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Noble Products 6 Qt. Red Sanitizing Pail

Item #: 511KP196RNBL
  • Trilingual labeling in English, Spanish, and French
  • Red color helps to avoid cross-contaminating buckets and solutions
  • Adheres to HACCP guidelines
  • Embossed text on the top of the pail states the bucket's purpose
  • Quart and liter gradations inside the pail ensure accurate mixing

Easily distinguish sanitizer solutions from detergent with this Noble Products 6 qt. red sanitizing pail! This sanitizing pail features everything you need to ensure employee compliance with health codes. English and French instructions are included on the bucket's front panel, and English and Spanish are located on the back panel. The red color helps to avoid cross-contaminating buckets and solutions, and it adheres to HACCP guidelines. Further, embossed text on the top of the pail provides clear direction of the bucket's purpose.

This sanitizing pail's convenient bail handle makes it easy to move the pail from one location to the next. The pail's sturdy plastic construction gives it the strength it needs to withstand years of commercial use, so you can remain confident in its performance. For accurate mixing of your sanitizer solutions, inside the pail are quart and liter gradations that make mixing quick, easy, and efficient.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 8 1/4"
Width: 8 1/4"
Height: 7 7/16"
Capacity: 6 quarts


Product Reviews

- heidi gledhill

We keep these at each of our stations for sanitizer solution. We use the larger 3 gal sanitizer pail to make a big batch and then refill these throughout the day to ensure that it's easy for our employees to keep the solution rotated.

- wendy miller pugh

A reliable bucket for our sanatizer. The 6qt. is a nice size for a larger production kitchen. The material is strong and even though we put it through the dishwasher, we haven't noticed any cracks or breaks in the plastic.

- sean thompson

This is a large pail but perfect size for sanitizing. Good quality plastic so should last awhile but will definitely be purchasing again when needed.

- en zheng

Great bucket, serves its purpose. Nice and sturdy. We bought it in sets because it was cheaper. Good thing we did cause we found LOTS of use from it

- chookiat saenguraiporn

The shipping was very fast. The package was packed nicely. We are very satisfied with this handy bucket. It is very durable and helpful with its capacity.

- kendra daniels

Love these, great size for wiping down tables and the clear labeling is very helpful for my staff. Love the different colors offered, it helps differentiate the cleaners. The handles wear out eventually but it takes awhile.

- mike regardless

Wow what a nice strong durable bucket I really like it it's a smart sanitizer pale and hold 6 quart of sanitizer it's really nice you could even grow some plants in it man

- jason hughes

This is a great sanitizing bucket for smaller jobs. I find it to be the perfect size to clean tables. It also comes in a great for cleaning solution so you don’t have to worry about mixing the two.

- bistro lhcaz

This is a really nice strong well-made 6 quart read sanitizing pal I like that it has written on it not for food use and it comes in English and Spanish that's great

- wesley yao

perfect size pan and color coded so we know if its for cleaning or sanitizing. The 6qt is light weight and can be moved around easily.

- carolyn s lucker

these buckets do the job and fit nicely on our bus carts. I guess the reason I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 is that the handles tend to come off after time.

- brandon gregoire

This 6qt sani pail is nice and big. You can fit multiple towels in the pail which is nice. We always have a green cleaning pail and red sani pail at event.

- christopher beason

We use these sanitizer pails every single day in our operation. They are dishwasher safe and last for a good amount of time. They do require replacing when the lettering wares off.

- james macdonald

These are kinda flimsy but get the job done. Much cheaper than at my local supply stores. Just as I expected, clean neat good product, and what I was looking for.

- michael poore

These pails work great for their intended purpose, but expect the handle to detach soon. They serve the purpose well, and come in at a fraction of the usual price.

- dominick poli

This Noble 6 Qt sanitizing bucket is a perfect size for a small pizzeria to wipe 10 tables or less. The lines inside tell you exactly how much water to fill it with for the sanitizing tablets or bleach solution.

- tara lucas

Perfect size for our food line, not too big, not too small! Looks great too! Keeps us in regulation with the board of health, very happy with this purchase!

- jawad mubarak

Sanitize buckets if your running a food business you need this in case a health code violation occurs this is the best brand to get here

- victoria lattanzio

This is a very nice pail to sanitize the tables and surfaces of my restaurant. It is well done and compact. I like the fact that it has 3 languages (EN, ES, FR) and it adheres to the health dept codes. Its price is also good!

- hicham tala

Excellent product , its very important to have these in the restaurant . the size is perfect the price is good , i highly recommend it .

- richard tudor

This is the sanitizing pail that I like to keep behind the bar to maintain cleanliness. Sturdy construction doesn’t leak and gets the job done

- cristian alvarez

These red sanitizing pails are great to keep your sanitizing solutions labeled on a daily basis. These 6 quart pails are great to use when working in small spaces where you still need to keep a sanitizing solution at hand. Great product.

- jared darrenkamp

Purchased this item to comply with state regulations. Very similar to the other sanitizing pails. Just a simple pail that does its job. As with the other one the printing will wash off after repeated use. But overall solid and holds up to temperature fluctuations.

- justin barigian

These sanitizer pails are a great addition to any kitchen looking for approved containers for sanitizer. The handle is strong and the pail itself stands up to being bump around. The 6qt size is nice because it easily holds a gallon, which is an easy measurement for your staff when diluting sanitizer concentrate.

