaller than I expected. I ordered the small because I have small hands and thought they would slip off when I worked with dough. I will reorder a medium next time.

- monica milburn

Many smaller students--boys and girls--in junior high like the small glove for a snug fit. It has the same performance as every other size and is great for all of the concessions and foods labs we conduct in class.

- sheila nelson

These are nice gloves. I did read some reviews saying there was yellow gunk on their gloves. The first few boxes were just fine. i didn't notice anything. However, on this most recent box, I did notice a little yellow gunk on the gloves. Just a little. Not enough to be tossed out. For the most part they were strong, but the rate of tears vs the Safety Zone gloves I originally purchased from Amazon were higher. These tend to rip more often than the Safety Zone gloves. They are a great quality for the price though.

- zhiwei lin

These gloves are the best because they are lightweight on you're hands. Not only that but they are good for people with smaller hands such as our servers.

- sarda desmond

Great gloves for elementary kids for when are cooking at school making apple butter and cutting berries. They are easy to put and take off.

- cassady carter

Although designed with food service and food handling in mind, these gloves can also be used for quick custodial services. The gloves have a natural feel and don’t feel heavy on the hands.

- tony ngo

Gloves are great as long as you have dry hands. They rip pretty easy otherwise. They are a good fit and works for what we need them too.

- sandy ferrell

Not as nice (expensive) as nitrile, but not as flimsy as poly, which is exactly what I was looking for. The Small is a bit tight so I'll order Mediums next time.

- melyce kenyon

We use these gloves for all operations in the café. They are great quality and they are affordable. I buy them in all sizes and my employees love them.

- jonathan iannazzo-simmons

Great quality and great price! We use these in our salad shop. We found that the small didn't get used as much as the L/XL options.

- sammi arden

I purchased these to use in my own kitchen. They fit comfortably and they have saved my hands from cuts and dryness. Love them! 5 Stars!

- amisha jay dalwadi

These gloves have been great! Just what we need! They are vinyl, powder-free and latex free. We started getting these when we were looking for latex free gloves. Have been happy with them!

- robyn thordarson

These gloves are thick, sturdy and fit well. They dispense easily from the box and are easy to get on and off. Love that they are powder-less.

- sayat ozyilmaz

This powder free vinyl glove fits your hand like a glove. It's not porous and keeps water out. It's great at staying on as well.

- kyler roney

These are not durable at all. They rip every time I use them. The only pluses are that the small fits perfectly and they protect against latex allergies, otherwise they are awful.

- vanish brewery

Gloves are good however, the size is a little small. Hard to put on while your hands are moist from washing hands. Need to order a size larger for easy usage.

- anna amorino

My go-to vinyl gloves. The quality is great for the price and it doesn't rip easily. Perfect fit. It feels very comfortable which makes working with food easily.

- paul miyasato

These gloves are excellent for working in any restaurant atmosphere or in an nail salon. And if you find that you need gloves that are stronger they have a very wide selection to choose from. Thanks

- athenia parks

Very durable, powder free, and the best part is that they are the actual size that they advertise, these are a must have around the kitchen.

- shasta garland

I use these gloves to handle ready to eat pastries. I do not have any complaints about these. I am a petite person and the small fits great.

- chris cardo

Our team loves these gloves. They do not feel weird like other gloves. Easy to put on and take off and do not leave the odd residue on your hands. These gloves are great and we will continue to purchase these.

- joshua lackey

This is probably one of the best vinyl gloves I have ever bought and used. It does not tear easy when putting the gloves on. They stretch over your hand nicely without having to struggle.

- danae schrock

These work great for my small but busy restaurant. They are exactly as described and they hold up very well in a really busy kitchen

- kelly yen

I have been searching for these gloves everywhere and glad to find it here and for a great price. I like the thickness but it is not too thick to inhibit movement.

- mehmet cetik

Very strong and durable gloves. Great for any kind of kitchen and serving tasks and hold well. We are very happy and will continue to order

- james mitchell

I find myself buying boxes and boxes amid these small vinyl gloves by noble because of how high in quality these gloves are made. They’re great to have and use for anything.

- michael wilks

Noble small powder free gloves are the best food service industry gloves. The small vinyl gloves are a perfect fit for those who have petite hands.

- jessie vella

These gloves are incredibly durable and have great elasticity to stretch. This is an excellent product made by noble products. Highly recommend buying these gloves for food service or for food prep.

- jana laviolette

These are great for small hands— the small is truly a small sized glove and fit perfectly. I use them all the time in my bakery.

- rachel eaglin

They are a little snug I like the medium size better. But they still do the job and they are nice to have for cooking and marinating meats and messy jobs

- karen kann

Great feel to these gloves. There's no "pull" in either direction. I've used a lot of gloves over the years and I love these, I get a small, fits my hand (resting size 5" wide, 6" tall).

- alicia elliott

These fit well on dry hands. If they're wet at all they can take some time to put on. the box opening can also be tricky break open. The perforations don't really work.

- cassandra aran

These vinyl gloves are great for our cookie shop! The vinyl is somewhat thick but it is very comfortable on your hand so you do not lose feeling!

- danielle ann young

These gloves are easy to get on/off when you need to move quickly. Due to the material, they will tear/cut easily and may not work for all of your needs.

- lisa forney

Perfect size gloves. Great price for the bulk order. I have been using them for my cakepop classes. I plan to order all gloves in the future from here

- mihwa palmieri

These are great gloves. I’ve purchased other brands from another site and these are the best ones. There is no smell (others have had a bad odor to the gloves) and it fits perfectly.

- reg mercado

Great product for the price. A good way to keep your costs down in a sanitary way. These gloves are strong and do not tear easily.

- nicole melone

These gloves came as promised, size was accurate and they seem to be good quality and the box was in perfect shape, no complaints here!

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