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Noble Warewashing 1-HH-NO Low Temperature Door Type Dishwasher - 115V

Item #: 495NOWF1HHX
  • Cleans 39 racks per hour while only using 1.61 gallons of water per rack
  • 27" high door and tall hood
  • 1 hp wash pump motor and anti-clog spray nozzles ensure quality wash
  • Dump and fill design provides fresh water for each cycle; scrap accumulator keeps waste from clogging drains
  • Easily accessible, top-mounted controls and auto-start technology can be used by operators of all skill levels

Quickly, easily, and efficiently clean full racks of used dishes with the Noble Warewashing 1-HH-NO low temp dual functionality door type dish machine! This tall dish machine is designed to clean up to 39 racks per hour using a fully automatic, 90 second cycle to keep up with your busiest hours. Thanks to its 27" high compartment, this machine can hold anything from a full size sheet pan to a 60 qt. mixing bowl.

For easy operation, this dish machine has top-mounted controls to adjust settings to the ideal points for your business, and an electromechanical timer for audible alerts. The auto-start feature begins cleaning cycles on its own to speed up wash times, while the simple design accepts one dish rack at a time. A built-in delimer function is controlled by a simple switch so you can clear out any hard water deposits after a long day, while a removable scrap accumulator and internal sump help keep the machine operating at top performance.

This dish machine comes with a wash thermometer, which allows you to accurately monitor internal temperatures during use. Three internal pumps dispense detergent, rinse agent, and sanitizer with low-level indicator lights to let you know when refills are needed, providing accurate real-time alerts. To accommodate your dishroom layout, this machine is field convertible between straight and corner configurations. The stainless steel construction aids in corrosion resistance while maintaining the structural integrity you need for hard, daily use. This unit requires a 115V electrical connection.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 30 3/8"
Depth: 29 1/2"
Height: 79"


Product Reviews

- tablemade

I'd highly encourage you to purchase a dishwasher unit from a local dealer, versus Webstaurant. We purchased this unit, along with the extended warranty, online. It came rather quickly and was installed by a licensed plumber. Despite the unit having a dedicated water heater, the unit doesn't exceed 130 degrees. The dishes come out soaking wet so figured there was something wrong with the machine. It's low temp so the expectation isn't that it comes out dry but it shouldn't come out drenched, based on our prior experience with other units. Regardless, we assumed something was wrong with the machine so we were encouraged by both Webstaurant and our plumber to schedule a service call. Only three companies within our area service Noble products and we went SmartCare. They came out rather quickly BUT never shared any pricing data. I even asked about a service charge but they shared that based on when we purchase the unit (less than a month at the time) we'd be covered. They wouldn't allow an appointment to be scheduled without a card on file (my second mistake to being the unit). The person who came out found no issues and encouraged us to buy a heater booster. A few weeks later, we then got charged $330.03....when nothing was done and the technician was here for maybe 15 minutes? Therefore, DO NOT DO IT. Buy locally, either through EcoLab or Hobart, and get served by their company technicians. This experience has left a super sour taste in our mouths. Webstaurant is a key vendor for us but we won't be purchasing appliances or anything that requires service from them. They are just a platform so, with those types of items requiring more support like appliances, you'll go through hoops trying to get service EVEN if you purchase the additional warranty.

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