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Noble Products Thursday 1" Removable Day of the Week Label - 1000/Roll

Item #: 322U515B
  • Brown print makes it easily identifiable
  • Eliminates the need to mark food storage containers
  • Completely removable adhesive, no water needed; mild label adhesive won't leave residue
  • Trilingual label for English, Spanish, and French speaking employees
  • Assists in your complete food rotation labeling system
  • For optimal and easy removal, avoid getting the label wet. It works best to remove it in dry conditi

Use this Noble Products Thursday removable day of the week label to keep your kitchen and pantry organized! Great for First In, First Out (FIFO) organization of perishable items, this 1" round label features a brown border on the bottom and brown print on a white background, making it easily identifiable. Since it's preprinted with the day of the week on it, staff will only need to fill in a date or intials in the blank space, and any other product descriptors. This ultimately saves time and makes it easy to always know exactly what you're pulling out of the fridge or freezer. This trilingual label features "Thursday" written in French, Spanish, and English for additional convenience.

You can safely put this mild adhesive label on any food storage container without worrying that it will be marked up. AFter you're done using it this label's convenient, removable adhesive backing easily pulls off surfaces without leaving a sticky residue behind, unless it accidently becomes wet, so you don't have to worry about it building up in your drains as well. It's also conveniently microwave safe, so you don't have to go through the hassle of switching containers to reheat food! This label is the perfect addition to your labeling process so you can create a system helping your establishment conform to health code standards and proper food rotation practices.

Overall Dimensions:
Diameter: 1"


Product Reviews

- Manager

This little dynamo is an effective label. It has an area to write on it. The adhesive on the back is adequate & is easily removed from plastic or metal containers. Priced right, as well!!!

- Stephanie A.

We like these day labels because they are brightly colored so they easily catch customers' eyes. It helps employees know when to throw things out and customers know when to eat them.

- Eugene P.

great product. Excellent customer service. delivery on time. prduct works great and labels remove easily after use during normal dishwashing.will purchase again if needed. Thanks

- Phil R.

These labels are so convenient and helpful. They stick really well but also come off easily when needed. The quality is impressive. Overall great buy!

- Candy L.

These little labels are great addition to our cafe. They help to identify the day a particular product is prepared especially with the different color code for each day of the week.

- Eric K.

Great stickers for the kitchen! A must need for any kitchen that wants to be organized! Sticks easily to plastic wrap! Easy to write on! Great replacement for day label dispensers!

- John E.

These tri-lingual labels work great in conjunction with the plastic holder for any establishment looking to be rid of the masking tape system of container labeling.

- Michael J.

I would definitely recommend keeping these on hand in your restaurant, if you do not already. I know that we would be lost without our rolls.

- STARTER's -.

We have used theses day labels for many years now and love them as they are in color coded and three languages and wash of easy ,great value

- Jennifer V.

I purchased the entire weeks worth of day labels and the dispener I got a super great price on all of it! I checked other sites and pricing for the set was double or triple what I paid here.

- Nima E.

a must have for food cost control. I wish they would remove with out leaving a sticky glue. but not to bad order all the days.

- Michael J.

Recently I began strictly making sure these stickers were used to help cut costs and it worked so well. It's just a matter of having them available and making it habit. We now throw away significantly less food.

- Brittani L.

I have every day of the week in these. they help my workers so much and save a ton of time with marking and making the dates visable!! And so cheap!!

- Daniel S.

It says the day on it, all you have to do is write the date and the name of the product and you are good to go! Great product!

- John H.

This stickers are awesome. They stick great to any container you need to use them on different colors help keep track of the days and have lots of room to write the date and what product is in container.

- Jennifer L.

This sticker is unlike the rest. It is easy to get off of containers and after accidentally getting wet and stays on well for up to a week.

- Jeff B.

These day labels are very helpful in our restaurant, We use them to make sure that we are keeping everything fresh, they are inexpensive and do the job needed very easily. Overall great product!!!

- Travis F.

Marking food items for food safety is one of the most important things a restaurant needs to do. With this color coded label, you can clearly mark that the food was placed in the container on a Thursday then simply write down the date.

- Chris B.

We love these labels because you can get a roll for each day individually or you can buy 7 at a time with the dispenser. Great price, easy to use, easy to read and they come off when washing.

- Julia W.

Used the Noble Products Thursday 1" Removable Day of the Week Label - 1000 / Roll to label precooked scrambled egg patties. Make sure you also put the date on it to ensure you don’t' eat expired food.

- Lenny C.

I love using these labels behind the line in the kitchen and even for bar fruits! I like to write in the date just to be extra careful !

- James D.

