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Noble Warewashing DG Low Temperature Single Rack Glass Washer / Dishwasher

Item #: 495NOWFDGX
  • Proudly made in America for quality and durability
  • Cleans 40 racks or 1440 glasses per hour with a 90 second operating cycle
  • Powerful 1 hp wash pump motor and a heat element that maintains final rise temperatures
  • Easy-to-access electromechanical controls
  • Built-in waste accumulator
  • Durable 304 stainless steel construction

At a perfect underbar height of 39", the Noble Warewashing DG dishwasher conserves water, energy, and most importantly, space. Ideal for both glassware and dishware, this machine can accommodate products up to 11 1/2" high. It accepts regular racks or half racks to work with smaller storage spaces. A highly efficient, 1 hp wash pump provides plenty of power, and can clean up to 40 racks, or 1440 glasses per hour!

An auto-fill design and 3-way dispensing system for detergent, rinse additive, and sanitizer produces excellent results every time, while a sustaining heating element maintains final rinse temperatures between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Electromechanical controls and a push-button start allow for incredible ease of use, in addition to a door safety switch to ensure safe operation.

Other helpful features include adjustable bullet feet, swing-out control box, dial temperature gauge, decline/manual wash switch, and a gravity drain. Durable 304 stainless steel construction adds extended durability.

The Noble Warewashing DG glass washer/dishwasher requires a 115V single phase electrical connection.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 25 1/4"
Depth: 24 1/2"
Height: 39''

Interior Dimensions:
Width: 20 1/4"
Depth: 20 1/2"
Height: 11 1/2''


Product Reviews

- Georgia D.

Great addition for our bar area. Space saving too, now we don't have to have a 3 compartment sink. We know our glasses get really clean and they are readily available for a busy bartender. Machine is also more quiet than expected. A little pricey but convenience out weighs that!

- Timur

My dislike of doing dishes turned most of the counter space of my small Manhattan kitchen into physics-defying stacks of procrastination. This countertop dishwasher takes up about 60% of usable counter space in my apartment, a sacrifice I'm willing to make but for city dwellers, definitely measure it out.

- Philip D.

We bought this dishwasher just over a year ago. Has been in use for only glassware and not on a very busy schedule. Peri pum broke on it already. We've had several problems with loose parts (poorly assembled) Lots of rust showing on the sides of drawer already (supposed to be stainless). Now if you are looking for someone to service this it's nearly impossible, they won't touch this brand, they don't like it. If you try to order or find parts, it's another adventure. I don't recommend buying parts from Webstaurant, it's difficult to navigate the parts offering, you enter the manufacturer's number and you don't find the parts. When you find the spare parts you will notice that they charge a very high price for shipping, much more than anything else on their site. They make up for the cheap parts and item in their shipping rates. It's outrageous!

- Andrew J.

Purchased this unit for a new bar in July, have had the product hooked up an in use for less than 6 weeks and in use less than 21 hours a week. Unit has already blown the motor. Spoke with Webstaurant and was sent to Manufacturer for warranty repair. Manufacturer is refusing to warranty because there was no serial number supplied order or on invoice. Not very pleased with the way this has been handled.

- Barry L.

Worst product I’ve ever purchased and some of the worst companies to deal with. Install was a nightmare as they welded the drainage pipe on the wrong way on the machine. The installer had to improvise and come up with another way to connect to drain. Finally got it going and we barely got 4 days out of it before it stopped working. After multiple calls to Noble and Webstaurant and being passed from one to the other, Noble finally gave us a local company that honors their warranty and does their work. 3 times this week, they have cancelled. Other companies won’t touch it Incase it ruins my warranty. I have almost paid double for this machine at this stage. Closing my account with Webstaurant too once this is resolved. Shop elsewhere. Should be Zero star but 1 is minimum allowed

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