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Noble Products 2 Box Wire Wall Mount Glove Dispenser

Item #: 394RWGD2
  • Wall mount design saves storage space
  • Holds up to two boxes of disposable gloves
  • Easy and sanitary storage method
  • Allows for quick product identification
  • Mounting hardware included

This handy Noble Products wall mount glove rack is designed to hold 2 glove boxes for easy one-at-a-time dispensing. Every business has had to deal with misplaced gloves at some point. Not only does it slow things down, but it also looks bad to customers. With this convenient rack, you can eliminate the possibility of cross contamination from counter tops while ensuring that your staff always knows where the gloves are for a more efficient operation and an improved customer experience.

This handy glove rack is designed to hold two boxes of disposable gloves at once! Take advantage of its two-tier configuration by storing latex, vinyl, or nitrile gloves in one convenient location. The open construction allows employees to easily identify the types and sizes of gloves that they need for maximum efficiency! Place this glove rack near high-demand areas such as food preparation counters and sinks for maximum effectiveness. Its wall mount design keeps gloves clean and dry while also saving valuable storage space. Mounting hardware is included for quick installation.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 11 1/2"
Depth: 3 7/8"
Height: 11 3/8"


Product Reviews

- Phil R.

This wall mount glove rack is so convenient. It is easy to hang and the material is durable. Overall it's a great product and we recommend it.

- Travis F.

Mounted it on our wall and now we have a couple boxes of gloves organized and ready for us to use when needed. Holds up strong.

- Jamen M.

Disappointed in the fact that when this was shipped, 4 screws and 4 anchors came attached to it. However, the bag was ripped when we got it out of the box. There were three anchors scattered in the box with the four screws. Luckily, I've got anchors on hand or I would be really upset they were not packaged better. Back to the rack, it is as pictured and ordered. We plan to use it to house our medium and large gloves. We may actually order another in the future since we have several boxes and it helps us clear them off the counter.

- Sean A.

Do NOT buy this rack if you have any intentions of having it hold Noble boxes of gloves. The gloves that were "designed for this rack" don't even fit ... the rack lets the boxes flop around and they end up flying out and we just had two boxes of gloves end up in the trash. Why would you people sell this thing when it doesn't fit the boxes it was supposed to designed to fit?

- Rosalind E.

Super easy to install! It would have been nice if the bottom had two bars to hold the boxes in place. These are designed to hold slightly larger boxes than what we purchased, but it works very well!

- Amber L.

A durable glove holder that holds two boxes in a compact amount of space. Attaches to the wall keeping premium counter space free while making gloves accessible and easy to find.

- Eric H.

One of those little extra's that make your kitchen more efficient. These drill into a wall easily or you can velcro them ( sold separate) under a table like we do.


Great product and price. Our DOH inspector was very impressed with our glove supply in our work areas. These are so easy to install and help us save work top space.


Good product. We use it attached to the wall in our kitchen to hang up gloves. Works well and clears up table space. Sturdy and light

- Josh N.

We use this behind our service line. It keeps the gloves right where you need them and out of the way! strongly recommend this to anyone

- Artur A.

Bought this to compliment the Noble Product Gloves. A very easy and simple way to keep the gloves at reach all the time. Easy to mount.

- Chookiat S.

Work exactly as described. This wall mount glove dispenser helps manage our workflow to be more productive. We will buy more in the future. Thanks.

- Sade K.

Perfect! This 2 box wire wall mount glove rack does exactly what it was meant to do. It holds the two boxes of gloves sturdy so it is easy to pull gloves from. Easy to swap out boxes as well.

- Russell H.

Great glove box holder . Easy to install and holdes 2 boxes of gloves.. No longer glove boxes scatter all about . Up off the counter and in one central location

- James C.

Perfect way to offer both large and medium gloves in an easy access for staff or other vendors. I have used these in several locations.

- Robert M.

First one that came was bent and broken, but was taken care of and sent a new one very quickly. love this glove rack opens up counter space and keeps gloves right where you need them.

- Lizelle P.