These are an essential part of any FIFO rotation system. They're color-coded so they're super easy and fast to identify and they remove with no residue. Can't beat the price, either!

- Tracy H.

Again Great quaility, super price, wonderful timing on shipping the product, good contruction, love the shape of the sticker. Easy to read, we will be ordering more soon.

- Michael P.

Like the other days, this set is not really good unless you have all the days. We tend to go through more of these because of the way our kitchen is set up. Good product, does what it's supposed to.

- Ryan V.

Love these. Will keep buying them from here. definitely a lot cheaper and the same product as what i get from my major food distributor.

- Stephen B.

We use these date stickers frequently at New Deli, for our display apples and stored apples and for teas and lemonades. They look nice and work well.

- Patricia H.

These day of the week food labels are really handy. They stick on well, but when we want to remove them they come off nicely as well.

- Mardee B.

We find this product is easy to use, can be removed, and has the space to include a date if needed. We make lots of corsages for prom and these will help us organize them. We coordinate an order with a letter and number, C1 being corsage and B1 being for bouts. We use a sticker for the product of C1 on the corsage box and B1 on the bout. We put our orders and product in numerical order so they can be found much easier than an alphabetical name.

- Cathy L.

We saw these while we were looking for other items. we bought the whole system -- the dispenser and all 7 days. They are very handy and the dispenser adds one more level of ease of use.

- Cheryl L.

These are excellent for things that are baked to know when you made them. We use them everyday on baked items, this way we know it is fresh

- Haras S.

These labels help us differentiate the date we made products. Without these labels we would be lost. The stick well to plastic wrap and don't fall off which is a plus.

- Viletta

Another great bright color, sticks nicely to the products, no falling off!! I like that the colors are all different for each day of the week.

- Juanell P.

Noble Products Thursday 1" Removable Day of the Week Label - 1000/Roll for labels help you identify when you put your product into storage

- Kyle K.

A great refill for the removable say of the week label stickers that came with my Noble brand elevated 7-slot dispenser for 1" day of the week stickers!

- Tomas S.

It's easy to write on them or put a date stamp. We love this colorful stickers. It's really easy to organize the fridge and make sure that you have always only fresh products available.


We love this product because it helps to have an order with every day, whatever you decide to use will generate in you give an order in your things. We recommend it for people who are organized. Guided by the different colors or name day. Its design we love, its size is perfect

- Jason H.

I love these noble day of week labels. Takes the guesswork out of food rotation. The color coding is also a nice touch and there is a small space to write on the label if needed

- Bistro L.

These are really great product I'm very happy with my purchase these are necessity and restaurants for proper food storage these are great for that

- Chi H.

This is exactly what we need it. This label works great for us. It can not be beat. The price and the quality are great.

- Samantha N.

Color coding helps me keep all products organized and helps rotate the items. Easy to peal off and stick. Sometimes hard to remove before washing.

- Paul V.

We use these stickers to date portioned out ingredients such as meat for subs. We also use them to label and date sauce bottles, and they stick well.

- Thomas H.

does what they are designed to do and decent price. buy the whole week instead of just the singles.. cheaper to buy 7 days versus 6 days

- Debbie B.

Product is as shown, holds up well, fairly easy to remove from lids (if used that way). Only downside noted is that if you use the dispenser, occasionally a "jam" will occur where labels do not come off tape.

- Jeff J.

Very helpful having stickers for everyday of the week. Easy to write on the sicker if you need to. The stickers are easy to get off when you are done with them but are sticky enough to stay on.

- Jason M.

This one thousand roll of Noble Products one inch Thursday Removable Day of the Week Labels has worked very well. I have been impressed and a little surprised at how many we have used. I would like to see additional sizes available in the future. I would order again.


Good solution for day marking, the fact that they are color coded and have multiple languages makes food rotation easy for everyone. Does not leave residue on pans unless the sticker gets wet.

- Nicole

I have two children and much like others a busy lifestyle these stickers help keep us on track with knowing when our meals need to be eaten!

- Laura S.

easy to peel of the roll but really hard to get out of the containers.. if you put it in the dishwasher they will stick and only can be removed with alcohol..

- Ted C.

The Thursday 1" Removable Day of the Week Labels are almost TOO removable. The adhesive doesn't last very long, unfortunately. We will not be purchasing these again. We need the stickers to last longer.

- Adam K.

Useless... Opened from ploy wrap and stickers were falling off. Maybe a bad batch but have no stick what so ever... Seems to be the normal with these items lately..

- Jessica K.

We use these day of the week stickers in our kitchen for dating. They are affordable, easy to dispense, and very convenient. They come off most wet surfaces fairly easily but can adhere to some plastics.

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