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Noble Products Elevated 7-Slot Dispenser with 7 Dissolvable 1" Day of the Week Label Rolls

Item #: 322DDISPKIT2
  • Complete set with dispenser and dissolvable labels; 1000 labels per roll
  • Elevated design for easy dispensing and label rotation
  • Labels are safe for septic and sewer systems
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Convenient shape and size

Elevate your complete food rotation labeling system with Noble Products 7-slot label dispenser kit! This kit provides your restaurant, bakery, or catering service with optimum organization and efficiency, coming equipped with 7 separate rolls of dissolvable day-of-the-week labels (1000 / Roll) - a roll for every day of the week. Each label has white space for writing and has the day written in three languages: English, French, and Spanish. Once put in the dishwasher or placed under hot or cold running water, these labels dissolve off the container and are microwave safe! Safe for septic and sewer systems, these convenient labels are perfect for your food service establishment. This kit comes ready to use and ideal for hosting your complete food rotation labeling system!

Be able to organize and dispense up to seven 1" wide label rolls (included) with this 7-slot 1" plastic label dispenser. Help keep your kitchen staff or other employees as organized as possible and ensure food safety! This dispenser is great for First In, First Out (FIFO) organization of perishables for high food quality and minimized waste. Hold and quickly dispense labels. Its design lets you see what labels are stored in each row, and it keeps labels protected from water, spills, and other liquids that may be on the counter top. Complete with a lifetime guarantee, this dispenser will always be in top operating condition!

This Kit Includes:
(1) 7-Slot Label Dispenser
(1) Noble Products Sunday Dissolvable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case
(1) Noble Products Monday Dissolvable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case
(1) Noble Products Tuesday Dissolvable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case
(1) Noble Products Wednesday Dissolvable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case
(1) Noble Products Thursday Dissolvable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case
(1) Noble Products Friday Dissolvable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case
(1) Noble Products Saturday Dissolvable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Case<

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 9 1/4"
Width: 5 3/5"
Height: 3 1/6"
Label Width: 1"
Label Length: 1"


Product Reviews

- Stephanie W.

Perfect for labeling our food containers and makes it easy to identify. Saves on clean up and we don't have to worry about scrubbing with it's dissolving capabilities when being washed.

- Jason B.

These stickers are very expensive but also work very well. If you have products that need labeling for fifo reasons these are the top of the line.

- Valorie V.

Great product. I like have the dispenser for the day labels. It makes it much easier to keep up with them and we don't waste any this way. The dissolvable labels wash right off containers.

- Jennifer B.

This product works well for my business needs. it is solidly built and looks nice. The one thing I would change is to take the writing off the bottom part of the label - with the day on the top and the logo on the bottom, it leaves little room for writing.

- Todd T.

This label dispenser is easy to use, economical and makes my Department of Health inspector and my kitchen staff happy! This was well worth the purchase.

- Danny

Great set to have around. It easily dispenses the sticker and also makes it easy to switch out when you need to replace them. I always have a spare too.

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