- tsm jenn pellow

This sanitizer pail is a perfect way to store mops and sanitizer towels. they are super successful at keeping up with the food code and such.

- benjamin landreth

Every food service establishment needs some of these. I like this size so I can make 1 gallon of sanitizer and still have some splash room.

- tyler hodge

Sturdy pail. We use dry erase to mark how old our sanitizer is and it erases super easily. Handle is sturdy and can easy carry the weight when it is full

- sharon dyches

These 6 quart Sanitizing pails are just what my culinary classroom needs to get keep us sanitized and safe! These are a great size and super sturdy. Very happy with this purchase!

- sean andrade

These red sani buckets are just what we needed. We all know we have to have them as a integral part of our kitchen food safety standards. They are well made and hold up to heavy daily use.

- ciro dinardi

What a great sanitizing bucket the health department Losey’s things and you don’t have to worry about getting violations they work great they’re made to last and I would recommend them for all types of restaurants .

- michelle street

Perfect size sanitation bucket. We use with quat fluid for easy mix. Measurements are on the side for easy chemical mixing ratios. Handle stays on.

- jonathan ham

It's a sanitizing pail and it does its job. The great thing about this sanitizing pail is that it costs way cheaper than if I wanted to buy this at restaurant depot. Webstaurant always has the best prices, hands down.

- jonathan iannazzo-simmons

A++ item, and a must-have for restaurant business. Our health inspector LOVED seeing these in our kitchen. We fill them with water and sanitizer for quick cleaning!

- daellion green

This is a nice bucket to have when you're cleaning around the house or any other business. I like that it's not too heavy and it's portable

- geoff scalera

just the perfect size for counter tops in our dining , they passed the health inspection with no problem, sturdy and well built. we recommend it

- april miller

Small red bucket. Is exactly what it says it is and does exactly what it says it’ll do. Hold water or chemicals. No issues works great

- cuong huynh

First purchased the smaller 3 qt pail but water kept splashing out and making a mess so purchased the larger 6 qt red sanitizing pail from Noble Products, much happier with the bigger size.

- saren ouk

I've purchased 2 of these and it is so clean and durable. I label one as soap or detergent and keep the other one blank as it's already a sanitizing bucket.

- maria proffitt

This works great for keeping our line clean. Easily fits 2 of the bigger rags and all of the debris gathers at the side of the container. Sturdy and overall great product

- jason shearer

Pretty much a must-have in any bar or restaurant. The little hash marks on the inside of the pail make it easy to measure the water and get an accurate sanitizing solution.

- jeffrey zarnke

A staple in licensed kitchens. This sanitizing pail is similar to others I have seen at twice the price. The size and quality are perfect for our kitchen. Great item.

- gumercinda santos

the coolest thing of this bucket that shows on its side sanitazer so everybody can identify easily the liquid inside avoiding misunderstandings at the kictchen.

- peter skelton

Convenient little thing to keep the health inspector happy, we have this conspicuously located behind the bar where we leave the bar towel of the day to soak in sanitizer. Small enough that you're not wasting chemicals diluting sanitizer, big enough that you can wring out a bar cloth without making an enormous mess.

- amanda mason

These are a must have! They stack easily when not in use and the red is an eye catcher to show your guests that sanitizing is important to your business.

- carlos puente

These pails are a good inexpensive find. The only downside side is that after a good amount of usage the handle hinges start to become loose and the handles tend to get lost. But to be fair we use them every single day and we put them to good use.

- shawna

These sanitizing buckets are great. The handles are strong and do not break. The buckets last a long time and do not break down at all!

- oph jun

It is easy to use. also easy to clean. color is cute, and I am satisfied with this product. I will buy more if i need more.

- anastasia hatzis

Good quality construction with a solid not flimsy handle. Easy to read liquid indicator and markings. we purchased 6 and one month later, all 6 are still operational and working with no defects. would recommend.

- louis yeung

We purchased 2 of these for our coffee shop. The product itself is high quality and can easily hold 2-3 rags. Great for both residential and commercial use. Handle makes it easily portable. Would recommend to anyone for cleaning purposes.

- karina nevarez

I ordered red cleaning pails to meet with inspection requirements and i have had no troubles. I just wish shipping was a little bit faster

- donald westveld

These are very handy bucket and very affordable. We have them stationed all over our establishments and use them over and over each day with no issues.

- jamal alokasheh

great for the price, and necessary for most kitchens. Sometimes, the handle will slip off, but after careful practice, they are easy to slip back on. I would recommend them

- wan chul park

This is a 6 qt size ssnitizer bucket. I use this in my restaurant. I put bleach with water in this bucket and then put used towels to sanitize them. This size is great because it can hold alot of towel at once due to its size.

- ross mccalla

Perfect for our kitchen staff and the health department, clear and easy to ready, and bright in color so not easy to be confused, this product is awesome

- danny

Great size for sanitizing bucket. I use this on the daily and its convenient when everything is color coded too. I don't mix it up with my detergent container.

- 4 brooklawn dr

We use these buckets as sanitizer pals at local farmers market events. These buckets are exactly what a health inspector is looking for when they approve your vender booth/stand!

- john marsden

This red 6qt container is an excellent container for sanitizing workspaceor wherever. Has a convenient handle Just the right size. No confusion due to color.

- tiffany nowakowski

I love this I have had it for over a year no fade and no cracks it’s a great product and can put a lot in it ????????????

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