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Noble Products 6 Qt. Green Cleaning Pail

Item #: 511KP196GNBL
  • Trilingual labeling in English, Spanish, and French
  • Green color helps to avoid cross-contaminating buckets and solutions
  • Adheres to HACCP guidelines
  • Embossed text on the top of the pail states the bucket's purpose
  • Quart and liter gradations inside the pail ensure accurate mixing

Easily distinguish detergent from sanitizer solutions with this Noble Products 6 qt. green cleaning pail! This cleaning pail features everything you need to ensure employee compliance with health codes. English and French instructions are included on the bucket's front panel, and English and Spanish are located on the back panel. The green color helps to avoid cross-contaminating buckets and solutions, and it adheres to HACCP guidelines. Further, embossed text on the top of the pail provides clear direction of the bucket's purpose.

This cleaning pail's convenient bail handle makes it easy to move the pail from one location to the next. The pail's sturdy plastic construction gives it the strength it needs to withstand years of commercial use, so you can remain confident in its performance. For accurate mixing of your cleaning solutions, inside the pail are quart and liter gradations that make mixing quick, easy, and efficient.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 8 1/4"
Width: 8 1/4"
Height: 7 7/16"
Capacity: 6 quarts


Product Reviews

- kendra daniels

Love these, great size for wiping down tables and the clear labeling is very helpful for my staff. The handles wear out eventually but it takes awhile.

- mike regardless

I really like this noble brand 6 quart green cleaning hail it's more detergent it's it's really nice and strong I dropped it on the floor and it didn't break

- jason hughes

This is a terrific cleaning pail for smaller sized jobs. I find the 6 quart size to be perfect in that it is large enough that the water doesn’t get dirty too fast yet small enough to be able to carry around easily while being light. The handle is nice and strong

- bistro lhcaz

I really like this mobile product 6 quart green cleaning power I like house has English and Spanish written on the pale really nice handle on it he's a really good to have in the restaurant to keep things nice and clean and organized as far as it comes to cleaning supplies

- brandon gregoire

It is important to always operate per the health code. We always have a green cleaning pail and a red sani pail on hand during events. This 6qt pail is nice because you can fit multiple towels.

- michael cuozzo

These cleaning pails are a great product.They are very durable and compared to others, they are priced perfectly. We will continue to purchase them as needed.

- michael poore

These pails work great for their intended purpose, but expect the handle to detach soon. They serve the purpose well, and come in at a fraction of the usual price.

- arthur simmons

I give this Noble Product 6 Qt. Green Cleaning Pail 5 Stars. This size pail is great to have in any kitchen. It has the quarts sizes and lines on the inside area of the bucket. I remember using labeled bucks when I was in the restaurant business. The color and labeling make it easy to know what difference bucket are used for around the kitchen.

- hicham tala

Great Product , it makes cleaning so easy and important , perfect size for small cleaning while working , good price and i highly recommend it .

- glenn latta

green bucket is used at our place for sanitizing machinery and cleaning bathrooms. durable thick plastic. handle is strong and can carry all the weight

- sharon dyches

I love the noble product pails. I have the red ones for sanitizing and now I am adding the green ones for cleaning. These are so great so my high school culinary students have no questions about what pail to use and for what purpose. Everything is clearly labeled and the bright colors make it so there is no confusions with which bucket to use.

- oph jun

It is easy to use. also easy to clean. color is cute, and I am satisfied with this product. I will buy more if i need more.

- anastasia hatzis

We purchased 6 of these for back of the hour, and all 6 are still operational and working. The handles are surprisingly quality solid metal not flimsy. The plastic is quality as well and should last a long time

- danny

Great to have these around, because they are labeled and easy to use. No mistake or cross contamination issues. It is also color coded to make it easier.

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