Awesome product for awesome people. Keeps our kitchen organized and gives up more space to work with on our countertops. Recommend to those who need more space in a small area

- Mike R.

Wow this noble brand wire coat rack is fantastic it holds two boxes of 100 globs it looks very nice on the wall it holds other brands besides just noble gloves

- Amanda O.

The box glove holder mounts easily to the wall, can actually hold 3 boxes of gloves, the holder is large, we also hang a spray bottle on the side with towel

- Timothy C.

Not much to say - it does what it's supposed to do. You can sneak a third box in at the top if you're careful about pulling the gloves out, when a box is nearly empty, for example.

- Chris L.

This white wire rack holds most 100 count boxes of gloves. Mounts easily with just a couple of screws and keeps your glove boxes mounted nicely to the wall. Holds 2 boxes of gloves.

- Jamie T.

Product is simple and does what it's supposed to do as far as keeping disposable gloves handy. Overall we are happy with the glove rack.

- Troy F.

This rack was perfect for my cook trailer, located it for easy access. No more looking around where I left the gloves and holding 2 sizes is great.

- Jordan S.

Great for holding all the gloves, especially in kitchens where staff need multiple sized gloves. Fits on the wall nicely and does not take up much space. Great product!

- Lorie C.

This wire rack holds two boxes of disposable gloves and mounts easily on a wall with just a couple of screws. Sturdy wire construction and painted white makes this a nice rack.

- Ken R.

A very economical rack. They fit many different sizes of boxes depending on the manufacturer. Easily mounted it is a must have for quick and frequent glove changes.

- Becky H.

This 2 box glove rack is ideal for any restaurant looking to keep their disposable gloves off of the counter top and out of reach!


The glove rack looks good in my home kitchen. Makes my kitchem looks commercial and has a cleanliness appeal. Hold us well with screws and ancors included.

- Bailey K.

This particular wire wall mount for gloves is awkwardly shaped. It's too tall, takes up a lot of room, but most importantly, it is too wide so things just fall right through. We will find a use for it, but i'd recommend getting two of the single wire mounts if you need to hold different sized gloves. The item itself seems sturdy, it just is a weird size for us.

- Connie F.

At LifeScape we have these hanging in different parts of our kitchen. We have a small kitchen with different work stations and its nice having the gloves in each area and in one spot so that we don't have to look around for the size you need.

- Wayne S.

This noble products 2 box wire wall mount glove dispenser allows for easy access to the gloves. It is secure a secure fit that is easily mounted on the wall.

- Mike H.

These are nice, we like the design, but they are not perfect for every glove box out there. We had a lot of issues with ours not staying in the holder and made some modifications for the glove boxes we use.

- Scott T.

This is one of the best product Ive purchased from webstaurant it makes our store tidy as it hangs on the fall and no clutter on out tables

- Michael M.

Where did you put the box of gloves? Here they are-mounted to the wall in a conspicuous location! We love not having to search for gloves anymore ;-)

- Distribution W.

Simply a good product. It's sturdy and fits well in our store. It's easy to clean if it gets dirty and is very good. Great value

- Trent M.

These are great glove racks. They are very versatile and work well with lots of different brands of gloves. Also they are really easy to install.

- William O.

Works exactly as intended. With standard size glove boxes we are actually able to get a third box to balance on the top of the rack.

- Kyle P.

This noble products 2 box wire wall mount works great. I think it could fit more than 2 boxes if it was stacked right. Works well with various types of gloves!

- Shai M.

This wall mount glove dispenser fits most if not all boxes of disposable gloves. I have found that some boxes may be smaller and can fall through, but that is better than the box of gloves being too big and not fit in the wire rack.

- Peter F.

We haven't had issues with these glove mounts we use them in multiple spots in our kitchen and at both our locations sometimes we are even lucky enough to fit 3 glove boxes in them so they definitely serve their purpose well with 0 to no issues overall if they are put in correctly.

- Tom G.

Easy to mount, and such a lifesaver! We have limited space on our food truck, and this wall mount holds three sizes of gloves, which is exactly what we need.

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